Longer life for you, your children and your grandchildren


Advice for living a long, productive life

Actually, it is true, that "hardship can make you old before your time."

1. If at all possible avoid violence. Avoid violent people if you can. "Hanging out with, 'loud, aggressive people will make you old before your time.

2. My research, and the research of other cell scientists, indicates that excessive stress causes premature aging of one's cells. If your cells age prematurely, your tissues age prematurely. If your tissues age prematurely, so does your organs. Organ systems that make up an organism, fail to function satisfactorily after sustaining years upon years of "toxic stress." Toxic stress is a bad thing.

3. Young children and older ones are adversely affected by toxic stress. We can help children endure a measure of stress by providing them with adequate (even the best foods that we can afford to purchase), helping them to get adequate exercise, and working to help the reduce stress as best that we can.

4. The damage that is being done to our bodies, as a result of toxic stress, occurs at the cellular level. The DNA, that is chromosomes, are being damaged by the stress. Diseases of aging, that is, heart attacks and memory loss, and other chronic diseases are associated with toxic stress.

This hub is not a medical or highly scientific article, at least it was not meant to be. I have tried to write this discourse in a simple, easy to understand manner, because the information that it contains is critical to our survival, over time, and in helping us to live a quality, productive life.

Please not that the problem with toxic stress begins when the individual if born. We don't want to wait until a child is having problem in school to start worrying about toxic stress management.


There are many ways that people chose to pursue relaxation and a fun filled life. Hiking, boating, playing basketball, soft ball or tennis are great for fun and for exercise. Have fun, don't be so competitive that you lose sight of having fun. You have heard it said that "it is more important to play the game well, than to worry about winning." I am not going to lie to you, "Winning is fun!" (smile). Seriously, however, relax and enjoy the game. Life is a game really. I know that, sometimes, in the world of work, we are "playing for keeps," but even in the world of work, we can, sometimes, enjoy what we are doing. We must try to live life to the fullest, while at the same time, being on the look-out for "toxic stress" situations.

I must admit, sometime I feel that I am not the best example, to be teaching these principles. My lifestyle, my work, and my mission and vision, in this life is highly stressful. I struggle to do my work, well, while at the same time taking proper care of myself, eating well, getting enough rest (sleep) and enjoying Nature. I find Joy, Peace, and Hope in my interaction with Nature. My Japanese friends taught me how to do this when I lived with them for 4 years at the foot of Mount Fuji, in Japan.

You must find your own Way. If your Way is a good one, that is, if the Path upon which you walk is a Peaceful Way, your exposure to "toxic stress" will be markedly decreased.

This has been a short reading. I hope that it has been worth your time.

Regards. Dr. Haddox

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Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 4 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

I feel this hub is true. Not because you are a doctor ( although that is a good thing also) but, because the things you have written about do seen to help people much more then medication. I cannot prove any of this, it just feel to be true in my heart. Great hub, voted you up!

Dr. Haddox 4 years ago

Michele, thank you for your encouragement. Yes, this hub is true. I have been a researcher for the greater portion of my life, so I am trained to be objective and ethical in my thinking and in my scientific writings. It really makes me feel good inside when one such as you, a lovely person, crosses my path, who thinks with her heart. It make me feel like my research and writings are really worth the time I put into it. Again, thank you, Michele.

Peace, as you go. Dr. Haddox

povmang profile image

povmang 4 years ago from phnom penh

Really good explanation in the medical term and about true life in living.We have to make our life happy with fun,joy,enough relax, eating healthy food and doing exercise is the best way for our life.

good hub, voted up!

Carlos Coto profile image

Carlos Coto 4 years ago from El Salvador, Central America

Really good Hub! Voted up!

Dr. Haddox 4 years ago

This thank you is directed to both Povmang and Carlos, for their supportive comments, and for reading, with understanding, my writings, my work.

Have a good rest of the week.


Dr. Haddox

Raju 2 years ago

I am only writing to let you know what a wounrefdl experience my wife's child enjoyed checking your webblog. She came to understand some things, which included what it's like to possess a very effective helping style to have men and women with no trouble thoroughly grasp some very confusing issues. You truly did more than readers' expected results. I appreciate you for providing those important, safe, explanatory and also easy tips about this topic to Kate.

Dr. Haddox profile image

Dr. Haddox 2 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally. Author

Hello, Raju. I certainly appreciate your kind words in support of my work as a writer and scholar. Oftentimes I see my associates earning more money than I do for their work that is of a lesser quality than mine. You have reminded me that it is equally important for people like myself, to help young people, like Kate, to have save and reliable sources of knowledge. I truly appreciate your encouragement.

Sang 2 years ago

Basically to follow up on the up-date of this issue on your site and want to let you know simlpy how much I loved the time you took to put together this beneficial post. Within the post, you actually spoke on how to definitely handle this matter with all comfort. It would be my personal pleasure to get together some more concepts from your site and come as much as offer others what I have benefited from you. Thank you for your usual good effort.

Dr. Haddox profile image

Dr. Haddox 2 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally. Author

Dear Sang,

Your idea, of getting together some more concepts from my site, and offer others what you have benefited from, is a good idea. I do enjoy my work which include lots of writing. I only which I could, somehow, earn a little more money for my work, since I am growing older, and have the additional responsibility of taking care of an ill mother here at my home.


Dr. Haddox

Crime 2 years ago

I have a metal Slumber King box spring frame nreumbs on it are 4 FT 6 or G. The spring looks like cast metal with flat metal slats that are connected with a bunch of small springs. Do you have any information on the age of this product and whether or not there is a market for it? Thanks

Dr. Haddox profile image

Dr. Haddox 2 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally. Author

I'm not sure about this product. Sorry.

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