Lose Weight By Drinking More Water

Ice Water 0 Calories vs Soda 150 Calories

Ahhh cool refreshing water  0 calories
Ahhh cool refreshing water 0 calories
150 Calories
150 Calories

Can You Really Lose Weight By Drinking More Water?

I know to most people it may seem very silly to even think such a simple minded idea could possible change your weight with out adding a rigorous exercise routine or a strict diet but the fact is a lot of people have been very successful doing just that. The fact of the matter is that most people drink soda, juice or carbonated beverages that are loaded with calories just by dropping the empty calories it will help you lose weight even without adding exercise. The answer is a simple yes you can lose weight just by drinking more water due to the fact the calorie exchange from some calories to no calories will change your daily caloric in take. If you do not eat more than you were eating before the end result will be weight loss with out a doubt.

Drinking Water

Donut Calorie Count


1 Maple Frosted Donut 210 Calories

1 Bavarian Kreme donut 210 Calories

1 Glazed (chocolate) Donut 290 Calories

1 Plain Deluxe Cake Donut 302 Calories

1 Powdered Cake Donut 330 Calories

14" Pizza 1 Slice
14" Pizza 1 Slice

1 Slice of Cheese Pizza 240 Calories

1 Slice of Veggie Pizza 250 Calories

1 Slice Pepperoni Pizza 340 Calories

25.7 Calories

1 fresh Strawberry
1 fresh Strawberry

A Personal Challenge Turned into a Personal Triumph

Well I didn't set out to lose weight at all that was just an added benefit I really didn't think about until it happened. Once I noticed in the first week I had dropped 5 pounds with hardly any effort at all just a change in what I was drinking. I realized what I have heard my whole life was completely true. Drinking more water is really good for you! Who would have believed that, right? I know at this point you are thinking I must be exercising & killing myself to lose that much. Well no I have not changed my life style one bit.

I simply started drinking 8 or 9 small bottles of tap water when I am thirsty through out the day. That's it no more, no less, no knocking myself out with exercise. I find I am now drinking more often strange as that may sound and more water than ever in my life. I feel great, better than ever as a matter of fact. Everyone has been complimenting me & asking me what I am doing. People began to comment on how I lost the weight, how great my skin looks. I can honestly say I didn't really expect any of it I was just determined to find out how much soda I drank in a week. My husband made one comment about how I drank more soda than him which in turn started this happy little experiment and as it turns out he was completely and totally right.

My first motive in this liquid endeavor was to save a bit of money and see just how much soda I was drinking. I was simply curious about the amount of this sugary addiction I was consuming through out the week. Turns out the empty calories I was constantly consuming everyday was the very thing that kept me right over the edge of where I wanted to be with my weight goal. I was completely shocked to say the least. I guess the most shocking thing I learned from doing this is that I could have my cake & eat it too so to speak. I could have a piece of cake and not feel guilty at all because my calories were not over what my daily suggested intake was. I didn't realize just how many empty calories the soda was adding to my diet.

I started to track my calories and boy was I completely shocked! Did you know that one dark soda has 150 calories which if you are like me and you drink at least 4-6 8 oz can sized sodas a day. Add the calories up and you find you have added for 4 sodas 600 calories a day or for 6 soda you have a whopping 900 calories to your day! Shocking I know most healthy adults have a 2000 calorie diet that's is almost half your daily diet just for soda! That is about the same calories as if you basically just consumed 2 big burgers from McD's. It's almost as much as eating a half of a blue berry pie all by yourself! That is shocking to me! So without even taking one single bite of food at all you have consumed the daily amount of eating 600-900 calories! Seriously? Yes, seriously!

There is discussion about whether or not drinking more water can help with permanent weight loss or just a slight temporary water retention weight loss. I can tell you first hand I have lost around 8-10 pounds in 2 weeks just by changing what I personally chose to drink on a daily basis. The best side effect is of course the weight loss but there is also another added bonus that is the money you save by drinking only water. I have to say I drank coffee with sugar in the mornings so I can't say I only drank water. I know I should really buckle down and do with out the coffee too but I need a pick me up in the mornings coffee for me is the perfect morning drink.

Even WebMD agrees drinking water can help you to save some calories instead of drinking soda or a drink loaded with calories. Drinking water can even help curb your hunger as well. Try for just one week to only drink water nothing else you might just be shocked at your weight loss from this small change in your daily routine.

Sweet Corn on the cob 59 calories

Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn

1 Soda Pop 150 Calories Just 2 sodas= 300 Calories

Dark Soda Pop
Dark Soda Pop

What Our Kids are Drinking Matters

Now that we know the ugly truth about soda why do we let our kids drink it all day then wonder why they are over weight? Really? Can you see a reason emerging? Now I know soda is not the only cause but I have opened my eyes to the fact that it will not be the main drink in my house any longer. Water & no calorie drinks will be the replacement from now on for our good health's sake.

Even the American Heart Association says, "At least half of available beverages in high schools will now be water, no calorie, and low calorie selections. Light juices and sports drinks will be sold in 12 ounce containers with no more than 100 calories per container, while 100% juices and non fat and low fat milks will also be sold in containers up to 12 ounces." I for one am very happy to hear this. Our kids need to be more healthy I can recall the days of mandatory physical education gone are the days. The least we could do is cut out the daily sodas and sugary drinks so our kids are not faced with other health problems we never had to worry about. Here's to a healthier life style for ourselves and our children.

1 slice of Apple Pie 280 Calories

The Amount of Sugar in Soda or Juice

1 Fresh Pear has 40 Calories

1 pear 40 Calories
1 pear 40 Calories

The Age Old Question Can You Die From Drinking to Much Water?

Stew Smith Answers the Age Old Question; "Can I Die from Drinking Too Much Water?"

When you read about people who die or get kidney damage "from drinking too much water" you are only hearing half of the story. The other half of the story is often overlooked. These people die or are seriously injured internally from over-hydration with insufficient replacement of sodium, which is called dilutional hyponatremia. The documented cases are from participants in long distance running or ultra endurance events lasting longer than four hours of continuous, sweaty, activity. Sports replacement drinks mixed with water are the best source of electrolytes and can be of significant help in avoiding hyponatremia in long distance athletic events or long, hot and humid days of rigorous outdoor work.

Stew goes on to say;

Water + Oxygen = Weight loss

Drinking water plus physical activity where you breathe at a higher heart rate (ie aerobic activity like walking, jogging, swimming, biking, resistance training etc.) will ultimately lead to weight loss. Not only will you release retained water - ending the bloated and puffy feeling, but your metabolism will burn fat at a higher rate than before you started adding sufficient water intake to your diet. If you are significantly overweight (50-100lbs), you need to add more water to your diet than the minimum recommended daily amount. Some experts agree that the intake should be another 6-8 oz. of water for every 10-20 lbs overweight. You can take that for face value but I just know in my own life water has changed my overall weight for the better and helps me maintain my weight levels.

The bad news is that coffee, tea, diet drinks, alcohol, and nicotine are diuretics meaning they actually will dehydrate you. These drinks should not count as your 1-2 quarts a day of daily water consumption. If you think you maybe retaining water, try adding water daily and you could lose anywhere from five to ten pounds of retained water in a few short days. I have seen people lose up to twenty in a week by ONLY adding water to their diet.

1 Grilled Chicken Leg 60 Calories

KFC grilled chicken
KFC grilled chicken

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Great Hub!

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Thank you so much for putting in so much research and a great hub together.

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EllenGraeger 6 years ago from Madrid

Envoy, that's what I am preaching and it is ever so easy. Daily inner hydratation is very important and if you keep your daily food netaural, weight loss is even easier. There is a little trick for reducing volume in four days as well. Drink a big (0,3l) glass of hot tea every morning before breakfast. I have a whole blog about nutrition tips. Have a look at http://www.intelligentnutritiontips.com .

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These are some really great tips! I'm tired of reading posts that talk about the benefits of drinking more water without mentioning the exercise needed to supplement it.

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