"Life was Good When Dad was a Democrat"

I was raised in the fifties, when life was so much simpler. Don't get me wrong people were still struggling to put food on the table and pay their monthly bills. In the fifties we lived in comparison to today very modestly. I grew up in a three bedroom one bath house as part of a family of four. The majority of my friends came from the same modest background. Most families back then had one car and didn't feel deprived. I used my bycyle to get around, or I walked.

In the fifties politics was not as prolific as it is today. Oh I'm sure it was just as big a part of our lives as it is today. In the fifties it didn't take up the whole news hour unless of course it was election time. In today's world the politicians are campaigning continueously.

Life was slow enough to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Most of the working class belonged to the Democratic Party. In the fifties the working class had its agenda catered to by the Democrats. I sometimes wonder how my Grandfather would react to the basic tenets of the Democratic Party today. I'm sure he would reject them as they are overwhelmingly Liberal. If he was here and voting these days I truely believe he would be a registered Republican. Having been brought up in the fifties I can still remember how conservative most families were. Things have really changed down on the farm.

The new Liberal progressive Democratic Party has been ushered in by the mere fact that more people from my era went to college; many were the first in their families to go to college. College is a breeding ground for liberalism and the preacher of this mind set is the professors and they preach it with more zeal than a country preacher.

Perfectly good thinking conservative young people go to college innocently for what they think is higher learning; and instead are force feed liberalism. If these young people demonstrate any form of conservatism they are bullied into only anwering as a liberal would. Those that push their conservative thoughts in most cases don't do well.

A friend of mine from church said his kids discourage his subjects of conversation because he's bigoted. They are insulted when he voices his support for his conservative political canidates. He looked at me and said since his kids have graduated he hasn't been able to have a substantive conversation with them. I asked, John what then do you guys talk about? His anwser hit close to home. He said I don't talk to them I just visit my Grandkids and listen. What a shame these kids were brought up with love and a good set of values. They were given all the tools to get through life, and education, love and security. Now that they have been educated they can't even listen to their Dad and respect him for his opinion. I've also been told my kids don't wish to hear my conservative ideas. Just the idea that a person can discount an idea as one that doesn't even have the merit to be heard and debated is bigoted in itself.

It's clear we'll never see another era like the fifties. Our country has come so far that we are in an economic disaster of monumental proportions. We really don't manufacture a product any longer and we borrow .41 cents of every dollar that comes into our economy. We have really come a long way haven't we?

Our government is in gridlock and there can no longer be any consensus of opinion in our government. Our government has become impotent; it can no longer be effective for its people, it has become ineffective even in its basic reason for its existence. The Democrats and Republicans are completely ceased up in their ideology and there doesn't seem to be any room for compromise. This great country is at a place in history where some think we might just be better off without a government because of the Gridlock.

We are in effect being held hostage by the majority ideology. The Liberals want us at any cost to be globally accountable to the New World Order, even to the point of financial ruin. The conservatives have forgotten how to stand together and resist those who would take us down the path of financial ruin. Both parties have forgotten their prime duty; and that duty is to represent and defend the people of America.

Globleism is a real problem for middle America when a large percentage of us are standing in line at the unemployment office. Most Americans are aware that this country doesn't manufacture anything anymore. The products that we do make are a collection of componants made in third world countries most of us have never heard of before. Now even produce is being grown in China and delivered to our stores at a price that is below what our own farmers can supply it to us for.

Some of the problems we are experiancing including the conditions under which some of these produce products are being grown is quality control and product safety. I happened to see a news clip last week about water melons that were being grown in China. It seems as they were having a problem with the melons bursting through the rine. As it turns out the Chinese were using a chemical growth hormone. I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I'm not anxious to eat any of those melons. It seems we are leaving the quality control up to the wrong people while we are willing to take away the potential profit from our own farmers.

Our country is suffering from more than produce from other countries. What about oil, steel and a host of other industries. The same industries that we helped these countries to develop using our technology. They are now using these technologies and growing, and at the same time they are disappearing from the American landscape.

While it's true that we will never see an era like the fifties again, it doesn't mean that we can't revisit the principles that our people lived by in the fifties.  In the fifties we were not globalist, we didn't ship jobs out of the country along with our technology. we most certainly didn't build an economy around using and selling foreign oil when we had our own.

Our country is being hijacked by those in this country that believe in socialism.  A system that has proven over and over again to fail. America has been a highly successful country that of which has never been equaled since the beginning of time.  We have to ask ourselves why have we allowed those of our leaders that are marching us right off the cliff of success to desaster, why?

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bzirkone 2 years ago from Kansas

Good essay, Writer Chuck. The only thing I disagree with is that liberals are in the majority. Statistics, if you can find some that are unbiased, indicate that most people in this country reject liberalism. The question is, how have the liberals commandeered the an entire nation into believing these socialist concepts are more humane, more generous, more charitable?

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Writer Chuck 2 years ago Author

I really don't think that liberals out number conservatives its more like they are the squeaky wheel and believe me they are getting the grease. Most conservatives quietly go about their business and are hoping that those that don't have an opinion will at one point or another get educated.

bzirkone profile image

bzirkone 2 years ago from Kansas

You may be right. I feel a movement afoot. Anxious for 2016.

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Writer Chuck 2 years ago Author

I agree and am also anxious for 2016. I am at the same time disappointed in the lack of action in the house of representatives, they have a very effective tool that they are not using. The house is in control of the purse strings. The Republicans seem satisfied to sit and wait for the election. Their position is not secure and anything can happen in the meantime.

bzirkone profile image

bzirkone 2 years ago from Kansas

I could not agree more.

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