Lose Weight Don't Put it Off

Get in Shape Now.

Other people have become trim and in shape and you can too. Wouldn't it be nice to have some smaller and better fitting new clothes? Maybe there is a style you would like to try but you just want to lose some weight first. Let's get down to business and get started right away.

Take Responsibility for Yourself.

There is no one to blame for your overweight condition but yourself. However, it is time to totally forgive yourself for that and put the past in the past. From here on out, there will be no more randomness and haphazard eating. You are in control.

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Don't Spend One Second in the Past.

Blaming yourself is no use. Whereas you used to overeat, now you are a healthful eater. Your whole future will be totally different. Turn your back on fat and disease. Your health matters.

It is time to seek out a teacher or at least a mentor to help you with the weight loss. Do not attempt to struggle on alone. Many people find success in weight loss groups as well. You are not the only person who has had this challenge and you can find strength from uniting with others.

Bust Through Procrastination.

How Do You Procrastinate Weight Loss?

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Look to a Bold New Future.

Your future can be better than you have ever dreamed. You must seize it now. The only thing stopping you is the way you think. Become more positive and active in order to get all the weight loss you want. Wouldn't it be great to put on your jeans and realize that they are far looser than before? Imagine wrapping a tape measure around your waist and seeing that you have lost a great deal of weight. What is the emotional reason that you have been overeating? Only you can discover the answer to this important question. The emotions are very significant in weight loss.

Do It For Yourself and Others.

Maybe you have a family and they are really concerned for your health. Perhaps some caring friends have expressed concern. If it is just you that is concerned then that is fine. You must care about and love yourself.

No one but you can take charge of your life. Regret is a wasted emotion so put the past away. The future looms ahead so visualize a great one and lose weight. Achieve your weight loss for your family, your friends and above all yourself.

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carleelloyd profile image

carleelloyd 12 months ago

I often tell myself I will start and then by afternoon I often fall back into my old patterns because I am hungry or craving carbs or sugar. Strange but I think there is a real addiction to carbs and sugar especially because of the way it interacts with the brains reward centre.

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