Healing with Magnetic Jewelry

As the harmful side effects of strong prescription medicine become more prevalent in modern society, more and more people are focusing on alternative therapies for their healing.  While western cultures in Europe and the United States have always been a little hesitant about Eastern medicines like magnetic healing, they have become more popular after recent scientific studies showing that they do work.  Magnet therapy, utilizing proper jewelry and magnet strengths, is able to be an effective treatment for pain and other ailments.     

How Does Magnetic Healing Work?

With recent studies on magnetism and it's healing benefits, it's been shown that magnets have a real effect on the body.  When applied to certain parts, it gets the blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow throughout the body.  The dilated blood vessels increase oxygenation and also helps the body in its natural ability to rid the wastes and toxins in the blood stream.

Because of the increased circulation, it is speculated that many forms of pain--including headaches--are caused by constricted blood vessels. Also, if those toxins are actually flushed out faster, it could improve your overall health and possibly reduce how often you're sick. In most cases, in magnetic therapy, magnets are applied to key areas of the body for prolonged periods of time. To help with doing the magnet placement, magnetic jewelry has been developed.

Magnetic Jewelry

Manufacturers have put out a wide variety of jewelry for people to wear to help reduce their pain.  These pieces of jewelry come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be worn in a variety of different places of the body.  One of the most popular types of jewelry for magnetic healing is the magnetic necklace.  This piece is known for it's ability in reducing neck and head pain.  If you have a lot of migraine headaches, neck pain or soreness, and upper body back pain, you may want to try a necklace out.  Another popular form of jewelry is the magnetic bracelet.  Magnetic bracelets are supposed to be great for arthritic pain in the joints in the hands, arms, and the shoulders.  Finally, magnetic anklets are known for their ability to reduce pain in the lower body.  If you have pain in your feet, knees, hips, or lower back, you may find relief with an anklet.

Magnetic jewelry are a great alternative to having to take expensive pain relievers.  While they don't always work for everyone, a lot of people have found some form of relief with them.  If you're skeptical if they work, try them out anyways.  Most manufacturers and businesses have some sort of return policy where you're not satisfied with their jewelry you can get your money back.

Where to Buy Magnet Jewelry

If you're interested in purchasing magnetic jewelry, there are many different places to find them at great prices.  While there should plenty of businesses locally that will have a great selection including alternative medicine stores, the best place for a deal is online.  There are tons of websites that sell wholesale magnetic jewelry.  While not all of them are completely reputable, the best place to buy from, in my opinion, is Amazon.

Amazon has a fairly extensive selection of magnet jewelry including bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and even a magnetic jewelry clasp.  They also have a decent return policy so that if you aren't completely sold that your purchase isn't working to reduce your pain and making you feel better, you can return it.

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Jason a Fan of Magnetic Therapy 6 years ago

This is good information, but just be sure to use the appropriate piece of jewelery for the pain area you have.

For example some people promote a bracelet for shoulder pain. The magnets are good but you would be better to use a shoulder brace. So for neck pain use a necklace, for wrist or finger use a bracelet or ring. Magnets will work better on localized areas.

Troy J 6 years ago

I'm a big fan of magnets. I've recently put together a site with Nikken products. I'm interested in peoples reviews if they have ever used the products before. http://nikkenwellness.ca

Angie 5 years ago

Hi there! I have a magnetic bracelet and a magnetic necklace from Attract Jewelry and adore them. High quality products and very unique designs. My bracelet has rainbow magnetic beads! I love the craftsmanship. Here is where I got mine http://www.attractjewelry.com/magneticbracelets.ht...

wisealthealth profile image

wisealthealth 5 years ago from Virginia, USA

Good article and overview of magnetic jewelry, but many injuries require a more medically-focused therapy products - such as a wrap, brace, or other type of support. Particularly in cases of treating tendonitis, arthritis pain, or other types of pain and/or swelling.

Kim I 4 years ago

I bought a bracelet at a craft show. I don't usually believe in stuff like this . BUT I was in so Much PAIN from carpal tunnel. Well I think it the best thing ever. A friend bought one too. we both think its the best.

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