Low Fat Low Calorie Exotic Smoothies

New Flavours

A couple of years ago i wrote a hub about low fat low calorie smoothies and how to make them,after experiencing them on my travels around Australia,well the hub was so successful that i have decided to do a follow up hub, but this time i have tried experimenting at home and have gone with my usual wild abandonment and made some quite outlandish smoothies,or as i like to call them EXOTIC.As i have said before and still stick to, these are a great way to eat fresh fruit if like me you are not a fruit lover,the only fruit i can manage is an apple and even then i don't particularly enjoy it,so with a smoothie i get to try lots of different fruits and you know what, most of the time i like the flavours,I'm not one for breakfast either so if i make one of these smoothies and leave it in the fridge overnight it is perfect fro when im running out of the door on the way to work.Below i will include some of my exotic recipes i have made and let you give them a go,feedback would be excellent.


Blueberry Sparkler

This one was a surprise to me as i hate any kind of berries but my wife had some and i was feeling crazy so just popped a few blueberrys into the blender (Approx 7oz) along with 7fl oz of apple juice, 4 fl oz of natural yoghurt and one banana,blend it all up and hey presto you have yourself a Blueberry Sparkler.

6fl oz apple juice

4fl oz natural yoghurt

1 banana sliced

6oz blueberrys

Forest Fruit Smoothie

The forest fruit smoothie seemed like a good idea at the time as it got quite a lot of fruit down me in one go and as i have said i don't like fruit,however it did mean buying frozen forest fruits such as blueberries,raspberries and blackberries.

13fl oz of orange juice

1lb of frozen forest fruits

1 banana

Blend and serve with fresh strawberries

Coconut Cream

I'm sorry but i didn't like this one,that's not to say that you guys wont,I'm just not a lover of coconut in any form,don't ask me why i tried.

12 fl oz of pineapple juice

4 fl oz of coconut cream

5oz frozen pineapple chunks

Pineapple twist

My favourite out of all the exotic smoothies i made the sugar and lemon give it a real zingy twist which i loved especially on a hot summers day.

Juice of one lemon

3fl oz of water

4 tbsp of sugar

6fl oz of natural yoghurt

3  oz of frozen pineapple chunks

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