How to Low Carb Yourself Thin

Dieting effectively means educating yourself on the benefits of good eating habits.
Dieting effectively means educating yourself on the benefits of good eating habits. | Source

Get Slim The Healthy Way

Start off with little changes. No diet is successful if you can't follow it. Just make small changes, drink more water, and sugared sodas are a no no, I have gotten used to Diet Rite soda, is has nothing in it, and you can get used to them rather quickly. Avoid sugar, there are substitutes out there, I like Splenda but there are many out there now. Finding sweeteners like Stevia are an even better choice, however you may have to get used to the taste.

AVOID white flour. Don't fret though, they have soy flour that can be used to bread chicken, fish etc, you can even cut down on how much white flour you use by frying items by using half white flour and half soy. If you must fry that is. Use Olive Oil.

AVOID white bread. Don't get down though, they have low carb bread now that tastes just fine and its great for everything from sandwiches to bread pudding. The bread I buy is called Natures Own Double Fiber Wheat, and it has less than 8 carbs per slice. Not to mention OMega-3 in it.

AVOID pasta, well regular pasta. Dreamfields Makes great pasta that tastes just like traditional pastas but only has 5 grams of digestible carbs per serving, You can't beat that. If you can find any in the store, they have a site online, and if you're like me and buy a months worth at a time, visit where they have every low carb thing imaginable.

More Veggies- Veggies not only taste great, they will help fill you up. I never control how much veggies to eat. I have my fill.
Try to limit red meat to one small serving. Meat is not high in carbs, but red meat is high in fat and if you are using butter, margarine and olive oil in your recipes, the extra fat from the red meat is probably just not needed, not to mention it isn't the healthy fat your body needs. Boneless, skinless Chicken, and of course Fish, I say eat your fill of, Just make sure it isn't breaded.

Milk- Please try soy or almond milk, as a substitute. In my opinion, it tastes better than regular milk by far, especially the vanilla flavored varieties.Personally, my favorite of the two is Almond milk. It is much healthier, and lower in carbs and certainly more heart healthy. Its delicious on your cereal, and at Christmas I wanted a lower carb version of instant cheese cake, and used almond milk in place of regular milk when mixing the filling. Tasted great and worked wonderful!!
If you are a diabetic, these changes will make your ability to manage your sugar much more successful. You'll not only lose weight, but you will have much lower blood sugar levels and still be able to enjoy eating .

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Lgali 7 years ago

nice hub good info

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Thank you so much :)

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