Best Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries and has been known for its many healing effects on the body. Magnetic bracelets are designed to harness the power of magnetism to aid your body by relieving pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation.

There has been a lot of controversy in the news and with modern medicine about whether a magnetic bracelet has the power to actually give the body any health benefits. Some experts would argue that any benefit provided by magnetic bracelets are purely coincidental or may have a placebo effect. Other experts, however, say there is actual scientific data backing magnetic bracelets and that they actually do give positive health effects.

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Depending on where you look for information, you can get all sorts of opinions and views about bracelets. Some people are skeptical and will say they are complete scam and a waste of money whereas others will say "for a fact" that they help them personally. So what is it? Miracle product or scam?

Western medicine has refused to acknowledge the health benefits of magnetism until recently. Believe it or not, but magnetic therapy has been around for hundreds and possibly thousands of years and many cultures have used magnets to heal various maledies. The greeks, for example, have been using magnets for healing and even Aristotle was convinced of their healing power. Other ancient societies like India and China have also been using magnets as a cure for at least as long (and possibly longer) as Greece.

Chinese culture has believed in magnetic therapy as a great method for relieving pain and increasing the flow of the body from ancient times to this modern day. The disbelief of the healing power of magnets in Western culture has been a source of amusement for these socities that have relied on its power for these many years.

The truth behind magnetic healing bracelets is they do work, but only with a strong enough magnet.  Many bracelets sold on the market, especially have dirt cheap prices, are like they say: a scam.  If you want true healing power to rid your body of pain from arthritis or other ailments, you need to have a sufficiently strong magnet.  Scientifically, a magnetic bracelet needs to have at least 170 to 200 mTesla (measurement of the strength of a magnet) to truly be effective.

Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

Bioflow is a popular brand for people looking for a magnetic bracelet. Featuring a broad product line of magnetic jewelry, they have a products designed for a wide range of people. Whether you need a watch, armlet, or copper magnetic bracelet, they have what you're looking for.

While they aren't on the cheap scale of magnetic jewelry makers, they are definitely not part of the "scam" when it comes to weak magnets. Many people have found Bioflow products to live up to the curative powers of magnetism and would recommend their products to anyone looking for them.

Magnetic bracelets are designed for a wide audience of people so you can always find the style that matches you personally.  There are magnetic products designed men, women, young, and old, so you'll never feel like your theraputic jewelry is out of place on your body.

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