Potential Complications of MRSA - The Dangers Unseen

MRSA is methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, a highly infectious strain of the ordinary staph bacteria that is able to withstand the curative powers of ordinary antibiotics. The bacteria, once they enter through a break in the skin can cause infection and abscesses. These are not the only ills that MRSA bacteria can do to the body.

The Serious Conditions from MRSA Infections

The numbers speak for themselves, as twenty percent of cases from MRSA infections result in death. MRSA infections do not just affect the skin tissues but once the bacteria enters the bloodstream, the bacteria infects the other organs and tissues in the body. The common illnesses resulting from MRSA infections include pneumonia, bacteremia or septicemia, cellulitis, endocarditis, meningitis and osteomyeletis. Here are the ways that these illnesses come about from MRSA infection.

  • Pneumonia from MRSA. The MRSA bacteria enter the bloodstream and embed itself in the soft tissues of the lungs. Here, the MRSA breeds causing infection and abscess build up in the lung, resulting in pneumonia. Since antibiotics do not affect the MRSA, eventually the lungs fail and death occurs.
  • Septicemia or bacteremia from MRSA. The staph bacteria embed itself in the blood cells resulting in abscesses that break apart the blood cell walls. This makes the blood unable to carry the much-needed oxygen to the organs and the abscesses could not be fixed by the liver.
  • Cellulitis from MRSA. This makes the cell walls brittle due to the infection brought about by MRSA. This causes wide cellular failure leading to organ failure, as cells are unable to function properly.
  • Endocarditis from MRSA. Here, the MRSA is carried to the thin sac covering the heart causing infection and inflammation. This interferes with the proper functioning of the heart increasing the susceptibility to cardiac arrest.
  • Meningitis from MRSA. MRSA is carried to the brain cells causing infection and inflammation in the brain. As the abscesses build up, there is pressure on the brain resulting in a whole host of functional problems from the individual.
  • Osteomyeletis from MRSA. Here, the MRSA bacteria infect the bone cells causing it to become brittle. In some extreme cases, the blood cell functioning of the femur by the infection of the bone tissue causes greater problems for the body.

The Dangers of MRSA

MRSA infections come about as simple skin infections as pustules or boils that are red, swollen and painful. These infected areas are breeding grounds of the bacteria and they well up as abscesses. Normally, these may seem to be simple infections that can be done away with through the use of topical antiseptics or antibiotics. Sadly, MRSA infections of the skin are able to withstand the curative properties of antibiotics and even thrive in them. As the MRSA infection progresses, the bacteria moves from the skin into the bloodstream eventually populating the other areas of the body. The absence of antibiotics that can counteract this onslaught aggressively would result in the fatal conditions aforementioned. It is best that as soon as you observe your boil or infection is not responding to your antibiotic medication, see your doctor at the soonest possible time.

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mj 4 years ago

To the idiot that voted this funny it isn't so funny when your four year old gets it.

CLB 4 years ago

it isn't so funny when your 7 day old gets it and ends up with vancomyocin IV's coming out of nearly every vein in his little body.....

Priscilla 2 years ago

Not funny at all.Very serious. I have it and I couldn't imagine a baby or child having it.

Johnk937 2 years ago

I just couldn't depart your site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts bddfekedkebg

Vicki 2 years ago

Not funny when your thirty three year old passes away two weeks ago,because it went undetected so long spread to brain.also his three small children aren't laughing.

holly* 2 years ago

It had to b God ..I was in prison & unfortunately had mrsa. I felt as if I were going to die. With liltle or no help. I cried out to him to hesl me.no meficine .nothing. I was better.the boil drained and was better. I believe it was miracle!reading all the storys it saddens me to know people are having their lives shortened by this. #,thankful. God is good

biologist 2 years ago

Unfortunately, the definition of ENDOCARDITIS is wrong. The endocardium is the membrane LINING the heart, not covering it. The outer sac is called the pericardium. The endocardium continues as a lining of the major blood vessels.

John Hacker 3rd 2 years ago

Holy shit, I'm facing a limb salvage scenario, on my left knee in SD.As my surgeon has a plan in place.I know he has Know Understanding of and in his telling me I must relocate from OC, CALIF to San Diego County on an SDDI income.. It's a monumental task. I've got 3 absences on my knee and have MSSA not full blown MRSA as of yet.Anyone have a connection on 1 bedroom or large studio near SHARPS HOSPITAL for 700 please you'll be literally saving my life.....thank you Johnny 714 317 0285

Red 23 months ago

I got it during brain surgery it sux

MRSA 17 months ago

Within 3-4 days I was told I only had 3 days left. It was on my belly left side. They had to pump me so full of antibiotic's for 3days before I could have surgery.,when I woke it looked & felt like I was shot with a 30 odd 6.

2x's recoupeing was hard very hard get my stength back.

Donna 17 months ago

I don't think anything about this is funny or something to be made fun of. I found out mrsr was on my liver, I was miss diagnosed and subjected to test after test. My doctor said it is not common to have it grow inside on organs, that he hadn't seen a case like mine in more than 5 years. I have had 2 drainage tubes in my liver and one in my lung because the lung was partially collapsed. I have never been in this much pain and was told I have a lot of healing ahead of me. I pray you never have to go through this and if you have it, the doctors will listen to the symptoms you give them instead of sending you around to doctors, lab work, CT scans, ultrasounds, which is what eventually ended up with me being hospitalized for 10 days and I have a pick line IV for the IV antibiotics that I have had for 3 wks and have 2 more wks to go, then it's back for a CT scan to make sure it's gone. God speed to the cure of anyone suffering from this.

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