Lose weight don't spend a single penny

There is nothing mysterious about the process of losing weight. Health clubs and exercise machines are a luxury, not an essential for the purpose. What you actually need is Will - Power and determination are really all that one needs to become trim and healthy.


First and foremost, anyone who wants to lose weight must have the determination to do so. Make a conscious effort to do all that is necessary. Psychologically brainwash yourself, saying that you will lose weight.

Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are going to do it. Look at your4 flab and understand the need to lose weight. Find out how much you have to lose to reach your ideal weight and work towards losing it.


Next motivate yourself with things which will help you concentrate on losing weight. I know a friend who has stuck and old picture of herself dating back to the days when she had been slim on her refrigerator, to remind herself that that was how she had been earlier.

Stick pictures of your slim self in places where food is readily available, and you are tempted to go for it. This will give you a constant awareness of your target and deter you from getting attracted towards it.

You can also motivate yourself by getting a new your favourite outfit 2 sizes smaller than your present size or of the size you intend to become. Look at it every time you have the temptation to binge on food.

Set reasonable goals:

Set yourself a reasonable goal. For example, it could be that you will lose 6kg in 6 months or 3 kg in 6 months etc., depending on how overweight you are , set yourself a practical goal and note it down in your diary. Don't have unrealistic expectation, since that will only disappoint you, and this very important. Be more practical.

Weighing scale:

Always have your weighing scale in a place where it is easily accessible say, under your bed, in the bathroom, or in your cupboard etc. Note down your weight each day. As each kg disappears, you will feel more encourages. Be-careful not to get over exited.

Nothing after 6 pm:

Whatever you eat during the day gets absorbed quickly, since you are more active during the day. But having a dinner which is heavy and then going to sleep is the most common reason for weight gain. Have 2 slices of toast and a boiled egg at 6pm, or vary your diet each day with fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish.

But remember nothing after 6 pm, you will feel much better. Before you sleep, have a sugarless drink. The best is plain water, though if you feel very hungry, a glass of hot milk without sugar.

Chew slowly:

What ever you eat, remember to chew each morsel as many times as you can. Eat slowly and make a conscious effort to count at least 5 chews for each morsel.

Never sit in front your favourite program on TV while you eat or don't have your best book on your hand. While you eat do it alone and nothing else.

Keep moving:

Keep moving as much as you can. Walk about and even do a slow jog when you are on the phone or cleaning the house. It helps you sweat and thereby reduces weight.

Keep a food diary:

Keep a daily record of what you have eaten and when you cheat, note it down so that the next time, you won't repeat it. In this way, you always know exactly what is going into your body. Keep a note of your target weight each week and see that you achieve it.

Keep walking:

Walking is the cheapest and best form of exercise. Put on your walking shoes, get your ipod and just walk quickly, make a brisk walk swinging your arms freely.Start with a short spell say, for 15 minutes and gradually increase it as each day goes by.

Let's listen to some music:

For those of you who are unable to go for walks, there is non need to despair. Shut the door to your room, switch on the music and just exercise according to the music, or just simply dance to the rhythm.

This is good for those of you who have no health problems. Dance till lyou really sweat and again slowly increase the duration.

There is a lot of aerobic workouts shown on the television, switch it on and just do what they do, feel yourself in front of them on the programme and do what they do, and more important stop at once if you feel strained.

Watch your diet:

This is the most essential part of losing weight. What goes in has to be closely monitored. Avoid fried foods, sugar and anything sweet. Eat more salads, fruits and cereals. Chapattis made without any ghee can be eaten with boiled vegetables. Fish and chicken just boiled with onions and tomatoes can be eaten with dry toast.

Slim or not slim, you are you:

What ever you do, you are a very unique individual created by nature. Never be obsessed with your weight and never feel that if you were slim, you would be a better person. You are losing weight only to feel better, not to please someone else.

Keep on at it:

Any effort requires concentration and the ability to keep on trying. The effort you put in will bring results worth waiting for.

If you follow the tips given above you can become the slim personality that everybody around you will rejoice about without spending a single penny.

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RGraf profile image

RGraf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

Very good tips.


eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Thank you very much, RGraf.

msms profile image

msms 7 years ago

I am 115 Kg and healthy, cannot go for walking. Just do not like moving on Road aimlessly or taking rounds of the stadium without any visible pupose. Looks useless. Good advise will try to dance....

eswar profile image

eswar 7 years ago from India Author

As long as you are not feeling any discomfort its good, for that itself you should dance!!! Thanks a lot for stopping by with so much to care on your own;-)

vinay 6 years ago

Very very good tips....

bubbly 6 years ago

nice tips

Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

Pamela Kinnaird W 6 years ago from Maui and Arizona

Very good article. I'm guessing you're a nurse because this hub and your one on aging is so excellent.

eswar profile image

eswar 5 years ago from India Author

Thank you very much for your comment, pamela by the way i am not a nurse but i am lover of nature and beauty. I love every creation of GOD i admire, astonish, and love his brilliance and want to go with him rather than staying away by understanding him. Sorry for this much delay in answering i was quite from networld for sometime. Once again thankyou.

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