"Like Trying to Catch Lightning in a Bottle"

 It describes something that's extremely difficult, perhaps bordering on the impossible. It can express the idea that a person has succeeded in trapping the essence of some elusive creative process, beating the 'odds' or finally achieving true recovery.

Let's be truthful, many believe they have "got it" and many do. I know for sure that it can happen, but I know everyone has to get "there" in their own way. No one certain program is right for everyone and what truely matters is the end result, for those who want to achieve sobriey; that result is long-term sobriety. I know what has worked for me. I also know what as not worked for me. Everyone's path to the same destination is as different as the individual themselves. I try not to force my beliefs on what works in my recovery process at the moment, unless asked for my help, or insight. I believe those who push only their program as the only way are about as annoying as those who try to push their religious agenda upon everyone, because their beliefs are "the only true path to salvation."

The only true path to anything is your path. It is up to each individual to find what works for them, by making informed choices, by trial and error, and just the sheer tanasity of dusting themselve off and getting right back up on the horse, and try again. Not giving up and learning from their mistakes is key to success. That is a lot of hard work, but no said anything worthwhile would be easy. The desire for recovery takes everyone down different paths and learning experiences, and we all should respect one another journey. But we should all be there for one another no matter what...or one of my favorite phrases, " 'til the wheels fall off." I will never give up on anyone, as long as, they never give up on me; regardless of your recovery program...after all we are all in this together.

I will extend an open hand to anyone who needs one. Because it is a closed fist that hurts. The same idea works with a closed mind. An open mind is open to the infinite and the probable.

"Lightning Strikes" (live) by Yes

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