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MS and me: 2011

rare smiling shot
rare smiling shot

MS n' ME 2011

 I am a retired MD diagnosed first with MS in 2004. Without significant symptoms then, I continued working for another two and a half years, at which  time I retired. Could I have kept going? Sure, but MS made me tired at night and I felt with years of good work done, it was time to go in another direction for a while.

Since then, I have volunteered (St. Vincent de Paul) and tutored. Teaching most subjects at a high school/college level is quite rewarding. It doesn't  pay much but as Thomas More said to Thomas Cranmer when More got him a teaching post, 'you could be a good teacher, Thomas.' So I teach.

 Significant physical activity isn't possible with me at this time. I used to run long distance, backpack, ski and all the activities which go with them. Have I quit? No, but I would be a fibber if I said nothing has changed.

I'm in the middle of writing a book on backpacking with MS and I'd like to use this blog to introduce a few ideas on this topic and others as well as to give a long-time-practicing MD's perspective on a disease which is scary to everyone, including most doctors, from the standpoint of being a patient.

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