Lift your spirits with a RAKE

Modern technology is,without doubt,  a wonderful tool which can be used for the benefit of mankind and yet there are still many people who suffer from depression or 'the blues" and a feeling of isolation in this  frantic world.

Yes, we can communicate with people on the other side of the world  in an instant with email, text , skype and share our activities with others by means of the social media but are we  really connecting with them?  I  do not believe that emotions can be transmitted between people by technological means and thus our emotional  needs may not be met and this ,in a small way, is where RAKE can help.

RAKE stands for a Random Act of Kindness Everyday.I It can be a small thing such as a cheery smile and greeting, letting someone go before you in a queue or even providing a helping handf with a heavy bag.  These small actions  can demonstrate our awareness of others and their possible needs and also bestow a positive feel good factor to the person doing the RAKE, which will lift the spirits of all concerned and possibly set an example for others to follow.

Positive affirmations may help to banish 'the blues' and who knows, RAKE can become infectious !





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