Weight Losing Tips

Lose weight effectively

It needs time and efforts to lose weight permanently. You should have a promise as well as a lifestyle for life long. You should be sure that you want a change permanently. Nobody will lessen your weight. This is you who will do this for own interest. You have to obey some health rules and start some exercises. You should have to change some of your habits. You should keep it in your mind that any hazards will not affect your new lifestyle.

You should take the responsibility of your own matter. But you are not alone in your society. You should be encouraged by your nearest ones. Select a person who will value your thoughts and listen to you. He/she will accompany you in your time of exercise. He/she will appreciate your healthy lifestyle.

Select low calorie food in your diet

When you are preparing your new food habit and exercise routine then you should be realistic enough. To lose .5 kg weight in a week you should lessen calorie 500 to 1000 daily in diet plan and that will be possible taking low calorie food as well taking exercise at least 5 days a weak. Add enough vegetables, fruits and food containing fiber to your menu.

Mind it that only low calorie food cannot reduce your weight but you should be active all the time. If you walk 40 to 60 minutes 4 days a week you will lose doubly. Taking exercise to lose weight is to burn your calorie. Burning calories depends on your quantity of burnt calorie and how much time long you are taking exercises.

The easiest way to be a success in your efforts is- avoid lift, use staircase, avoid your car to go to nearby local markets and offices. Simply go on foot. The result will be excellent. Every time take a glass full of water before having your meal. The result will be tremendous.  



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