Little Ways to Cut Down on Stress

  • Give yourself enough time- I noticed how stressed I would get if I was running late. The tension was causing my stomach would get all tight and my nerves were frayed. Road rage increased along with my share of speeding tickets. I started leaving just 10 minutes earlier and this made the world of difference. It took a while to get used of this but the benefits were amazing. I noticed that stress sets the tone of your day. Morning stress can cause all day stress.
  • Getting ready ahead of time- Get your clothes ready the night before and anything else ready. If you need to print out a map or bring something get it all ready the night before. This is a much smoother approach in starting your day and it cuts out on more stress.
  • Drink less coffee- If you drink coffee this can take up more of your time and cause your heart to beat faster thus causing more stress.
  • Don't make plans or commitments- This might sound kind of harsh but trust me it really helps. Just say no. At least until you get things under control. The less stuff you have planned the better it will be.
  • Cut down your to-do list- or better yet don't even make them. I used to make one everyday and then feel like a failure because I didn't complete it. Just looking at it used to stress me out.
  • Pray, write or meditate- Get that garbage out of you, so you can fill it with better things. This can help your memory too.

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poppyr profile image

poppyr 2 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Nice article about being more organised and thus reducing stress, but I actually think writing a list is useful. Adding easy things on the list like 'take a shower' and 'eat lunch' can make you feel like you've achieved a lot more when you get to cross it off. Altogether good advice.

dandelionweeds profile image

dandelionweeds 2 years ago Author

I agree and it does help. Thanks for the feedback.

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