Low-Risk For Type 2 Diabetes and Vitamin C

Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C may be a way to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is indicated by newer research. A twelve year study found that men and women that had the most ascorbic acid in their blood levels had a lower risk of coming down with type 2 diabetes. These people were forty to seventy-five years of age and they were healthy. Dr. Nita G. Forouhi and her colleagues conducted this study; they are researchers in Cambridge, England at the Institute of Metabolic Science at Addenbrooke's Hospital. They concluded that the risk was lowered by sixty-two percent. (Archives of Internal Medicine, July 28, 2008)

Though they may need to do more studies this looks like a very good indication that vitamin C can help prevent this disease. It is yet another reason to eat a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and it is also a good reason to supplement the diet with ascorbic acid to, especially if you don't eat enough foods that are high in the vitamin.

Contrary to high levels of vitamin C being harmful this study indicates that a higher level in the blood is beneficial. Supplementing when you can't get enough through your food for reason of traveling, general eating habits, alcohol consumption, and smoking, less absorption because of age or any other reason is a good idea. That way you get the nutrition your body needs and you will have less chance of sickness such as scurvy.


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