Low Calorie Lunch Recipes

Choosing the Right Foods for you

 When a person decides to change their life and eat better it can be confusing and hard. Many people do not know where to begin or what to buy. Below I will list recipes for easy, low calorie lunch options that will leave you feeling full and satisfied while still remaining low calorie and tasty.

Lunch items should be high in protein and fiber if possible with at least one serving of vegetables and fruit. This will help you get the nutrients you need as well as make you feel full, the key to diet and a lifestyle change.



Low Calorie Lunch Recipes

 Tuna Wrap with Fruit and Veggies

one option for a low calorie lunch is a tuna wrap. Simply heat a pack or can of Tuna (around 90 calories) with seasonings of your choice (no calories). heat one tortilla or Pita pocket (150 to 250) and then spread tuna on wrap. then add small sprinkle of low fat or 2% cheese of your choice( should be about 30-50 calories, and then add any veggies you like or rotel. all of this together should be under five hundred calories and you can add some fruit to your plate for added sweetness.

Homemade Subs and Wheat Thins

Take one wheat hoagie roll and add all the fixings you like. Such as ham or turkey. Turkey is usually the lowest in calories, around 6 slices is only 60 calories. add light mustard or other seasoning as well as lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and low fat or 2% cheese. This should total around 3-400 calories and adding 15-17 wheat thins adds around 150 more calories. so you are still under 500 or just above.

Tuna and Veggie Plate

Take one package or can of tuna and cook on stove with A-1 sauce. Just one tablespoon with water will give the tuna lots of flavor. Cut up a bell pepper and add to the tuna and cook until cooked through. while this is cooking place one package of frozen veggies in the microwave and cook until done. i like the broccoli and cheese with rice or the broccoli with red peppers and carrots. you can add shredded cheese to the veggies when done and it will only be around 150 calories for the whole package, sometimes 200 depending on which type of veggies you choose.

now place your cooked tuna on your plate with the veggies. you can eat a slice of whole wheat bread or add fruit for an extra kick. total calories should be around 360 to 400 for all of the food.












 Eating these recipes really helped me lose weight. so far i have lost 56 pounds since February. I try to enjoy my food, don't rush through your meal, no matter how hungry you may be. this will help you enjoy what you are eating and also keep you fuller longer. I have also found that if you drink a good bit of water you will stay fuller longer as well. also if you feel bored or feel yourself wanting to eat but you know you are not hungry then try to find something else to do. or you can drink water and see if you remain hungry after about thirty minutes. if you are still hungry then you most likely need to eat.

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