Life is a House of Cards

We don't know what it means
but still we pursue our dreams
we look to the future now
where we'll be safe somehow
but it's not reality
it's just make believe
that we can control our time
and in the future find

We don't know what it means
life ain't at all what it seems
all we truly have is NOW
that is what Life's about
that is reality
not just make believe
you have everything in hand
why can't you understand?

It's just the way it is
It's just how it has to be
Life is a house of cards
It doesn't have to be so hard.
It's just the way it is
It's just how it has to be
Life is a house of cards
It's just the way it is.

We don't know what it means
we can't control our dreams
deal with the here and now
that is what Life's about.
That is reality
whether you're you or me
That is reality
That is reality.

All you gotta do is be

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