MRSA symptoms or Spider Bite Elbow

Beware of Spider Bites

I once felt like I got a bite on my left hands Elbow. I did not feel any pain on my Elbow but if I touched the spot where I thought I had got bitten the pain was real severe. The spot was growing and you could see the blood through the skin and it was growing. I set up an appointment with my doctor and he sent me to a specialist. He made me a prescription for an antibiotic and I went to see the specialist the next day. The Specialist gave me the same prescription as my Doctor and wrapped up my wound. He said this was a staff infection and that it would go away in a couple of weeks or less. The Antibiotics worked and it did go away. I am very lucky because I went to my doctor and check it right away. I could have easily died and it scares me every time I read about someone dying from a MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) symptom. Also known as the super bug. Lots of folks have the MRSA symptoms but they are not aware of this because it can be mistaken for a spider bite.

What does any individual do with MRSA symptoms and the development of this infection do generally? Most buy over the counter cures thinking it’s just a spider bite or some kind of small wound. When I saw my specialist, I asked him how did I get this staff infection and he said you can get it almost any where. Just bumping into the corner of a wall is even dangerous. The most common place know to catch this infection is at a hospital. This is why it's very important to recognize MRSA symptoms soon to avoid the dangerous results of these infections.

Recently at one school Parents received a letter notifying them of a student’s case, along with information on MRSA symptoms. The most Serious MRSA symptoms to look out for are shortness of breath, a rash, a fever, some chills, and pains in your chest, feeling week or fatigue, bone and muscle aches, headaches and or malaise.

In a preventative measure, I am requesting of you to become more aware of MRSA symptoms and procedures to help you avoid getting the infection. Beware of your surroundings and make sure you protect any type of open wounds and even if you think you just have a spider bite or a little scratch take some action. Seek medical advice if you think you have MRSA symptoms. Better to be safe then taking a risk and catching this infectious disease. Plus there are those terrible cases which resulted in accidents due to MRSA symptoms. Because this infection can be serious or deadly, even though, do not shun these signs of MRSA symptoms.

It is most likely that you will not be checked for MRSA symptoms unless you have an ongoing infection. You can also have MRSA symptoms in other areas of the body, such as blood, lungs, joints, eyes, and urine. Once, the hospital screened people showing MRSA symptoms and tracked data for people who were known carriers of MRSA symptoms. MRSA symptoms depend on the part of the body infected and how the infection occurred. It was not exactly easy to find how they contracted the infection. Some of the most common MRSA symptoms are simply flu-like in nature or, in some other manner.

With all of the News these days surrounding MRSA symptoms it’s hard not to be scared of this infectious disease. Deaths occurring from this disease are actually quite rare but the news media makes it seem like a wide spread epidemic. Just make sure you watch what you are doing and if something happens go get your self check out with your doctor as soon as possible and not taking any chances.

Not a Spider Bite

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MRSA Can Kill You!

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cmw4562 profile image

cmw4562 8 years ago from NY

My daughter contracted MRSA a few months ago. It started out as a bump on the inside of her leg and a small rash elsewhere. The bump grew larger so she went to our family physician who biopsied it. Came back positive for MRSA. She had to take antibiotics as well as showering with a special soap and then applying a special cream.

After about 2 weeks, you must go for a followup to make sure it is gone. Two swab tests are done, one in the nasal (nose) passage and the other in the anal passage. Yes, you read correctly :)

Ok let me clarify a few things with regard to MRSA. First, you can contract it by handling money such as a cashier position. It is not usually contracted from the handling of animals, such as if you work in a pet store.

Secondly, the rare reported cases of death are those people diagnosed with MRSA who contracted complications of pneumonia.

So if you have any unexplained bump that looks like a boil or possible bug bite that will not go away and appears to be spreading, you need to have it checked as soon as possible.

kia31 profile image

kia31 8 years ago from Los Angles Author

Thanks CMW for sharing your experience with us, this will be very helpful to all of us to better understand this pneumonia.

vitallywell profile image

vitallywell 8 years ago from Bloomington, MN

MRSA is definitely nothing to mess around with. Having a healthy immune system functioning at peak will go far in protecting one from all bacterial, viral, fungal, yeasts and other parasites too. If their is any doubt as whether you or a loved one has MRSA, see a doctor.

cmw4562 profile image

cmw4562 8 years ago from NY

Ah Kia, MRSA is not a pneumonia.

I was trying to explain that the MRSA deaths you have heard about are generally individuals who were diagnosed with MRSA and then because their immune systems were already weakened, they came down with pneumonia. For the most part, the deaths of individuals who had MRSA were a result of complications from the pneumonia they had gotten.

I will reiterate that it is very important that one check with their physician if they have any questions or concerns.

Decrescendo profile image

Decrescendo 8 years ago

Nice find. Thanks for the heads up.

monitor profile image

monitor 8 years ago from The world.

Thank you very much for sharing your information on MRSA, kia31. Confusing it with a spider bite is very common and dangerous if not treated quickly. Thankfully you did go to see a doctor and had it treated quickly before it could worsen. Great informative hub!

Your fan.


patdmania profile image

patdmania 5 years ago from waterford, mi

MRSA is a bad infection. Very hard to treat with antibiotics. I don't know what is worse. Good Hub!

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