Liposuction Surgical Procedures

What Exactly is Liposuction?

Have you seen before and after pictures of people who have undergone a liposuction procedure? Has someone that you know had this surgery? It is important to make sure that you understand everything you can about liposuction, before seriously considering having the operation done. Even if it is just one localized, targeted area that you are interested in having reconstructed, you still need to consider all aspects carefully because all surgeries carry a certain amount of risk.

Many times you may hear, "It's just liposuction surgery, so what's the big deal?" The big deal is that this procedure is no different from any other surgery for any reason. There are always risks involved with invasive surgery and this one is no different.

Some of the primary risks associated with it may include blood clots, infection, nerve damage and adverse reactions to the anesthesia. You must be sure that you fully understand pre-op liposuction, the procedure itself as well as post-op instructions. Failure to do so can result in complications or even death, so stay informed.

To be a good candidate for liposuction you must have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. It is rare for liposuction results to be perfect and if you understand that from the beginning, then you are far more likely to be satisfied with the results. The more you know about liposuction, the better off you will be.

So do a little research before going to see a doctor, as it may be a good idea to have a general idea of the process and to ask questions. You'll want to also keep in mind that some patients with stretch marks and cellulite do not always get the best results. Some surgeons will not perform the procedure if the patient is over 40 years of age, and if they do, they will make it quite clear that skin contraction is less likely and loose skin may be the result.

Of course, if you are not very healthy when considering this surgery, then you may not be an ideal candidate, as there may be more risks involved with someone in poor health. Certain prescriptions that you may be on can make a liposuction procedure unsafe. So be sure you tell your doctor exactly what you are taking or have taken and then you will be able to discuss alternatives, if any are available.

Some things that you can expect after surgery tend to be fairly common when talking about liposuction in general. Although each procedure will likely produce different effects in different people, there are some symptoms that appear in almost all of the procedures, such as swelling, bruising and tenderness. Your doctor will go over this information with you prior to surgery so that you may have some idea what to expect during your liposuction recovery.

The Pros & Cons of Liposuction Surgery

Thinking about getting lipo? Are you aware of the changes your body may go through as a result of the surgery? Do you know how long it will take for you to recover? Here are some of the pros and cons of liposuction surgery that may help you to make your final decision.

On the plus side, liposuction can help you to get the body shape that you want, by removing fat cells from places in the body that you have tried to slim down through exercise.

If you already have a pretty good shape, and don't want to change everything about your body, you can use this procedure to get rid of things like additional flab underneath the arms, small pockets of fat below the buttocks, or extra weight around the stomach area.

Liposuction surgery works best for people who are fairly young, or still have an elasticity to their skin; this makes it easier to heal after the process.

However, the procedure can leave some scarring. While you may be able to go to work a few days after having some forms of liposuction surgery, you may still still scars and bruises on your skin for months after the procedure is done. This is definitely a down side for lot of patients, especially depending on which area of the body the surgery took place.

Also, the skin may take up to six months to return to its elastic state and mold itself around the new area of the body. This means you could be left with extra folds of skin for a while, and some areas never completely heal, which means you may have to undergo another surgery to fix the problem.

Liposuction surgery can, however, remove fat cells for good, so the are of your body that you are trying to improve will never have excess fat cells again. This is often the motivation for many patients, and there have been lots of positive results from plastic surgery patients around the world.

What the surgery can't do, however, is completely remove the fat cells from individuals who are chronically overweight; the surgery is only meant to take away small amounts of fat from one area of the body. And, if a patient gains weight after the surgery, the fat will settle in other areas of the body, excluding the place that was treated.

This could change the shape of the body drastically. So, it is recommended that patients that are obese or more than a few pounds overweight seek other forms of dietary or surgical methods.

Getting a Fat Measurement

A special tool is used to determine body mass index or BMI.
A special tool is used to determine body mass index or BMI.

An Overview of Liposuction

What About Neck Liposuction?

Additional fat around the neck and chin areas can be bothersome. If you want to get rid of this problem, then neck liposuction may be the answer. The procedure has become more painless than ever, and you can find much of the information you need on the surgery online before meeting with your doctor for your initial consultation.

First, you should understand that the additional fat deposits around the neck are not necessarily a result of weight gain, and are not an indication that you're not taking proper care of yourself. Even with regular exercise and a good diet that is rich in antioxidants, fat tends to settle in certain places as we age.

You may notice that you are not gaining weight in other parts of your body, but seem to have an irregular amount of fat in this area. So, don't feel guilty about wanting to get the procedure done. Your doctor will be able to tell you if it would benefit you to lose more weight before the surgery, and will help you to figure out whether chin exercises will help to lift the fat in that area, which will improve your results.

At your consultation, your surgeon will explain the types of procedures that you can have done, as well as the cost of the surgery. You will also be examined to determine your weight, and the distribution of fat deposits in your body. This will let your surgeon know how effective the procedure will be, and/or how much fat should be removed from the neck in order to help balance out the rest of the body. You may even get a chance to see some photographs of former patients of different shapes and sized who have had the surgery, so that you will have an idea of how the process will benefit you.

It is believed that after you have the neck liposuction procedure done, you will feel better about your overall appearance, and will make better lifestyle choices. A sagging neck and jawline can make a person look older than they are, and can also give the impression that the individual is out of shape. Neck liposuction helps you to make a good first impression, since the facial area is the first thing people notice when meeting someone new.

In order to prepare for your consultation and your neck liposuction, you should visit sites like, so that you can browse through the FAQ and photos on the site. This will make you more comfortable with and informed about the surgery, and may help you to make the final decision about the procedure if you are still not sure you want to have it done. For more information, you can call 1800-SURGERY.

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Great article that describes all about liposuction.

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Very informative, you don't usually hear all about the risks, so this is good to read! Thank you!

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Great article! Very informative. I've been researching cosmetic surgery recently and you gave some good information for me to consider in my search. Thanks!

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Wow, lots of information here. Didn't know you could have bruises for months afterwards, or that the skin could take that long to mold back to the body. Very informative.

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i've always had questions about liposuction cuz i am about 100lbs overweight. This really helped me make a more informed decision

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Very interestying about liposuction. Makes me rethink my anti-plastic surgery stance

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Thank you for this informative artice. To many people just listen to commercials and don't take the time to see all the aspects of surgery. As you said, it is a surgery and we must remember that any form of surgery has benefits and risks.

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Wow, this is a very complete description of the liposuction process. Thanks for letting us know honestly what to expect!

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I felt the topic of liposuction was very well informed and i would advise anyone to read this site as well as find some of there own questions maybe get answered.


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I never knew it was better to have liposuction whilst you were still young

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I dont like surgeries and always prefer natural things. But nice info provided here.

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curtangel 8 years ago from Warr Acres, OK

With something like liposuction its easy to forget what major surgery it really is. So, I have to ask... if the fat cells are gone from whatever part of the body you have surgery on, does that mean that if you gain more weight that you'll have one part of your body that's bizarrely skinny? I'd heard that if you gain weight back after lipo its much harder to lose it again -- is that just a myth?

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It's a very informative and helpful article for those who are seeking for cosmetic surgery.

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I was considering liposuction and this really informed me of a lot of things.

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