Lose Weight Using Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea can really help you lose weight and boost energy.
Green tea can really help you lose weight and boost energy.

Being dedicated to your health and drinking green tea can put you on a track for a well balance life, so keep your health working for you not against you.


Lose fat with green tea

No other drink has as much fat-burning cred as green tea does. Reams of research support its cumulative ability to help burn body fat. And while you may think it takes a full kettle to get the effects, you're in for a surprise! Check out how much weight you can shed with just a cup - two or three.

The Benefits

One cup - If you want to lose a pound or two, just replace one non-fat latte or coffee with a cup of green tea(virtually calorie free), and you can save at least 150 calories a day, Research at Johns Hopkins bloomberg school of public health found that nixing just one 100-calorie drink a day, you can lose about a pound in six months.

Bonus-Green tea can also give you better insulin control

Improving your insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance can keep you slim because your body will use energy more efficiently. Just one cup of green tea can help stabilize high blood sugar levels when combined with at least three days of exercise,according to a study in journal of American College of Nutrition. 

Two Cups - Boost Metabolism

Not only do you get an optimal dose of minerals like manganese, selenium, chromium and zinc, but also green tea has been shown to prolong the action of nor epinephrine, a.k.a. the fat-burning accelerator hormone. This is hormone you want elevated after a workout.

Maintain your form 


Theanine, the amino acid found in tea, has been shown to boost alertness - like caffeine - but without a jittery effect.

Theanine can also increase the brain's levels of dopamine and serotonin - neurotransmitters that may help you keep your mind to your muscle. Try replacing coffee with two cups of green tea on a work out day.

Bonus - Green tea can also help prevent heart disease


Green tea has been shown to reverse endothelial dysfunction. A recent study showed that just 30 minutes after drinking at least two cups, the endothelial cells that line your circulatory system dilate. This relaxes your arteries and veins, which allows, blood and nutrients to flow through properly.

Three Cups - Tea bags needs to be dunked a few times to extract additional fat-burning.

Lose 11 pounds - A study found that drinking three cups of green tea with a bit of low-fat milk, for three days consecutively, help burn 106 calories per day. In one year, that can result in 38,000 calories burned, equal to 11 pounds of fat, gone!

Blast belly fat - Three days of exercise combined with at least three cups a day can lead to abdominal fat loss. In fact a recent study in the journal of Nutrition showed this result after 3 months.

Burn 17% more fat - Green tea can help you more fat during moderate intensity cardio. Recent research in the american journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 366 milligrams of EGCG increased fat burning by 17 percent during a 30 minute cycling test.


Bonus Strong bones 

You may know that weight training can help build better bones, but tea is brewing up some bone benefit too. Research has linked green tea's content of caffeine. phytoestrogen and fluoride to helping increase bone mineral density in people who drank tea regularly for about 10 years.

This information will be helpful to you if you really want to lose a few pounds and or just maintain your weight just remember the more you drink, the more fat you can shed.

The Handicapped Chef Carlton Haynes is owner of triple H catering and consulting and Chef Brand Foods for more information feel free to contact us @ thehandicappedchef@gmail.com

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SmilesDoc profile image

SmilesDoc 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Good info.

Green tea cookies would be more appetizing.

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 6 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Green tea cookies I will try to make those.

yyn1221 profile image

yyn1221 6 years ago from China

Green tea cookies would be more appetizing.

Honey 6 years ago

Let me try this....

happypuppy profile image

happypuppy 5 years ago

Thanks for the useful info on green tea. I drink tea often and green tea is one of my favorites, especially jasmine green tea. Also, thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the good work.

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 5 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Thank you happy puppy my story has become a way of life for me and I'm living it to the fullest everyday.

Cousin Fudd profile image

Cousin Fudd 5 years ago from From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina

Great hub and green tea isn't that bad.

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 5 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Cousin Fudd...green tea isn't bad at all if you use a few sprigs of mint leafs in when the tea is brewing then you will have something really great....try it and enjoy.

Anonymus 4 years ago

I will try to drink!

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 4 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Anonymus just try it brew and add a few drops of honey into it. It's very soothing.

Vacation Trip profile image

Vacation Trip 3 years ago from India

I am a huge fan of green tea and start and end my day with a cup of green tea without milk and sugar. It not only reduces fat but also gives glowing skin. Thank you Handicapped Chef for sharing such an interesting and informative hub. Voted up.

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 3 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Vacation Trip, thank you for your comments green tea is very good for you it helps in so many ways and I have made it a part of my every day life.

Laurna 3 years ago

Lipton superfruit green tea are my favourites ,with 1 tsp honey

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 3 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

I never tried fruit green tea I must try this thank you for the comment.

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