Love cookies but Hate to get Fat?

This little cute knows what the good and yummy cookie!

Cookieholic Dilemma

Do you love eating cookies? Like Chips Ahoy, Mrs. Fields Peanut Butter Bars, etc But hate gaining pounds and so you tried as much as possible to avoid eating them most of the time? Well, we do share the same dilemma. I really love eating cookies. I can't leave without one because i always pair it up with my fave espresso Seattle's Best Almond Joy or Black and White Mocha or my regular 3 in 1 Nescape. Love them both! But every time i ate them, i always end up ruining my diet and eventual gain ponds because of course we can't deny that cookies contain bad cholesterol. Now the question is, How can i enjoy my cup of coffee without gaining a pound or ruining my diet? What's a good substitute for all those bad cholesterol cookie?

Well here's a suggestion that will not ruin your diet while enjoying your coffee and at the same time love the cookie you are eating. Introducing the OATMEAL COOKIES of Quaker Oats with three flavors Raisins, Honey And Nuts and Apple Cinnamon. All flavors are delectable, not too sweet and not bland, lots of fiber and so crispy, it feels like really eating my fave cookies. Now i don't have to worry that i'm adding pounds to my butt checks but instead it will help me loose weight without letting go of the habit of coffee and cookie at the same time! Oh so yummy!

Quaker oats is also good to all those health buff conscious who needs protein intakes per day because Quaker oats 2.3 g and energy (k cal) 132.g , 0 trans fat. My fave flavor is Raisin because i love the taste of sweetness of the raisins. Apple cinnamon smells so yummy. Honey and nuts is for all lovers of nuts. So this healthy rich in fiber cookie is good for all especially the young ones who loves eating the cookie in the cookie jars. So yummy, try it now, you won't regret it. I taste good! I even bought a lot as soon as i went to the supermarket and buy in bulk. I'm an addictus of Quaker Oats Cookie!


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