Magnetic Bracelets For Relieving Pain

Relieving pain should be simple, shouldn't it? You're in pain, you do something quick and easy and then you're not in pain anymore. But anyone with arthritis will tell you it's not that simple. Over the counter and prescription painkillers not only cost a bundle but also can cause potentially lethal side effects. Surely, there must be another option. That option is to wear a magnetic bracelet.

Bracelets are elegant, non-obtrusive and do not cause side effects. They come in a variety of styles and metals such as gold, silver, copper and titanium. You can find bracelets made for box sexes, for women or a mens magnetic bracelet. Many cultures such as the ancient Celts wore armbands and metal bracelets, so if you are of that heritage, you can claim you are merely expressing pride in your roots.

Are Magnetic Braclelets a Scam?

Magnetic bracelets are not a scam, although they won’t work for everybody. Wearing a magnet bracelet successfully helped many people stimulate circulation to extremities, which helps to keep joints limber enough for comfortable movement. A 2004 study performed by the Peninsula School in Plymouth reported that sufferers of osteoarthritis that wore a magnetic bracelet had significantly reduced pain than those that wore a regular bracelet but were told it was a magnetic bracelet.

Before you rush out to buy a magnetic bracelet for your aches and pains, be sure to see a doctor in order to get a definite diagnosis for your pain. Your doctor may say that you need to take medication and make some lifestyle changes. Always pay attention to your doctor. But magnetic bracelets will not interfere with any medication that you take.

Magnetic Healing Used In Sports

Using magnetic therapy has been one of the most usual complimentary therapies for treating horses. Because horses are too large to wear a stylish titanium bracelet, they wear blankets and leg wraps to help keep circulation going to their backs and legs, which take a lot of punishment. Even top racehorses and mounts for Olympic teams get pain relief from tissue damage with magnetic therapy.

You're not a horse, but you probably carry a lot of responsibility for your family. Part of that responsibility is taking care of yourself. You won’t get any medals for enduring physical pain needlessly. A magnetic bracelet is a relatively painless way to help get pain relief.

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MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

There have been no clinical studies to prove effectiveness or not. Magnetic fields are all around us all day long - computers, cell phones, etc. But if it makes you feel like you are healing then why not?

Draanor profile image

Draanor 7 years ago Author

There are medical studies. Magnetism has been proven in induce blood vessel dilation. ...but people can believe what they want about alternative medicine.

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