Making the cold winter months fly by

 It seems that every year around this time, people start to get ornery and crabby.  Not really about anything, just everything.  How can we maintain our mental health and break that cabin fever feeling?  Get outside.

Snowshoeing  It sounds like you are going to freeze to death on some of those cold winter days, but once you get moving, you will be surprisingly comfortable.  You don't have to treat it like exercise.  Treat it as a leisure activity.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to get around!

Snow Skiing  This is not for everyone, but it is fun to learn. If you like speed, you will like skiing.

Football  One of the benefits of having a lot of snow is that it acts like a giant cushion.  Get out there with your family and play some football. You can actually tackle each other without getting hurt.

Ice Skating   Every community I can think of has an ice rink somewhere.  Go and skate around.  It may not be the most exhilarating thing to do, but it is certainly something to do that is not in your house.

Go Shopping  You don't even have to buy anything.  Just browse if you want.

There are a ton of other activities you can do, but these are ones that you can generally do with the whole family.  So keep moving, stay warm, and stay sane this winter with a little outdoor activity... that will actually warm you up! 


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