MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Helps Fibromyalgia

Can This Disease Be Healed With Alternative Medicine?

The Fibromyalgia solution we found from Alternate Health and 
Natural Healing side of the medical picture. 
How could we find the natural solution to a medical 
condition when thousands of doctors have not?
We're not average people because we choose to 
NOT have insurance. We depend on ourselves to find 
out the problems and study for natural god given 
solutions to sickness.
We believe that all is a blessing -- even the  problems. 

When my partner, Roy started getting sick, weak and
hurting in his muscles -- we did not know what 
was wrong. We just knew that he was getting 
weaker and weaker. He hardly wanted to do 
anything. Even his brain seemed to get a bit confused. 
I confess, when he was getting weaker and weaker -- 
it was very hard on us. 
On the Internet we found "The fibromyalgia markers": 
1. Pain in 11 of 18 tender points, as measured by 
palpation using a 4 kg (9 pound) force, 
2. If the patient has a three month history of 
widespread chronic pain in all four body quadrants - 
plus pain in the axial skeleton (cervical, down the 
spine, and/or in the chest.) they have fibromyalgia.
We found out Roy probably had fibromyalgia because 
he had all of the Fibromyalgia disease markers. 
Those of you who have ever felt Chronic Widespread Pain
in the body, aching muscle, chest soreness and joint pain 
-- you know how debilitating it felt. You might have had a 
loved one with Fibromyalgis, MS, or other type of chronic 
fatugue syndrome? 
After four years of suffering he is completely pain 
free now... We studied, talked to other researchers, 
talked to others with fibromyalgia, investigated cures 
and remedies that gave relief even if it was for a 
short time. 
Let me tell you it was a trip into hell I don't wish 
on anyone. I hope this blog on Fibromyalgia will help
The good part of our discovery: The solution is almost 
free! A bottle of MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution costs 
us almost zero! Yes! The treatment was just pennies a day! 
See how to find out more information about the MMS Miracle 
Mineral Solution here: 
The 4 year fibromyalgia experience was a blessing... 
we can now say that because ...Thank god, it is now over 
and Roy's energy and strength has returned.
Here is what we learned and how we healed the condition 
called sickness.
     1. The nutrition people normally eat is all wrong. 
The body needs REAL food to get well -- some call it super 
food. You can Buy phytonutrients wholesale or find it at 
the health food store.
     2. You have to kill parasites -- microscopic critters
 and larger ones, too. Everybody has micro organisms in 
and between the body cells and organs including the larger 
varity of parasites: round worms, hook worms, tape worms, 
etc. (after all -- we wear a warm blooded body -- 
like a dog, cat, horse, cow, etc., but we are human and hu-woman)
     3. Treatment for parasites: MMS- miracle mineral 
solution -- read about How to use MMS - Miracle Mineral 
Solution to kill micro organisms at the reiki ranch energy 
healing blog. A bottle of MMS costs about $20 plus a few 
dollars for shipping. We also used Mebendazol fot the 
larger worms.
     4. Stuck emotional issues cause low energy.(Shame, 
blame, guilt, sin, anger, revenge, etc.) We found energy 
blockages -- negative energy in the energy body and also 
the physical body. We cleared layers and layers stuck 
emotions with Reiki energy healing...
All four of these points work together to cause a 
sickness or weakness in the body. The name of any 
disease to be present in a physical body may not matter. 
There are parasites under all diseases. There are stuck 
emotional issues there also. Which came first? What do 
you think?
Remember: You are a lot more that a physical body. 
The physical body is a wonderful piece of equipment.
You are a spiritual being wearing the physical body. 
(Don't get all put out because the human body you wear 
need several parasite treatments a year to keep it healthy.)
This alternative healing method we used includes 
education on MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution, a change in 
diet, and clearing/removing energy blockages. 
First and most important, a person must find reasons 
they want to live and a desire to have a healthy life!
When a seventy-nine year old gentleman can heal his body 
of fibromyalgia --- so can you! 
Thank You for reading about our journey,
Taylore Vance
Reiki Healing Master
Web site Reiki Energy Healings and Alternative Solutions
PS: Try alternate health (love, energy healing, herbs, 
super foods, natural nutrition, welness, happiness.) 
instead of the AMA approved traditional doctors practice 
of poisons, drugs, chemo (poisons), radiation (burning 
up tissue), and operations. Your body needs love, too!

Energy Healing Gives Light

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Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

Just because all the symptoms are there does not mean that you have it. I had all the symptoms of MS and even the dr thought I had it. Turned out, it was B-12 deficiency, which carries all of the same symptoms. Problem is, if left untreated, it is deadly! He needs to have it checked and not depend on internet researces to diagnos a medical condition. I did the same thing for lack of insurance. I finally saw a doctor to get properly diagnosed. Had I NOT done that, I would not be here today. I also use a natural supplement but you need to be properly disgnosed for anything before just assuming that you have found a miracle cure and trying to sell it as such. There are many people who may read this and fail to get properly diagnosed and that can be deadly.


tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Thanks Bonnie Ramsey for your comment. You make a good point!

Most people have not studied health as much as we have. We've been studying healing for over 20 years.

The is a good resource for asking questions about alternative health issues.

I didn't mention it in the blog, but I believe that most MS and Fibromyalgia is really Lyme disease. -- but that's another story.



Decrescendo profile image

Decrescendo 8 years ago

Nice find. Thanks for the heads up

fibromyalgia cure profile image

fibromyalgia cure 8 years ago from Los Angeles

Regular exercise with strong believe that you are going to recover can do wonders! Even if you don't take medications.

krista 8 years ago

About Dennis RichardDennis Richard

Only your body can heal itself and the best doctors use food, herbs and energy. My reason in writing is to encourage everyone to take the time to do your own research to find out what works for you and your health. I truly believe that all disease is history at this time but few people realize it. There have been cures for cancer and probably all diseases for many years that have been suppressed because of monetary considerations. This information can no longer be suppressed because of the Internet. With my limited formal education I have been successful in reversing every health problem I have encountered with little allopathic medical help beyond diagnoses. It has been my experience that so called modern medicine has done nearly as much harm as good with the use of antibiotic medicines that poison your immune system like chemo and radiation etc. I have yet to hear a MD dispute the fact that all drugs have a serious down side, along with what ever their positive benefits may be. For proof of that all you need to do is listen to the pharmaceutical adds on TV, now that drug companies are required to state some of the harmful side effects in their own ads.

In 1956 I started as a volunteer fireman and that is where my medical training began. We were given a Red Cross book and told to read it as we provided the only ambulance service for the city. Basically, we were taught to check for bleeding, breathing and poisoning, then stabilize the problem and transport to the hospital. I was dyslexic and didn’t read well, but I did read the Red Cross manual. I did take my responsibility seriously and I did enjoy the feeling and satisfaction of helping others.

In 1958 I enlisted in the Marine Corp, and was discharged in 1961 and started my career as a paid fireman. At that time nearly all firemen smoked believing we could build a tolerance to smoke. We had no air packs at that time and the man that could stay in a burning building the longest was the most Macho. I was smoking 4 packs of unfiltered Camels a day for years, obviously that doesn’t work. This just illustrates our education of the day. It really seems stupid looking back on it. Ten years from now, allopathic practices of day will be compared to using leaches and letting blood as a medical practice during the dark ages of world history.

In 1991 when I retired, I had not been able to work for more than a year and a half from health problems along with a ruptured disk in my neck. I truly felt 90 years old, after a series of chelation treatments that cleaned up my circulatory system, my eyes, my mind and allowed me to start thinking, that started me on my path to health. Reversing all of my many health problems and health education became a compulsion. I don’t remember feeling this good when I was in my 20’s! MMS has given me the same positive benefit as the thousands of dollars I spent on chelation.

God blessed me with information and I feel an obligation to share it. With every challenge I faced God brought someone into my life to guide me through each and every one of them. In addition I have listened to hundreds of doctors of all types through my radio show, Health Talk Radio and the many health trade shows I have attended. I have had the opportunity to ask thousands of questions. My purpose is to share what I have learned with others, as so many people were good enough to share with me the things I needed to know when I needed them.

Email me at:

tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Thanks, Dennis for some really good comments and suggestions about getting over cancer and other dread diseases with alternative means.

I'm glad you mentioned the MMS - Miracle Mineral solution doing the chelation better than expenswive chelation treatments. The mineral - MMS - only costs $20 for a 1 to 2 years supply. It is almost free!

I have arranged for anyone to try the Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS -- here for only $20. At this secure server they also have the citric acid activator, a DVD about Jim Humble's discovery, and also the official book outlining the use and experiences of 1000's of people who have used the MMS.

Here's the Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS - link:

tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Here's a great site--- I just started it to help people find better health

where you can read about Miracle Mineral, Magnesium oil spray on and how that helps your re-build strong muscles.All of these suggestions work and are not expensive.

<a href="">Subtle Energy and MMS</a>

tvance profile image

tvance 7 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

MMS - Miracle Mineral is now being called WPD - Water Purification Drops. is now stocking the drops at a very reasonable price.

Diane 5 years ago

Has anyone experience help with or an elimination of candida from using MMS?

George 5 years ago

I have been to 10 doctors over a period of 10 months and just kept getting worse. I finally found a nutritionist in CA. that did a hair analysis and found heavy Mercury poisoning and traces of arsenic and aluminum in my body. Even after a 3 month detox program I still have body pain that is hard to deal with. I am going to try MMS as a last effort to get releif.

tvance profile image

tvance 21 months ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

New booklet to get the information about Lyme Disease

only $0.99 for the download to any computer...

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