Losing Weight Quickly and Easily with Chobani

It would be impossible to be oblivious to the ever-increasing emphasis on physical appearance. Part of the reason is no doubt superficial, but beyond that, we as a society are becoming more health conscious than in the past. This trend has put millions onto crash diets or otherwise unhealthy methods of weight loss. Needless to say, most people who try them fail, through no fault of their own, and either give up, or move on to more drastic tactics that are even more detrimental to one's physical health.

Fortunately for us, there's Chobani. Great tasting and surprisingly nutritious, Chobani is a brand of Greek yogurt. More than that, it is a blessing to dieters everywhere. Containing zero grams of fat and only 100 calories per six ounce serving (plain non-fat variety), Chobani fills a niche much in demand by the modern American. Quick, portable, and of course delicious, Chobani is a miracle on the go.

More than just being low in fat, Chobani Greek has twice the protein than that of regular American yogurt. Their unique straining process removes most of the liquid (containing mostly water and whey), leaving a thick, creamy treat packed with protein. The plain non-fat variety I decided to use as an example contains 18 grams of protein, more than most 'healthy diet meals'.

Now all of this information is great, and so is Chobani, but just eating yogurt alone isn't going to do it all for you. Regular exercise is always necessary for good physical and mental health. Three light, healthy meals a day (high in protein and vitamins, low in carbohydrates, fats, processed foods) and a Chobani Greek yogurt between meals, along with an active lifestyle, will help you lose weight, feel better, and find the figure or physique you have been looking for.

I have personally followed this diet for over two months now, and have lost more than 15 pounds to date. This is with minimal exercise (20 minutes in the morning), and breaking the diet every Friday (office lunch, usually pizza). One Chobani for breakfast at 7, and another every three hours until 7pm, at which point I will have a well balanced, light dinner. A drastic change from the typical bachelor diet I was living on, consisting mostly of fast food and alcohol. I now wake easily every morning, have more energy throughout the day, and benefit from a more positive outlook on life. All of this, thanks to a six ounce miracle in the palm of my hand, called Chobani.

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kella 3 years ago

i've been taking chobani and i've een exercising too and it's just a miracle.

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