Male Yeast Infection Treatment: What are different Treatment Options?

A fungus called Candida causes a male yeast infection. There are numerous reasons why this fungus can occur, but most commonly it is sexually transmitted from a female with a vaginal yeast infection. An impaired immune system and using antibiotics indiscriminately can also cause a male yeast infection. Men suffering from diabetes are more prone to developing a yeast infection. This is because yeast overgrowth is encouraged by the abnormally high levels of blood sugar in their body. Men are also more likely to get a penile yeast infection if they wear wet underwear too often.

Yoghurt is a natural treatment for male yeast infections
Yoghurt is a natural treatment for male yeast infections

Natural Male Yeast Infection Treatment

A male yeast infection can be healed more quite and safely by using natural treatment options such as:

1. Vinegar: Using vinegar is an effective natural way of curing a meal yeast infection. Itchiness in the affected the area can be relieved by simply applying vinegar there. To treat a male yeast infection, vinegar and water are mixed together before being applied. The itching and soreness associated with this infection can be relieved by using a vinegar mixture.

2. Tea tree oil: Essential oil, particular tea tree oil, is another effective and popular natural treatment option for male yeast infections. Tea tree oil is firstly diluted and is then generously applied on the affected area of the body.

3. Yogurt: A male yeast infection can also be cured at the earliest by having a cup of yogurt daily. In fact, when it comes to treating a yeast infection, a lot of men seek this natural treatment option. A yeast infection is effectively combated by the good bacteria contained in yogurt.

4. Garlic: Another natural remedy for male yeast infections is garlic. The symptoms of the infection can be immensely relieved if a clove of garlic is gently rubbed on the affected area every day for four to five days.

5. Natural herbal remedies: Other effective remedies for a male yeast infection include herbs such as black walnut, chamomile and licorice. A herb paste prepared with these herbs can be applied on the affected area or these herbs can be consumed eaten too.

Change in Diet for Male Yeast Infection Treatment

A male yeast infection can worsen if foods containing yeast are being frequently eaten, so these foods should be avoided. A male yeast infection can also be treated by drinking cranberry juice. It is best to continue drinking this juice until the infection completely vanishes. Another beneficial and powerful healing agent is garlic. The symptoms of a male yeast infection can also be reduced by eating a fresh clove of garlic every day. The healing process can also be accelerated by including yogurt in diet, which is also recommended by doctors too. Sweet foods should be avoided until the infection has completely gone away. As mentioned, the growth of yeast population is supported by sugar. Consuming sweet foods during a yeast infection will only worsen it.

Lamisil is a anti fungal treatment
Lamisil is an anti fungal treatment

Medications for Male Yeast Infection Treatment

A male yeast infection can also be treated by taking certain medications. The following antifungal medications can be used for treating a male yeast infection:

  • Lamisil
  • Lotrimin
  • Micatin
  • Monistat

The itchiness and burning sensation caused by a male yeast infection can be relieved by applying antifungal creams like Vagisil cream. Other oral medications that can be taken to relieve the symptoms of a male yeast infection include:

  • Diflucan (fluconazole)
  • Nizoral (ketoconazole)

Men suffering from a yeast infection should frequently wash their genitals with water and make sure they dry it properly with a clean towel. Consulting a doctor is recommended before applying any medicine or cream directly on the affected area. Wearing tight and wet clothing should be avoided. The mentioned male yeast infection options are quite effective and combining them will help treat a male yeast infection more quickly.

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jaydene profile image

jaydene 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

i was told once that yeast infections are carried by the male, then spread to the female, and that only the females get symptoms. Maybe i was misinformed. I was told a male shows no signs of even having this condition.

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