Diet or Lose weight for life

Serving size & carbohydrate count

CANDY IS GOOD! Carbohydrate count and serving size can be found on most packages.
CANDY IS GOOD! Carbohydrate count and serving size can be found on most packages.

Knowing what you eat does make a difference.

Diet may not be the best term. Lose weight for life now that's what it is all about!

I had to lose weight for health reasons. Not just temporarily but to continue on living. In fact the doctor told me to change now or "you wont be around long". It was a hard decision at the time. I love food. I enjoyed eating. Food had become my enemy! Remember the Bacon, Egg and Cheese story. I did make the change. What I found out was that it wasn't that I was eating too much, I was eating too much of the wrong foods. I found out that carbohydrates were turned into sugars by your body. Our body is so amazingly designed. I learned how to read packages to find out the carbohydrate content and choose foods with the lesser. I still eat candy but I dropped the bread. When I look at a slice of bread I know it has approx the same carb content as half of a candy bar, well not all candy bars are equal. Four of the lowest carb candy bars, and the ones I eat, are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups = 2 for 24, Hersey's Chocolate = 26 carbs, Hersey's with Almonds = 21 or 22 and Hersey's Cookies and Cream =27. Keep your carb count at 45 per meal with an additional 18 -20 for a snack.

Meats, salad vegetables, green beans and water are just about the only things that do not have carbs. Two slices of bread have about 24 carbs. I think you may see why I gave up the bread. One other important point is the serving size. You must be sure to check the serving size! I bought a yummy cinnamon roll. Checked the carb count, it was acceptable, then after I had already bitten into it, noticed the serving size = 1/4. 1/4 of this honey bun was 20 carbohydrates! Which ment that I was about to eat 80 carbs or aprox 3 1/2 candy bars. No wonder I was over weight. Check your carbs and servings to see where you are overloading and then replace that item with something a little less. There is one more thing you will need to do, move more. I dont like exercise but yes that was its called. Just move some more, take a walk to your neighbors house and visit them a min. Do 25 or 50 jumping jacks. Do something every day. The weight may not come off fast, but it will come off and an amazing thing might happen. You might see the beautiful person you are on the inside start to show on the outside, I did. I did not realize how much of me was hidden under all that extra weight.

I became more active, felt stronger, didn't get sick as often, the issues I had been having were going away. I believe the way God made our bodies is totally amazing! He is an amazing God!

I had known something wasn't right with me, but I couldnt put my finger on it. My prayer had been "God save me from myself". I just kept praying that over and over not really knowing why at the time. As you can see it was me myself that was hurting myself. Thank God He is real! Thank God He got me to the right doctor. That was about 4 years ago the weight has stayed off. Thank God I am still here and I feel great and look pretty good to. HA HA HA

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Mother and Wife 6 years ago

lol I love this

Multiman 5 years ago

thanks for the information, I think I need to lose a few pounds lots actually. But so far haven't. I am going to try some of the recommendations. Voted up.

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