Making Healthy Choices Daily


It's Difficult To Make Those Healthy Choices

Dang, I find it hard to make those healthy choices at all times. I try to be disciplined, I do. I consider myself a pretty disciplined cat. I usually write these kinds of articles or posts after I've made an unhealthy choice.

This afternoon I did the eliptical machine for an hour and got around 9 miles in. I was pumped. Then I came back to the hotel room that I'm currently staying in and had a pretty healthy sandwich and a bottle of water to help get that hydration going on!

However, after three blogs posts and an episode of Family Guy and Conan I found myself munching on a couple of bite size Hershey nuggets. I probably didn't ruin my workout or my diet with those two little chocolate yum-yums but I should have been better than that.

That ever happen to you? By the way, that's not me in the photo. I'm a dude but I liked her orchid shirt.

4 Tips To Maintain Your Diet Discipline

I'm learning and I'm getting better all the time. As a matter of fact, I lost 50 pounds late last year and early this year (between Nov 2010 and Feb 2011). Yay, for me! So here's what I learned a long the way.

  • Mistakes Will Happen

It's gonna' happen. You're human. You're going to have a cookie or a piece of cake. You might have one too many beers or glasses of wine. The key is to recognize when you're doing it and adjust fire afterward. It's not the end of world and when you do make that mistake you didn't "ruin" your diet. It's still a diet...

  • Reward Yourself When You Do Well

One of the ways I lost all of the weight I did was by cutting beer out of my diet. I went thirty straight days without a beer or cocktail. The weight melted off. After that 30 day period I allowed myself to have a beer or glass of wine with dinner twice a week. I earned it and I rewarded myself. Yes, when you like beer as much as I do it is absolutely a reward!

  • Avoid Eating Out At the Beginning Of A Diet

There are a lot of ways to eat out and stay healthy. At the minimum you can do so without killing your calorie count for the day but at the beginning we don't wanna' have to worry about finding healthy food at any restaurant.

  • Workout Consistently

By dieting and NOT missing workouts you are compounding your weight loss and getting stronger and conditioned as you do it. It doesn't matter what your workout is; tennis, walking, or running. As long as you raised that heart-rate for 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week.

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nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 5 years ago

The tips are really helpful. The main part is that we should paractice it daily and make it a habit to follow them.

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