Losing Weight With Meal Replacement Shakes

Nowadays, there are a lot of products out in the market that promise fast weight loss. Among these products are meal replacement shakes like the new Shakeology from Beach Body. Most people who need to lost just a last few kilos for a special occasion coming up in a couple of weeks find meal replacement shakes a great way to achieve this rapid weight loss.

The normal assumption for weight loss is that we need to take in fewer calories than we are used to. This way, our body will tap its fat stores when it needs extra energy and this will result in weight loss. Some people do this by simply not eating, which is ultimately unhealthy. Meal replacement shakes allow us to take in fewer calories while still being able to take in the important nutrients that our body needs.

Replacing the Meals

Ideally, the meal replacement shake will take the place of two meals. These shakes normally give between 1200-1400 calories per day. They are nutritious as well as filling, which means you will not be going around dizzy even if you are on a diet. Also, they come in the most amazing flavors that taste pretty good. It would almost feel like you are not on a diet at all.

The two meals that are normally replaced are breakfast and lunch, then it is suggested that you have a healthy 600-calorie meal at night. Most of these meal replacement products come with instructions and suggestions for meal plans, which may include up to three 100-calorie snacks a day.

It is also good if you consume at least six to eight glasses of water. All these should be combined with sensible exercises, so that the weight loss will progress safely. The practices above will normally result in losing 1–2 pounds a week, which is the generally accepted rate for weight loss.

Is This Safe?

Since the meal replacement shake is specially formulated, you are assured that you are not forgetting your health even while on the diet. Meal replacement products are actually regulated, which means that there are standards that manufacturers need to follow before they are allowed to sell these products.

Guidelines have been developed and are circulated among manufacturers through a directive. These guidelines are the result of extensive research on nutritional needs of dieters. Included in this directive are the required elements that should be found in a meal replacement product. They should have at least 25% protein, 23 vitamins and minerals and 5-6 grams of fiber.

So if you are looking for a safe way to lose weight, shopping around for a meal replacement shake can be a good idea.

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Armando Rocha 5 years ago

Good points, not eating at all is the last thing you should do when trying to lose weight, because the brain shifts into starvation mode and dramatically reduces your body's ability to burn fat as fuel, this happens naturally, thats why you feel sluggish when you haven't ate anything for more than 4 hours or less..

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