Marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Insomnia, anxiety, iritability, headache...

Marijauna detox

Marijuana is not heroin…but neither is it the same marijuana that it was 20 or even 10 years ago, and as the potency has risen almost 10 fold over the decades, so to have the risks of addiction, the risks of developing a tolerance and experiencing withdrawal symptoms with marijuana cessation.

Marijuana detox and withdrawal is not dangerous but it can be very uncomfortable, and it can be difficult to overcome the cravings back to use and abuse. Many people can use marijuana recreationally without developing dependency issues, but many hundreds of thousands cannot, and it is not at all ridiculous to seek professional assistance if you are having difficulty overcoming an addiction to marijuana.

The risks of marijuana addiction

Long term marijuana use can have a negative effect on health and well being. Marijuana use promotes cancer, and it also increases the probability of experiencing certain psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, psychosis and depression. It is also linked to memory loss and cognitive deficits, as well as a sense of lethargy that can pervade all waking hours.

Marijuana use, even heavy marijuana use is very unlikely to kill you; but it can lessen your quality of life, make you a little bit duller, and increase the risks of psychological deficits. If you are using marijuana everyday, you may want to seriously consider taking a break from regular intoxication.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms to marijuana can be somewhat characterized as the opposite to the intoxicating effects of the drug…instead of hunger, a loss of appetite, and instead of drowsiness, an inability to sleep.

Some additional symptoms of marijuana withdrawal can include headache, nausea, anxiety (common) paranoia and even irritability or aggression.

These sensations will endure with some intensity for several days before gradually subsiding, and it is during this period that the cravings to use are strongest, and there is the greatest risk of relapse.

Marijuana detox treatment

The symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, although uncomfortable, are generally not medically serious and there is no often used pharmacological treatment for the easing of symptoms.

Exercise is very commonly promoted as an effective way to reduce the severity of experienced withdrawal symptoms, and as well as a way to keep yourself busy enough to reduce the cravings back to use. Exercise can help fatigue your body making sleep easier, may stimulate your appetite, and can also release endorphins that can help with some of the feelings of irritability and lethargy.

Some drug treatment professionals advocate saunas as a way to rid the body of metabolites of the drug, although there is no clear consensus on the real efficacy of this routine. It can't hurt though, and it may make you feel better.

If you can’t do it on your own…get some professional help

If you are having real difficulty overcoming your cravings, or find that you are unable to stop even though you try with determination, you should consider getting professional help.

Thousands of people enter into drug treatment or rehab every year for marijuana addiction issues, and the period of intense therapies and a good month away from access to the drug can have real benefits towards long term sobriety.

Marijuana addiction is real and withdrawal is a medically recognized syndrome of symptoms. It can be tough to overcome the cravings back to use…and to resist the use of a drug that you know will make all of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal disappear; but it is worth it, these symptoms will ease in a few days, and the clarity of marijuana sobriety can be great.

Good luck

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Harlow 9 years ago

Pothead 9 years ago

Ive been trying to quit for 4 days now and since then ive lost 18 pounds this site is good because it tells you, you don't need professional help like a weak loser. and the information on withdrawal symptoms was what i needed to read. i was about to start smoking again for my comfort but I found your withdrawal section and it reassured me my problems were withdrawals. I believe your site should be promoted to the first site that yahoo brings up because the other sites lead to stupid irrelevant shopping sites. THANK YOU for the reassurance that I my symptoms were from withdrawals rather than an outside mental problem. People are strong and have self-control I beleive the reassurance is the most important part. Because it lets people know were these problems come from and what they are.

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 9 years ago Author

Hi Pothead,

Hey that's great, I am glad you're having success!

You are very right to point out that an informed and educated approach to better health is surely the way to go, and a much better way to achieve any health related goals.

I think you're a bit hard on people that do need treatment however (I was one of them - lol) . Addiction is a tricky thing, and a lot of otherwise very strong people sometimes get caught in something they can't completely understand, and can't seem to better. Sometimes getting another perspective (just another way of getting more informed really) can help a lot too.

Best of luck to you, and thank you for your kind words as well,

dontknowwhattodo 9 years ago

i haven't smoked for about a month and i still have concentration and memory problems, is that normal?

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 9 years ago Author

Normally, cognitive recovery occurs within about a month, but it is certainly nothing to get too worried about if you are finding that it is taking longer than that. I hope you are feeling better in other ways, and I think that you will soon find your memory improving. MArijuana does not cause lasting memory problems, so if you do not see any improvement after a while, you might want to talk with your doctor about it. I bet though, that you will start seeing an improvement soon!

Congratulations as well on a month!

Trying to Quit 9 years ago

I am 19 years old about to turn 20 and, for awhile have been trying to quit off an on! I was very pleased to find your article about the withdrawal symptoms. I have never really had to many problems sleeping but every morning when i wake up and i have weaned off of the substance, i am usually nautious and have a headache. A lot of the time i have trouble remember certain occurances until people remind me, and after that im still unsure of what happened. i have never experimented with any other drug and very very rarely drink. I wanted to find out if the withdrawal symptoms will effect me longer or shorter because of my age... and do you have any advice that the rehab center told you to make your transition off of the drug an easier.

Thank you very much!

Trying to Quit 9 years ago

I also seem to have quite a short fuse and can be very annoyed easily and get aggressive, always verbal though not physical... i don't enjoy the way i act or the way i feel.. thank you for all your help!

sdorrian profile image

sdorrian 8 years ago from Chicago

Great Hub! Good for you for using your own experiences to reach out to and help others. I know that it's very helpful for those who are trying to overcome addiction to have someone who understands what they're going through. Great job!

hoping for the best  8 years ago

hi i am 17 years old and smoked cannabis since i was 15 and i have come to the point where i don't want to smoke it nomore i have not smoked it for about 4 days now and feeling better in myself but still get the urge to smoke it but i just have to be strong minded and not do it i smoke a lot of fags now to stop the craving but howl ong until i will be at the point where i wont crave it and wont care about it will it get easier please say it will i am DETERMINED to do it !!!!!!!

Jordan 8 years ago

i need to know if this may be marijuana withdrawls; chills, nausea, pounding headache, cant fall asleep, the cant fall asleep part has been happening since yesterday, my eyes hurt i had the chills, i laid in bed for about 6 hours and couldn't fall asleep even if i tried, are these marijuana withdrawls or maybe just the flu, ive been smoking marijuana almost daily for the past year or so

some one help

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 8 years ago Author

Hi Jordan,

Those sound like very typical marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 8 years ago Author

Hi Hoping for the best,

Hey that's great - after 4 days already you are past the worst of it. The cravings to use will get better, and in a few more days you'll think about using far less frequently. Occasional cravings are something you will have to deal with for a while, but when they come up - just remember why you quit in the first place before deciding whether or not it's worth it to go back to it. Best of luck!

Jordan 8 years ago

huh i didn't even know such thing existed but come to think of it about a year ago i had the same problem, felt like the flu but went away the next day

are sore joints another symptom both my legs feel really sore, my spine hurts occasionally if i bend over; to make it short i don't like this and it needs to go away lol

jesus christ 8 years ago

today is the very end of my third day to quit smoking. i have been a multi-daily user of cannabis for about a year now, and i am experiencing bad withdawal symptoms. I also quit smoking cigarettes. (i only smoked about 2-3 cigs/day). I am experiencing bad insomnia and irritability/aggression. Everyone keeps telling me "i need to smoke so i wont be such an ass". I have made up my mind though and am going to stay clean until summer (about 5 weeks away). Good luck friends....

pot head 8 years ago

Hi I have been smoking pot since i was 15. I am now almost 30. I decided to quit because it was costly and really decided it was time to grow up. I have had a lot on my mind recently so im not sure if what im going thru is withdrawl. I cry evry nite before I go to bed. I cant sleep my legs are very restless. My husband smokes. we smoked a lot every day. he hasn't decided if he wants to quit yet. that hasn't really bothered me (i don't think). I have anxiety my stomach fells like its in knots. Please help if u can . what should i do?

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 8 years ago Author

Hi Pot Head,

The symptoms you describe sound like classic marijuana withdrawal symptoms, but you don't say for how long you've been experiecing them. If for less than a week, it is almost certainly related to marijuana, and you can look forward a much easier time next week.

[If you've been feeling this way for a while, (anxious - depressed) it may be unrelated to marijuana, and you should talk to your doctor about your symptoms.]

There are no magic cures for marijuana withdrawal, and simple things tend to be the most effective. Get tons of exercise, keep busy, try a warm bath - a warm glass of milk...and know that youi only need to make it through a few tough days to be past the worst of it.

Best of luck!

Stephen 8 years ago

As for the first post, I totally agree with what you said about reassurance. I'm currently on day 6 of withdrawal, as I made sure Harold and Kumar 2 was my grand finale last Friday. Anyways, about reasurrance, about 30 minutes ago I felt intense anxiety coming on and thought a panic attack was soon to trigger. I paced around in a frantic state, with my mind racing on trying to figure out what was causing this (I have some other panic triggers i won't get into here). I eventually ended up at this website and after re-reading what I had already known, my anxiety gradually decreased. I always have not slept in almost 48 hours now. Has anyone else been up that long? I'd love to get some "reassuring" feedback for my insomnia as well. :)

jj 8 years ago

well i need help for my sister cuz she smoked since she was 14 and went into bad habbits and she still does it and i really want my sister to change her life around.

profile image

RobT 8 years ago

Everyday smoker(half O a week)Been waking up with it and going to bed with it. Its become more a part of me then I ever expected it to. Well I have a urine test coming up on Fri(haven't smoked since Sun) This is an excellent opportunity for me to quit for good. I have tried before but went back due to the severity of the withdrawals. What I am wondering is are there any methods to use to lessen these withdrawals hands have already began to sweat after not smoking for the past 16 hrs. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Irisheyes 8 years ago

I've been trying to quit since january. I cant shake the insomnia...before I started smoking I was clinicly depressed and although I know it does not have this effect on everyone it turned things around for me and increased my quality of life. Im trying to stop for education and professional reasons. If I didn't have to for my chosen profession I would never stop. I don't know if its worth all this misery...

tiredofbeingtired 8 years ago

the health effects are the main thing that made me decide to quit, but it helps to look at other aspects like the kind of people you have to deal with to get it. Or the possibility of going to jail and paying fines. Or just the expense of it, I smoked for 10 years equaling about $20,000, it kinda makes me ill to think about it

tryna quit 2 8 years ago

ive been smoking 4-5 times a week for about a year, ive been clean 5 days, the first 3-4 days were really hard, i felt paranoid half the time, i was on the edge the whole time and i would cuss people out for the littlest thing, aggresion was the biggest thing i had to deal with, and i get depressed but i kno its the withdrawals im dealing with, i made up my mind that i will quit and nothing will stop me, you just gotta be a man and tell yourself that this is it, your doing it and nothing can stop you!

halfbaked 8 years ago

i've been sober for about one week and a couple of days now, i'm getting better, but i'm curious: is it normal to sum times get sick like loss of appitite, anxiety, and then it goes away, this has been happening everyday since???

halfbaked 8 years ago

i've been sober for about one week and a couple of days now, i'm getting better, but i'm curious: is it normal to sum times get sick like loss of appitite, anxiety, and then it goes away, this has been happening everyday since???

Retard 8 years ago

This information is completely wrong, cannabis helps prevent the spread of cancer actually and isn't physically addictive, meaning no withdrawl symptoms. You loosing weight is because you don't have the munchies all the time thus eating, so really you're just going down to your normal weight. The rest is psychoschematic in nature.

HG The Duke of Magna 8 years ago

Thank you for this site. I have been off pot for almost a week now and I have been expirencing all the symptoms you mention. I was beginning to get concerned that something was severely wrong with me. I have had trouble sleeping which has lead me to drink more beer and even Nyquil just to try to get to sleep. I drank a 12er last night and I have had dry mouth all day (not a typical hangover symptom for me) and I have been having that cold sweat feeling. I finally decided to check on the net before seeking medical advice. This site has saved me the money and hassle of seeing a doctor. I will try to just tough it out. Thank you.

Rohan 8 years ago

Thanks for your site! well I am 23 yrs old and i started smoking hash and weed since i was like 15 yrs old, its been on and off but the last two year has been continously almost everyday. The high is not as fun or enjoyable or adventourous as it used to be, now whenever i get high i feel lazy, not in mood to talk, and pretty much sit in my couch and roll and I used to be active. I have adapted a habbit of smoking before going to bed and now this has become a problem that I am not able to sleep without a joint. Its been 2 days thati havn't smoke and i feel all the withdrawal symptoms which is increasing my craving level that is making very hard since the dealer lives in my condo. Is there any natural supplements that helps to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms? How long these symptoms last?

Accidental recovery 8 years ago

Hi Pothead

Thank you very much for this space. I am a 25 year old South African I started smoking weed when I was 22. That was when I had my first joint. I didn't smoke for the rest of that year. When I was 23 I started smoking more often until it was an everyday thing. My grades dropped, I lost uber weight, stopped playing sports, and got irritated every time people I met people I used to know. They'd always comment on how much weight I lost and ask me what happened. My life was clearly not taking good shape. This is my second attempt to quit weed (started on 1 June). The 1st was clearly not successful, but I have stumbled upon a few things that help. When I quit I decided to fill my time. So I started filling out my space so that I did activities that would force me to hang with others who didn't smoke. One thing that really helped was hooking up with my old GYM buddies. I'd go to gym hard after having a full academic day, and still get home to do some work til 11pm (with a study group). Sleep solid 8 hours.

For the past two days I haven't gone to gym, and I have found my self waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and not being able to sleep. At first I was bleak but now I just see it as more time to get stuff done.

To the point; Hang with others, exercise, and don't tempt yourself (ie living in the same condo as your dealer-I changed numbers and flats) have been the most helpful.

smoking so long dont know how to quit 8 years ago

i am on my 2nd day of not smoking i can't eat throwing up and feel real bad i am now 39 and have been smoking snice i was 16 i just want to cry i feel so bad i am jumping down everyones throat around me please tell me it gets better

smells like pot 8 years ago

ok i get the impression now that what im going through is the 'norm' for people who decide to quit smoking.

I have exxperienced shit sleep for 3 weeks, i have dabbled with other drugs recently and they really sent a wakr up call i.e i need to change my life.

Chris 8 years ago

I am 19 years old and have smoked weed for 6 years. I have not smoked for a month and have experienced all of the withdrawls. For example, shit sleep, anxiety, iritability, and much more. Although, I do still crave it and think about smoking some every day. Everyone says it is all mental, which I do agree that is true. I tend to get really upset and in grumpy moods only every once in a while. Thanks for the support from everyone and wish everyone luck!

Dr.Greenthumb 8 years ago

There can never be enough people to support eachother when it comes to something like addiction so first off thank you to everyone whos typed anything in the past 6 months. The withdrawl section is very helful as well. I have been an everyday smoker for nearly 5 years sometimes going up to an O an day with my close circle of friends. It affects so many different aspects of your life and its unbiased on who it picks on. I've felt a range of withdrawal symptoms as ive tried to quit but i've experienced a new one recently and wanted to see if anyone has been through HOT FLASHES. I was driving at 2am on a cool night with the windows open asking the people in the car if they turned on the heating. If i stopped walking or went into a crowded area i would burn up walking around feeling like i had this AURA of heat radianting from me. I should say it occurred during a very full and eventful week that had me drained.

Demoness 8 years ago

Dr. Greenthumb,

Yes!!! I am experiencing severe HOT FLASHES. I am 51 and have smoked since I was 15. I am stopping only because I have to-- because of drug tests that I am required to take to be eligible for my depression medicine that I get from a free care program because I can't afford it. I hope these symptoms subside soon, because I can't sleep and I'm completely drained also. Not to mention being extremely grouchy and BORED. Everything seems to be more fun when you are high. I only hope that I will feel so much better that I won't have the desire to start back because the illegal part is getting pretty scary where I live. Wish me luck as I will certainly need it, I don't have a very exciting life outside of getting high.

Pete 8 years ago


I am 24 Years old been smoking for about 9 years the last 3 years everyday I smoke, I decided to smoke because I wanted to. I saw this forum and decided to post a helpful hint that works for me: I hope this can help!

I have been sober for about 2 days I don’t feel hungry and haven’t eat in 2 days, I sweat a lot and don’t feel good with my withdrawals, About my sleep, I have never taken anything but marijuana to sleep! But now I sleep good only because I use (1) Ambien CR ( A sleeping pill) I got the prescription because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep after I stop smoking marijuana (I don’t recommend a sleeping pill it can be addictive too!) But I use it with caution and only got 30 pills for one month no re-fills that way while I quit I can at lese sleep at night!, it works great at nigh I sleep good but wake up nausea from my withdrawals from marijuana! But I wanted to let everyone that if you feel nausea or have cold sweat take a shower with a cooler temperature than usual, It works for me when I feel the withdrawals I take a shower, afterward a feel much better! It does come back an hour or so later but until you go past your withdrawals I recommend a nice cool shower. It makes you feel better right away! I take about 3 showers a day to just to get rid of my nausea, head ache and cold sweats! I know I will feel better in a week or so or a month but for the meantime I just take a nice shower with cool water. I hope this help you or someone with your symptoms!



From California

Weedemption 8 years ago

I am 36 years old and have been smoking on a daily basis, like it was my religion. I have been smoking this stuff for 25 years and have always had the 'luck' of getting very potent stuff. I sort of quit about 4 days ago, then last night I smoked a small amount and just stopped. It would have done more harm than good to finish my bowl. I can honestly say, I have never been a bigger prick in my life the last few days. Paranoia, anxiety, loss of appetite, sweatting and the damn dreams. I quit once before for 9 months. I went to visit my cousin and he handed me a loaded bong and off I went. What an error I made. I had lost weight before, got into fitness and my depression subsided, BUT a warning to you all, it took a few months before I 'regulated'. It isn't going to go away after a week or two. IT takes a long time, especially if you tend to have had waaaay too much potato salad over the years. I increased my fat intake (using healthy fats like fish oil, avocade etc) and it seemed to curtail the headaches a little. If you do get a light flu or cold, it is normal. I also tested positive for marijuana for two months. Sweat it out, folks.

Withdrawal Sucks profile image

Withdrawal Sucks 8 years ago

I've been smoking for ten years now. I'm 27 and just moved to a new city. I've actually been forced to quit for the lack of "connections." At first I was fine with this... no problem... it's time to quit anyway. I haven't smoked in almost a month and have turned into a complete monster. I'm still having withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, and nightmares. Lol... these dreams are more than "strange." I've had a headache almost everyday and have taken over the counter medicine almost everyday since I quit. I'm also cutting back on xanax, (from 2mg a day to 1mg) which is not a high dose at all. I'm not sure if i'm taking on two withdrawals or if it's the marijuana that's making my life completely unbearable. It seems to be easing up a bit... but i'm not outta the woods yet. So I agree with weedemption... it DOES take a long time. I also took an at home drug test last week and I still test positive for thc. Guess i'll just have to suck it up and keep goin'...

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Well, It's been 2 weeks for me now, after years of smoking (wake and bake and until I go to bed). I wanted to stop cuz it was too much beside the fact that I started to get panick attack from smoking a month ago, I hate to ruin a good trip.

Now I feel like shit : headaches, chest pain, stomach pain, traveling pain, tinnitus, burps, lost of appetite, dizzy, hot flash, weird dreams , anxiety, bored, traveling pain through my body, burning ribs, bloating, heart racing , depression, brain fog...

I don't know how much longer I can take that shit, but just knowing that I don't wanna cover anxiety anymore and move on with my life, helps a lot not to smoke again.

I find that, keeping your brain busy usually helps. It's easy enough during the day, but at night I can't help it.

I guess I just have to swallow it up until I see the end of the tunnel, which could be in a few months.

Good luck to everybody, I whish you the best.

Addict? 8 years ago

Been smoking since 12, 34 now. It grows in the ditches where I grew up. Everybody did it. I've never had a problem or thought that indicated an addiction at all. I know addiction, I used a smoking course to quit my 1 pack a day of camels wide!. I was addicted!! I am 2 days "sober" lol, I do feel the symptoms that I've read above but NOTHING like the addiction of cigarettes. Are the lines blurred a bit here? When did "symptoms" of loss become equated to addiction? Many things in life we have withdrawals from. Our favorite TV show going off the air, a death of a close family member, or maybe the banning of Trans fats from your local fast food joint! The definition of addiction according to is "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. SEVERE TRAUMA? A few sleepless nights and a sick stomach hardly equate. I get those same "symptoms" from business deals, performing publicly, a future trip, flying, and hurting others to name a few. I'm not addicted to any of these activities yet feel the same "symptoms" as my so called addiction to Marijuana. I've seen hard core drug users. I've seen what they went through to get clean. NO COMPARISON AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In closing I need to say this. RELAX. It will pass, this is nothing. Your just shocked because it becomes a part of your everyday cycle. I dare you to stop using anything that is part of your normal daily routine and see if you have any symptoms. You will! This drug is not addictive, we simple miss the familiarity of it. Whatever your worry, you WILL get through this if you want to. My advice for your symptoms is simple. Your motion is directly proportional to your emotion. Stay active, get off the couch, VOLUNTEER, drive 2 hours from your home and do random acts of kindness expecting nothing in return!!! We use drugs normally to change our emotional states at a wim. You can do the same naturally by increasing your motion. Good luck and congrats!

420 time 8 years ago

Hey everyone - I just wanted to say good luck to those who are attempting to kick the every day habit of smoking green. Kudos!

I also have some advice for anyone who is considering trying the drug. It's a fun has a can help with physical symptoms. However, please please please don't start to use it every day. I know it's tempting because it seems "gentle" and "harmless" but before you know it, you're smoking it on the hour, every hour. It spirals out of control without you even realizing it.

If you feel trapped by it like I was starting to, the best piece of advice I have to ease the withdrawl symptoms is working out. It doesn't have to be at a gym, it could just be something as simple as a nice long walk. I've been smoking heavily for the past five years. When I decided it was time for a detox, I began working out. So far the only withdrawl symptom that plagues me is insomnia, though it is very mild and doesn't occur every night. Go move your body! You'll feel so much better during this time.

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Today is day 17 for me. Last night was the shitiest, 10 minutes of sleep. I work in construction but I haven't fell asleep on the table saw yet,hahaha.

Anyway I had a panick attack around 1.15 am, the only thing I can controll so far is my heart racing. I convinced myself that there is nothing wrong with it and took a cold shower. I suppose it was one of those peak. I hope tonight will be better...

You guys should check out , there are a bunch of home remedies for different issues you might come across. I don't know if they work for everybody but I used to do the cure for high blood pressure and it works like a charm.

Again, stay strong!!!

JamesHarken 8 years ago

It has been 4 days since I have stopped using weed. I used to smoke soscially or just on occasion but recently I have given up my life to marijuana. I love everything about it. The different names, flavors, methods of smoking it, the accessories to smoking it. It all intrigues me and I still have a weak spot for it. My best friend who is an avid marijuana user has the lung condition Cystic Fibrosis and he has yet to quit using marijuana. I have been slowly drifting away from him during the past week and coming closer to my other sober friends; who I once abondened for my burned out friends. I have been attending marijuana and narcotics annonymus meeting all this week. They really help. They make you feel like your not alone.. Even if its not too much of a problem right now but you have the feeling that it may manifest itself into a problem I suggest going to one meeting. It's truly inspiring and a deep spirtual connection with other addicts. It sounds ridiculous for somebody to say that marijuana is, " addicting" or that im a weed addict. But that's the same exact thing as being a , " pothead".

If you have an addicting personality, or start using marijuana to sleep better, fit in, numb your mind, or solve problems; i guarantee you it will take control over your life. Your mind will not be at rest until you get into that next quarter, or dimebag or whatever it may be. Weed isn't "peaceful" and "harmless" although It certainly can be in some situations. I look at some of my other friends who are toatally soscial and have no problem with weed whatsoever and can use and still be successful in life and I just get pissed. I find myself asking, " why cant I be like them!?!?". Because James.. Your an addict. I am so weak to people, places, and things.

Let me tell you, if your going to kick the weed habit for good.. you better damn well sure you change up your routine. Make sure you don't go near any parties or houses where people may be sparking up. Also change your circle of friends. YOu can still maintain your friendships with your friends who use marijuana but just be certain that they are not high or getting high around you. Stay away from high times magazine that's for sure.. bahahaha. Just take some of these things into consideration and it will help. It sure as hell did for me.

Now, being sober; I can truly experience the world without marijuana. Before I would find myself making excuses to get high. I wouldn't do some of the things I would enjoy before smoking dope, without planning to get high to go do them. Try going to the movies, a carnival, the beach, or a hardcore show, rave, whatever it may be sober. It is truly just as amazing when your not stoned. Without weed you see, breathe, and smell clearer. The world is no longer a canvas of drug induced activites.. It's full of life, wonder, and I feel like a kid again. If i'm 16 and I can admit I have a problem with buds, so can you. Your not alone.



profile image

Tartan Stoner 8 years ago

I started smoking weed when I was 13,now 28.I'd say about a year after my first smoke I started smoking it everyday and have been ever since.Today is my 4th day without a smoke of bud.I have tried to stop a few times before but most of the time have only lasted a day or two.The worst symtoms I have is anxiety,insomnia and mood swings.I guess this is to be expected as some days I would be smoking bud from 7.30am until 2.30am the next morning (2 hour sleep in afternoon).Bud has been my life up until now but it is time to call it a rap as I start my college course on 1st sept and no I will not go if I continue to blaze up.


Barni 8 years ago

Enough self-appointed treatment experts.

A lot of these issues of so-called marijuana withdrawal were issues present before people began marijuana use, and in fact, marijuana is an excellent treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite. So naturally taking away effective medication means that the symptoms can recur. What you are calling "marijuana withdrawal" is in many cases simply the lack of marijuana, which is something can help many people function.

What you neglect is that people may suffer from all things YEARS after stopping marijuana use, which maybe they should not stop using. It's true that you get an extra pep in your step when you stop the heavy hash, it's true that heavy marijuana use means less waking hours. So f-ing what, if it means the difference between a good life, and a very difficult one? If you don't want to smoke for your own reasons, don't assume they're valid for everyone, CAUSE THEY AIN'T !

profile image

I Quit 8 years ago

Hello All,

I am glad to come across this site. I am on day 4 of not chiefing. I am experiencing most of the symptoms already listed by everyone else. I think that I feel extra tired because of my "sleep hangovers" from taking Unisom to help me sleep at night. Compared to my green, those Unisoms do nothing for my sleep.

It helps to see that I should be feeling better in about 2 weeks. I am 30 and have been smoking since I was 15. I smoked moderately up until about 23, when I got with a boyfriend who indulged, also. I've been going non stop since then. Talk about expensive.....and the fear of getting arrested or the harassment of some male dealers to a female user.

I am going to take the gym advice or maybe do some running to get rid of some of this physical tension.

I am exhausted, hot, sweaty, hungry as hell, but can't eat a thing. I feel light headed, my heart is beating very fast. I just want to go outside and yell really loud.

f... you barni 8 years ago

nobody is preaching, they just write about their own experience.

I've been through all that shit. it's not funny and it's real.And yeah, if you are in pain when you puff, your solution is to puff even more, that's a really good advise...

steve 8 years ago

Hey all, i wasn't sure if this post was still going, but i've been having some problems as of recently..I started firing up around october of 05 so thats like three years now ive been smoking.. it got out of hand all-day everyday, all-day everyday lol to the point where my family asked me what was wrong.. Finally last fall of '07 i finally quit and put it down for 9 months ! It wasn't easy, throwing up, chills, depression, anxiety all of it.. But i went through it.. Well anyway as june of '08 (3 months ago almost) I picked it up again.. :( After two hits of a blunt at a party i was rockin, i was hooked again baaack into my lifestyle again.. Wake up, smoke go to bed smoke.. eat dinner smoke yea yea you know the deal.. Well i've been cutting down lately and ive been noticing the same withdrawal systems are coming back.. loss of appetite, acidy stomach and throat, depression, anxiety etc.. It's sooo much harder to quit this time, any suggestions ?

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Hey Steve!!!

I'm at day 31, the insomnia was the worst, I didn't wanted to take any sleeping pills for that. It took about 3 weeks. Try camomille or anysleeping tea.

For the stress, anxiety.. I take cold shower, exercise a lot, and take homeopatic pills (aconitum napellus) you can find in any 'healthy' store like whole food,.. practise breathing.

Also, Get the fuck out of the house or read or watch a movie,.. keep your brain busy

For the acidity check out , there might be a trick for your pain.

By the way, the first time you stoped, how long did it took you to get better?

I still struggle with stomach/chest pain mostly a night.

good luck

eeek 8 years ago


this site has helped

i am 15 and been smoking weed for over a year, about the past 8 months has been a few times a day,

i would do anything to get weed, and would spend 100% of my money on it.

i made the decision to quit recently. i went 3 days and experienced withdrawals as mentioned, this was tough and felt i needed to give myself a reward for going 3 days, so i got high again.

i realise this is stupid and iwill never quit if i keep this up, so i have stopped again and i am on my third day again. the past 2 days i have woken up drenched in sweat. lastnight i had the worst dream, i was screaming and crying non stop.

i have been extremely short tempered and snap at the tiniest thing.

i really don't want to quit but realising my age i think it is necessary.


dub 8 years ago

I have been smoking weed a numbe of times a day for over 8 years. I decided to quit and its been two days, its really really hard, and i wanna smoke. I have been vomiting, angry, sleepless, and breaking into horrible sweats. Are the hot flashes a normal symptom, because sweating tjhis much iis driving me crazy! help!

Scotty 8 years ago

I'm on day 6, been smoking since I was 18, now 29. I've not been sleeping well at all, I may get about 5 hours a night. My eyes are heavy, but when I lay down I can't sleep or it takes me atleast an hour to fall asleep. I'm really emotional, I feel like my world is falling apart. I'm staying strong though, because I know if I keep it up, I'll be through the hardest part. Besides that, I don't wanna go through all this again. If I knew this, I would have quit long ago. Wish me luck and best of luck to all of those going through the same thing.

brat 8 years ago

ok, i smoked it everyday for the last 4 yrs, and was off it for 10 yrs before that, i never experienced the moodiness of not having it, but man i've got some bitchin headaches since i stopped 5 days ago.. im not grumpy and i don't wanna bite anyones head off. but i have been sweating buckets for 3 days now..i just want my headache to go away so i had a lil puff the other day to see if that was gonna work and it did for about 10 minutes. im sure tylenol would have worked for longer than long are these headaches gonna last????

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago


Take 5HTP, check out first that you don't take any other medicines releasing serotonin to avoid taking too much of it.

good luck

Brandon 8 years ago

I think this isn't helping me quit, i am too addicted to stop

Matthew S 8 years ago

I am going through withdrawal now (Day 5). Yesterday someone smoked (four inhalations) with me and it helped ease the extreme anxiety and discomfort. I quit for financial reasons — I just can't afford it right now, although I have to admit if I had money to burn I'd never stop. But I've been smoking for the most part for 20 years, and there have been and are times when I feel like I;m just too old to be doing this. Then someone says something about Willie Nelson, and I realize its all about personal choice, about how you want to live.

BUT, just focusing on the withdrawal part, the biggest problem is recidivism. I used to wish I had a friend/girlfriend who I could GIVE the pot to and let them regulate my intake. I guess if I were rich I could have an assistant do that. But after seeing all of the posts here, I'm convinced that a buddy system could be beneficial in weaning the addict from pot. Robin Williams, in talking about his alcohol addiction, said he went from drinking vodka daily to beer, then wine coolers, then nothing, reducing his intake along the way.

Problem is, although there are plenty of people posting here, its not all like they live in the same town. Wondering if a website dedicated to systematic withdrawal might help. Smoke like you do normally, then once after work and once before sleep, then once after work, than longer and longer periods between smoking - every other day, every two days, three days, etc.

Maybe a log for people to schedule their sessions, a live chat page for people to check in, especially when they have anxiety or can't sleep (like me, right now) but can't do anything constructive.

I love getting high and everything about it, but I'd rather put the money towards paying off a credit card balance and it just sucks being dependent, especially when you don't have access (man, is it dry in town during Burning Man). Can anyone relate? Does anyone think they could benefit from an online resource with a live page?

Matthew Scott 8 years ago

BTW - this site is cool to an extent. I did not know if I could attribute sweats to w/d. But rehab is expensive and professionally risky, and I've found support group leadership too black and white in its view of addiction ("you must accept our definitions and our subjectivity").

Just an Opinion... 8 years ago

I don't mean to offend anyone. In fact, I shouldn't put this, simply because I know someone will get horribly offended. But you need the truth- it is not addicting. There is a seperation between physical addiction and pschological addiction. If there is money problems, I think it is obvious to stop. Nothing is worth going into debt for. I have smoked many times, in fact. I have gone one whole year, after a whole year of smoking. Not once have I broke into sweat, gotten anxiety, had insomnia, nor gotten a headache, simply because I haven't smoked. Now, alright, maybe people are different. Maybe i'm too 'ignorant.' But from every single person I have EVER met who has smoked(quite a considerable amount), they have never complained of going through any signs associated with withdrawl. They were just bummed they didn't have any, but got on with life. Unless there is some other drug in it, addiction to marijuana is simply a mental thing of the single person. There is nothing addicting in marijuana. It's only that you would rather be stoned than sober because you're just nicer and feel better. Not because you start breaking into cold sweats and get mind-splitting headaches.

Now, perhaps i'm assuming too much. Perhaps i'm not giving you a chance. But from EVERYTHING I have ever seen, there is no evidence that it is addicting, except from the movie Reefer Madness. And everyone knows just how rediculous that movie is... So, I guess what i'm trying to say is that it's all in your mind. There is no chemical marijuana replaces anywhere in the body unlike tobacco, heroin and cocaine. It all just comes down to whether you can just let go of the feeling YOURSELF. Nothing is preventing you but your own mind and thoughts. Please, I only ask you don't shame the name marijuana has slowly struggled to achieve. Especially since it shouldn't've been dirty in the first place. And I truly hope you all know the actual facts, not the facts from the 50's. Because, you want to know what I do to stop smoking? I stop. I leave it alone, and get on with my life. I don't blow my money away like crack addicts, I don't go through rediculous withdrawls like heroin users, or slightly more subtle withdrawl symptoms like tobacco users. If you get stressed, of course marijuana would be nice. In fact, it helps. A lot. But it's not something that you need like crack to crackheads. It's something that doesn't consume your life. It just helps get through life a little happier. If you seriously think you have a 'physical addiction' to marijuana, then it's just you falling to popular belief and propoganda of everyone. Please, don't be a sheep. Don't fall to sheepism. Think for yourself, and don't let other people decide for you. Otherwise, what's the point in living if you can't even decide for yourself? If you can't be YOURSELF.

Marijuana is not ACTUALLY addicting. People MIGHT think they have an addiction. It is either you falling to rediculous propoganda, you have a(and I truly mean no offense) weak mind, or you're being paid by the government to say this. Please people, get over it. It's not addicting, and I feel I cannot say this enough. Obviously. If you let marijuana destroy your life, it is YOUR fault, not one of God's nicest gifts to humanity. REMEMBER: THERE IS NOTHING TO OVERCOME IN 'MARIJUANA ADDICTION' EXCEPT YOURSELF. YOUR BODY DOES NOT STOP YOU, FOR NOTHING HAPPENS TO CAUSE ADDICTION IN YOUR BODY. YOU JUST LET YOUR MIND SLIP AWAY INTO FOOLISHNESS, INTO BELIEVING THAT YOUR BODY IS STOPPING YOU WHEN IT IS JUST YOUR REFUSAL TO GIVE IT UP.

If you'd like information and proof, look up 'marijuana physiology' on google and click on the first link, the link to Click on 'other physiology effects of marijuana.' Indeed, it does mention 'addiction.' I will not deny many facts. I think I do have problems with memory. I'll admit it. But I think that I think much more clearly than many people, I have very substantial coordination for for who I am, especially at my age(I won't list for risk of you discrediting everything i've said. Not that that risk isn't already quite present.). I may be paranoid, yes, but not to where it destroys my life. In fact, if you get anxiety attacks from paranoia from marijuana... calm down, for gods sake and think in reality for once. Things aren't as complex and crap as you might think. And maybe my heart rate is high. I don't know. But I also have coffee every day, and also other energy drinks, so it wouldn't be suprising. And please, don't even TRY to bring up lung problems. IF you smoke something, OF COURSE IT WILL DAMAGE THEM! You don't run through a burning building, inhaling smoke and complain because it damaged your lungs. Please, common sense people. And don't even mention reproductive problems or 'heart attacks.' It is due to heredity and diet, and if you can't figure that out, then just shut up. All you do is hold back people who want to advance in life. So please, if you aren't fully educated on this topic, don't even try to reply in any way because your opinion will not matter to anyone except those who have fallen to the same propaganda you have. And those people don't matter, especially since they KNOW that public opinion can, more often than not, be completely FAKE.

I am truly and deeply sorry if I have offended you. I don't want to sound mean, but if you can't handle the actual truth, then just stop trying to impede people who want actual progress made. Oh, and on the 'distorted perception' stuff... yeah, right, so because i've smoked marijuana, my belief that total racial equality is wrong, my belief of protecting the environment, OUR environment, is wrong, and that being kind to everyone I can and living by that old 'golden rule'(treat others how you wish to be treated) is wrong. Right. And Nixon was a good president, too, right? Ha... yeah right... get the right facts, please. Too much is at risk for people to act like idiots. More than just 'smoking weed.'


(I know I must've offended SOMEONE here, so I apologize. It is just my opinion... I suppose.)

One love, everyone.

One love.

Pharmacologist 8 years ago

A question for Just a Question: have YOU ever tried to quit? Habituating and addictive substances alter the way the brain perceives the substance, the effects of that substance and the wider consequences of use. You may objectively know it's not a good thing, but subjectively you still think that you are not affected negatively, or that you can "quit any time you want". That takes you off the hook, psychologically speaking, for dealing with the reality of the problem. It is NOT an innocuous substance; for some people, it is life changing in a very negative way. For all people, it has the potential to become life altering if use escalates. The higher the level at which you are functioning when you start to use, the greater the ultimate impact will be on your future ability to be productive and successful. If you want to achieve at a high level, do things that require high-level thinking skills, then marijuana will have a negative impact on that ability. No question at all about that.

Kudos and best wishes to those who have come to terms with that, have broken through the denial that is part and parcel of addiction, and realize that they MUST quit. The withdrawal symptoms ARE real. I would urge all of you who are truly suffering to consult a doctor (even a regular medical doctor) for advice; it must, by law, be kept confidential. It may take courage, but it will help you get a real life back if it prevents you from back-sliding. It will also help you learn how to re-learn how to enjoy life again without needing the crutch of a drug. Many company insurance plans have full-coverage special programs to help people quit their substance abuse. Take full advantage of that if you can.

hamer 8 years ago

hot/cold sweats, nausia, weak, headache, multiple body pains...ribs, knee's, elbows. vomiting a little blood. parinoia - cancer? am i dying or what?

off about a week because connection dried up. went to doc tues & thurs, scheduled me for scope monday/tuesday.

scored a bag wed, smoked a little & helped for a few minutes,

still have it & haven't touched it for a few days. i don't know if i should come clean w/doc or tough it out a little longer. cant tell if all symptoms are w/d or if real problem exists. 44 & daily user for 20, 2 to 4 joints a day... gotta go

thanks, i'll be back

stuart 8 years ago

hi, im 16 and have been smoking pot for a year and a half. i smoked it only occasionally i.e on the weekends and a lot of days during the summer. at one point i had an anxiety atack and stopped straight away coz it scared the shit out of me. since then. for the next 3 weeks after i felt really shit. and i mean really shit. i was paranoid i was going to kill myself and that i didn't really exist and i was light headed, dizzy, wanted to eat but didn't get the 'hungry' feeling, found it hard to sleep, had dreams where i died, was panicking but slowly got out of it at the end. ALTHOUGH after this 3 week period i was alright for 2 weeks or so and yesterday i had another anxiety attack (shaking, cold sweat, hot flushes, lights seemed brighter etc.) and i have the shitty feelings and symptoms back.

was wondering if this is normal. or if because i didn't smoke it that much if anybody here thinks it is the withdrawl because it would be good to put my mind at rest and know it is this rather than being scared im going to die all the time.



use 2 be high of dro everyday for a year 8 years ago


Peter  8 years ago

Ive never posted a blog before, but I found this site extremely helpful as well. In fact I made the comment that I wish this type of information had been available to me instead of DARE. The problem with the govt anti drug propoganda is that it is not accurate and people realize that and therefore form their own opinions which may also be inaccurate. We need accurate information to make informed decisions. I have tried quitting numerous times, and started again because of the way I felt. I felt there was something wrong with me and I was self medicating, but now I realize there are real withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana use.

S-MITCHELL 8 years ago

hey my name is s-mitchell..i haveen smoking weed since i was in year 10 and now i am in year year 10 i didn't really crave it i just did it for a started of with me and four m8s just picking up a bens between four of us and getting krowed and having munchies and things like that.and we normally used to get 5 zoots out of a bens and stil get crowed.then in year 11 we started to get addiceted and we started smoking more and more and started buying the begging of year 11 it used to come to an 8ball between us then we started jamming in my m8s yard because we coiuld smoke crow and we had another group of friends who are older and who have been smoking corw loinger than us so they could do the end of year 11 i no i was addicted i started getting angry all the time and was always tired wasn't eatoing properly..during the weekdays i wouldn't blasé that much it was only on the weekend where we would pack out loads of it.we started to make fatter zoots and start smoking blunts and then we started buying rips to mke the zoots bigger. e.g.putting 8balls in zoots and being pround of smoking it..even if i was crowed i would just bill another zoot for the sake of it..i started to buy my own benses to myself and smoke that to myself plus my other m8s would buy there own asweel, id say over a weekend we would all blasé in a group bout ounce on friday and staurday and come sunday be brian dead..also one of my m8s shots whichj means there was allways crow got to that stage where i was getting two zoots out of a bens...we were aslo getting the peng skunk) form amsterdam 25pound for and 8ball it was so strong it burnt ur nos hair i sware..then i quit and i started feeling weird and then i read on the computer symtpoms of a brain tumor and i got shook i was crying and was in the meess i went to hospital and for the last week i have been feeling all weird things..the worst one was when i kept thinking my throat was gonna close and it felt like my brain was telling it to close and i was scared but i got over it..then wen i try to go sleep i fel like im gonnna this moment in time as im writing this message im laughing cause i no its only the krow doing it to me....if anyone smokes crow skunk like i have i advise u to stop cause it will fuk u up forever..i think the best way to do it which i should of done was to cut donw not just fully stop...s-mitchell my story lol..

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 8 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

I used to smoke up to 7 cannabis joints a day, but when I returned to the Channel Island of Guernsey it was so hard to get hold of, and so expensive, that I was forced to give up. Several years on I am fine, and I never really missed it that much. If I want a natural herbal and legal high I now smoke "Spice", which is great, and full of herbs and flowers such as "marshmallow" etc. Kind of smells like freshly baked biscuits and is totally none addicitve as I only smoke it every four months or so on a special occasion.

Morten Cerebrale 8 years ago

I notice theres a bit of non-pragmatic stuff on this and other sites on how to "treat" THC withdrawals. Some people doubt the very fact of pot addiction, and imply that its a symptom of some kind of lack of moral fiber. Some arguments against the addictive nature of pot is based on as yet incomplete biochemical knowledge, some based on more psychological or sociological reasoning.As a health professional on my 7th day of abstaining, I am reminded of what I was taught "the best qualified expert on a patient's pain level IS that patient."That so many people should have identical psychosomatic symptoms seems a little unlikely.It also seems a little silly to question the mental or moral"strength" of people who have had symptoms for many days and are prepared to keep on kicking the s**t..

Oh and the blogger known as "just an opinion". I am 39 years old, kicked herion 9 years ago and tobacco 2.5 years ago. Suffering is subjective and kicking the ganja, for me personally, is just as difficult. And much more difficult to stay off.

SmokeifUwantTo 8 years ago

To all these fools on here that say there are withdrawal symptoms, I say, How can there be withdrawal symptoms from smoking a NON-ADDICTIVE substance. I have smoked weed on and off(sometimes off for a week, a couple months or even a year or more) for over 20 years and I will stake my life on the fact that there are NO withdrawal traits associated with THC/Marijuana. Marijuana is just a plant that was put here on this earth by our creator to use in moderation, as with anything else, and for those that want to scapegoat it as a reason for their own personal misfortunes and poor decisions, then you are not being honest with yourself. . . just as the government is not being honest with their efforts to demonize and propagandize it and good honest folks who just want a little bit of pleasure in their lives that does not harm anyone unlike alcohol or prescription drugs.

GoKu 8 years ago

SmokeifUwantTo were you high when you wrote the post above this? You shouldn't call people fools. Espescially people who under a huge mental strain. I'm not going to argue. I think marijuanna is demonized like you suggested but I believe it is certainly addictive. Just look at the number of posts in this bulletin or google for other boards about withdrawals and you will find unanimous results in the withdrawal symptoms of people who smoked gonja religiously. Unlike you who admitts to smoking on and off. Your beef is with the government. So try to remember if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. That helps sick people get better. OK.

duke 8 years ago

hamer, hope you makeit. my name is duke , been usin since 1973. i am now 51 and am going for it to quit. 2days ago i stopped. ran out and connect died . don't know where to go for it so i decided to stop. sleepnesss dayy and nights, pain in eyes and head, weird dreams nausesea no appetite, short temper.

now , you might not belive me but i have no reason to bullshit , for the last year i have smoked at least 10 jays everyday non-stop. insanity. for these 2 days i actually noticed some positives and so has my family, no flying off the handle as much, softer voice, showing my face, instead of locking myself away. I have hope and need the help of people who are experiencing the same things. I will be me again. i am positive

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago


I have been blazing for many years. I'stopped almost 3 months ago and I'am still not a 100% but it's way better.

I had some headaches and pain behind eyes thinking I was about to have an aneurysm and a lot of other weird pain, a lot of stomach issues.

If you wanna quit for a while or ever, you will go through rough times but it will get better, just hang on and keep your mind busy, you will probably have insomnia for some time. Exercise, sweat, walk , whatever makes you feel good.

It's just a tunnel to go through

good luck

bud smoker 8 years ago

ive been smoking for over 20 years on and off,lately ive been trying to quit but thje withdrawls always defeat me,does this get better over time or is this as good as it gets.i get anxious and very cranky and depressed i don't feel normal without a session.what can you do or is the answer to quit cold turkey and just tough it long do the withdrawls last,and is there anything to take to make the cravings more bearable.thanks in advance for your feedback.

Help 8 years ago

Hi, my dad has tried to quit a few days ago and has been a long term heavy user. He is showing all the symptoms of withdrawal, teary, angry, frustrated etc. What i need is some advice on how to help support him through this time as his aggression and irritablity is consuming him and getting on top of me. Thanks!!!

Flek 8 years ago

No Marijuana is not addictive. I live in Amsterdam and go on and off many times.

Sure it bums me out a bit, but the psyhchological plus is that i know it is always freely available.

The above symptoms sound like Blunt withdrawal ala joint rolled with tobacco.

I know many people who quit smoking an went straight to a vaporisor...which is not dangerous because nothing burns...just good THC vapor.

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago

I don't mix tobacco with weed, as a matter of fact, I used Vapo most of the time and still I got fucked big time. I went over the edge and the reason why I stopped was that it was physically painfull to smoke.

I ain't saying that people should stop, I'm just saying that for some people, smoking to much can ruin your trip.

If you don't feel anything bad then keep blazin, but stop fucking saying that weed is all good and that there are no withdrwal symptoms. Most people here go through rough times like anxiety or panick attacks. Yeah they might have other issues but weed definitely triggers bad episodes.

One more time : weed is awesome but not for everybody.

And for 'Help', get your dad a heavy bag and tell him to redirect is anger on it.

Starpower 8 years ago

I'm 26 and smoked occasionally through high school when friends would offer. But during college until the present, my husband and I have "ounce binges," smoking daily after school/work and weekends until it was gone. It's sporadic; sometimes we smoke multiple bags consecutively, one time we didn't smoke for almost a whole year.

Maybe I'm getting older or maybe we've been getting increasingly potent stuff, but over the past few years when we quit a bag cold turkey, I have ravenous cravings for weed the following few days, along with nausea, restlessness/insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, and awful hot flashes, especially at night when I'm laying there not falling asleep.

I'm on sober day #3 and feeling pretty much back to normal. I'm glad to have found others that share these symptoms and it sounds a lot worse for the really heavy smokers! My husband doesn't suffer any of these when he quits, so he told me it's 'all in my head.' I compared it to his lactose intolerance; just because HE can't eat dairy and I can doesn't mean he's making it up! For some people, there are DEFINITE physical side effects from quitting the herb.

Rob 8 years ago

The weed is the same as i was 30 years ago, just as it was the same weed 500 years ago, the DEA used 3 year old, improperly stored bud to test its potency. Then they got some headies in 2002 and tested em and said OMG this is super weed. FALSE, its just fresh, the governemtn ships in drugs and then locks you up, its a huge money maker, you are all being decieved. Drugs are bad, And i have had my bouts, but I over came and I know you all can too, but don't believe the hype, life is a journey, you can change it at any time, no effort no work, just change.

Starpower 8 years ago


Without doing independent research on it, I can definitely see how the government could botch up that sort of study. But, just as horse racers use Kentucky Derby winners to sire their next hopeful champion, crop growers use select growing to create hardier and more potent strains of bud. Any smoker can tell you not all bud is the same.

Unless I'm reading wrong, you have a conspiracy theory that the government is allowing the distribution of drugs, just to crack down on them? There are no winners in that situation except those that get jobs working for the DEA (who would still have jobs if everything illegal remained illegal except bud). As taxpayers we have to foot the bill for DEA officers as well as the drug offenders' cushy prison stays. It would be much more profitable for the government to legalize bud and tax the heck out of it. I think alcohol is way more dangerous but it's legal just for that reason.

James 8 years ago

i have smoked cannabis for about 8 years, non stop everyday, about 15-20 spliffs a day.. i decided to stop 2 weeks ago.. i was worried about withdrawal symptoms from it but i haven't had hardly any! the main thing i worried about was getting to sleep but i actually have been able to get to sleep fine! i cudnt believe it :) i lost my appetite a little but im all back to normal now, it definitely isn't as bad as you think.. i think the main part to an easy stop is that you want to stop.. im feelin great at the moment and don't think ill smoke it again! i do smoke cigs tho and i think the main withdrawal comes from the nicotine most people wont be gettin in there system, i will stop cigs but 1 thing at a time! :) anyone thinkin of stoppin jus make sure u want to stop and keep at it! its not as bad as u think! especially if i can do it coz i don't think most of u cud even afford the ammount i smoked! was on an ounce of skunk a week :) gym helps too.. love them endorfins! lol keep at it people its EASY!!

Brandon 8 years ago

I love it that the people who deny the existence of marijuana withdrawal/addiction are those who smoke the most. Ironic. I've always smoked, and have always been around people who smoke.

Its funny - the friends of mine who like to say that "marijuana is not addictive" are those who spend all day smoking it, and who float by in life while their friends go on to do great things. I used to smoke every day. OF COURSE there is withdrawal. OF COURSE it is physical. psychosomatic my ass. I also used to laugh at people who said marijuana was not addictive, UNTIL I DECIDED TO QUIT.

So keep it up, people! Exercise! When you want to smoke, run! You will find it has the same effect, but after you run you will feel great and after you smoke you will feel guilty. Look at withdrawal symptons as your body cleansing itself. Withdrawal is the tradeoff for clarity!

Remember what you're working for:

When I stopped smoking:

I have a better sense of humor (I am able to think of quick responses and retorts). I sound much more eloquent - I don't fumble for a word, and end up using a word that doesn't quite fit. I have much more confidence (probably stemming from my increased ability to carry on a conversation). My energy levels are much higher. I have many more belly-laughs. (pot has the reputation of making you giggly, but seems to suppress the uncontrolled, wild laughter that comes from higher energy levels) I stay in better touch with my friends - i look for enjoyment in conversation, not in hitting the bowl and watching tv, or getting lost in my own mind. Things that I always worried about and put off when I was high seem so EASY to accomplish- paying bills, doing chores. They used to require a lot of effort but are easy with increased energy levels. EVERYTHING seems clearer. There's a crispness and a feel and a smell to every season that can be dulled with pot. I look to the future. I'm planning ahead, moving forward, not just thinking about tonight's high. I'm ACCOMPLISHING things. ACCOMPLISHMENTS GET YOU HIGH TOO. Smoking weed is a subsitute for the happiness you get when you MEET YOUR GOALS in life. Don't quit to quit. Quit to change your life.

20 years plus 8 years ago

reality, it's fun, it makes me eat, it makes me feel better, it makes the sports and shows I watch more fun. I smoked a lot for 20 years it never prevented me from working hard, I'm very successful, it never made me lazy, I work out almost everyday 30 min cardio weights for 1hr. I quit now for 8 weeks, I feel fine the first week, was tough a was ready to throw up at my office, the dreams were fun for the 1-3 weeks my dreams were vivid I'm sleeping fine now. Maybe I won't get cancer maybe i won't get two chest infections a year like i used to. give it up, you'll be fine and healthier.

The time has come 8 years ago

I am 39 and I have been smoking very potent $500 ounce weed for the past 20 years (2 times a day for past 8 years). I know its addicting and all these posts more than proof it. I decided to quit because I couldn’t find any for the first time in 20 years (very dry and my connection is no longer available). I am on Day 5 and so far I am surprised how well it’s going (knock on wood).

Now that I have stopped, I have realized just how many cons there really are to smoking.

You smell so you avoid seeing people. You avoid kissing your kids. Its expensive (I have blown $40,000 over the past 20 years). You get a reputation as a stoner and word of mouth travels fast. Everything is a bit dulled (which seems great but really it’s sad). You become antisocial and lazy (although I have been very successful, I could be even more successful). It’s a waste of time (15 minutes for each session) that you can be doing something productive like being with your kids or exercising or volunteering. I can go on.

My issue is that my wife does not want me to stop (she doesn’t smoke at all). She thinks I am to hyper and irritable without it. She is barely supporting me to quit because she is used to me being subdued for the past 20 years. I hope I can stick with my plan to quit. I sure am going to try my best. Good luck to everyone else.

What did I do wrong? 8 years ago

I am the mother of a seventeen year old who smokes weed allday, everyday. He wants desperately to stop, but has severe withdrawl after a short period of time. He has tried on several occassions to quit cold turkey, but always went back to smoking because of the symptoms. As a mother my heart is breaking and I don't know what to do to help him. Is there any medications or herbal remedies that can help ease his withdrawl pain? Somebody please hear my plea!

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albyaaron 8 years ago

hey guys im 31 and been on the weed for about 2 years, originally started on chemicals then went to the weed because it was the only one which gave me hallucinations, the first time i smoked it and it freaked me out for a long time and i felt like i wasn't in reality, but after many sessions of smoking like 1/4 of a cone my tolerance rose and now im smoking an oscar of hydro every 3-4 days... i had tried quitting at one stage, cold turkey made it through 6 days of sleepless nights waking up in the mid morning in pools of cold sweat...and no i don't touch smack or anything else for that matter, here lies a problem, when i tried to quit i felt like i had no control over my anger, and if i lost it at work id lose my job. does anybody know anything that can help ? much appreciated

Ben Mc 8 years ago

Im 23, i started when i was 16. I have been smoking pretty heavily for the last 2 years. I have NOT smoked in about 9 weeks, but am still having some anxiety trouble with very big mood swings. I was very addicted to weed, how long should I wait until i start thinking about possibly having General Anxiety Disorder?

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Hey Ben MC!!!

I stoped 3.5 months ago, it's way better now but I still have some anxiety issues and brain fog from time to time. I read that it takes a long time before it gets back to normal, for some people, especially heavy users like I was.

Al I can tell you is try to work on your anxiety with breathing exercises, yoga, whatever makes you feel better.

good luck and hang on.

Ben MC 8 years ago

What books did you read? So would you say your anxiety is better now than it was at 2 and half months?

Ben MC 8 years ago

What books did you read? So would you say your anxiety is better now than it was at 2 and half months?

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago

I read people stories online. yeah anxiety is doing better, I can feel an attack coming and I breathe , chill, sometimes take a cold shower and it gos away. You can also try homeopatic pills for stress, it works good too.

surfer dave 8 years ago

I am not afraid of double overhead waves but until now I have not the guts to quite burning the herb. It is day 2 and I have all the symptoms listed previously. I have been smoking the green since I was 17 and now am 48. Pretty pathetic - I know. I feel like a baby crawling out of a crib. Bottom line - this sucks. I absolutely refuse though to live the rest of my life chained down by a f****** drug. For all of you who think it is harmless, think of all you might be if you did not have the monkey on your back. It took 31 yrs to wise up and grow up. Don't wait any longer. I hate the withdrawl and I feel like trashing everyone who is in my way, but thanks to the comments I have read I know this will pass, eventually.

surfer dave 8 years ago

It is day 5 now and my appetite is returning, thank goodness since I have lost 10 lbs. in less than a week. I am not sleeping very well, only about 3 or 4 hours a night and quite restless when I do. The anxiety is lessening some and I don't feel like I am crawling out of my skin so much. I am very critical of what people say though and I have to watch my voice tone. My memory is improving already and my thoughts are more organized than when I was burning. In fact I am striking up conversations with strangers like I NEVER Of course I still want to get high and I am bored with everyday stuff. High energy activities like surfing and running help out so I will continue to tough it out. Good luck to everyone who is trying to quit, it is very difficult for the first 3 days but it starts to get easier after that.

Dustin 8 years ago

I have been smoking weed since i was 14, I am now 22 I have stopped smoking a few times but in the past year I have increased my smoking to about 6-8 times a day. I tried to quit a few months ago but the cravings got to bad. Now I am 12 hours clean and My stumach is causing me a lot of pain and im really emotional. I want to change my life and stop smoking, its no longer fun for me and I just want to be normal and not have to smoke to feel good. Its like I cant do anything with out weed, Things that used to seem fun to me when i was high no longer give me any pleasure. I really want to stay clean

Dustin 8 years ago

Hey Guys Today is my third day of not smoking. While the emotional part is a little bit better but the pain and sweating has mostly stayed the same. I don't feel like eating eating even when I am hungry, I try but it just makes me sick. I been trying to get out more and exsersize but I dose not seem to work. I know a lot about addiction since i completed 4 treatment programs and was forced to go to N/A and A/A for years. I know I don't want to smoke I have no problem with stopping its the effect of withdraw that makes me want to give up. I knew I was becoming an addict because every dime i got went to weed and I never wanted to do anything with out being high. If i would of known from the start that there is WD from weed I would of never started. Don't believe what people say WEED IS A DRUG AND YOU WILL GET ADDICTED if you use a lot.

surfrdave 8 years ago

It is day 12 and I feel like a new man. My appetite and sleep are back to normal and I feel great. Anxeity level is way down and although there are times when I crave to get high, it is EASILY manageable now. My reflexes are sharp and so is my mind and wit. My surfing has improved to the next level and I cannot wait to snow ski this winter with all of this new found energy. If you are trying to quit, stick with it and never give in. Consider spiritual help. Yea, pull out your Bible, Koran, Budda, or whatever. The world is a new place now and I am STOKED! Peace be with all of you.

Chase 8 years ago

Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows



AG 8 years ago

Hi. I'm a 26 year old male that has been smoking daily since I was 16. There have been a few times where I went on week long vacations where I didn't smoke at all. During those trips I can't remember ever having withdrawal symptoms except for the random cravings to get stoned, but I believe it was because I was on vacation and always busy/entertained. However, it has now been 3 full days since I last smoked. On day 2 I thought I was getting the stomach virus...nausea, chills, sweating, very upset stomach. It lasted all night, and I finally resorted to taking 2 advil pm's to get to sleep. On day 3 I felt better, but the nausea came back in the late evening. I am just now starting to feel better after reading these posts. I have always been a believer in the "mind over matter" idea. I drink Emetrol, which is a liquid syrup that is basically sugar, that helps with the nausea. Another technique I use is the accupressure point on the under-side of the wrist that blocks the nerve receptors that cause nausea. The best thing for overcoming this feeling, however, is getting your mind off of it. If I just lay there, I feel nothing but nausea. So I force myself to get up, maybe do some jumping jacks, play a video game...anything to get my mind off of being sick. All of yesterday I thought I had Lymes Disease or Diabetes because of the sudden and prolonged nausea. My emotions have been fine, maybe because I still smoke cigs, but I HAAATE stomach pains! To the point that I want to die a lot of times. I am already starting to feel better knowing (or thinking rather) that the symptoms are withdrawals. I had no intention of quitting, since my lapse in toking was mearly a temporary financial problem. Knowing what it feels like to stop makes me not want to start up again ever. I have always loved smoking, and it's a sad thought that I have to stop. I hope the upcoming days will be less painful than the previous ones. Good luck to all those going through this.

unknown 8 years ago

iv givin up the hash now 4 nearly a month i started smoking hash everyday when i was 16 id usualy have about 4 to 8 joints a day!im 17 now going on 18 in a few months an anyone that says hash does nothing to ya is bullshit i got so paranoid i turned into a different person i cudnt even talk to my friends any more i didnt no how to ,i couldnt thinkr remember anything i was depressed and didnt no what to do with myself an i stopped smoking it for a month back a few months ago an i got worse but after that i didn smoke as much when i went back on it an i could think again my mind cleared now i no i can give it up and get back to my normal self im off it again now and my head is reackt an iv got alot of headaches an got sick but i no its all worth it smoking ruined me now i want to be normal again!

unknown 8 years ago

iv givin up the hash now 4 nearly a month i started smoking hash everyday when i was 16 id usualy have about 4 to 8 joints a day!im 17 now going on 18 in a few months an anyone that says hash does nothing to ya is bullshit i got so paranoid i turned into a different person i cudnt even talk to my friends any more i didn't no how to ,i couldn't thinkr remember anything i was depressed and didn't no what to do with myself an i stopped smoking it for a month back a few months ago an i got worse but after that i didn smoke as much when i went back on it an i could think again my mind cleared now i no i can give it up and get back to my normal self im off it again now and my head is reackt an iv got a lot of headaches an got sick but i no its all worth it smoking ruined me now i want to be normal again!

unknown 8 years ago

iv givin up the hash now 4 nearly a month i started smoking hash everyday when i was 16 id usualy have about 4 to 8 joints a day!im 17 now going on 18 in a few months an anyone that says hash does nothing to ya is bullshit i got so paranoid i turned into a different person i cudnt even talk to my friends any more i didn't no how to ,i couldn't thinkr remember anything i was depressed and didn't no what to do with myself an i stopped smoking it for a month back a few months ago an i got worse but after that i didn smoke as much when i went back on it an i could think again my mind cleared now i no i can give it up and get back to my normal self im off it again now and my head is reackt an iv got a lot of headaches an got sick but i no its all worth it smoking ruined me now i want to be normal again!

AG 8 years ago

Just a quick update. I'm a week clean now and the stomach problems have finally died down. I've been drinking Sleepy Time tea which helps with the anxiety. I have been getting headaches but a couple ibuprofen seem to calm them down. Bottom line, it's worth it! Good luck!

albyaaron 8 years ago

hey guys its albyaaron ive just relpased in a very stress ful situation can anybody give me a hint in what releievs work stress ...i feel crushed inside and feel its can have horrible end

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recovering addict 8 years ago Author

Hi Albyaaron,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I'd try to get out as quickly as possible and work up a good sweat. Go for a run or hit the gym and try to wear yourself out. It's hard to make yourself do it sometimes, but things always seem to look better after you burn off your frustrations with exercise. Those natural endorphins don't hurt either.

Good luck

dave 8 years ago

on my 11th day skunk free - after smoking skunk for 10 years - been okay sleeping apart from waking up in the middle of the night, have felt anxious midly depressed and had headaches which make me feel dizzy or that my head is cloudy - i hope this feeling subsides over time any advice would be grateful received or experiences from what i can tell time is a great healer

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago

Hey Dave!!

It will subsides, it might take a few months like it did for me. I was a heavy smoker. Easier said than done, but don't focus on your pain\worries. I take 5htp for headaches and stress relief, I also take homeopathic pill for stess you can find in store like whole food or new season, whatever. Just make sure you re not taking anything else that wouldn't work in combination.

Try cold shower when you start getting head fog, it works great

good luck

dave 8 years ago

appreciate your comments mj

The good times are killin me.. 8 years ago

This is my 4th day of not smoking...and I feel terrible...Currently its 5 am and I couldn't sleep so I decided to investigate on the internet (that place has got everything!) as to the possibilities of why this sudden insomnia came upon me....and now I know....I never knew that weed caused withdrawls...then again..this is the first time i've gone this long without smoking.....HMMMMMM.....

P.S. I feel much better knowing what goin on with me...thanks for the posts!

Happy lil stoner girl no more. 8 years ago

My withdrawal symptons are serious. I get pissed off at my mom way too easily and she makes me want to snap my neck in half and off myself. Or kill her. Im only 15 going on 16. In rehab thanks to a dear friend whom ratted me out. I asked my mom if I could move out for awhile to keep the anger issues at bay. She just said Im having weed withdrawals......and that pissed me off. So here I am....?

Happy lil stoner girl no more. 8 years ago

Oh and Ive been smoking for about not even a year now. Sometime this month WOULDA been a year but since Im in fucking outpatient I can't have that big party on that day.

And I quit 16 days ago today

eckies 8 years ago

use a vaporizer!!! or make a dirt cheap light bulb vap. or bake

the reason a lot of you want to quit is your getting PARANOID from the combustion process of burning joints. harmful gases like carbon monoxide etc... cause depression and lethargy over prolonged exposure. meaning initially you'll get really good highs with laughing and time warps and shit like that, but over time you'll just sit on your ass and hope you have enough of the shit so you don't get nervous all night/day and probobally get depressed/paranoid

with the vap, your getting clean fun.

whereas smoking a blunt, joint or bong/pipe hit is basically getting u XXXtra high from the carcinogens and gases. which i admit i also love but over time you know you can't get that high anymore so its more of a daily comfort thing.

over the long run use a vaporizer for daily consumption and you won't want to quit or need to.

to prove my point. try smoking roll your own ciggs for a month or two and see how you feel. compared to nicotine gum which gives you a clean nicotine buzz.

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago

Sorry to counter argue but I used a vapo.

It's really not about the combustion as far as I am concern but more about the thc affecting the serotonin in my brain blablabla

Anyway, there are 2 kind of people: the one who can smoke a lot and the one who can't.

I can't do it anymore, I wish I could but I really can't' neither ingesting MJ. I tried it all, that's it for me.

Now people who don't have any issues don't want to understand that some have it bad.

I you can smoke,eat,vapo... MJ then have fun and let us in our temporay misery, we don't need your help or advises.

Pothead 8 years ago

This may not be the right plan for some, but I find a single glass of scotch an hour or two before bed will help with the insomnia a lot.

Just be responsible and DON'T replace your marijuana habit with a drinking one!

Anixiety is killing me 8 years ago

Hi.I smoked marjiuana for the first time.Well actually it was the third time.I smoked the first couple of times through an apple.The third was through a water bong.When I smoked through the water bong I had a very bad trip.Big time panic attack and thought i was gonna die.Afterwards I was fine and I said i would never smoke agin.Well about 4 or 5 weeks ago I was with some friends and they were smoking it and I guess the fumes triggered something off.Now I have been struggling with anxiety.Doctor said I just had some anxiety and would go away.Im seeing a psycirstist monday.Does anyone know what's wrong with me.Also i cant sleep.Will this go away?

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

TO :Anixiety is killing me

You haven't smoke long enough to have weed problems or withdrawal symptoms . you did smoke enough to realize that weed is not for you, I’m sorry.

You might be stressed\anxious by nature, which could trigger insomnia. If you think that's the case, try to overcome by exercising,breathing, tai chi, acupuncture... do your homework, something will work for you. Good luck



MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

It has been more than 5 months, I still have head fogs from time to time but I 'am ok for the most part.

WA Drugay 8 years ago

yeah ive been clean for like a day

oh shit

is that a joint

and oh no

it caught on fire



New Orleans Smoker 8 years ago

First off, thanks to all who have posted on this site. I am a 23 y/o male who has been smoking daily for the past year and a half. I have been off MJ for 4 days now, I quit the Wednesday before Christmas. I made the decision to quit based on several things:

Although I had been saying to everyone who would listen that I was going to get a job for the past year, I hadn't. The reason: I could never stay clean long enough to take a piss test.

I used the majority of my student-loan money to fuel my habit, and am now about to graduate with several thousand dollars in smoking-induced debt.

I stopped hanging out with my fraternity brothers, choosing instead to smoke with people who lived in my apartment building, therefore spending days a time staying in dark enviroments and smoking constantly to the point where I would pass out every night from smoking.

My grades which were at a 3.0 for the past 3 semesters dropped to a 1.3, mainly because I smoked the entire semester away, all the while promising myself that towards the end of the semester, I would quit and get my work done. Know what I did on the last day that work was to be accepted...I thought that I had figured out that even if I didn't do the work in one of my classes and take an F in it, that it wouldn't hurt my g.p.a. because I thought I had good grades in my other classes. How wrong I was, I ended up making an F in two of my classes, dropping me down to my current g.p.a..

I am tired of blowing all my money on bud, and even sometimes resorting to sell to smoke for free, which in the end doesn't work let me tell you.

When I started smoking my freshmen year of college it was nothing serious. A joint at the end of a school day right before bed was my treat for myself. And even though I had tons of friends who smoked much more than that, I never felt the urge to smoke more. I had often prided myself on the misconeption that I didn't have and addictive personality and could quit at any time. I was wrong. In my sophomore year I started smoking twice a day, usually when I got home from school and then again right before bed. That year I also met my girlfriend who is from B.C. as in Canada who also smoked so I suppose that didn't help matters. She does have an addictive personalty but had manged it till she came down here. I feel terrible for this, because when we first stsrted smoking, I told her I'd never get addicted, that I cold stop at any time I pleased. Unfortunately the only times I ever stopped were to get clean enough to take a piss test for the refinery that I work in every summer. After I passed the test, I din't care, I went back to smoking. Then in my junior year everything took off in terms of smoking. From Jnauary to April of last year I blew over $2000 on pot. I had met recently a buddy who was getting medicinal bud from Cali and it came with a higher price tag, but the high was a lot better, stratopshereic at times. Now I was officially hooked. Whereas previously I had smoked twice a day, I was now going to class (sometimes) and then coming straight home and proceeded to get high for the rest of the day, usually culminating in my passing out on the couch till I woke up in a pot-induced haze at sometime in the middle of the night and dragged mylsef off to bed. I never considered myself a heavy smoker though because I had read on other sites that a heavy smoker smoked on average a quarter a day. I was always impressed at that fact, because at the most my g/f and I could consume up to an 1/8 a day easy. And at $70 a pop you can imagine how quickly the money was blown. But then I came to the realization that perhaps I am a heavy smoker. I base this on the fact that I was smoking everyday till I passed out. While it may not have been the amount that these sites were saying constituted heavy smoking it was enough for me. As I sit here typing this, I cannot help but think of smoking. I got back yesterday from x-mas with my family and during the past few days have experienced the following:


Heart Racing at times

Breaking out in random sweats (it seems like I cannot get cool enough at this point.)

Stomach pain kinda like cramps, especially after I force 3 small meals down a day because of lack of appetite. I should note that when I was smoking I would consume massive and I mean massive amounts of food. Actually when I started smoking more than twice a day I gained weight for the first time in several years, which was a good thing since I was very skinny for my height 6'1 140. It went up 165 and I looked much better phsyically than I had ever looked. My current weight is 177, I thought I would be losing weight since I had a loss of appetite the past 4 days but it has stayed steady.

Insomnia...I tossed and turned for several hours last night and the night before before falling into a mild sleep that has been interrupted multiple times by my waking up in cold sweats.

I have also been burping and farting a lot, I know that sounds weird but I attribute it to quitting also. Is there anyone else on here that has experienced that?

Loss of apptetite, I eat only because I know that I need to. I force it down with water, no cokes or anything till I'm really cleaned out. After I eat it feels like I'm going to throw up, I have to sit still for several minutes before that feeling subsides.

Random but so far mild headches

I am looking forward to the coming days and weeks, when hopefully all these symptoms will go away. After reading all these posts I came to the conclusion that it's just as hard trying to quit after a year and a half of heavy smoking as it is trinyg to quit after 5,10,15,20 years and so on. I feel a lot better after reading the postings and knowing that the things I'm experiencing are most probably linked to my quitting. I also noticed there are several postings on here that claim that marijuana has no addiction rate or withdrawal signs. That is bullshit. To the people who claim this, first off have you smoked the amount that the people on here have smoked and for the amount of time. Secondly I believe that it might be harder for some than others because of the potency of the bud they were smoking. I was smoking bud that was constantly testing in the 18-22% range. For those smokers who know their stuff, you'll know that this is pretty damn high for dried bud. The only way to go higher is to convert the dried bud into other forms of pleasure, which I hardly did. I mean when I say I was smoking medicinal weed, they had bred this stuff and crossed it with other strains to the point of these afore-mentioned potencies. As an example my buddy had gotten some this past summer that had no name, but we gave it one anyaway (on a note everyone of his others did have names and yes they did correspond to the strains in cannabis books on both looks and highs.) we decided to call it Stupid and Company, because when we smoked it, that was it. nothing else for the rest of the day. Needless to say I became somewhat of a conniseur with the stuff and often took pride in telling my friends what percentage indica/sativa that the particular bud at the time we were smoking was comprised of.

So now I'm quitting, it has sucked the past four days, I can attest to that. I probably didn't pick the best time to quit right before going to see my family but at the same time I think it was better that I did. As I sit here my Sharpstone grinder is sitting in the freezer with about 1.5 grams already crushed up. The bong sits in the closet, still both beckoning to me. But I'm done. I feel that if I have gone through the past four days with all this crap it would be worthless if I lit up again. My girlfriend is coming home in three weeks and I hope to be much better by then. I will keep updating every few days, in the hopes that other smokers trying to quit find these notes as comforting and helpful as I did.

I do have a question though it may not be applicable because everyone is different, but can someone maybe give an estimate of how long these signs and symptoms

Helpless 8 years ago

This website, and all of them, along with all of you guys comments have really helped me. My friend, we will call A.G, is addicted to marijauna. I have had lots of friends heavily use marijauna but give it up within time and I never would hear about it again... usually because of school and jobs etc. However, my friend began smoking again over 2 months ago. HE only hid it from me for a short time. HIs temper was absolute RAGE and only on the good days would I start to realize something was up. I opened his phone, in front of him, and found texts that showed he had began smoking again. It broke me. THe past few weeks have been the worst. He failed ouf of his Fall-B classes this year and has hidden it from his grandmother, who has raised him. SHe has spent so much money on treatment for him, and his guilt he keeps wrestling with. IT seems he has all of these symptoms to the MAX... and i wonder what the heck will help, what can the person on the other side do? It has wounded my spirit quite a bit to see him go through this. He becomes absolutely enraged, aggressive, raised his fist to me yesterday, cries....gets mad...cries...gets sorrowful and apologizes... I counted yesterday, and his mood changed 6 times in 5 minutes. He is totally depressed, he knows what is going on, explains it to me, sometimes he tries to blame me... and i don't know why, and that hurts... but takes it back and explains to me its just how it makes him feel. He is so anxious he gets many moments, sometimes extended periods of time, where he cannot even breathe. I mean, is the truth that really all I can do is all that i have already done, and leave safe ground between us, of which he knows he can cross if he ever needs to come around? I dont wanna leave him, or have him later think i gave up on him... He doesn't do anything, barely goes to work, he was so strung out looking when he got outta work yesterday, and it was only an 8 hr day for him. HE is a respiratory therapist at a trauma center. I know that the stressors of the job could significantly be hurting him at this fragile time... help anyone... thanks

New Orleans Smoker 8 years ago

Well am now on day five, feeling alot better...the Insomnia still persists but on the advice of a friend picked up some Simply Sleep which is made by Tylenol and is non-habit forming. I only intend to take it for a few days though, as the sleep should start coming easier. My appetite has yet to return to normal, I attribute this to the fact of always smoking before I ate, and then consuming large amounts of food. My stomach I'm sure is shrinking back to it's normal size at this time so hopefully in the next week or so my appetite will return to normal. At time's especially at night I get somewhat sad and depressed. Most of my smoking was done at night so this also makes sense. My cravings for it are entirely gone and every morning I wake up I feel brighter inside, more positive. I had some pretty crazy dreams last night, again normal side-effects when quitting. I am going to start exercising tommorow which is supposed to make me not only sleep better but energize my body for the rest of the day. All in all it has been going realtively well. I will report back in another few days.


MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

New Orleans Smoker

It looks like you're already doing better.

Since it is your first time you are really stopping, it should go faster than somebody who stop a second time, or third,... (it gets worst everytime, I had to learn it the hard way)

I can't tell you how long it's gonna take, everybody reacts differentely., but you should be fine within a month. Hang there.

And congratulations

Alice 8 years ago

Yes, certain breeds of marijuana are 10 fold more potent then they were back in 'the day', you're messing with a whole other bundle of chemicals in that purchase however. Now as for regular greens, nothing's changed. You might want to add to your research the type and qaulity of weed you are running these tests on. I had my fair share of warnings myself as for smoking dro, kronic, whatever these street types are nick naming their pot. I just don't mess with it, too much $$ for one, that's something else you'll notice with a difference in quality too, a higher price tag. It's a different kind of high.

I've had irritatbility, insomnia, depression, withdrawal to isolation, before knowing what marijuana was. It comes with being different. So none of these symptoms work for me in your analysis because naturally over a period of time (Few weeks) without eating marijuana they will return in what ever degrees they exist as of the moment.

Gman 8 years ago

Guys you have to realize every drug has side effects. Marijuana is the least harmful drug out there, but long term use does affect you. I used for two years straight everyday and it really fucked with my brain chemistry. I recently used again for a couple weeks straight and now im feeling crappy again. Depressed, bad anxiety, im a hypochondriac and i was fine and happy before i started using i feel dumb for trying it and using.

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Hey Gman!!

How long did you stop in between?

Did you smoke a lot for those 15 days??

Big B quit pot 8 years ago

Hello all. I am 31 years old and have smoked pot on a daily basis for about 14 years now. I figure I have spent 20 grand on pot in my lifetime. I quit cigarettes cold turkey 375 days ago and I feel amazing.

I quit pot 4 days ago and it hasn't been that difficult. To the 16 yr old kid who has so much weak weak people. Stand up ,have some will power and just deal with it.The insomnia is shitty but Im taking valerian. tonight I am going to do relaxation techniques and reset my diaphragm . I went to the gym today and pounded on the heavy bag harder than rampage jackson could.

For the first time in years I don't feel lethargic and its only been 4 days. Mary jane you were a good friend .... now I'm dumping your pathetic, dull, whore ass.

quitting while ahead 8 years ago

i guess i am having the same effects from the withdrawals and it is being tough right now since i didn't get enough sleep but with the advise on here i think i have a good chance of getting rid of an addiction

Sada Teso 8 years ago

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hi guys!

I smoke weed since 9 years every day, iam 27 and in some years i would like to have a child, so i though I should really stop smoking in the new year.

Before Christmas I could manage to stop for 2 days, but i felt that i can not take the withdrawal symptoms alone.

I had my eyes wide open, I got energy, and a very wobbled state of mind. I had to realize that I enjoy so much to keep myself even tempered with grass, and it took me 9 years to understand that I can not handle simple human feelings. I always observed people around me, and I found it strange how moody, unstable sometimes they can be. I have thought that its something very precious, that I don’t feel like others do, but I have to admit that I fell into my own trap.

Feeling unbalanced, nervous, sad, upset, angry, or being extremely happy or even cry from happiness is a very human thing to experience . During those 2 days, every hour I had all this feelings mixed inside me.

Next to this I had weird physical symptoms, like too much spit but not only in my mouth but in my stomach too, like all chemical reaction have changed in my body. (is that normal???) I have expected sleeping to be difficult and shallow, but no sweating like crazy during the night. So every night I was up till 5-6 and then maybe I had a wet sleep for 3-4 hours. Sleeping like being awake became very tiring after 2 days.

Funny is that I don’t know what I’ve expected after 9years smoking every day, but it’s a real pain in the ass. So far, I don’t feel I can manage to stop alone.

PLS help me with some tips! :-)



MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago


It's tough for some to stop, no doubt. You will feel like shit for a little while, that's just the way it is, But it will get better. So hang on.

Go for walk, movies, gym, read, whaterever... can be a source of distraction.

Do not think about how miserable you feel, and don't freak out about new pain you care going trough, it's easy to become hypochondriac.

Your brain is your worst enemy for now,don't let your it take over,

People here gave good advises about how to spend time and fill the blanks, also ways to deal with insomina.

good luck to you and keep posting.

help me 8 years ago


i've been smoking pot for 3 years straight i have never gone more than 1 day without smoking and just a couple months ago i decided to try to quit and after about 3 days i started getting really anti social and than 2 days later i had a panic attack and i was given medication to help but it didn't so after about 17 days of not smoking i bought 1 ounce and when i took the first hit it felt like my anxiety went away and im scared to try to quit again could someone give me some options

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago

It sounds like me a while back, I'm very anxious person, smoking was helping me to deal with. I just started to smoke so much that I went over the edge. panick attacks started to show up while high.That's why I stoppped.

As far as withdrawal symptoms goes, everybody can get them(more or less). Some will just get bored or be cranky, others will have the full effect, pain, anxiety, blablabla

Bottom line is: you are probably an anxious person too, weed can help you but there's a fine line, don't get over it and you will be fine. (meaning don't smoke yourself retarded like I used to)

Ralph Tatosian 8 years ago

I never wanted to admit i was an addict but I just realized I am. i wouldn't smoke every day but almost every day. I would get high every time i did something interesting and decided to stop. I got tired of it. it's been about 10 days since i decided to quit and i have had horrible anxiety and panic attacks. bad memory loss, aggressiveness and restlessness and i have been very paranoid. I feel a lot better after reading this and knowing that these are normal symptoms. my marijuana abuse has truly nearly destroyed my life but i am back on track and hope all goes well. Has anyone experienced these symptoms for longer than i have?

Joanne 8 years ago

My husband hasn't smoked for 3 days. He is very angry and irritable. Is this common?

Joanne 8 years ago

My husband hasn't smoked for 3 days. He is very angry and irritable. Is this common?

profile image

Higher 8 years ago

Today is day 5 that my hubby and I decided to quit smoking together...I don't know if it will be a permenent thing, but we both agreed that we needed to chill for a while. I relate to many postings because i too, LOVE weed! I've been smokin on and off for about 15 years now (I'm 31) but have smoked everyday (wake and bake, after work and before bed) for about 3 years now. I love everything about weed, and in my circle of friends, it is abundent and high quality (grapefruit, white widow, AK47, blueberry, sour disel just to name a few) I would not admit that i was addicted to it because in my mind i rationalized that I couldn't be addicted because i am successful and have a few degrees and a great life and job, but in reality, i have become so attached to smoking that I really feel like i am saying goodbye to a dear friend (lame, I know) From the first day we met, my hubby and I smoked together, and now we are really irriated with each other...I don't want to sneak and smoke, but this feeling of withdrawal really sucks...I miss smoking before bed and I really miss getting high before was like being high in the morning on the train was my little secret, I looked forward to smoking. Now, I just feel bored and angry. I decided to stop smoking because I started to get headaches each time I burned and my hubby kinda became a coach potato pothead, so that caused a lot of issues with us. Anyway, I plan to go to the gym tomorrow and I did a little yoga tonight but even doing that was hard because I prefered to do everything High, and now i lack motivation to do much of anything. Mostly, with out weed i just feel bored. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

used to be high off dr every day  8 years ago


Linda 8 years ago

I seriously need some support and help. My partner is a long term pot smoker. Since I have known him he has tried a few times to quit to no avail. He hasn't had a smoke for four days and has already become argumentative, irritable, nasty, trouble sleeping and short tempered. I don't have a past history with any form of drug use, so as you can imagine I just don't know what to do. If anyone can please offer suggestions or comments to assist and understand what he might be going through, please write.

MJ dumped me!!!  8 years ago


It looks like your partner is going through normal withdrawal symptoms.

The best thing you can do is not confront him, don't argue back, be extra nice (I know it sucks) let him be an asshole for a while, it will go away.

If you can, re direct his anger on something else, like a heavy bag or a new activity, he needs to not focus on his misery for now.

good luck

Dr. MD 8 years ago

I have many patients who come in with these withdrawal symptoms. I advised some to take St. John's Wort. This is an all natural herbal supplement advertised as an herbal anti-depressent. It also works as a mood stabilizer. it decreases the withdrawal symptoms a lot. It is especially great for patient with irritablity, insomnia, and racing thoughts. The drawback is that it can make u feel quite sedated and sleepy. St. John's wort also activates one of the cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver that helps in detoxing marijuana from the body. I would recommend taking 3 times a day this for atleast 10-14 days after smoking cessation...then dereasing to 2 times a day for 5 days, then eventually taking one in the morning to help with the symptoms throughout the day. Exercise is also great as it releases the THC metabolites from the fat, this can almost let you feel a mini high as the metabolites can cause mild mild intoxication, which eases the withdrawal symptoms. Lastly Do not replace marijuana with alcohol or tobacco to ease the symptoms you will find yourself picking up another addiction. I wish the best of luck to everybody on this page, MJ is best done occasionally. Clear your head. Get your mind right, get your grind right.


Dr. MD 8 years ago

Reading these posts i notice a lot of people have trouble with eating after cessation. This is because our body has its own endogenous cannibinoid system that controls mood, hunger, apetitie. When you are given MJ it over stimulates these receptors. Over time these receptors become desensitized to your endogenous cannibinoid system (which makes u hungry naturally) from all the high dose THC that is smoked. My reccomendations are to not eat solid foods for the first 5-7 days. Start with a full liquid diet like chicken broth, apple juice, ginger ale (mix it until the bubbles come out) ginger is a natural anti-emetic, that's why they serve them to patients in hospitals". Avoid coffee, sodas, juices as these can irritate the stomach and cause gastric reflux, also avoid cigarette too as this causes u to feel full and u'll end up not eating anything more. After a couple days of clear liquid diet you can slowly advance to eating saltine crackers...thicker chowders...mashed potoatoes..yogurts..after a few days even up to 10-14 days your body will start to be sensitized to your body's own cannibinoids and u will naturally develop hunger on your own without the usage of marijuana. also NEVER force yourself to eat if u can't stomach it, if you feel too full sit up and rest, your stomach will pass the contents into the small intestines on its own although at a slower pace. The withdrawal symptoms if marijuana are all completely reversible, the time frame just depends on your frequency of usage, amount, and body habitus.

dr. md

Going mental 8 years ago


I've been reading all the posts for quite some time now, but I always felt shy to write my story. Long story short I've experienced all the withdrawal symptoms everybody experienced, but the worst thing is my head going mental!!!! I am on day 26 off pot and I can't control my thoughts, I still have headeaches from time to time or fuckedup dreams but I am on the impression that I am going mental. Ohh I forgot I also have anxiety every morning I wake up and sometimes during the day. I started smoking about 2 years ago I am not sure though, but I started smoking a couple times a day about 1 year ago and abou 4-6 times a day about 6 months ago. Plus I stopped smoking cigarettes 6 months ago ( I replace one bad habit by another ). I have no idea how I became so addicted to it I didn't have any problems in my life and I am usually am a very happy person. I have a loving bf, a loving long term relationship and I was very sure of what I wanted from life and where I was going. NOW I have no idea I feel like I am a totally different person ( i DON'T FEEL MYSELF) I feel like there is something wrong with me inside!!!! I was so happy before I started smoking :(((, when will I go back to NORMAL!!! Everything that I used to like doing like shopping, watch the food channel, read a good book, cook I don't feel like doing it anymore. Sometimes I am even confused about my own home, I see it differently than before, I am so confused. I even have doubts about my bf that I love with all my heart and that I rather die than be without him, and its driving me insane. Its like I am sabotaging my relationship in my head I feel like I am going mad!!!!! I also cant look in my parents eyes coz I feel like I disappointed them ( they don't know about my problem) and I feel so sad :( Plz reply I need a bit of suport I am pretty sure that I am still experiencing withdrawal, but it's like im convincing myself that it cant last for so long.

Tx for reading


Dr. MD 8 years ago

Lily, You are going to need to start cutting back on smoking. Quitting cold turkey may not be an option for you. Start to cut back your smoking amount by 1/2 each week. You should also spend time with people who DO NOT SMOKE POT. When you smoke pot for this long and this frequent it almost blurs reality between what is real and what is just paranoid thoughts in your head. You need to surround yourself with people who don't smoke pot and incorporate yourself back into normal sober society. Start by hanging out with people who dont' smoke pot. Join a church group, or any sort of activity that you don't regularly do when your high. You are experiencing withdrawal and it can last up to 30-60 days after you smoke, especially based on the amount you are telling me. You should also read my previous posts. Your withdrawal symptoms include anhedonia (lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities) due to the depression from withdrawal. Depression is a delusional disorder and you aren't percieving the joys in certain activities because of this. If this continues I would definitely recommend that you go seek professional help. Don't let this plant ruin your life, its supposed to be enjoyed infrequently. Take care.

Dr. MD (yeah i really am a board certified doc)

MJ dumped me!!! 8 years ago

Dr. MD

It's great to have someone like you to post here, too bad it wasn't a few months ago...

I stopped smoking a while back due to anxiety while high, (I did smoke myself retarded) I was fine before and then one day I started having panick attacks. I also weny trough the withdrawal symptoms. I have been sober for about 6 months and I plan staying that way for a little more.

I also want to start smoking again one day but more on an occasional recreational use than a daily routine.

Is that an option? Will my brain tolerate it in moderation, or should I just forget about it. I don't do other drugs neither I drink and I also work a lot to lower my stress level.


Going mental 8 years ago


Tx a lot it really helps to hear some professional information :) You said that maybe quitting cold turkey isn't for me, but seriouslly I really don't want to smoke again! This was and still is the hardest thing I had to do in my life up to now, and I really don't want to do it again. At the be beggining I only wanted to stop for a while coz i wouldent get the same buzz anymore, I felt stupid smoking so much and not feel high and also with university it's kinda hard to keep up when you smoke all the time, so I decided to take a break. Trust me to get to that state in my mind it took some time. Everytime I would say to myself ok sunday is my last day, so lets say it was thursday I would smoke twice as much coz in my head I was gonna stop my sunday. Haha yeah right!!!! But finally newyears was the last time I smoked ( I think I smoke 4 dubes in a cuple of hours and my head was hurting so much ). Jan 3 everything started I couldn't eat without feeling seek, hot and cold sweats, all the flu like symptoms and I had no idea what was going on. The next day same thing so I decided to do reaserch on mj withdrawals and guess what!!! I found all kinds of people in the same situation as me. The physical thing in one thing but for me the worst thing is the mental state. I hate the way I feel, my emotions all over the place and the worst things are the thoughts about my bf. I love him so much and then my mind is what if you stop? what if this? what if that? I find it so hard that all this is more powerful than me!! The other stuff whatever you know, but he's the most important to me :) Usually at night I am much better than during the day. I gues its coz every morning I wake up with anxity coz of my psycho nightmares.

Tx so much again and if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them

MJ dumped me!!!!

Congrats, I followed your story for quite some time now and I am really happy for your progress :) Keep it up :)


Ug...need a joint 8 years ago

I quit a little over a week ago. I'm 28 and have smoked daily for about 8 years. I exercise regularly, and, believe it or not, did so when I smoked every day. In fact, one of my favorite things to do high was run (I think it intensified the high). I'm sure the exercise is helping with my quitting, but I still really, REALLY want to smoke a joint sometimes. I mean, I have a great job, and did on weed. I play soccer on a club team, and did on weed, I even did TRIATHLONS for crying out loud (only Olympic and sprint distance, not Ironman....and to be fair, I sucked on the swim portion)! I will say that pot made me more lethargic, but only when I'd smoke my nightly joint or bowl. Also, if I had to go a day or two without, I'd get really cranky. What I want to know is: If I keep it to like a joint a week, would that be ok? I realize every day is too much, but damn! I really want a joint right now! I got home from an 11 hour day of sales management yesterday and it was a REALLY stressful one. I wanted a joint SO bad. Is that so wrong? I took a bath, lit some candles, read, heated some essential oils for relaxation, and my awesome girlfriend gave me a great massage, but I STILL want a joint. I miss the smell and the taste and being able to forget about my hectic day. *sigh* What to do?

Dr. MD 8 years ago


you are correct in placing your bf first in your life. Have you approached him yet to tell him about your problem? Being able to talk your feelings out with another person who doesn't smoke marijuana can be very therapeutic. Try writing a journal about your throughts, and share it with somebody close to you. You can also try St. John's Wort. It is sold at almost every pharmacy over the counter, you don't need a prescription. It really helps sedate your brain and calm your anxiety. Try it for atleast 2 weeks. If this doesn't help go see your doctor, they can prescribe you something like propranolol which helps control anxiety. I would stay away from ativan because you can develop an addiction to that too. Or you can try taking a cold shower in the morning. If you have already stopped for 30 days, I will have to say to you CONGRATULATIONS you have mastered the hardest step in quitting, which is actually finding the strength to quit.

MJ dumped me,

There are people out there who can smoke a joint a week and smoke it occasionally. But then there are people who can't do that and develop an addiction problem easily. Some people are just more prone to developing addictions than others if given the chance to use a drug. (you can try reading about the dopamine theory of addiction online) For those people I would have to say DON'T even try smoking it once in a while again, because "once in a while" ALWAYS becomes "once a week" then to "once a day". There are so many things in life that are more enjoyable than smoking marijuana. Once you quit for good, life seems more interesting, colors are more vivid, and your energy level will increase. Think about the first time you smoked marijuana. We all tell ourselves we'll only do this once in a while, but then we develop an addiction that has to be overcome. If you have been able to quit, don't start again, because you clearly have proven that you have a personality that can develop an addiction quickly. In group therapy we often use the quote "the drug didn't make us an addict, we made ourselves an addict."

This will be my last post for a while, as I only found time to make these posts since I am on vacation. Take care everybody, you will over come this problem, and never hesitate to seek professional help when needed. It is not an embarrasing thing to have an addiction to marijuana and always know that you are a human being and you are stronger than any plant.

Dr. MD

Starting a new life 8 years ago

Hello I am 37 years old and am in process of starting a new life. I have made a lot of changes to myself in the last 10 weeks.. I recently gave up an everyday cocaine addiction i had for the last year and a half..I quit smoking cigarettes 6 weeks ago after about 12-15 years of use and the newest quit has been the weed I have not smoked in 2 weeks that I had smoked everyday since the age of 12. Ive worked at the same company for 20 years now I have 5 children and my beautiful wife..It all comes down to how serious you are about making the changes to become what your striving for. I found the substances effective for so called reasons that truly arent real (it calms me down, Ill quit tomorrow, ah im still the best me I can be, and my favorite Im not an addict) All of this is lame ass excuses that I had to wake up and realize..But I have read a lot of the writeups on here and it seems a lot of the people on here are 20 something or younger.. So my advice is if you truly want to stop please do yourself a favor and do stop and just hang in there and deal with the symptoms hell today has been one of the hardest days of lack of weed yet but ultimately I wanted to quit when i did and i just gotta perservere as do all of you and it will get easier and just think when you don't give in it at least makes you that much tougher...Things that have made this possible for me are exercise,writing,self discipline and control and finally opening my door to the man upstairs after several attempts at him knocking at it and me ignoring, and my beautiful wife. In closure the main thing that makes this difficult for myself and most of you is that it is a lifestyle to use and abuse so a lifestyle change is what truly is effective the need to reinvent ones self is not a bad thing at all and is needed to make this change in our lives easier...Each one teach one Peace out and Best of Luck to Everyone wishing to make the change if you hang on you will get through I promise that to you guys...

StayPositive 8 years ago


Day 7

Heavy user for nearly 20yrs, 35 yrs old now.

Paranoia, helplessness, low self esteem, lack of confidence, have been some of the negative effects i have felt from excessive thc intake ( I stopped smoking 2.5 yrs ago and started vaping, it is cleaner but the fog is still there.)

Anyway I do not know if the green is to blame for these all the time, I think I must ultimately be responsible for how I feel, so I will tackle these negative feelings by joining a gym, juicing, set myself some goals for the future and shape my life into what I want ( gonna do a sound engineering course) currently working shiftwork in a medicine manufacture - days and nights alternating.


you don't need to rely on drugs family girlfriends or friends



mo 8 years ago

Been toking a few times a day the last few years, and over that time it really hasn't affected my life. Graduated from college (undergrad and a masters), got a great job, regularily worked out and socialized with friends (both tokers and non-tokers) and have great relationship w/ my family (though they are completely against it).

Decided to take a break in part cause of my scumbag dealer (ripped me off and shorted me too many times) and part because I just wanted to stop for a while. Been clean since end of January (it's mid febuary now) and figure I'll stay clean until at least 4/20 / the beginning of the music festival season. Hope I don't relapse back into smoking every day (once or twice a week would be cool for me) but we'll see how it goes. I could just not smoke ever again, but I honestly like it too much. I feel that god put it on this planet for a reason, and it definetly helps w/ stress and has positive benefits (akin to driking a glass of wine a day does)

As far as symptoms, the first few days definetly sucked as described, restlessness, loss of apetite, etc. Nowadays, I deal w/ regular headaches (this is the worst part imo, pretty bad too) and bit of irritability (though I can usually control that) but I'm hopeful that all that will pass. Recently I've found the opposite hunger issues have been true, eg I've been eating more than I was when I smoked. Its not excessive or anything, but perhaps I'm doing it to pass the time. eg When I need a break from work (I work from home) I'll grab a bite, instead of hiting my vaporizer. Also I've found the opposite concerning motivation, I used to smoke and do a ton of productive stuff (work, exercise, play guitar, etc), but now I kinda have to force myself to do all that stuff, else I'll just sit around surfing the internet all day.

In any case, to each, his own. And if you want to quit that's cool and if not that's cool too. Try not to stress about it, life is too short to worry about such things (even if you don't smoke). I would say if you are going to consume try to vaporize or eat it as its healthier, but hey even smoking it is a lot better than smoking cigs. Best of luck!

helphelphelp 8 years ago

im losing it

JAAMAAn 8 years ago

I'm 27 year old male, smoked pot prety much daily for 4 years or so. I quit smoking about a month ago, I'm having the worst withdrawl symptoms... Can't sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours a night..extreme anxiety (probbaly induced by the lack of sleep) But I'm curious to everyone else who has quit, is it normal or have you had withdrawl symptoms such as insomnia for more than a month? a week ago I was able to fall asleep and sleep for like 5 or 6 hours.. now i'm able to fall asleep its just that I can't stay asleep for more than 3 hours..isn't the withdrawl supposed to get better over time?

keep hope alive 8 years ago

23 yrs old, smoked since 16. heavily since 20 yrs old.

it will be 6 months tommorow since i have stopped smoking pot. The first 4-5 months were some of the hardest times of my life. All of the posts about anxiety and fear of going mad, well they relate to my situation very closely. I actually got prescribed prozac because all the anxiety. Anyways, stick with it! don't get down and smoke! You don't feel better right away because it takes time! talk to people who dont smoke, talk to people who are ex-addicts. preferably potheads.

i would like to hear from someone who has been abstinent from pot for about the same amount of time or longer, to see what they feel like now.

use to be high off dro errday 8 years ago

i havent smoked in a little over 6 months and things are just about back to normal just a few anxiety spots every now and then but it gets better whith time

Lily 8 years ago

Last time I had a dube was on new years, a bit less than 2 monhts ago. I also still have some anxiety, but it's like I got used to it, it sucks! I am so irritable all the time, I feel like pulling my hair out. I just dont feel like myself anymore :( The happy person that I always was, is gone! Hope things get better soon. People say it takes about 4-6 months to be in a normal state again.

Good recovery to everyone and don't give up :)


Being Strong 7 years ago

hi recovering addict, thank you for your post, i have been a heavy pot smoker since past 4 or 5 years on a daily basis. about 4 days ago i had this incident/Sign which led me to believe that it is time to quit. I have been going strong since past 4 days but i still think about pot almost every moment of my daily life. After reading your article it seems all this is normal and by reading others view on it has given me inspiration. so keep up the good work.

PS: Your article has helped me alot in learning about the withdrawals.

pot 4 life 7 years ago

marijuana is not a drug. you cant even die from it. its not addictive, you may not like the feeling of being sober and may crave the sensastion of being baked, but are you fucking kidding me? addictive yeah right. your fucking stupid

former smoker 7 years ago

pot 4 life - Seriously not cool. if you want to smoke thats 100% fine, but don't insult people who are trying to stop. Everything can be a drug from marijuana to alcohol and tobacco, to sugar and caffeine. Hell even tv and video games can be considered drugs if you think about it. Albiet I'll give you that mj is the most benign of all these (including tv / videogames, see World of Warcraft) and prolly the easiest to quit but still it is a drug and it is a battle to stop if you are a habitual user.

As far as legality, I don't think any drug should be illegal (even the harder ones) so long as noone other than the user is getting hurt, but thats another issue all together.

former stoner 7 years ago

im 21 and have been smoking weed since i was 15. i smoke from the time i get up to the time i go to sleep. im 8 days in without smokin and all i can say is i dont ever want to go through this again. i get into arguments with people over the smallest things. im barely getting any sleep and when i do my dreams are wierd and vivid. my appetite is starting to come around now. everything seems dull without weed. my house is a complete disaster and piles on stress. but like i said i dont want to go through this process again so im def sticking it out. good luck to everyone and god bless

matt 7 years ago

has anyone else also felt a decrease in sex drive too? I went from feeling like Im 15 normally (Im 24) to having little to no interest as Ive been detoxing for the last 3 gf isnt happy either lol

Surgeon General 7 years ago

Alright to start it off I am 19 and I smoked an 8th a day every day for about 6 months straight. I kept saying I was going to cut down but it never happened. I smoked a blunt friday night and since then I have been clean. Since that night I have had constant stomach pains to the point it hurts to move. I use to be able to eat a lot of food and these past days I havent been able to eat anything. Sleep? ha, I have been getting no sleep what so ever and it sucks. At first I thought I just caught the flu or something but then it hit me. I notice I get irritated very easily. I don't want to cut out bud for the rest of my life, but I do want this shit to stop.

profile image

i need change 7 years ago


i am 25 yrs old. i have been smoking hash and weed for quite sometime. it has 7 to 8 yrs on and off smoking up. i smoked heavily for past 2 years. i have a circle of friends who all smoke up. i even have friends who smoke more than me. smoking a joint did not make us as high as we wanted to be. so we started smoking bong. we mostly smoked naturally grown weed and self made hash. the quality is purely natural. i have stopped smoking now but it doesnot mean that i have completely stopped. i do smoke sometimes. its been a month since i have stoped smoking on a regular basis. i smoked once yesterday.  

well i guess i am going through something that i dont know about. i forget things in a blink of an eye.for instance if i am to remember three numbers and then tell it to someone immediately, i cant do it! i am with a new job which requires a lot of reading. i sit down to read but i cant concentrate nor can i understand things. i never use to be like this but now here i am! i cant put my interest in anything. i cant do the same thing for a long time. i am very very restless. it is even difficult to listen to one song sept 2007 till april 2008 i used some other stuffs too... i used medical drugs like spasamo proxyvon, relepin and nitrosun 10 tablets. but it was not for a long time. i am also a beer drinker but i drink it ocassionally and dont drink too much(just a bottle or two).i also use tobaccoo(its been more than 10 yrs) and smoke cigarette ocassionally. 

what am i to do. i dont get the urge of smoking weed and hash but i think i need some help to recover in my mind.  i need to bring my concentration back!

i need to work hard for my job. i am happy with the job i am in and is a very respectable govt job.i am even loosing my friends. we are childhood friends. it is not that they mind when i don't join them but i really miss them.i have nothing better to do when they are not around.

Please Suggest and help.

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i have never seen something so scripted. ladies and gentle out of self respect do not swallow this rubbish. read scientific reports online ( type: marijuana sceintific reports regarding health as an example ) on google and take it from there. Ask yourself this too, has marijuana killed anyone you know? Don't give me that gateway drug bull either about how it led someone you know to become a heroin addict. It's not marijuana that is a gateway drug, it's the person natural curiousity which is the gate way. That is why he or she tried marijuana in the first place, and depending on their nature they might get even more curious. Lastly caffeine is more toxic than marijuana. you would have to smoke 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to die from it. don't believe me? REASEARCH IT; perhaps a valid sceintific report with weight behind it.

put that in your pipe and smoke,

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you are a fucking idiot. period. you dont know what the hell you are talking about. go to a pro-stoner blog and post there because no one here wants to hear your bullshit. prolonged use fucks up chemicals in your brain that ultimately allow your body to function properly. again, you are a fucking uneducated idiot. go burn another one you scurvy pothead.

No more dope 7 years ago

Hi. I'm a 25 year old woman who's been smoking for 10 years. At 15 I tried it because my older friends did it, the first one made me sleep, but I tried more as I was curious about the 'High' that everyone else was experiencing.

Looking back, it wasn't until I was around 17 that I found I needed or wanted to smoke everyday. Even then I would maybe only smoke a quarter of an O a week. Now, over the last few years, I smoke an O a week.

I moved abroad when I was 21 and took 4.5 O with me, as the thought of not scoring had my anxiety levels through the roof! I also sourced a dealer within days, and have now observed that every friend I have made in this new country, are all pot tokers.

I didnt think that smoking was affecting my life, I had a good job, was at the top of my game and didnt suffer with bad memory or anything, but I constantly couldnt wait to go home and blaze up after a days work - whether it was a good day or bad. Weed wasnt just a recreation for me anymore, it was a severe addiction. I found I was spending less time out of the house, apart from going to work, food shopping and visiting the people I had to visit, I'd stay home and get wrecked, or go to friends houses and do the same. If I ran out, I was a demon until I was driving to the dealers house to pick up.

I've decided to quit for many reasons. And I have quit once before about 2 years ago. At the time I thought I had a chest infection as I didnt look at these blogs and find other people in the same boat and that weed has withdrawals. I had to take 2 weeks off work, suffered panic attacks, closing throat sensation, sweaty hands, hot and cold sweats, and this dizzyness that meant I had to hang onto the wall to walk anywhere! I was going round like a frail 90 yr old! For some insane reason, 6 weeks after going cold turkey I had a real pissy day and scored some smoke. Hello an O a week habit again.

This time its for good. But like everyone one here I'm suffering bad. For all the negative people who really shouldnt be commenting on this blog if they are not suffering and needing support, I didnt know you could suffer Withdrawals with weed, so cant see how the symptoms I had 2 years ago could be psychological - and the exact same as apparently everyone else who is quitting! My own Dr said that the THC levels dropping in your system cause chemical imbalances, only when the THC is all gone will the real you come back!

This time round I decided to try and ween off the weed. I started 2 weeks ago. I was smoking 12-15 joints a day. The first week, I dropped to 5 joints a day. Within 2 days I had the whole body shakes, loss of appetite, panic attacks, sweaty hands and the hot & cold sweats. The worst is this feeling that there is a lump in my throat, breathing goes shallow and I cant do anything cos I need to try and breathe. Last week I dropped to 3 joints a day. The attacks especially got worse, you could see my heart beat in my stomach, it was palpitating so hard. The throat feeling is still there and is bothering me mainly from 6pm on, the time I normally come home from work....coincidence or another withdrawal? I ended up going to the Dr for help. He helped me understand Panic Attacks, which in turn have eased up on severity a good deal. He also prescribed Xanax, now I've a real addictive personality so I'm not on these long term, just 3 x 250microgram tablets a day which I think is a weak dose for a week. I only take them when I have withdrawal symptoms, so sweats, trembles etc. Not with an anxiety or panic attack which I think is the key in controlling your own attacks, rather than saying pop a xanax to fix that, or spark a joint!

Today I'm down to 1.5 joints a day, and by Wednesday I'll be down to 0. The Dr suggested that as I had such a large intake cold turkey would be extra unneccessary stress on the body, has anybody heard the same? Personally I'd rather go cold turkey and let the symptoms burn out quickly, instead of suffering withdrawals will cutting down, what am I gonna experience next week?!!

I still have the cravings to spark, even though I know I'm still getting 1.5 joints a day. So far, although I still have the symptoms and am no where near out of the woods yet, I have noticed my skin has returned to its natural sallow colour, and the burst blood vessels (like red and purple thread marks) across my face and back have lightened. Thats just after 2 weeks of cutting down - cant wait to see what goes back to normal when I'm off completely! Already I can see my body is thanking me for the decision to regain control of my life!

One thing I will say to anyone who has a pot addiction, you have to quit because you want to quit. I tried doing it for other people before now, it didnt work, I'd find I'd even lie to them about cutting back etc. And any woman who smokes pot but wants children sometime, chose which one you want more now. Its affected my fertility, dont let it affect yours. Although the Dr doesnt know if the affects can be reveresed when I'm free of THC, or if every woman can expect to have fertility affected, I would hate for anyone else to go through the same thing.

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Melchedekan 7 years ago

I smoke marijuana habitually and plan on giving it up someday. I'm trying to stop smoking starting today, and already I'm experiencing irritability and loss of apetite. I had quit for several months last summer but ended up starting again out of boredom. It's extremely tempting to just smoke up a fat bowlpack of marijuana and numb myself from reality.

lana 7 years ago

it's been one month for me without any weed. i've been smoking almost every single day of my life since I was 16. I'm almost 30 now. Around the age I started I was diagnosed with a rare and painful disease and since doctors could only offer pain medication that really didn't help the pain and only made me a zombie I turned to weed because it took the edge off my pain in ways that pain medication didn't, meaning I could still function while on it. It also allowed me to sleep, which is something I've had a problem with ever since I was little.

A few years ago a medication came out that helped me with the pain, not a pain medication but something to treat my actual disease. Anyway, I loved weed so much I never stopped smoking it even though I no longer needed it for pain. Now that I have decided to stop smoking weed my main problem is that my sleeping problems have returned full force and I probably need to see a doctor about them or work out enough to make me want to drop each night because I am up all hours and a total zombie. I have horrible headaches from it but part of the reason I finally gave up weed was that it had started causing headaches. I would have a headache every evening if I smoked weed in the afternoon for the last year or so and on "Test" days I wouldn't smoke any and wouldn't get a headache. I hoped kicking weed for good would totally stop all my headaches and it did...until the whole not getting a wink of sleep things kicked in after a few days, of course. Anyway, one step at a time I guess!!!

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So here's and update. Its been about two months since I stopped smoking (had previously smoked everyday, about an O a month, didn't intefere in anyway w/ my personal or professional life, quit to give myself a break and so I didn't have to deal w/ my scumbag dealer). Over the headaches, and sleeplessness for the most part.

One thing that is really bugging me though is that I'm ALWAYS BORED and have NO MOTIVATION. As previously stated, I love using weed before everything. It made working better, and less humdrum / boring (pretty much have a cubicle job). It made playing the guitar and working on side projects way more fun. It even made jogging and excercising fun. Now I'm completely anti-motivated and sit around all day wishing I had some weed to make life fun again. I feel like a lazy slob, who is not getting anything done w/ my life now and all I want to do it smoke so I can do all the things I enjoyed before.

Why is it everywhere I read says you should quit weed so that you can become motivated to do stuff. I found the complete 100% opposite to be true. Life is just boring, (you can't honestly say that working in a cubicle for most of the day, then coming home is terribly exiting) and it was weed that make me not mind and actually be a happy person. Some say religion is the key to happiness, but I find it kinda ironic that people are supposed to be happy believing in an invisible guy in the sky, when there is a non-toxic / non-lethal substance that is proven to cause euphoria and cure a whole number of ailments. I don't know, maybe I'm just ranting, but I love the weed, and wish it wasn't illegal.(notice all of the politicians who are against it are in the hands of corporate lobbiest who have something to loose if it becomes legal, eg. alcohol and tobacco companies, prison and police, big pharmaceuticals, etc)

I'd rather live a shorter, happier life than a longer unhappier one :-(

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i need change 7 years ago

i guess this site has gained so much or has broken down to nothing!! only few queries are answered. what about the rest? if u dont care about the people who post why do u have it going? go shut down or answer. people are sending their post for answers and it means a lot to get an answer or reply(for people like me). do that or shut down!!

PEACE but!!

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I'm back on here again, and like I need Change would really like to have an answer for the previous posts! As I said before, I weened from 1 ounce a week (15 a day) to 5 a day one week, 3 a day the next week. Today is my 7th day with no joints at all smoked!! I was suffering extreme anxiety and panic attacks whilst cutting down, and saw my DR who prescrived xanax which took the edge off. I also started walking 12km a day and felt a little better for it. Then out of the blue yesterday I met up with a friend in a shopping mall and had a panic attack for no reason, the withdrawal symptoms I thought brought them on but obviously not! I think the anxiety / panic attacks are the withdrawal symptoms themselves!!!

It felt like I had taken 2 steps forward and 10 back, this morning I had to go out and get a prescription and I was freaked out at the thought of it. My Dr said that whenever I get an attack to continue what I was doing as I wasnt going to die from the attacks even though I felt like I was, so I ended up going out to the pharmacy and shop and half way round started to feel better.

I understand until the THC is totally gone from my system that I will still suffer the attacks, but has anyone got an idea of how long I may be suffering for? I had 2 weeks straight when I had cut down, and now I'm off it totally I've only had 3 attacks in a week, is anyone else finding it the same? I am suffering with lack of sleep but had to quit my job to quit the weed as I've tried before and couldnt face going in, even after only 7 days my sleep pattern is getting back to normal - so anyone who is suffering insomnia try going to bed the same time each night, yes the dreams are as weird as I've ever experienced, and I've spent nights wide awake like an owl until 5am, but it does really get better.

If anyone else is suffering anxiety / panic attacks where heart races and breathing gets difficult please post a reply if you can, I'm interested to know is anyone else as bad as me with them at the moment! They are so bad I feel like I'm going insane.

Cheers and good luck to everyone still battling with it.

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the english patient 7 years ago

hi all. have just finished reading all of the above and feel compelled to pin a few words to this rather tall tree.

firstly my stats are 38 yrs old daily smoker, now "sober" for five days. i have been a daily for around 18yrs now and have given up 3x before, each time for around 6 months, in 1996, 2001 and 2007. for me the biggest problems, other than the motivation, have been sleep issues. i suppose most of the above posters have been toking weed whereas i have quit from hash bongs. i have gone through phases of weed bongs but deliberately got myself back to the brown as i cannot really afford £150 an ounce for the good stuff (hash is about £35 to £50 here in the uk). this current period of sobriety was forced on me by a serious throat infection (now on the mend thanx!) but i absolutely do not want this bloody monkey after my 40th and would ideally quit well before that - hence i am toying with the idea of giving up now, 5 days is a big deal to me.

sleep wise i know what to expect (from previous attempts) and already the dreams have started!! it usually takes 10 or more days for the insomnia/dreams to plateau and for me it will be a long time before i get back to 7+ hrs per night, say 2 months minimum - great. i do find though that the worst is over at about 3 or 4 weeks but i`m sure we all experience these things differently. it is sometimes nice to have the dreams and i mostly don`t suffer any anxiety, paranoia or panic attacks and so suffer few negative dreams. other symptoms include a general change of personality/mood which i attribute simply to NOT being stoned eg i am less "chilled" and patient. my wife would probably interject that i am becoming a moody impatient git, but hey, she is no different! i do believe being stoned makes me easier going but that is an induced state and this is the real me - i think....better ask descartes ;)

my wife also smokes but no way is as needy about it as me and probably could smoke on/off and go without as needed, no problem. for me however this is the monkey. i have gave up smoking tobacco in 2000 from a 10 a day habit and am now totally devoid of any interest in this and hope to achieve the same ambivalence with hash in time. my wife however struggles with tobacco having given up at the same time as me which goes to show "to each his own". i have always smoked hash in bongs, even when a tobacco smoker, as i enjoy the hit and believe me THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME. but all the above posts have really shown me i am not alone, and some have it worse!

my smoking patterns would typically be a bong as soon as i get home after work and a couple more before bed (BIG bongs!), and "wake and bake" at weekends. but honestly the only really satisfying ones were the first of the day. after i moved back down from weed bongs to hash again i was disappointed with even the first ones for a while.

right now i feel more motivated than ever and this may be the time i really do it. i have told my wife that i will not expext her to give up and i think coping with having it around could be good for my process - in the past i could only stop when all the gear was gone and all the crap out the bong was chased away on foil, nasty.

thats it for now and i really do wish all of us good luck. the advise to exercise i feel is good as is to replace highs with other rewards but you will all find your own ways if you have the motivation - GOOD LUCK.

footnote: cannabis may not be technically addictive but boy, it sure is habit forming!!!!!!!!!!!!

BreakingFree 7 years ago

I had smoked marijuana for about a year straight probably about 5+ times per week. I recently stopped using it about 6 days ago. I never really thought there could be withdrawal symptoms from marijuana, but I was mistaken. I never once had a headache EVER in my life and started to get them daily after cessation. I can get anxious at times and my mind feels like its going a million miles a minute. I have a hard time falling asleep and hope this will all turn around soon. I can assure anyone out there marijuana withdrawal is a fact. There me be a few who people out there who may not experience these symptoms, but from who I have spoken to they are somewhat of an anomaly.

SkunkIsMessingWithMyHead! 7 years ago

I have been smoking cannabis regularly for about a year now. It has affected my work and I became extremely lethargic and lazy. I now understand that since the strength has increased so much there is a psychological dependence. My sleeping patterns were all messed up and my body became extremely hot at times. I have also noticed a loss of smell over the past month. It was a serious issue and I had to stop. This website has showed me I was not alone and that it is possible to overcome the dependence. It’s obviously not easy but I guess it’s just a matter of time and as long as I keep away from it. The problem is that it is all around me. I had recently stopped smoking skunk and have stuck to weaker strains such as bush weed. the high is not as intense but it still a really nice high. It’s not about how strong it is and how stoned you can actually get. I used to think like that. Now I have learned to appreciate skunk as the high is no doubt about it really intense and it is totally different to how cannabis used to be. I would still smoke it now and again but not all the time like I used to. The way i see it now is that marijuana is like alcohol. There are so many different varieties all of different strengths. They say you should drink a glass of red wine everyday. If only cannabis was like that. I still believe it is not a bad thing. But like alcohol it should seriously be controlled. If you smoke skunk everyday it’s like having a spirit everyday.

I do not agree with the government (in the uk) they are just making it more illegal where as they should be controlling the strength. It has been proven that cannabis is far less dangerous than alcohol but nothing is being done about it and it is seriously getting out of hand. Now is the time they should seriously start thinking of ways of control. A lot of the skunk available has a lot of laced chemicals, some of which are used to increase weight and some of which are to intensify the aroma and intensify the high artificially. People who smoke cannabis regularly should seriously know what they are smoking. Sometimes they could be affecting their health considerably. Also there are so many different canabanoids in cannabis which all have different effects. A new study has shown signs of the cannabanoid CBD to be antipsychotic. The street skunk now has hardly any and is mainly just high concentrations of the psychedelic THC. If the government actually reads the facts they will look foolish if they suddenly change it again once they have gone this far. It’s now class B which puts it in the same class as some Amphetamines. Its ridiculous. Its now classed higher than ketamine, tranquilisers and some strong painkillers. It has been around for thousands of years and has only been banned for around 80. even after it was banned there is still a similar number of users. The ban has not made much of a change and its just getting out of hand. It needs to be controlled. Who knows how strong it is going to get. It is just a money making scheme for drug dealers and most of them don’t actually care about your health. Most will just give you something strong. Hardly any will offer the milder strains. If controlled cannabis was available it would seriously solve a lot of issues.

the english patient 7 years ago

hi there skunkismessingwithmyhead, i agree totally with what you say. it really is a nonsense that when smoking we involve ourselves in a so called criminal activity, yet the youth of today is falling over drunk at the bus stop.

and yes, modern skunk is way beyond anything available a decade ago. when i first started toking (late eighties) grass was mostly imported, like hash, and mostly fairly mild (eg african grass). some strong stuff was available in amsterdam back then (eg polen), and would leave you stumbling round the dam too freaked to even order a beer! now your average experimental teenager`s first blast is on weed strong enough make an elephant paranoid, or at least very hungry.

asi said i am, sorry, was, a hash smoker having deliberately stepped back down from the good bad stuff. today is day 10 and sleep is my only problem, but a whole pandora`s box of other stuff is opening up for someone close to me. it seems hash was my device for putting up with loads of stuff i should object to. i currently feel utterly commited to not smoking again. ever. for me this is how it must be; promising myself a smoke when "clean" was always my downfall before. i am not someone who can take or leave it so commiting to leaving it completely is the way for me. however i know many other people who can moderate their intake, so it clearly is not as addictive as, say, tobacco.

good luck to all, and peace man ;) but not too much.

NightNurse fo the withdrawel symptoms 7 years ago

I just took some night nurse to help reduce my body temp and also to help me sleep...i swear i feel high...

pot-head numero 1 7 years ago

i noticed that most of the people here have only been sober for less then 10 days!! i wonder why?? listen, i´ve been smoking pot for 20 years and trying to quit for a long time. when i stop i start to get really weird in my head! all those illusions like: i have no friends. i´m a focking looser. i isolate my self from everyone, stop answering the phone etc. i get fever. my eyes swollow. get depressed, hoplessness, self hate. nightmares, angry, crying. i tried to stop so often and always get the same symptoms, stop smoking that shitt before u cant stop please. what helps: try not to think! go out and mix with other people(healthy one´s!!) and well good luck.

hey why do i always get fever?? no one talks about it, makes me nervous.

attempt 7 years ago

I am attempting to quite use of marijuna. I've had a lot of with draw symptoms, including drowziness, irritation, anger, depression. Its not as easy as some people say it would be to quit but i am still making a great effort to do my best. I am currently at at just under a week, and hoping to over come my use of marijuna.

lora 7 years ago

I'm 19 and have been smoking about a half quarter every day for the past two years. Ive been really sick recently and wasn't sure why so i decided to quit smoking weed for a while, at least until i get better. I spent 3 days (3 separate visits) in the hospital with an IV in my arm because I havn't been able to keep anything down: not even water. I've lost about 20 pounds in the past 3 weeks (combination of being sick and quitting the weeeds) and basically its been the worst time of my life. I'm on day 6 of quitting, and still can't eat before 4 or 5 o'clock. Sleeping has been hard but I have been taking St. John's Wort as recommended by a doctor and I find it helps greatly. I take 1 in the morning and 2 before bed to help with the restlessness.

If you are having troubles dealing with quitting just keep up your head because it does get better! I am already feeling more energized then I was a few days ago and I can't wait until my life goes back to normal.

My friend's mom is a homeopathic doctor and she gave me sugar pills that imitate the effects of smoking weed on the body to take in the morning and whenever else i need then. I find that these have also helped alot as i used to smoke from the minutei got up until i went to bed.

remember: st john's wort , sugar pills (if you can get your hands on them) and to get through the ady it helps to spend alot of time in the bath/ shower just breathing and meditating and knowing it will get better!

PS since i quit i've had this webpage open and every time i find myself at a loss i read a few posts from people and it has HELPED me greatly. Good luck to you, and remember it will get better. I'll be back with an update later in the week!!

Thank you so much for th existence of this thread cause without it I wouldn't be able to cope with what i'm dealing with now!


the english patient 7 years ago

hi lora, i too have found this blog/forum extremely helpful; it`s good to know others are going through it too. i must say i do feel like a bit of a phoney though, as others including yourself seem to be having it so much harder than me. i have tried to give up many times in the past and have made it to the six month mark three times only to go back to occasional smoking, then weekend, then evenings, then daily - you get the idea. now however i have no illusions and have drawn a line; no more smoking ever. suddenly it is easy! other than the major sleep problems i am flying, no cravings or willpower issues at all. i have just been away for the weekend and shared a room with tokers and many beers but not once did i waver. i wasn`t even tempted! happy days.

today is day 14, of the rest of my life (drama queen? me?) quitting hash is no longer something i am doing, it`s something i did.

good luck everyone and peace

Chronic2Long 7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm 27 and live in western canada, we have really strong pot here and I've been burning an average of 3 joints a day for about 11 years. The last year I've been smoking about 2 ounces a month. But as I mature I'm realizing that it's not something that you can do your whole life. It isn't good for you, no matter what your dealer tells you, and it is addictive!! I know this, not because a doctor told me, but because I'm on day 2 without it and I'm pale as a ghost and feeling very sick. I'm going to battle through based on what I've read above, I can take 4 or 5 days of sickness to get this monkey off my back. Thanks to everyone who shared experiences as right now it's really helping me and I'll do the same as I try to better myself.

Day 3 and Keepin it movin 7 years ago

To anyone that doesn't believe these symptoms don't exist please read the following articles... BTW I smoked daily for 15 years... the good shit (bluberry, kush, sour d). I had my pharmacy card in Cali for 2 years and the selection is outstanding (over 100 kinds). I am going through the same symptoms as everyone else especially the anxiety (major health anxiety). Just want to post some info for all those naysayers:

Day 3 and Keepin it movin 7 years ago

May 8, 2008 (Washington) -- Heavy pot users who quit cold turkey may find themselves lighting up again to quell withdrawal symptoms, researchers say.

In a study of nearly 500 marijuana smokers who tried to kick the habit, about one-third resumed use to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and anxiety.

There's long been a debate over whether pot smokers actually become addicted to the drug and whether withdrawal symptoms are real. They do and they are, says researcher David Gorelick, MD, PhD, of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore.

He predicts cannabis withdrawal syndrome will be recognized as a psychiatric disorder in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), considered the bible of mental disorders. It's due out in 2012.

Gorelick presented the findings at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting.

Heavy Pot Smokers and Withdrawal Symptoms

The study involved 469 pot smokers, ages 18 to 64, who were recruited using word of mouth and advertisements. None of the participants suffered from recognized psychiatric disorders.

About one in four reported smoking pot more than 10,000 times in their lives -- the equivalent of daily use for 27 years. More than half smoked more than 2,000 times.

"These were heavy users," Gorelick says.

A total of 42.4% experienced at least one withdrawal symptom -- most commonly, cravings, irritability, boredom, anxiety, and sleep disturbances -- when they tried to quit.

Of those who reported withdrawal symptoms, 78.4% said they started smoking pot again to reduce them.

Overall, 33.3% of participants resumed cannabis use to reduce or avoid withdrawal symptoms.

"Heavy pot users should be aware that they may experience a withdrawal syndrome that will make them uncomfortable when they try to quit," Gorelick tells WebMD.

The problem, says the University of Pennsylvania's Kyle Kampman, MD, is that doctors don't have much to offer pot users to relieve their symptoms.

Kampman is involved in a study testing oral delta-tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active ingredient in marijuana, as a potential treatment for marijuana withdrawal.

But other than to try to get patients enrolled in the trial, "the only other thing I can offer is inpatient care. Sometimes just keeping them away from marijuana will help prevent relapse," he tells WebMD.

Kampman says there is no doubt that cannabis withdrawal "is a real syndrome."

Day 4 and keepin it movin 7 years ago

Day 4 now... lots of health anxiety this morning...hope it goes away throughout the day... the good thing about the anxiety though is that it keeps me from smoking because im afriad that i will have a panic attack if i get high.

weedington 7 years ago

im 21 years old, iv been smokin 6 to 10 joints a day for about 3 years now my brain feels like its being squeezed by a vise for about 2 weeks now and this is the only time i have ever felt like this. i have had headaches before but nothing like this. iv just started college a few months ago and seems like taking in all of this new info from all the school work is causing these intense pains? is it the weed, or the school? or something else

impatient english 7 years ago

day 17 now all good, well mostly. sleeping is still a bitch but i am not feeling too tired in the day anymore and am getting to sleep at night ok. the dreams are killer though, i had a bad day yesterday and last night had all the negative dreams which is no fun. today however was ace and hopefully tonight i win the motogp world championship, or bed kylie :) feeling fairly pleased right now. keep going everyone it gets better eventually.

Wow 7 years ago

This is the largest piece of bullshit ever.

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dawei888 7 years ago

Hi Recovering Addict - Thanks for taking the time to write your hub and I strongly believe it has helped hundreds if not thousands of people. It seems insomnia is one of the worst withdrawal symptoms that plagues almost everybody who has tried to kick the habit of smoking pot. I have developed my own method for controling insomnia. It involves concentrating on your breathing, visualizing numbers and counting backwards, starting at 100. By the time I reach the mid-80s I'm usually fast asleep.

I wrote a hub which describes it in more details. You can search it. The title is "A New Cure For Insomnia".


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dawei888 7 years ago

Hi again - Sorry - Here's that link to my hub about insomnia - I hope it helps everybody who reads this hub:

Oakland Raider 7 years ago

I just wanted 2 share something with all the people who say weed isnt addictive... I say that it very much is. I agree that the levels of addiction may be less than other drugs, but addictive it still is. Ive been clean for about a week and a half after smoking bud for 14 years and it has been extremely difficult. However it has been no where close to as hard as it was for me to kick my 7 year meth addiciton, 4years ago. My advice is to just remember why you quit in the first place and KNOW THAT IT WILL GET BETTER. There was a time for each and every one of us that we had never used anything... and time, patience and faith will get us back there. May God bless you all

the english patient 7 years ago

it does indeed get better. day 24 for me now and all is very well. my conviction is stronger now than ever and i am getting enough sleep. i do still have - or at least remember - lots of dreams but otherwise hunky dory.

never stop stopping peeps

h i g h  7 years ago

First week of no smoking is the hardest. Stay active, sleep and eat what you can; when you can.

When we consistantly add a chemical to our bodies; our bodies release chemicals differantly to counter or adjust.

Our bodys need time to re-balance chemical processes. Takes an average of 3 months for our bodies to fully balance themselves.

no longer smoking 7 years ago

Thank you everyone for your helpful comments! I am in my mid 40's and have been smoking pot since I was 14 years old (31 years). I have overcome other addictions such as meth without any problem(5 year addiction). I am on day 6 without smoking I would only smoke at night but, snacking at night caused a huge weight gain which is one of the main reasons I am quitting, also my health and I am just tired of being tired. So far my main problem is not being able to sleep and as other post have said exercise is a key to detoxing and I believe it. I wish everyone the best I just for ONCE want to take a drug test without using goldenseal to clean out my system. I have only failed one drug test in the past 31 years! Which I am not proud of just to prove you can be a functional drug user and no one will know. I also want to take a drug test and not have to worry will I pass? I want to be healthy and if anyone has any information to help please let me know.

Does anyone know how long till it will be completely out of my system?

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Ex pothead 7 years ago

No longer smoking people did know you were using.

I am glad you realized you had a problem since most people feel if they do not get caught -passing drug test they have no problem I wish you the best! Good luck

Oakland raider 7 years ago

To answer your question No longer smoking... Thc is stored in ones fat cells. So it varies from person to person on how long it will stay in your system. Some people can completely detox there system in less than a month while others it may take up to 2 months MAX! Me personally, I'm 6 feet 170 pounds and the last time i quit it took me about 3 weeks to be completely clean. Lots of water and excercise definately speeds up the process. Our bodies rid themselves of the drug through urine, sweat and bowl movements... Shitting being the least. Just try to take this one day at a time and before you know it you'll be clean!! Stay focused and God bless.

No More Dope 7 years ago

Well I'm back on here with my personal update! I was a smoker for 10 years, an ounce a week. I weened down in Feb, and on 13th Mar went cold turkey. I did slip up 8 days later and had half a joint as panic attacks and anxiety were killin me along with other withdrawal symptoms like the shakes, no appetite etc. Then on day 11, 12 and 13 I

No More Dope 7 years ago

...continued I had 1 smoke over those 3 days. Now its been 17 days since then and I've had nothing! I feel great, my skin is clearer and I feel better. ALthough I still find it hard o motivate myself to even get out of bed at times! I do still have anxiety and panic attacks but maybe once a week v 5 times a day! THC should be totally gone from my system in anything from 11 - 60 days, so starting to get excited that so will the anxiety go!

Everyone who is still battling, keep going its worth it! None of my mates can believe me of all people has managed to come this far, I used to eat sleep and breathe weed, now I'm nearly clean! Good luck to all!

smokey123 7 years ago

I am 49. Have been partaking in the bud since I was 14. Love it, but due to health issues I quit 7 days ago. I was smokeing 2 ounces a month (1/2 oz a week).

NOW I am very nauscious and my gut feels like a knot. I have been irritable.

I did quit in mar 2007 until jan 2009. NO prob quitting, I just missed it.

So now it is going to be final. I am very headstrong and have priorities. Again health reasons are the reason for quitting.

But the symptoms of withdrawal are killing me.

William Lumpp 7 years ago

I'm about to turn 25 next month and have been smoking pot everyday multiple times a day since i was 14. Today is my fourth day sober and i feel like complete shit. The most annoying this is the light headed feeling im having and not to mention the twisted dreams. Over those 11 years i dont think i ever went more than 1 week with out smoking which is pretty pathetic if you ask me. About a year ago i had a terrible panic attack after smoking and thought i was going to die. Since then i cut back extremely, still smoking everyday but not alot at all. Anyways its nice to see a blog like this and I hope i can keep it up

no longer smoking 7 years ago

Thank you Oakland Raider for the helpful information I am proud to say I am on week 2 and feel great! I am glad to know the max to be clean is 2 months! I did not go through any of the withdrawals except not sleeping one night like the others. I wish you the best and stay strong! I was able to hike 5 miles this weekend without getting out of breath. My legs hurt that is because I am out of shape but, otherwise I agree the benefits of being clean are the best!

no longer smoking 7 years ago

What I meant to say is that I did not have serious withdrawal symptons as some users are experiencing I still did have some issues and still do the worst being not being able to sleep which lasted one night.

I did go through the anxiety withdrawals and the lack of hunger (this works for me since I need to lose weight and I hope my appetite stays small) and missing the weed but, then again even though I used everyday for over 30 years I only used at night. So yes there are withdrawals but, Thank God I have been though the worst I hope.

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Bob Cedar 7 years ago from Austin, TX

I don't think it causes insomnia. I read a report somewhere and heard that addiction guy, Dr. Drew, say what happens is you smoke before you go to bed because it makes you tired and relax, then when you take the weed away you are taking away something that is part of the "sleep" routine and your body is like "WTF?!?!" because you are trying to do a routine without an element of the routine. Same goes for people that have their nightcap drink before going to bed, people who drink warm milk before going to bed, essentially anything you make part of your routine before going to bed, your body will need to adjust if you take that part away.

the english patient 7 years ago

i really must disagree with bob cedar. i am now on day 36 and while i have not suffered any of the anxiety and panic attacks that many complain of, i do have problems sustaining dreamless, restful sleep.

invariably i am able to go to bed and get to sleep pretty much as well as before. however, after perhaps three or four hours of good sleep i then tend to have a series of varied dreams punctuated by waking up, rolling over and getting back to sleep again. if you were right i would expect to have trouble getting to sleep at the usual time but this is not the case. i am now busier in the evenings than when stoned, this may be helping me get to sleep?

you say you don`t think it (cannabis withdrawl?) causes insomnia, but why else are people here complaining of having poor sleep with lots of dreams. we are not struggling to get to sleep it seems, more like not sleeping as deeply for as long - sounds just like a form of insomnia to me.

this is a bit like the "weed is not addictive" argument. as i have said before, it may not be technically addictive, but it sure is habit forming. at least for some anyway, my wife can no longer be bothered to toke, as i don`t - no preassure from me at all.

Oakland Raider 7 years ago

English patient i agree with you 100%. I'm on day 25 now and the biggest issue I'm still dealing with is sleeping and THE SO REAL DREAMS I keep having. After smoking for 14 years I never went through the panic attack withdrawl symptom but I was affected by pretty much all the rest. Now that I can eat normally, and for the most part have lost my cravings to smoke, I just wish I could have one night that I could sleep all the way through. It seems as though everytime I fall asleep at a decent time... I'm up an hour or two later, either from a dream that got "to real" or just because. I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time before everything is back to normal but INSOMNIA is exactly what I'd call it. When I see people post blogs that say weed isn't addictive, or that people are tripping in the way they're are feeling, it kinda makes me laugh. Cuz I guess that means that EVERYBODY IS WRONG. LOL. I personally think that this site is a blessing and anybody that has had a true problem with weed... I would think feels the same.

patently english 7 years ago

hi there oakland raider, you never gave up before? you will get your sleep back, don`t worry about that. could be another 25 or even 50 days but it will happen. i am day 40 today (i think) and have had a good week of very few cravings, which was nice. 40 days no toking and the gear is still all there! better sell it i suppose. happy days.

also i am a little less ANGRY now (but it was every one elses fault :rolleyes: )

mb 7 years ago

day 4 of no weed after 4 years straight of 5+ bowls a day.. no sleep problems, no sweating.. but i am pissed off and have already snapped twice and beat the shit out of some random guy on the street cause he looked at me. felt pretty good, i suggest trying this.

no longer smoking 7 years ago

I am back again with an update this is my fourth Monday no weed so I am starting week 4 so far so good. My appetite has stayed the same (smaller than what I used to eat) since when I was smoking weed I ate well just too much, one night I could not sleep (first week) and did another 5 mile hike yesterday! I miss it since is has been my friend for over 30 years but, I need to get over that. When I finish this my next goal is to quit smoking cigarettes which I feel will be alot easier. Has anyone ever quit weed and cigarettes at the same time?

english pat 7 years ago

not cool mb, not cool. i will try it on you yes?

day 42 now i think. all good.

use 2 be high of dro err day 7 years ago

yall just hang in tight it took me 8 months to get better i had bad anxity now its gone it takes a while just sstay stong

i love weed 7 years ago

This forum has really helped, thanks! Like others have said, i started to think I had some major medical problems going on because of all the withdrawal symptoms. Reading other peoples stories has really helped calm me down. I'm on day 10 without smoking and most of my bad symptoms have gone away, but my stomach is still bugging me some. I noticed the anger issues starting to fade on day 5 or so.

Anyways, for anyone out there reading this, just stick to it. I feel SO MUCH better now than the first few days. Those first few days were hell! I know i'll always be addicted to marijuana, but having the perspective now of not being high for 10 days has really made me say f that stuff. I love being high but i hated the feeling of knowing that weed was controlling my life. So don't give in!!! It'll be worth it.

Thanks everyone for your help.

no longer smoking 7 years ago

I am about to start week 6 on Monday and I still crave it worse then when I first quit! WTF is going on????? I hate to curse but, I think about it all the time, maybe since I smoked for over 30 years but, still. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you everyone

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anon.stfu 7 years ago

hello I have been having anxiety/panic attacks since last saturday.Well i went to hospital and they said was all ok that I just needed to calm down.They shot me with Valium and all was ok.The next few days I had some 1-2 minute attacks again here n there but not enough to make me feel like i needed to goto hospital again.On wensday I had a real bad attack again and went to hospital again but they said same thing and this time wanted to put me on some pills called alprazolam 0.25mg ( 10 qauntity ) till i could get appointment with a doctor.I been taking them like prescribed only.But I also came to a decision on wensday ( the day of the 2nd bad attack ) that i was gonna stop smoking marijauna ( smoking everyday for 5 yrs nonstop) and cigarrettes (since i was 8 yrs old an now am 33 yrs old).Its been 2-3 days an I have not smoked any marijauna,I am not wanting to smoke it either but I no my body wants it cause its used to it.I can control myself from smoking it but I'm thinking my body is wanting it so bad that it is causing my anxiety attacks.I need some help but i dont have money nor time to check into a rehab as i have to work to provide for my family.I do not think I need to goto a rehab but i do need some help on what or how to control my body wanting this drug ( weed ).Cigarettes are 100x's more hard to quit than weed and ive given in a few times already an smoke maybe 3-5 cigs since Wensday,but have not given into smoking any weed since wensday and I even have like 4 or 5 joints put up in the shed.I do not no what else to say or do but any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Scared 7 years ago

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your comments. They have helped. I've been a CHRONIC daily smoker for about 10 years...and when I say chronic I mean I would be high right when I woke up, all day until bed - including a work, etc.. Today is my first day sober and it is TOUGH. It's only been about 8 hours and I'm already 'jonesing' big time. Your comments have certainly helped. Thanks so much. Wish me luck!

I am an non smoker.  7 years ago

I have been smoking since I was about 16 years old. I have been a daily smoker for the last 6 years. Lately I would wake up get in my car and light a bow. I am giving my stash away and focusing on next 24hrs. What can I do to keep the jonesing out of mind? thx much.

detox 7 years ago

how long does this withdrawal last cause ive been getting this pounding headache for almost 3 weeks now is that normal and i still kinda feel hight

keep strong 7 years ago

Hey good luck Scared im on my 3rd week from withdrawal and still kinda have this burning feeling cant really describe it my head just hurts its going away but wondering if thats normal anyways keep it up Scared and keep us Updated you dont have to be alone and keep your hopes up youll be fine remeber it will get better 7 years ago

I had smoked pot for well over 12 years and just recently decided to quit. Thanks to your article I discovered that the headache, palpitations and insomnia were all part of the process.I also joined a gym and exercising has helped me battle these symptoms.The start was slow, but with determination and fortitude, I am making progress.

I also suggest that one should give ALL smoking partners a rest and resist peer pressure!Keep your goal inmind and ignore the comments of those who will try to persuade you to indulge.Consume lots of liquids(especially water) and eat alot of fruit and vegetables.The water in them will cause frequent urination and thereby help with detoxification.Above all, remember that those who do not respect your choice are not really your friends.Fight the good fight, it's worth it in the end.

no longer smoking 7 years ago

I am a no smoker the way to get over the urge or jonesing is exercise. I still crave weed want it but, if I exercise it really helps! I am going on my second month next week. I have regained my self confidence and feel great! Weed made me feel very unsure of myself now that is gone I feel great. I am not going to lie I had ONE fall back and it made me realize I am not missing anything. It made me tired and eat too much. Sure I should start my count over again from when I fell off but, considering in the last 8 weeks I smoked only once I feel it was what I needed since as I mentioned before I am not missing out on anything special.

Keep up the good work everyone since you will soon be enjoying what I am feeling and what others have felt. Hiking again tomorrow that is one of the best natural highs you can get when you get to the top of the mountain the view is so beautiful. You dont need weed. (30+ year smoker)

bob 7 years ago

have been smoking daily and very heavily since i was 14 (am now nearly 21) and am aware it has affected my adolecence, and the way i deal and cope with things. i have recently decided to give up the puff after calculating that in the last 3-4 years, i have spent well over 12 grand on pot alone, never mind the fags and rizla. this disgusted me. i was horrified by myself.

i am on my 2nd clean and fresh day and luckily am finding it relatively easy compared with some of the posts on here. i understand withdrawal symptoms are mainly pscycological but i just cant seem stop craving. its all i think about, its all i want. then saying that, i couldnt imagine not going to bed without being (well, pretty monged) but can now imagine actually surviving the week. i can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

i want to say that this site is brilliant in regards to appropriate imformation, its just what i needed to read, none of that get help, dont be ashamed malarky. simple, factual and easy to understand (whether stoned or sober!)

so thank you!

7 years ago

Thanks to everyone for your posts! I've been off pot now for about 2 months after being a regular smoker for almost 20 yrs. Unfortunately, I have to report that I'm still suffering anxiety and sleep problems, but less than the first few weeks to a month. It seems from reading the posts here that the longer you smoke, the longer the symptoms. Excersise does help, as does occupying your mind, but some days I still wake up at 3AM with my heart pounding no matter what I do. Good luck to you all and hang in there!

If MJ dumped me is still out there, thanks for your help! You helped me realize that I'm not crazy and if I hang in there, I'll eventually even out. How long did it take you?

7 years ago

Thanks to everyone for your posts! I've been off pot now for about 2 months after being a regular smoker for almost 20 yrs. Unfortunately, I have to report that I'm still suffering anxiety and sleep problems, but less than the first few weeks to a month. It seems from reading the posts here that the longer you smoke, the longer the symptoms. Excersise does help, as does occupying your mind, but some days I still wake up at 3AM with my heart pounding no matter what I do. Good luck to you all and hang in there!

If MJ dumped me is still out there, thanks for your help! You helped me realize that I'm not crazy and if I hang in there, I'll eventually even out. How long did it take you?

Scientist 7 years ago

First, as several others have stated, this is a great web-page, thank you! It provides a very needed, otherwise completely lacking, experience-based set of information on going off cannabis. It should be read by much more people than those of us who more or less coincidentally happen to find it, due, I guess, mostly to struggles following quitting C.

I started using C about seven years ago, during a stay in a foreign country. I was working at a well-reputed academic institution, doing fine and well in every aspect of life. Up to then I had used C sporadically, instead rather drinking alcohol when partying, usually in weekends. But then, due first of all to the habits of my academic environment, I started considering quitting alco altogether and rather transform to a pot smoker. I read everything I could on the topic of C, whether it could be dangerous, harmful in any respect. I talked to people who smoked, even got arranged a meeting with a top professor well known to advocate C. And I found nothing whatsoever indicating there might be any harmful effects, in the literature or otherwise, only some sporadic notes from what I thought had to be old fashioned purists who claimed it was a drug of the dangerous sort. Following a discussion with the professor C star, I made the choice; he claimed, alcohol is the drug of choice for the old generation, having lots of negative side effects, and cannabis is the choice of those with the brains with them, the new generation. I was convinced, and switched.

I had been advised, that I could go ahead smoking every day, but to make sure not to smoke in the morning, and to be sure to be aware of not lighting up the pipe too frequently. No problem! I started smoking regularly, enjoying coming from work, lighting up the pipe, which I felt, made it more easy to work than before, increased creativity etc, right? I kept this habit going until a couple of months ago, although the last year before that, admittedly, I couldn’t resist taking a joint before going to work, every other day. Why not, I controlled it, it didn’t reduce my work capabilities, and of course, there was no harm in it! In between, I had some time-out periods, lasting from a couple of weeks to up to three months, basically to make sure to myself that I was not addicted. And it felt fine, I could do it, so all good and flowerful.

However. About four months ago I started to be bothered with am occasional racing heart, when smoking. Boom, and my pulse and blood pressure boosted up. When going for a walk, also I started to struggle a bit with hills and so, again with a bit galloping heart that made me a anxious. I concluded, I must have got some bad, impure dope. So I complained to my dealer, who instead supplied me with stuff that clearly was not mocked up, black and soft hashish as good as you can get it.

But the heart issue didn’t stop. Instead, I started getting a running heart every time I smoked, far above the natural level of increase in beat and pressure that is basic following the first minutes after a joint. I also experienced a marked increase in the level of sweating while asleep. Not really news to me, it had happened some times now and then, but not, it surely started to become a bit sauna like, wet all over in bed, rather frequently.

So, I thought, I’ve got some physical health problem going, making me unusually sensitive, suddenly, to C, and my by some reason weak body has just started to dislike this harmless, soft drug. I considered I had to go see a doctor, but first wanted to get the C out of my body.

And I quit, cold turkey.

And hell broke loose. What you guys have written before me, I got everything of it within the first month to six weeks following quitting. The running heart issue, truly exploded, my whole body was shaking, my stomach was actively appearing as it was my heart itself, heart beats in my legs, arms, neck, everywhere. Terrible, and it really scared me. Not to say the sweating, which escalloped to swimming pool conditions, every bl***y night, making me have to sleep alone and not with my beautiful girlfriend. After a week or so, anxiety started to appear, then quickly developing, making me feel awful, I got thoughts that I was about to die. Fear, this feeling of metallic inside, in my head, a feeling og being pre-psychotic, of loosing it altogether. One week in this shit, and I started distrust everything I had read about C, was it really me being physically ill at the outset – or could this all have to do with the drug?

Intensely searching on the internet after new info, and hallelujah. I found this site. I will be forever grateful- and in debt to its creator and those who have contributed to it.

Let me try boil down the rest; the swimming pool sweating lasted about a month. Last three weeks (I’ve now passed weeks 7 off), there is occasional bedtime sauna experiences, but nothing like before. The heart rush has turned down a bit, gradually, and it now is usually normal, but with sudden rushes, as when I get angry, then boom it goes to frequency 200, and still it happens that I have an hour or so with way too heavy and fast beating, and with the stomach behaving as a heart. Anxiety is down towards normal, but not gone, last two weeks it seems to rise and fall in some pattern with my waking hours.

I didn’t mention sleeping: first three weeks I fell asleep early and easily, but woke up after four hours or so, feeling strangely euphoric, and remained awake. Last four weeks this has turned aroud, now it is hard to fall asleep, making no sense to go to bed before 2-3 in the night. And with the night being interrupted by frequent needs to visit the toilet, liquid-wise. Until this shit started, I slept like a baby, seven-eight hours straight every night. And did I note the aggression? Starting first week after quitting, I truly turned into an idiot, blowing up in front of my GF, repeatedly, no patience or flexibility whatsoever, scolding her, remaining VERY angry for a day or so, before I calmed down and, embarrassed, had to excuse my behaviour.

From my frequency of use, and given what other people have written here before me, I reckon it will take me 2-3 months go get through this nightmare. If not more; due to my work themes, I am well aware of the effect of drugs to alter your homeostasis, close down receptors for chemicals in your brain and body etc, and I know the brain would need time to adapt to a new chemical surrounding. But that C should have the same effect, man, I would never have guessed.

Can’t avoid wondering about the brain mechanisms being affected by this shit, and what it is that flows back in our face, at least for some of us, when we quit (for those of you who have quit without experiencing this; praise yourself lucky, you don’t want it). For sure, we’ve got brain receptors for cannabis spread around, in the hippocampus, the memory and integration seat – a region badly affected in people with psychosis. And in the hypothalamus, which is basic for quite a bit of body and brain functions, such as the brain-stress system, the HPA axis. And in the cardiovascular system, involved in its regulation. I would bet that effects upon these systems is to blame. For example, that a major part of the withdrawal symptoms has to do with the hypothalamus, which I bet, loose its ability to control the brain stress axis, sleep etc, leading to way too high levels of circulating cortisol, noradrenaline in brain and body etc. Which would do things like trigger heart beat, affect sleep, and also affect the hippocampus (which it talks with), which in turn might be associated with these pre-psychotic symptoms some of us cold turkeys get. Moreover, the dopamine system, which we normally need to be fresh and healthy and feel good and motivated. This system is also co-ac

Scientist 7 years ago

...... This system is also co-activated together with the brain-stress system when we are stressed, it protects us a bit from the effects of stress and its cortisol etc. I feel sure the dopamine system has gotten a blow by C; and in the withdrawal phase, that its fall contributes to the loss of motivation, joy, pleasure, as well as to the high anxiety, running heart etc. Man, what a mess. I hope some dedicated scientist at some point puts these pieces together and makes them widely known.

The good think: the shit will pass. Hang in there folks. You are not gonna die. It’s just our indulgence with this chemical substance that has made the body go awry.

Ivy Leaguer 7 years ago

Hey J,

I am pretty much the same boat you are... been clean for 2 months and 1 week today. Still feeling anxious as hell, but not totally as bad as the first couple weeks to a month. The thing I do notice is that I actually want to go out out and do things now... I was totally uninterested in doing anything when I first quit.

Well it all started when I got a panic attack from weed... totally came out of nowhere... I had been smoking for 6-7 years and LOVED IT!!! Actually at first, I didn't even attribute the panic attack to weed, I didn't even know what it was, just thought I was dying, it went away in an hour or so. Went to classes the next morning, came home and lit up and felt really weird but no panic or anything. Again, just thought I was coming down with something, I smoked again later and there it was again. I started to have suspicions that it might be weed... quit for a day felt kinda crappy and lit up, there it was again! Took a break for a week and tried lighting up and wasn't that bad, but during that break I was feeling anxious, like withdrawals. Took another break and went to NYC, lit up with a friend and started to feel my heart beat pick up, took a deep breath and things were semi normal. Took another break for a week until I went to Arizona.

I went on a vacation to Arizona (I am from New York) to visit an old friend and lit up on the 2nd day I was there and freaked out!!! Full blown panic!!!! I didn't smoke for the rest of the time there and experienced crazy panic until I got home. Took me a few days to stop the panics. I have not smoked weed since and has been about 2 motnhs and 1 week.

Sorry for the long synopsis of how this all began but I am with you man, been in and out of the doctors office trying to see if there was anything physically wrong with me, nothing. Ive seen a councelor a few times too. I was put on Ativan for a week back in the second week and seemed to only help a little and hated the idea of medication so I stopped and haven't taken any since.

Although I do feel a bit better than the first couple weeks... I do believe this is gonna be a long road to feeling 100% again... but I am gonna try and lessen the time by trying to stay active and excerise a little bit.

I think this is mostly mental and we just need to keep experiencing our lives and building up our natural anxiety barriers that we have whittled down over our years of smoking. We should not wait around in the house and wait for this to pass... get outside and do something, call family or a friend, anything that keeps you positive.

I have felt over the months that I would begin to feel bettr, alomst 100% and something would chop me down again and I would have to climb my way back up only to get chopped down again. Each time this happens I don't feel as bad as I did in the past, but a slow upward trend with mountains and valleys but ultimately going up to normalcy, I can just feel it happening.

My sleep is generally okay though... I usually get a good 6-8 hours every night, but when i wake up in the morning I find it harder to fall back asleep (hit the alarm clock!). I think that by quitting pot, we do not require as much sleep as we used to, which is okay.

Stay tough everyone!!!

Ivy Leaguer 7 years ago

Almost forgot to add that I also experience this very low grade dream-like feeling, which feels foggy head-ish. I think it is a symptom of being anxious but is also getting a little better and has a tendency to come and go with anxiety. Anyone else feel this?

the english patent 7 years ago

hi all, me again. to scientist - wow that`s some bad deal there bud, how much/how long did you smoke and are we talking killer weed or hash??

i am now on day 60 something and still `clean`. had that dream again last night, loaded the bong and was gonna light up but hey - couldn`t do it! not even in my dreams. shame though, might have been nice to get stoned in my sleep and wake up still clean! i mostly sleep oknow, albeit with more dreams than before but maybe the normal amount? what is normal, i don`t remember so much although i gave up before but not 100%. all the anger seems to have gone too, but i do have a lack of drive and feel a little `depressed` some weeks. i still believe that i will get back to some kind of normal and some days i do not give dope a thought at all which is good. but that dream is a tease!

good luck one and all. many people can take or leave dope, but for those of us who cannot, i guess we must leave it altogether.

S. 7 years ago


I am a M/19 and I started smoking ALOT about one year ago. A few days ago I realized that I was not on the path I wanted to be on. This blog has really helped me understand what I am going through. Thank you all.

Scientist 7 years ago

To the english patient;

I had the habit for seven years, first weed for three years or so, medium expensive type and I guess medium also in strength. Following that, hashish of same price and presumably quality

T.E.Patient 7 years ago

hi scientist, i guess then that the type and strength of smoke is not making the difference here. the difference i speak of is that many posters have anxiety, sweating and palpatations having quit. i did sometimes get the anxiety and palpatations when stoned, but never when straight - i find it odd that so many report anxiety starting AFTER quitting. i just got angry for a while - say 6 weeks? and, as i said, a mild depressive state, but this did follow a slightly euphoric state in the first month or so. oh, also initial major sleeping problems but i sleep well now.

todays message from me to everyone is that in weeks, months and years we can all get back to where we once were before our addiction. or where they just habbits? what is the difference anyhows? just words, feelings are real, and i`m gonna feel great.

eleven_eleven 7 years ago

i dont smoke, i never have, but i just thought id leave an opinion from a different perspective..

iv met a guy who is unbelieveable, i wont go into the mushy details, but he's everything im looking for in a person.. apart from his addiction to weed....

in the beginning he was honest, but as time went on he would lie about how often he was smoking.. its put alot of strain on us as a couple, and we havnt been together all that long... it got to the point where i went away on holiday, and he mixed a whole night of smoking with all sorts of other drugs and nearly killed himself.. massive wake up call, he took himself to the doctors, and councillor, and has now not smoked for 3 weeks.... it hasnt been easy, but we are alot happier together knowing he's doing something about it.

its not worth it, i think alot of it comes down to the people you spend your time with.. if they understand how badly you want to come clean, then they should help you by not being around you when they do it...

goodluck to everyone i respect anyone who's willing to try and stop

staystrong 7 years ago

Hey just seeing how every ones doing its been almost six weeks since i had my withdrawals finally no more headaches feeling a lot better now still not 100% but getting there everything seems so plain and boring now like a dream like state Ivy leaguer was talking about but overall im good best of luck to you elven_elven i hope your friend gets threw it just let him know things will get better soon it just takes time and patient some advice that help me out a lot is try running every day that helps clear my head anyways like always this site help me out a lot you dont even know i probally would of lost it if i didnt find this site out so Thx to every one shareing there stories and i hope you all are well laters : )

comingdownistuff! 7 years ago

I've smoked weed for about 14 years almost daily and quit a couple of times and didn't have any problems then, but now that for the last few months I've been smoking the best hydro around daily, coming off the pot seems like iM

comingdownistuff! 7 years ago

I got dced, anyways coming off now from smoking the best of the best is really hard, I have constant headaches and get restless sleep, with nightmares( lucid nightmares scary stuff), its been only three days how long till I start to feel normal again?? I dont plan on smoking anymore, because it was turning me into a no lifer. All I wanted to do was smoke, and smoke and do nothing else but play video games and watch tv. I find myself forgeting about weed and that makes me happy! I cant wait till Im back to my old self. Gl to all of you, I know what your going through!!

comingdownistuff 7 years ago

Oh yeah I wanted to say I've started to workout and this helping me out a lot, it pumps the endorfins in my body and makes me feel a good natural high to supplement the cravings of the thc. well good luck to all, and hope all is well..

sukram 7 years ago

Thanks for this site, I've been reading it for a couple of hours and can relate to most of the symptoms. I am 55 and have smoked for 37 years, nearly without a break. I've had a great life and enjoyed the creative energy released after smoking, for many years it was more like I was on coke, I was soo energetic... But in the last 2-3 years things started to change slowly but surely. I had a stressfull time and suddenly had panic attacks, getting more agressive and needed to smoke a bit 3-5 times dailyto keep in control. I thought that would keep me balanced, but it didn't. I also started to experience regular allergies, rhinitis and asthma. For awhile I didn't want to believe my smoking had anything to do with it, but finally 3 weeks ago (having the flu)I just had enough of all this misery, I had to stop to see if my smoking was the culprit! I am now having the same symptoms everybody describes in the letters. Its very hard some days. But what's incredible, I haven't had a single allergy attack and only the mildest asthma in years. So even though I feel restless and can't eat well I feel so optimistic that I will keep fighting, I just hope all gets better soon! Power to you all !

sukram 7 years ago

Hi its me again, I realize that nobody has mentioned allergy or asthma as a side effect of weed or hash smoking, am I the only one who has had this problem, please enlighten me...!

mike 7 years ago

i smoked like 3 grams a day for about 3 months and then i quit cold turkey because ikept getting panic atatcks and such but now im scared i have seretonin syndrom because i have pretty much all of the symptoms its been about 3weeks since ive smoek weed but when i was drunk i took 1 hit idk if tah t odes any thing but im scared idk if its the weed or what but im scared and i can't go to teh hospital cause i wen't tehre so many times because of panic attacks and idk what to do and im like 60% sure i have seretonin syndrome and 40% its from weed but idk ive tried a bunch of otehr drugs and such but not alot and idk im scared help!

1st time quitter 7 years ago

I have been smoking for ten years non stop everyday, and today is my ninth day of sobriety. quitting marijuana has been one of the most difficult things that i have ever tried to do, i feel even less motivated then when i was smoking and i am actuallly sleeping a lot more durging the day, due to feeling depressed of not having marijuana. i have never tried to quit before, but am looking forward to being sober and being able to enjoy life without it. everything just seems so much more exciting with it. and without it everything is sooooo boring. i cant watch tv because it frustrates me. but i am very motivated to stop smoking this site has really been helping me, everytime i feel anxious to smoke i come to this site to read more comments i really appreciate all of the postings and wish everyone the best of luck.

STONER DUDE 7 years ago

Ok , im 39, i quit 10 days ago , been smokin for 20 yrs (skunk for last 10 years ,1/2 ounce a day), went on hol for a week and was fine (apart from mad dreams) now back at home in uk and it hurts not smokin , all i think about is weed ! I cant sleep but when i do , oh my god the dreams and nightmares are so real and vivid i wake up questioning myself about them , hate the hot flushes an hot sweats HOW DO THEY LAST ??? i'm still smoking cigars but the weed has to go ! any helpful tips anyone? ? ?

up all nite 7 years ago

NO sleep here...i have a drug test soming up and had to quit cold turkey after 16 yrs smoking every day. i dont sleep...went 70 some hrs and am at 40+ hours in the 6 days since i quit. hand tremors, stomach aches, no appetite. Now i drink and take ativan to little avail. i want to sleep soooooooo bad but simply cant. dont know what to do?

STONER DUDE 7 years ago

well day 11 here , another shitty sleepless night , now gettin bad bad head aches , never normallly get them ! oh well i keep on goin !

up all nite 7 years ago

So what about the shakes? When i exercise they get worse and i dont know what to do about them...ive been taking ativan at night for anxiety and started on lots of sleep aids but have weened down to an ativan, 1 tylenol pm and 3-4 beers...much less than 2 weeks ago. THESE SHAKES ARE VERY BOTHERSOME THOUGH!

STONER DUDE 7 years ago

Well up all nite thats somthin for me to look forward too ;-( not had the shakes yet , i just got banging headaches , did sleep for 4 hours last nite with yet another vivid nightmare ! scary scary white monkeys , not funny at all but I am gonna does this , good luck

sameboat 7 years ago

i hope you guys are doing better up all nite and stoner dude these sympthoms can last for a while been 2 months for me but im almost out of this hell keep us updated take care guys and keep strong

the english impartial 7 years ago

hi stoner dude and up all night. IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!! don`t worry about that `am i permanently damaged?` and all that other neurotic and panic attack stuff. it is just a matter of time for the symptoms to die down.

i found sleep the hardest thing for many weeks, but am now on day 89 now, i think, and can happily report that sleep wise things are nearly back to `normal` - but can`t be sure as it`s been 18yrs. more dreams than before but good restful sleep and normal day/night hours.

your, and my, biggest problem is resolve versus temptation. i am there now i feel, and this was just basically my time to do it. i am 100% never again and this is working great. in other attempts i have been like `cut right back then enjoy it occasionally` bull, but i was just kidding myself - for me it must be never or forever, and finally i got to the never state. i am now in a place where i only miss the happy haze when i am MAJOR stressed, not every night and weekend morning!!

so good luck and never forget the negatives (paranoia, ill health, low motivation, sad dependence, expense etc), and focus on the +++ives!!

yournotalone 7 years ago

for everyone who is withdrawal it takes time but dont let the fear scare you take it as a challenge and relax most of the time also read it helps and exercise dont worrie about your anxiety it gone bother you but keep telling yourself why your quiting it feels good being sober i been smoking for 4 years and drinking heavily and i started to quit it was hard but im overcoming it i meditate repeating mind body soul and disapline helps alot and when your anxiety starts to kick in tell your self nothing is wrong with you its just your mind and pretty much withdrawal is fighting your own mind

yournotalone 7 years ago

i posted my comment before reading others so i guess i got more advice i got asthma and i have the same panic attack scared of dieing and holding on to my life relax relax relax!!! you need too very important all you got to tell your self is relax and meditate think of your child hood before using marijuana and do something fun i get so scared i look at my nails and my eyes and look for dieing sympthoms but everyday i do positive things and think positive and its helps alot! and dont hide it talk about your feelings and make fun of it hiding it will make you feel alone but i talk to my friends about it and go to site like these and read the comments makes you feel better knowing your not suffering by yourself and for people who have trouble breathing i use this herbal ice that is like therapy and makes it so much better breathing just rub it on your chest and most people have trouble sleeping is cause of the panics but best thing to do share your pain and it will feel better

yournotalone 7 years ago

oh yeah for the people who is taking pills dont depend on it because it becomes another drug to you take pilates and connect your mind and soul to nature it might be funny to you but it has help me and its been 28 days and this is my first time quiting this long because i abuse drug to get away from stress and get away from the world but its time to be active and connect it back to the real world

No choice but to quit 7 years ago

Hi, good looking hub.I ran out of weed on Sunday (4 days ago)It is impossible for me to get anymore either.Tuesday night I felt like I was going to Die. I had a temperature 2 degrees c higher than usual and I was freezing even though the house was cooking, I was restless, feeling sick and my head was pounding all day (didnt help I had to work) I have had a niggling headache since then and am still restless, I am also feeling dizzy. The weed I had I know was pure (HG) so its no other chemicals and I don't drink either so its not that. I was only smoking in the evening after work and it was only a gram(ish) a night. I have smoked since I was 12 (now 24) although only started really smoking when I was 15, not everyday but most days. I have had massive breaks (months) in smoking it before and never had these symptoms. I guess it was because I didn't trust dealers anymore and grew my own, it was the best weed I had ever had and I think that maybe the cause?I just thought I would share what I am going through with you all as I have not read much about withdrawal including headaches and dizzyness.My appetite has almost halved which may be the cause of the dizzyness? (I work very hard outside all day 5-6 days a week) so I consume a lot of energy and I dont think I am consuming enough (I only weigh 11 1/2 stone anyway!)I know it will be good for me to at least have a break from it (it will be at least 3 months maybe 6 before I can possibly get anymore) who knows though, I may just call it a day....



Po! 7 years ago

I'm 38, smoked all my life... well most of it.. and have quit 10 day's ago using Zyban and it works,,,, I don't feel like smoking at all. I'm really proud and happy.... I never want to smoke again....

Po! 7 years ago

I'm 38, smoked all my life... well most of it.. (had quit for 2 years, years ago and it was hell, I cried and was angry for no reason for months) I smoked mostly hash... and have quit 10 day's ago using Zyban and it works,,,, I don't feel like smoking at all. I'm really proud and happy.... I never want to smoke again.... I quit cause I was wheezing, and a lot of memory loss, I also seem to have a hard time driving, distance of cars and hw driving was difficult...

Yes having crazy dreams, not sleeping, but not angry just a bit sad mostly all good.... but really tired......

quittingisawsome 7 years ago

I have been smoking on and off for the past 4 years. Before my puff last wednesday i had some the week before. When i didnt think of quitting i wasnt experiencing as many withdrawl symptoms even going a week without it (just head aches). Today is day 5 without any, and I've absolutely made up my mind to take my life back and never smoke another J in my life. I have been planning to quit for the past 3 years but ofcourse just like eveyone else i kept going back to it because life was too boring without it.

Well to be honest, life is better without it. I have been exercising for the past few days to reduce the weed withdrawl symptoms. The head aches went away in 2 days but the nausea is persisting..... def. experiencing irratability and ofcourse the loss of appetite...but the fact that my head aches went away quickly makes me very hopeful that other symptoms will also subside.

For all those who want to take their life back, this is your chance... I know everyone says that weed isn't addictive but from these symptoms i can def. say they are wrong..... just DONT give in no matter What. good luck everyone .

egyptian dude  7 years ago

Hey ive really found this website helpful. Ive been off pot for 3 weeks now and i messed up 2 times. Ive been waking up early latley and i thought that if i quit my chronic fatigue would go away , ive been feeling really out of it but my mind has become sharper though , any advice or anybody get anything similar . thanks

advice 7 years ago

Depends on how long you been smoking for egyptian dude and were you feeling tired while smoking or when you quit? but i wouldnt worry to much i heard of cases were heavy smokers coming off weed reported to be very sleeply in the day and having no sleep in the night it takes time for your body to adjust plus its riding the thc out of your system, i would recomend running once or twice a day and drink cranberry juice you should be fine within the next few weeks congrats on quiting and keep it up : )

RJ 7 years ago

I started smoking pot when I was 19 and have smoked most of my life with a few breaks (none of which lasted more than a year or two). I'm almost 53 now and have finally decided that this is no longer fun or entertaining. It's just a bad habit like cigarettes and quitting has become just as hard as cigarettes were a couple of years ago. I really didn't think it would be that hard to quit, but this article has been helpful because I have been puzzled about the sleepless nights and fits of rage with no other explanations.

I started out of pier pressure. I was throwing a beer party when I was 19 at my house and my friends pulled out a joint and insisted that I should try it. They said it would calm me and would be pleasant sensation. They were right. It was fun! And it continued to be fun for many years. My friends and I used to say we would never go "straight" but always go forward. Well, going forward now, I can see that I no longer want that influence in my life any longer. I've been quit for a week now and it has been a pleasure to have a clear head and memory that works. (yes, it's coming back already).

It makes me sick to think of all the money I've thrown away on this problem for so many years now! How can anyone have this problem and justify it? It's made me paranoid and forced me to become a hermit to survive. I just didn't want anyone to see my red eyes or lack of clarity and judge me for it. That's no way to live!

Quitting has had it's challenges though. Headaches, inability to sleep, loss of appetite, and FITS of RAGE. I wish I could say it's getting better, but my life was similar to other writers who said they got up with it and went to bed with it and it was becoming an overwhelming part of their life.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I now know I'm not alone and these symptoms are temporary and will eventually pass.

EX STONER DUDE 7 years ago

well its 35 days for me , thanks for all your advice peeps , i just sold my "in case of extreme emergencies " bag of weed last night and all my pipes and bongs ! still sweatin like mad but am sleeping loads better , not so many real nightmares either ! I too am saving a bloody fortune ! thanks again to all your comments and this page ! I think i'm clean for good !

Well Hello there 7 years ago

I quit after 7 years of non stop smoking (atleast 5 joints a day)Few Tips:Sleeping Probs: Try listening to some audiobooks/Podcasts while you sleep (not music). also take slow deep breaths (slows heart beat)Lack of appetite: Try eating ice cream or other diary products (cheese, Yogurts). Milk will also work. also try new foods you wouldnt usually eat. if you really dont feel hungry just smell your food (smell usually triggers your appetite)General Boredom: I found watching films/sports very helpful (distracts you from real world) or just getting out the house (walk or meal). long bath, Exercise is a great distaction (also clears it out your system quicker). when i had bad cravings i brushed my teeth or had some chewing gumas each day goes by just take 5 mins to realize how much better you feel. (wake up with more energy, better motivation, generally feeling cleaner, clearer mind, more confidence, oh and more money)

person 7 years ago

I smoke daily, but am anxious as hell all the time, dont know if i would be this way if never touched pot, Ive quit before. im still anxious not confident, and lethargic. Although, I do remember being happy, I just dont know when it was.

well, smoking is the only thing that can settle my nausea

how is alcohol legal?

jer 21

Pissed OFF! 7 years ago

Today i went to the doctors saying ive been having headaces and couldnt sleep and sweating a lot feeling tired and having panic attacks it might be linked to weed withdrawals and he looked at me as i was crazy kept asking me if i snort drugs or used meth or snort perscription drugs i kept telling him no and he wouldnt stop reallly pissed me off made me feel real bad. Im 23 years old havent smoked for that long but enough to make you withdrawal been going on for for couple months now but its getting better just wanted to share my story i have no insurance so i paid $100 to hear that BS!

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RJ@home 7 years ago

I've been quit for 15 days now and feel so confident about myself and my decision. I'm still having a lot of problems sleeping, but my determination has doubled since I started.

A little note for you sukram; I am also in my mid fifties and this has been a long ride for me as well. I've smoked pot for over 30 years without too many breaks as well. Not proud of that; it's just the facts. Yes I too have suffered with a lot of bronchitus over the last couple of years and it has begun to ease up since I quit. I feel confident it will only get better with time. So hang in there. I will do the same.

solomon 7 years ago

hey guys dont try pot it nearly mess me up.u gonna have panic attack,irritability,losss of appeite,funny taught and this can go on for abt 30 dont get into it to face all this withdrawal problems.stay out of before it ruin your life

Sam 7 years ago

I don't know if anyone will read this, seeing as the last comment was written approx 2 years ago. I'm 17 and today is my fourth day without smoking. Each morning I wake up covered in sweat (my sheets and clothes are soaked) and I'm freezing cold. I have a constant head ache and am getting hot and cold flushes regualry - should I go to the doctor to get help?

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CrazyMonkey74 7 years ago

Thanks for all the info.

Unlike most, I started smoking pot in my late 20's. Most of my friends were smokers, and assured me it wasn't addictive. Started doing it only on weekends, then gradually over time I found myself making excuses to smoke more, and more, until it became a daily ritual. But I wasn't worried it's not addictive. Flash forward 6 years, I couldn't get through the day or the night without being stoned. I was always depressed, tired, lost interest in everything. I distanced myself from anyone who didn't smoke weed...because they're losers right...Why would anyone not like weed.

Eventually I looked at my life and wondered WTF happened. So I quit, for three months...It was a hell of a withdrawal, sweats so bad I stuck to my sheets at night, anxiety so bad I thought the world would end, the thought of food made me want to vomit, and a list of other unpleasant symptoms...Got to admit though the one I enjoyed the most was the vivid DREAMS...I forgot what dreaming was like.

After about 3 months I was at a party and thought, well one won't hurt....wrong decision. Year and a half later, I back to trying to quit again, so far its only been about two weeks, but the worst seems to be over. When this all started I weighed about 180, now I weigh about 145 at 6'1".

this time I know I can't just have one...!!!!

But reading stories like the ones on this page help you through the rough patches...thanks man.

Sick Of Smoking 7 years ago

Hi im a 24 yr old male who has been smoking green since i was 13 which is pretty much most of my life after 4 rehab stints to quit everything else {pills, ecstasy, acid,heroin,ice and mainly coke} i just cant seem to quit pot. id do well while in rehab but once i was back in the real world it was like id never stopped. i wont go into detail but my life has been pretty messed up ive done councilling / therapy ive been put on countless medications from respiradol to lithium and others and nothing seems to work ive tried working out walking all of that and even after i quit for 6-7 months i still felt wrong still having withdrawls and i just dont sleep i mite get 45 mins to an hour a night. doctors shrinks and the hospital has been trying to diagnose me with something they have tried depression, bi poler, everything. im not writing this to get ur sympathy theres a good chance nobody will even read this. i just want to point out to people that what might help short term like punching a few cones to help with whatever ur goin through or just for fun or relaxation that theres a long term and theres a chance it can mess u up badly. i know that pot isnt the only cause but its the one nobody expects even if this gets through to one person i'll feel like my life isnt such a waste because i stopped somebody walking my path. thank you for taking the time to read this i just had to get some stuff of my chest. REMEMBER ANYTHING IN EXCESS ISNT GOOD FOR YOU.

Same Boat 7 years ago

im sorry to hear that sick of smoking but thats verry impressive to be sober for 6-7 months from all the drugs you listed a lot of people cant break the habbit from those hard drugs i heard ecstasy withdrawals can last about a year thats why you still dont feel the same just hang in there i came off smoking weed and now im going threw derealization and head pressure kinda feeling buzz most of the days its been like this for little over 2 months just wanna know if any one else is going threw this starting to scare me like im never going to be the same again im seeing improvements but slowly feels like im 75% normal but getting there any ways stay strong guys and i hope you all get better

Too long... 7 years ago

Hey Same Boat...I'm about to go on 5 months within the week, and just figured I'd throw my two cents. Physically, I'm feeling much better than I have in the past. I sleep well, eat well (gorged for the first two months and I'm not a big fellow), have more endurance when working out. My only problem is still paranoid thoughts and anxiety. I smoked since 14 and am now 21 and since I started it was mostly on an everyday basis, so you can do the math. Some days I feel great and can completely convince myself that the thoughts in my head are bogus and I'm able to quickly make them vanish, but on other days I struggle with knowing who I am and how I used to deal with my problems. I realize now that after almost 5 months, these thoughts have turned into a habit and I need to stop letting them control my life. There's several people on this forum who state "derealization" for several months, and that's the cause of my anxiety. It's hard to be happy on some days, it's hard to remember how I felt the day before this all started happening, but like I said there are many days when I feel fine and compared to the beginning, I've made so much improvement. Anyway, just like myself and so many others, we just have to hang in there and know that after years of abuse we can only expect a decent amount of time to regain control of our old selves. I hope this helps you and anyone else, being as to how so many of you have helped me already. Thank you and best of luck!

i feel you 7 years ago

hey ive been having head pressure and dull sensation in my head for past 2 months its getting better but still worried about it any one have head pressure for this long? like foggy mind dream like state i heard thc withdrawals take about 3 months to recover? i dont have health insurance so i cant get a cat scan those run about 3k so any help or advice ty

jesus. 7 years ago


im 16 and have been smoking for about a year. through that year i have had many a things go wrong. my father is physically, emotionally and finacially unavailable to my mother and i. my mom works likes crazy and i cant do much to help. i have recently tried quitting through out the past 4 or 5 months because my friends told me i was finally getting to bad. i would smoke before school after school and during school. i would pop pills. and do everything i could get my hands on. through this past year i was diagnosed with depression based on my child hood and my current situation i could see why i had it. yet i kept using which many people thing is stupid. and i know its stupid. but i just didnt see a point in quitting. it was my one escape from reality. the one thing that always got me through the day. when i finally started to quit i would go a couple weeks then decide to fuck it and smoke. i relized i didnt need it. well i thought i relized this anyways. but now im back to using. ive hurt my friends so much by lying and saying i would quit then doing it again that theyve finally given up. and lately i suppose you could say i have been having "suicidle" thoughts. but im still using it. and even though im lying to my friends about it and hiding it. i dont feel that bad. even though ive let my friends down 1 to many times. i cant bring myself to regret it. i dont feel bad for what im doing and i know i should. i cant go to rehab. im looking into weekly meetings but i honestly dont feel the need to quit anymore. i think i need to see a therapist but other than that i think im okay. however for the past couple of days i have had minor anxiety attacks. nothing major but enough to effects. and i dont know what to do. i guess.. help me?


jesus. 7 years ago


im 16 and have been smoking for about a year. through that year i have had many a things go wrong. my father is physically, emotionally and finacially unavailable to my mother and i. my mom works likes crazy and i cant do much to help. i have recently tried quitting through out the past 4 or 5 months because my friends told me i was finally getting to bad. i would smoke before school after school and during school. i would pop pills. and do everything i could get my hands on. through this past year i was diagnosed with depression based on my child hood and my current situation i could see why i had it. yet i kept using which many people thing is stupid. and i know its stupid. but i just didnt see a point in quitting. it was my one escape from reality. the one thing that always got me through the day. when i finally started to quit i would go a couple weeks then decide to fuck it and smoke. i relized i didnt need it. well i thought i relized this anyways. but now im back to using. ive hurt my friends so much by lying and saying i would quit then doing it again that theyve finally given up. and lately i suppose you could say i have been having "suicidle" thoughts. but im still using it. and even though im lying to my friends about it and hiding it. i dont feel that bad. even though ive let my friends down 1 to many times. i cant bring myself to regret it. i dont feel bad for what im doing and i know i should. i cant go to rehab. im looking into weekly meetings but i honestly dont feel the need to quit anymore. i think i need to see a therapist but other than that i think im okay. however for the past couple of days i have had minor anxiety attacks. nothing major but enough to effects. and i dont know what to do. i guess.. help me?


Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

I am glad you wrote this informative hub because it can be hard to get accurate knowledge of a substance like marijuana that is so widespread among all age groups, just knowing what the withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety and headaches my deter others from getting started with it in the first place.

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marijuana mike 7 years ago

hello, i have been smoking pot for about 20 months now, ive taken brakes up to 5 months out of those 20, and i don't really feel addictive, at this time, i have not smoked in 3 weeks, i dont really feel i need to get high, i would like to, but i dont need to. but im glad this hub was not one of those thats like "Marijuana KILLS!!!!!" this one used real info

ReggY 7 years ago

Smoke my first pot in 2004 and for the last 3 years it's been like clockwork...weekdays usually 1 bud at night after work , and on the weekend it could top to 4 buds a day.i blame my past for living in Holland for 6 years for this :( . Good thing i work in advertising though...the "mad as hell" project kinda keeps your mind of the weed.

3 of my closest friend and (small time)dealer is in jail now not long after the first one got booked...definitely freak my out. BTW i live in Indonesia and there is death penalty for distributing weeds or holding more then 1/2 kg of Marijuana

Although when there is divine intervention and i couldn't find a dealer for a whole it or not, you gotta quit. try to seek out dealer when there is none you know is for sure a sign of MAJOR ADDICTION. I kinda thankful for the harsh drug laws in my's like being pointed a gun point blank if you mess to deep with the drug worlds.

Like it or not...i gotta admit marijuana helps me stay away from other high caliber drugs, it made you use them purely recreational.

one thing i hate the most from smoking weed is the pounding headaches you get at the back of your head. I don't think it came from cannabis withdrawal since it tend to hit me after smoking weed to much or long time lapse from the first puff diddy session to the next.

after reading lots of the testimonial fact that seems to keep your life in balance if you re a heavy user is your work or hobbies.If you have none of that...then get ready to fall into the abyss.

I honestly don't know if in the years to come i still cling tenderly to pot or not. and it never cross my mind to enter rehab since for me NO DEALERS meant NO PUFF...usually for 2 weeks in a row and could get longer if there is major security incident in my country, like The Marriott Hotel Bombing 2 weeks ago. when it happens i just stock a refrigerator full of beer crates to ease my pain

Anyway...for all of us pot lovers, there is time to get blazing n there is time to face the cruel reality of life. Get busy in weekdays and knock urself out in the weekend...that's my motto.

Let's Legalize Marijuana!!

(when we are all adult enough to face the consequences)

Jay 7 years ago

I've been smoking weed for 20 years and have quit a few times over the years for months at a time. Trying to give it another shot, with the booze gone too. These past couple days I have been confronted with an abundance of scammers trying to bum money, or scam me out of money somehow. I am totally losing it and want to murder these piece of shit scumbags.

Mykidsandhusbandareeverything! 7 years ago

Hi! I just found this website by accident, and it scares me to know that I too am experiencing all the symptoms of withdrawals, which has just confirmed that I am acutally an addict! I am on day 3 right now, cuz I can't get my hands on any weed!

I am a mom of three beautiful boys and have a loving husband. Life is good, except the stress of having a child with special needs....I think this is utimately the reason I started to smoke. I started off as an occasional smoker (on weekends only or after the kids went to bed) for the first 6 months or so, and then I became an every dayer for the last year and half. It is so out of control now, cuz this is all I think of doing!!! How does 35 year old women with 3 kids and husband pick this up fulltime? Well that I can't answer with certainty, but addiction obviously chooses any walk of life! One thing is for sure, I really like the feeling I get when I am high...things don't seem like they are getting out of my control. I know that this is going to sound crazy but I feel smarter, my thoughts are not all over the place, I can focus better, and yes I enjoy life much better being high! I can manage the everyday stresses with more ease when I am high--like getting kids off to school, grocery shopping, making dinners, etc. As sad as this sounds,I even enjoy my kids more when I am high---how awful is that!!! I also feel more attractive, more outgoing and fit in better when stoned.

I have for the most part suffered with OCD, anxiety and adhd to date, and I am NOW really feeling the anxiety, boredom, naseau, shakes, headaches, dizziness and sleepless nights with out my weed over the last couple of days. I was supposed to pick up my order tonight, but since reading this website, I have decided to cancel it! (Maybe I should just wean myself off and buy a little just in case something comes up and I need to smoke) but maybe cold turkey is the only way? I don't know, I never thought this was a problem and have never had any other addictions in my life? After all the reading I have done today, I now feel that I am spinning out of control and realizing just how dependant I am on weed. I am going back 'n' forth right now - should I quit cold turkey or keep some locked away and have my husband control how much I smoke! He said he would do that for me, cuz he doesn't want to see me like this (needless to say I have not been very nice over the last couple of days!) Maybe I should just have my final high and then quit cold turkey....I don't know, but I really miss it, really really badly! Can't I buy it just one more time for my last hurray? Gawd, this is absolutely scary!

Thanks for letting me blab! Good luck to all of you -- your willpower and determination is amazing! Best of luck :)

advisor 7 years ago

Quoting the previous poster:

"One thing is for sure, I really like the feeling I get when I am high...things don't seem like they are getting out of my control. I know that this is going to sound crazy but I feel smarter, my thoughts are not all over the place, I can focus better, and yes I enjoy life much better being high! I can manage the everyday stresses with more ease when I am high--like getting kids off to school, grocery shopping, making dinners, etc. As sad as this sounds,I even enjoy my kids more when I am high---how awful is that!!! I also feel more attractive, more outgoing and fit in better when stoned." (end quote)

I don't think that is crazy or awful at all. There are many stereotypes associated with Marijuana, the lazy stoner being one of the most predominant ones. Let me tell you though from personal experience, most of the marijuana smokers I know and associate myself with (like most of the people that drink alcohol that I know) are good, hard-working people, with excellent relationships with family and friends, even the ones that don't smoke and are against marijuana. I know there are alot of the 'lazy stoner' types out there, but that is not exclusive to cannabis or even drugs at all. There are many many lazy people out there in general and the only reason marijuana is associated with them is because it's illegal and those lazy people can earn an easy living doing no work at all, by selling drugs at high / inflated black-market-prices.

Personally, I've taken a break several times for various reasons (market dried up, wanted to clear out my system, moving to a new area, etc) over the ~10 years since I started smoking. As hard as this sounds, the only way to stop is to just simply force yourself to not think about it. Marijuana is not like the harder drugs in the sense you won't get physically sick from withdrawal. While not thinking about it is the toughest part of quiting, it is possible. When you get up in the morning, immediately take a shower, make food, plan your day to keep your mind off things, start working immediately when you get to work, spend your idle time doing things that work both your body and mind, eg goto the gym, read a book, etc. If you can keep your mind off pot quiting will be easy for the most part.

And if you really can't quit, try to at least cut back, eg smoke bowls instead of joints, bongs instead of blunts. You'll still get high (believe me it doesn't take much to get you high even if you are a wake-n-baker like I am) yet are doing good for your body and saving a lot of $. Also make sure you stay focused on what is important in your life. Don't be one of the 'typical stoner stereotypes' I mentioned before. Smoke if you have to, but then work, go out to a restaurant or movie with friends, run on a treadmill or go for a hike, etc. Even if you don't feel like it, force yourself, recognizing that many people out there are doing things that they don't feel like doing and you just need to suck it up and go for it. Believe me, you may not have the motivation at first, but if you force yourself, you will be very glad you did.

Best of luck to everyone, and remember no matter what path you take, quitting or not, there is nothing wrong with your decision and any problems you may have, related or not, can be dealt with one step at a time. As Douglas Adams wrote: Don't Panic!

jennifer 7 years ago

This is my 3rd day off pot and i also have insomnia, nausea, hot/cold flashes. I smoked from wake to sleep. I feel much more alert to say the least, but i will keep going so i won't ever have to go through this again. It is all mental, how u think. If u can think, i can do this, u will. Stay strong and exercise, either walking or running, it helps take the edge off. Good Luck former potheads.

old hippie 7 years ago

Not sure how I ended up here at this site, but everything has a reason. I am a 56-year-old male who started smoking pot at around age 14. I used to smoke it all day everyday for years when I was young. As I aged I no longer needed it all the time, so I would go weeks and months and yes even years between getting high. I have maintained a job for my whole life, I have raised a beautiful family of 4 and my wife and my self have a very solid loving relationship. I do not drink alcohol because I choose not to and the hardest thing I ever had to quit was tobacco. Not once in all my years have I had any ill effects when I quit smoking pot for an indefinite length of time. Three months ago was the last time that I got high and before that it was 7 years. My point is that we are all different and we that smoke pot do it for a reason believe it or not. Everything we do is for a reason. For me it aids me to relax nothing more. I take a couple of puffs and put the stuff away sealed air tight for the next time I feel the need to relax. I only smoke the very best from Holland and it is available to anyone that wants it through a very kind person that doesn’t have a problem helping those that are in need. Look more and more this country is loosening the pot laws and is prescribed to patients from their Doctors. There are a whole host of reasons for the treatment with pot. Just think of all the money wasted to try to eradicate pot. I’m not sure about but a lot of that crap has the opposite effect on me. When I see two teenagers sitting on the couch and one of them is melting into the couch and the other says “she’s high on pot”. First thing that pops in my mind is wow that is some bad ass weed and where can I get some of that melt in the couch weed, all I have is this cant find my keys shit. So yeah I strongly believe that if you have or get effects from the ceasing of the smoking pot perhaps there is a reason and it is all to easy to blame the weed. Could it all just be psychosomatic and the allowing yourself to believe all the crap. Remember a blurb years ago called Refer Madness? Look addictions are everywhere and we are bombarded with that fact on a daily basis but Pot just like anything else should only be used with moderation and never to mask other problems.

As far as withdrawal from weed well it is in my opinion non-existent of at best very mild. Which is far easier that stopping the use of tobacco. Yet tobacco is legal and there is nothing in the stuff to give aid to anyone. It is a drug controlled by the amount of nicotine added which is very addicting. People die from this crap and yet it is still available to consumers. No there are far worse things to be hooked on that weed it is just that there has been so much propaganda put out there, that people actually believe the crap. No one has to smoke weed but we choose to, knowing that there is always a certain amount of risk when we do. I just hate that now after you have smoked a little weed you want to get up on a soapbox and tell everyone how hard you have it trying to stop. Most of symptoms you describe were there before you started to smoke the stuff or are not related to the weed at all. Remember there comes when we all have to pay the piper.

Hope I have not offended anyone but I am really just trying to keep it real and no I am not high right now haven’t been in at least 3 months, but…

2much42long 7 years ago

....i feel the need to grow up!

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

I am a 52 year old gramdpa who has been toking for 10 or 11 years. I burned out from my job{Health Care} in the late 90's. and have self-medicated with pot since. I have smoked half an ounce weekly for the last 2 years. When I burned out, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with anxiety and depression. I take Lithium, a mood stabilizer, Seroquel, an anti-psychotic, and Celexa, an anti-depressant. I am trying to quit because of the cost and the health risks. I have no trouble sleeping, probably thanks to the Seroquel, but I have problems with anxiety, nausea, intolerance, and fever and chills. I've tried quitting before with little success. Everything seems to piss me off, especially other drivers. This site has reassured me that most of my symptoms are related to withdrawal. I now have to deal with that plus the underlying mental health issues. There is 1 symptom that I have noticed here that seems to be unrecognized by anyone on this site yet. Illiteracy. Most of the postings on this site are rife with spelling errors, grammatical errors, continuity errors, and atrocious sentence structure. Is this attributable to withdrawal or plain old stupidity? When something like that occurs, I want to rant, yell, and belittle poeple. The problem is, is that withdrawal or Bipolar Disorder? I don't know, but I WANT to be pot-free. Some of my symptoms are quite distressing, but I believe I CAN DO THIS.


marker 7 years ago

Hey BakedFreshDaily,so just stop already, its really no big deal. As for our grammar here who gives a rats ass. We all have spell check and if we choose not to use it well so be it. Knowing you had bio polar disorder don't you understand that pot or any other drug you take besides what you have been prescribed by your bio polar Dr, has adverse reactions on you. Folks with bi polar disease a lot of them tend to self medicate. I was married to one but she self medicated and I could only take so much. The quitting the pot is not the problem was the starting in the first place.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Reply to Marker. You are absolutely right about not starting in the first place. Weed is a depressant that causes anxiety so smoking it has made my problem worse in the long run. But in the short term, it gives temporary relief. It's hard to look at benefits in the future when the present sucks.

I haven't smoked in a week today, and it is getting a little easier. As for the Illiteracy comment, that was just me lashing out in a moment of weakness. Quite typical for me. Sorry everyone. I find solace by reading these posts and writing my own. It is very reassuring to know that I am not the only one in this boat.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Day 8 and doing pretty good. I've found a couple things that seem to help me. First of all, drink LOTS of ice cold water. It's helpful with the hot flushes and helps flush the contaminants out of your cells. Although THC is fat soluble, we are 66% water, so it can,t hurt. Plus it's refreshing. For anxiety, I've tried breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, then breathe out through your mouth for 7-10 seconds. Do this several times and you will feel more relaxed. It can be done anywhere and helps clear your lungs of all that black shit that used to accumulate in your pipe. And finally, read the entries on this site. First, it gives reassurance that your symptoms are normal, and you will likely find someone whose situation is far worse than yours. You WILL survive and prosper by your commitment to be THC free. I am an atheist, but THANK GOODNESS I found this forum. Hang in there all of you. We will make it.

chronic 7 years ago

hi i have been clean for 6 days and the last fuw days i have been waking up in the morning with anxiety and nausea and shot of breath after about 30 mins this go,s away is this normal and wen will this go away i am 25 an been smoking since i was about 16

noname 7 years ago

hellllllllllp arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

wtf 7 years ago

how is a pic of some1 smokin a spliff helpin any1 take it off

wtf 7 years ago

how is a pic of some1 smokin a spliff helpin any1 take it off

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey chronic. I have the same symptoms as you but mine lasts up to an hour. As I wrote earlier, I have underlying mental health issues and I started self-medicating at the same time as I was diagnosed, so I'm not sure which is to blame. Shortness of breath (SOB) is a symptom of anxiety. My morning anxiety and nausea has been present for 10 years now and who knows when or if it will go away. I was of the wake-n-bake variety. If I was awake, I was smoking. Distract yourself at these times. I read for 30-45 minutes. It also helps to remind yourself why you are doing this, save money, save lungs, save family, save general health, SAVE LIFE. Your morning stress will likely pass in a few days to weeks. Research on the net says that detox takes up to 30 days for a chronic user. One of the meds I take is Seroquel, an antipsychotic that also has very good calming effect. In a pinch, Gravol (motion sickness medication) might help with the nausea. As I said in a past post, drink LOTS of ice cold water and try to decrease your caffeine intake, at least for now. I have also gained strength by reading these posts. Avoid your smoking friends and avoid temptation. Maybe later you will be strong enough to resist, but you're not right now. Noname, welcome. I just discovered this site 10 days ago myself, and I feel stronger and more capable than I have in years. It's Day 10 for me. I haven't been clean that long this century. Stay with us, read the posts, use the tips and tricks that work for us. When you compare your withdrawal symptoms with those of an alcoholic, crack or heroin addict, it will help put things into perspective. YOU CAN DO THIS. Hang in there. Each day is a little easier than the one before.

chronic 7 years ago

BakedFreshDaily thanks for your reply this site is really helping me.

I to was!! of the wake-n-bake variety and i think this is why i feel like this in the mornings it is such a strange sensation an i hope that it passes soon i am thinking of going to see my doc tomorrow an hope he can help me out with the anxiety and loss of appetite.

I am going to try the ice cold water as i do drink a lot of coffee witch i will now be stopping like u suggested i am gonna hang their its not that bad but anuff to make me think about smoking agen .

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey chronic. I was prescribed Seroquel because of high anxiety related to Bipolar Disorder but you might be able to get something like it. As for quitting coffee, you might get a nasty headache from abrupt caffeine withdrawal, depending on how much you drink in a day. No shit. I have a couple or three cups through the morning and early afternoon, but water for the rest of the day. THC is fat soluble, not water soluble, so it takes longer for your cells to clear it out. My psychiatrist says my AM anxiety is a result of the Lithium that I have to take, so your anxiety will likely not last as long as mine has. The anxiety is your nervous system overreacting to normal stimuli, but your nervous system has been artificially dulled for so long, it doesn't remember what normal is. It will take a while for it to readjust. Be patient with yourself and treat yourself good in all ways but one. You know the one. I have been feeling surprisingly good this time but I've been on holidays. Tomorrow, I return to work. Wish me well. Hang in there friends, WE WILL MAKE.

chonic 7 years ago

day 7 and feeling alot better today hang in their guys this is ther longest i have gone 4 years it gets better

chonic 7 years ago

BakedFreshDaily how was work ? hope u got through it ok

cha 7 years ago

smoke weed evetdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey chronic. It was AWESOME! I have had anxiety and nausea every morning for the last 7 or 8 years, but not today. I have to get up at 5:25 AM and I dread it every day because of the above mentioned shit, but today was different. I got up and went about my normal routine, all the time waiting for the usual but it never came. I was so stoked by it that I had a TERRIFIC day, all day. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I imagine there will be bad times, but now I know that it is possible for me to have a GREAT day without weed. You can probably tell by my language that I'm still pumped. Hey cha, welcome to this site. Feel free to smoke weed every day, but please understand that someday you will come to realize that your brain, lungs, relationships, and budget will take a beating. I LOVED weed, but it didn't love me back. I needed more and more every year. When I quit, I was smoking $600 a month. Thats enough for a new car payment. Over $7000 per year. Could have been a nice vacation, all up in smoke. (pun intended) If you can justify it after doing the math, knock yourself out. I've smoked for eleven or twelve years. At this rate, I would have smoked $84.000 in the next eleven or twelve, assuming that my use didn't increase and the price stayed the same. Thats approximately the same amount as I paid for my house! There are a couple more perks that I hadn't counted on. I didn't have cotton mouth all day as usual and I lost 12 pounds, which doesn't hurt me at all. No more munchies. I swear, If it keeps on like this, I've got it made. Hang in there chronic, WE CAN FUCKIN' DO THIS!!!

IcheechURchong 7 years ago

Long term use promotes Cancer and can effect my long term health? Where was that proven? I have smoke pot for the last 6 years on a constant basis. Just recently stopped because of a great job opportunity. Marijuana is not linked to cancer or lung cancer, its a fact. Anyone who doe's anything on a constant basis like playing basketball or jogging is going to have problems not doing it if they go cold turkey. I have a problem with the way marijuana is portrayed because it can be a gift but also a curse in ways. IF THIS "DRUG" IS SO BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH? HOW COME THEY ISSUE THIS MEDICINALLY?

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey IcheechURchong. I didn't once mention cancer in connection with pot use, because there is none. On that score, you, and I, agree. There is, however, evidence that your lungs are affected. You know all that black shit that collects in your pipe that takes Isopropal Alcohol to remove? Well what do you think that does to your lungs? You are also correct in that ANYTHING done obsessively can be addictive. I also have a problem with the way it is portrayed in the media. It got erroneously labelled a DRUG in the first half of the 20th century and it has stuck. To my way of thinking, coke, crack, heroin, meth, exstasy et al are DRUGS. And, marijuana IS often prescribed. It comes in tablet form, and its called Marinol. So whats your point? If I see marijuana use as a detriment to my quality of life, and I want to quit, it shouldn't bother you at all. In fact, that just leave more for the you. Maybe you have a sugar daddy who pays for your weed, but I don't. Hang in there, friends, it does get easier. It's been proven to me.

chronic 7 years ago

cannabis may or may not be bad for 1s half but that is besides the point i want to quit because it no longer fits my life stile and i am sick of being a stonier i want to be in the real word and not have a cloud hanging over my head it cost to much and takes to much of you life away an give u little back in return people say its not addictive but i and menny others no it is.

i love cannabis but like BakedFreshDaily said it does not love u back !!!fact!!!

the only people that benefit from weed is the dealers that sell it i have had my head stuck in the clouds for far to long and tho it has not been long since i stopped smoking it am much more happier not smoking it anymore everyday is better and much much more clearer

chronic 7 years ago

sorry 4 the spelling i did not check it my bad

and BakedFreshDaily iam happy u had a good day yesterday keep on going u are doing fantastic.

u give me the inspiration i need thanks man.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi chronic and anyone else who wants to be THC free. Today was another early day, but it was just as good as yesterday. I seem to see things in a different light now. Things that used to set me off don't really matter anymore, not the way they used to anyway. Now I can see the humour, sadness, or irony in a situation without going ballistic. I never thought I could be saying that. I had convinced myself that I would die a stoner.

The dealers, who, at one time I thought were my BEST friends, I now see as rather pathetic. Imagine what their lungs sound like. Plus, why on earth should I pay for their weed, house, car, etc. while I slowly kill the only body I have. Screw them.

It was really hot here today, and I felt a little weakness because of it, but when I read your last post, you reassured me that it IS worth it. I stayed away from the dealers and the weakness passed. I AM a little picky about spelling, but the message is far more important than the text. I get strength from reading posts like yours. Thanks man, for staying clean, you deserve it.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Correction, WE deserve it!

marker 7 years ago

Hey, BakedFreshDaily and chronic you both sound like the per verbal ex smoker that can now after they quit have nothing good to say about smoking. First you both choose to start and the only other choice you make is when you choose to quit. Some have more addictive personalities than others. All people do not have the same wiring and don't deserve labels. There are those of us whom can smoke pot on occasion and put it away for weeks, months and even years. I do not consider my self a stoner but rather a person whom exerts his free will when and how he chooses too. You are the ones that choose to let pot control them and dictate to them. And I don't know any dealers and I don't deal. You see pot is a weed and can be grown indoors or out and requires very little effort, hence the word weed. The last plant I grew lasted me over three years and I ended up giving most of it away. So please chronic and BakedFreshDaily do not blame a substance for the way you all are wired accept it and move on and stay away from the weeds and all other drugs that are not prescribed by your doctors. There are underline reasons you should have never started to smoke weed in the first place and leave it at that. By the way I am 56 years old and have smoked pot since I was 16 years old and never been dependent on it for any length of time I have gone long, long periods between usage with with having weed stashed for years and not smoked it only because I choose not to. Or perhaps I choose to smoke it. I choose it has no control on my life and if I saw it was doing me any harm at all it would never become a part in my life ever again and that is how it is.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey marker. I AGREE with every word you said. We are all wired differently. There is a difference between use and abuse. I personally, abused it and myself so now I have to pay the piper. I really envy you because you have that self control that I seem to lack. I am an all or nothing kind of guy, go hard or go home. I would LOVE to be able to smoke occasionally, and maybe someday I will be able to, but for now, I/we need to avoid the temptation to use/abuse. I certainly did not mean to demonize weed. Thats like killing the messenger because of the message. I know for a FACT that cannabis is beneficial in the treatment of several human ailments.

I live in Canada, and the Provincial Mental Health facility with which I am associated, did the very first clinical trials in the 60's on the health benefits/risks of LSD. There may be hidden benefits to a lot of the drugs that the medical refuses to reconize. I think if the general public could get it through their thick skulls that cannabis may have many benefits in treating some illnesses, testing could finally verify them. And, as I previously stated, I LOVED CANNABIS.

As a long term (40+years) tobacco smoker, I know what you mean by your comment about former smokers being the biggest assholes about it after they have been reformed. We call them nicotine nazis. I do not fall into that category. I just want to get the same level of control over my life as you have over yours.

To everyone except marker, who we all probably would strive to be like, HANG IN THERE. WE'LL MAKE IT TOO.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

I am not opposed to the use of cannabis, in fact I am a devoted proponent of legalization. If neither alcohol nor cannabis was legal and our elected officials were considering legallizing one of them, it sure as hell wouldn't be liquor, knowing what we now know. If a group of people were locked in a room with all the alcohol they wanted, the eventual outcome would surely be a fight. Alcohol makes people angry. If the same group was given all the smoke they wanted, the only thing that might happen would be an orgy. Dope smokers DO NOT rob liquor stores, stab their friends, or roam around looking for trouble. If cannabis was treated like alcohol, taxed, regulated, and monitored like booze, we could save the billions of dollars wasted in busting peace-loving folks, plus earn a shitload of money. It would crush the marijuana underground that has been gouging us for years. Then our former dealers would have to get legitimate jobs like the rest of us taxpayers. We live in a society that prides itself in having freedom of choice. It should be my choice as to what I put into my body. It's MY body.

BigSmoker 7 years ago


i first stopped smoking 2 months ago. It just wasn't doing anything for me anymore and i considered giving up for a few weeks before, the thing that finally made me stop was when i started to experience really bad anxiety attacks and paranoia and i was really scared about schizophrenia (mainly after watching beautiful mind). i spoke 2 the psychology teacher at my college and she said it should go away after a week - 10 days but I haven't smoked for nearly 2 months and i still don't feel completely right, the paranoia's got a lot better since ive found sites like this and rationalized it because i was scared i was permanently effected but whenever i start to think im not gonna feel normal again i get really bad anxiety so its like im trapped in a vicious circle. Ive found my sleep effected quite badly 2, if i think about the issues ive had i cant sleep at all so i hav 2 hav the telly on n even then i cant sleep 4 ages and i find myself waking up really early.

one thing that i find weird is that is hasn't effected my day to day life at all, i get the anxiety but i don't have any trouble going to work and im really friendly with everyone at my new job (most people who ive read about who've had what ive had seem to have trouble going out and even talking to their good friends)

So its been two months and the anxiety and paranoia are a lot better but i still feel light headed and out of place, especially when I'm at work, im just wondering what everyone thinks, is this to long to still be feeling like this? should i be better by now? maybe i need to see a shrink?

the english patient 7 years ago

hello big smoker, i would expect it to take longer to stabilize after quitting - just hang in there! my biggest problems were poor sleep and anger. but here is the update....

it has been way over 5 months now, i am happy, i can sleep fine and am no longer biting heads off!!!!!!!!!!

i am not cured of my hash problem, but for now i am free of its evil clutches (joke). i take the AA/NA line that i will always be an addict, but i will try to be an addict that never uses. the reason for me taking such a hard line is that - unlike others here - i find it impossible to use occasionally, and i have tried!! yes i tried, but that occasional use was my down fall time and again.

but nearly 6 months in i rarely think about it, and i know how much we/you all think about it when quitting. well look forward to getting used to life AD.

so just to sum up, it has taken me months and months to get here, but there is life after dope!

and for the pro-smokers, i am with you. dope should be legal. dope is not violence causing. dope does not make addicts of the majority who tried it. dope MIGHT not be a cause of cancer (c'mon guys, who you kidding!!). dope is fantastic! but i don't toke anymore.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

It's 2 weeks today for me and for the most part it hasn't been too bad because I am motivated to quit this time. I had a pretty shitty day today but it was more to do with my work partner than anything else. He wasn't as irritating when I was stoned, but today I could hardly stand him. I know that intolerance is a BIG issue with me. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

I don't know if I will be able to be an occasional user or not. For now, total abstinence seems to work best.

BigSmoker, you should see a psychiatrist, if only to rule out some underlying condition and he/she can prescribe anti-anxiety meds that are not addictive that will help you over the rough patches. Try not to obsess about your mental health, it will drive you crazy.(pun intended) Distract yourself with other activities, especially physical activity. Because of the way our cells get clogged up with contaminants, it takes a while for them to clean themselves. Remember, it's a process, not an event. Hang in there friends, we'll make it.

Hubba Buttch 7 years ago

hi just a comment to relate my cannabis-quittage experiences.

I've personally never experienced any of these withdrawal symptoms other than the craving to smoke it, whenever i have quit. I have quit many times, sometimes quite easily, other times i found it difficult. I basically counted it as a habit like any other. "habits are hard to break" they say, but not necessarily. sometimes for me quitting habits has a very refreshing, adventuresome, empowering effect for me. i liken it to doing a fast, or quitting cooked food for a period of time. It feels good, makes me feel strong, reassuring myself that i haven't become enslaved to a habit.

In the past year, i have used beer, caffiene, and cannabis almost every day. Quit the beer about two months ago and quit the weed and caffiene (all, including chocolate) a week ago. no such symptoms. i just get a little craving sometimes and let it go.

I think it depends on ones attitude really. If one truly desires not to become a slave then one can actually enjoy the abstaining experience. have patience. perhaps treat it as if cultivating a garden of clean & sane psychology.

Then one may use such substances with reverence and find it rewarding.

last note: the "lethargy" i can attest to, but it only seems to set in with daily use, multiple times daily. using, say once or twice a week my mind and memory remain active and prove themselves capable and grateful for the effect. it has actually helped me to overcome stupidities because I get in a state where i have less of a guard against renewal of my understandings, helping me to "grow up," emotionally, to grow wiser. because of this i don't think i would ever plan to eliminate it forever, but would very much recommend practicing "quittages!" (weeks, months, a year, whatever).

thank you for this page.


BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi Hubba Buttch

I think you may be on the right path. I beleive that pot can open your mind to options you would not normally see. I loved to get smoked up and then have deep philosophical discussions with my buddies. The reason that I have difficulty staying clean is because of anxiety and depression, which was diagnosed 11 or 12 years ago. Thats also when I took up weed as a way to self-medicate. Its the old chicken/egg debate. Did the weed bring on the symptoms or is it the solution?

I just got through 2 pretty bad days, but today I feel better. I want to believe that I can use cannabis the way you do. Maybe someday. It is very true that ANYTHING taken to extremes can induce dependance. I would toke from first thing in the morning til maybe an hour before bed. Posts like your are reassuring to me that I might be able to toke occasionally. For now, I'm afraid of falling back into that old pattern. I tend to think "If a little is good, more is better.", but I guess that doesn't apply to cannabis. ALL THINGS IN MODERATION. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think...........

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

thank you BakedFreshDaily! I bet you've got it right about the anxiety and depression being at the root. This seems like the major factor in addiction when it comes to cannabis. If one smokes "dope" as a means to cope with symptoms like pain or depression, etc, then while it seems to solve the problem it really only suppresses the problem so it can fester and not get dealt with, and a dependency forms. THEN i think quitting will so much more likely bring about all of these withdrawal symptoms. How much more so with the far more chemically toxic and addictive PHARMACEUTICALS such as antidepressants or pain meds!

Did you know that in the New Testament the practice of medicine ("mixing of poisonous substances" -Greek: "pharmacia") is called "sorcery" and considered an abomination? Not to divert -- i just want to make the point that i think the use of ANY substance which causes a change in consciousness has a spiritual significance, whether harmful or helpful. With use of pharmaceutical medicine, these ramifications seem perhaps all harmful. And while the use of naturally occurring substances may have beneficial effects, ANY substance used irreverently will bring about spiritual sickness, which manifests emotionally, psychologically, physiologically & physically.

This is how i've been looking at it.

i felt like i had once again begun falling into irreverence this past year and sinning against myself. so, soon after quitting the beer this refreshing feeling of freedom started kicking in and the idea of cutting out all of it became kind of irresistable for me. now my major withdrawal symptom here is this wonderful feeling!

the little cravings to smoke bring a big smile to my face.

i'm thinking at least two months before i'll use any of these again, and then only a occasionally, and least of all caffeine, which actually causes stress and anxiety.

a note: i've found meditation to bring about a state of awareness similar to feeling baked, while calming emotions and relieving stress. also, Tai Chi does this and also fixes my back problems.

also beautiful meditative music does a lot for me. i can recommend two of my favorites: a group called Dead Can Dance (album "Spiritchaser" my #1 while doing Tai Chi) and Yann Tiersen's music for the movie "Amelie."

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Thanks DoubleButtch. I experienced that refreshing feeling last night. I went to a Streetheart concert clean and sober. Normally, I would need to be baked to enjoy anything but I told my wife who was with me, that now I CAN enjoy activities without weed. I didn't have to sneak away to 'top up' my THC level. I didn't have to phone all over looking for weed. There were security people and RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted POLICE)there, and it gave me a little private thrill to know that I was legal and had nothing to fear. I still think about buying 'just a little' now and then, but these thoughts are becoming easier to ignore.

As for your reference to the New Testament, I am an atheist, but I respect everyones beliefs as I want them to respect mine. Spirituality is a different matter. I think your spirituality dictates how you deal with things. One can be spiritual without being religious. By not putting my faith in God, I must rely on my own strength to solve my problems. So far, so good. Each time I resist that urge to go buy, I become stronger. This site has also been a real benefit to me. I can learn, teach, bitch, and whine to people who've been there. My family members try very hard to understand and help, but unless you've seen it from the inside out, you can't see the whole picture.

I've never been much into meditation but I'm willing to try new things. Maybe I'll go look for those albums.

DoubleButtch 7 years ago


yeah i agree about religion and beliefs. i like to say, "beliefs are more addictive than cigarettes." i think of them like training wheels, helpful only temporarily at best, but not necessary and usually get in the way. i love reading ancient "sacred" scriptures like the bible though. they help to confirm stuff for me that i've become aware of.

i think the most toxic of the powerful people on this planet have fostered a massive cult of stupidity surrounding "the bible" & other ancient lore. they have an amazing game going on. but nevertheless i can see that pretty much any kind of wisdom one can learn has been expressed in these ancient words. I learn by asking, seeking, knocking, pondering, meditating... then i notice it has been expressed long ago.

yeah it feels great to prove to myself i can enjoy everything i love without getting smokey. it really does build an association with enjoyment that can trap the mind if one isn't careful. i've caught myself many times having the assumption that i'll smoke it so i can better enjoy concerts or playing music or strategic games, or even doing math. amazing.

canada, eh? i'm surprised you have a legal threat. i had understood they don't really plunder people over marijuana up there anymore. also, when i went there it sure seemed lax and unenforced.

mnduke62 7 years ago

I just want to add my two cents here. I quit smoking pot in December of 2008 because I got laid off my job and needed to look for a new one. I know that most places now drug test and I wanted to be clean. I did have a bad headache and all the other stuff I have read on here. When it turned out that there were no jobs to be found, I went back to smoking because I figured I might as well be stoned and feel good if not working. I lost my mother to lung cancer in June and that made me smoke even more. I need to get a job so bad I figured it was time to quite again. It has been a little over two weeks. The headaches and light headedness started all over again. I have really had some very weird dreams. (I like that part, it is like seeing a movie every night). I have thought more about my mother's passing in the last two weeks and really have some strong feelings about it. I was masking it with dope before. If I find myself a good job soon, I will probably go back to smoking because most of my friends do. I know that when I am not smoking it gives me more of a drive to get out there and find work. I was at my last job for 11 years and then one day they said goodbye. Ok enough. Take care.


truthtalker 7 years ago

ok all of u hear that think its ok to smoke weed u must be mad i used to smoke it and i would say anything to justify it. if u think its ok their is something wrong in your head u can carry on smoking it if u like that's your own choice but don't go on to others telling them its ok and wont harm you

this makes me so mad their is many things wrong with smoking the s#!t

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi DoubleButtch and mnduke62

Yes our pot laws have been relaxed a bit. I think we can be in possession of '15 one gram marijuana cigarettes' before it becomes a Criminal offense. Under that amount is considered to be a civil matter, like a parking ticket, although I wouldn't want to test it.

Well I slipped up yesterday. For no apparent reason, maybe just needed a treat, I bought 2 spliffs. Of course it felt great at the time, except for the GUILT. I ate my way through the kitchen/fridge. Today I feel remorse for having done it. So now I will climb back on the wagon and continue quitting as though nothing happened. Small slips like that can probably be forgiven as long as I stay clean, which is my intention. And even if I smoke once every couple of weeks, it's a far cry from my chronic state. It sounds like I am trying to justify my actions. Quite likely, because I've always had trouble saying NO to myself. I had no intention of getting any when I left the house to walk my dog. All I had to do was think of someone who would have some that was near my dogwalking route. I left there and went immediately to a small park and smoked one before even getting home. Talk about a hair-trigger.


My deepest condolences to you and yours on the death of your mother. My dad died at a young age (he was 55) from an aortic aneurysm. The younger you are, the less able you are to cope with it. If you need weed to survive right now, I say do it. But plan to quit again. Cannabis can mask your feelings, not heal them. Burying those feelings under a big pile of weed won't help in the long run. I too have had some vivid bizarre dreams and I also find them entertaining.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago


Welcome and Thanks for being the voice of reason. I need to hear that now and then. Thanks for the lecture.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

My paranoia and anxiety was getting alot better and i thought i was getting better, i went out with one of my old smoking buddies and i ended up having a few tokes, at the time it felt ok and the next day wasnt to bad either but i got really drunk the night after and went to a music festival on saturday so i havnt been sleeping briliantly since. today i felt awful, the anxiety is nearly as bad as it was when it first started and the one thing that scares me most is that it wont got away, i cant sleep at all without the tv on because i cant be with my own thoughts, i get scared im going to go completely mad. i barely slept a wink last night. i think if i get a good sleep tonight i might feel better but i feel like ive thrown myself right back into teh deep end of my issues by smoking again. i have a question to, if smoking made it worse does that mean its not withdrawal and if not does that mean ive actually fucked up my head?

BigSmoker 7 years ago

My paranoia and anxiety was getting alot better and i thought i was getting better, i went out with one of my old smoking buddies and i ended up having a few tokes, at the time it felt ok and the next day wasnt to bad either but i got really drunk the night after and went to a music festival on saturday so i havnt been sleeping briliantly since. today i felt awful, the anxiety is nearly as bad as it was when it first started and the one thing that scares me most is that it wont got away, i cant sleep at all without the tv on because i cant be with my own thoughts, i get scared im going to go completely mad. i barely slept a wink last night. i think if i get a good sleep tonight i might feel better but i feel like ive thrown myself right back into teh deep end of my issues by smoking again. i have a question to, if smoking made it worse does that mean its not withdrawal and if not does that mean ive actually fucked up my head?

BigSmoker 7 years ago

Sorry about the aweful grammer there by the way :)

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

I don't think you've "fucked up your head", at least not permanently anyway. But hear this, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Cannabis can affect us in many ways. A former smoker friend of mine developed raging paranoia whenever he smoked. He is now clean. I think you are experiencing acute paranoia due to the combination of chemicals that you turned loose in your head. You will probably recover once your central nervous system calms down. Plus, you probably smoked the same amount as you used to, but now thats too much. Thats a good sign. It means your system was cleaning out. No one has ever died as a result of overdosing with THC although sometimes you might feel like it. Do whatever you need to to get through today. (except that). Tomorrow might be 1000% better than today. All you need worry about is relaxing and staying clean for the next 5 minutes, then the next 5, then the next 5 etc. Hang in there and post as many times as you need to. I find this site very encouraging. We all know how you feel. I'm thinking of you.

mandem 7 years ago

dude u talk so much rubbish you agree with every one.

man you are messed up you mite as well go ahead and smoke the green.

you cant get anymore messed up the 4real.

only post on hear that makes scene is truthtalker.

the green will fuck you up bigtime no its not heroin but dude its just like cigarettes and beer it feels good but in the end it will mess you up big time.

and if you have mental health problems its just asking for trouble it will make it worse

mandem 7 years ago

that's BakedFreshDaily and anyone else that thinks its OK

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago


If I interpretted your post correctly, (was that in English?) you completely missed my point. I am trying to be supportive and encouraging to those who are having the same troubles as me. Thats what I got from this site and I see it as valuable. You are entitled to your opinion, but you need not be discouraging.

mandem 7 years ago


wife 7 years ago

my husband is giving up smoking marijuana and i am helpless with wat he is experiencing but he is aggressive towards me and my children he needs medical help in some way like a medication or something to get rid of the withdrawl symptoms.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi wife

As far as I know, there is no medication that stops withdrawal but the symptoms can be controlled while he detoxes. You are right, he does need medical help controlling his anger and/or anxiety, which seems to be one of the most common adverse effects. He's likely angry about the way he interacts with the family. He feels guilty when he goes off on one of you, he feels guilty when he tokes. It's a lose/lose situation. He has no coping skills left because he has always dealt with stress with another spliff. You and the kids piss him off just by being there, between him and the weed. I have been chronic for 11-12 years and my wife always wanted me to quit also. I felt a great deal of resentment towards her because I thought she was trying to separate me from my drug of choice. I believed cannabis was crucial to my survival and who the hell did she think she was trying to take it away from me. After all, you wouldn't deprive a diabetic of insulin. That shows you how weed changes the way we perceive things. I thought I would die a smoker but now it looks like I might still have a shot at living. This site has made a HUGE difference for me. My withdrawal symptoms were pretty bad for the first week. Anxiety, nausea, tremors of the jaw and hands. All are absent at three weeks clean. If he had an anti-anxiety med for a month or so, he would feel more comfortable in his own skin and the hostility should dissipate. I hope this helps you and your family.


You are a fucking moron. Most of what you said in this article is absolutely false. Cannabis is NOT an addictive substance. I smoked cannabis everyday, all day for over a year and I stopped with no problem. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Cannabis is no stronger today than it was in the 70's. This is a myth that the government has spread. They tested old, crappy cannabis from the 70's and compared it to incredible bud from today. Cannabis has also been shown to help PREVENT many kinds of cancer and has NEVER been shown to cause it. The active chemical in cannabis, THC (tetrahydrocannibinol), has been proven to KILL brain cancer cells.

It's idiots like you that fuck up this country and let the government roll right over rights.

Next time you should probably get the facts and not believe all the Partnership for a Drug-free America commercial bullshit.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Need a fattie??

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

mandem and truthtalker:

why must you all have such harsh attitudes???

obviously some people have problems with weed, but that's because they have problems and are using weed. anyone using weed and having problems with it i'm sure should quit smoking and deal with their problems. but bottom line, it doesn't foul up my digestion or make me sick or puke like alcohol has many times. and has done wonders for me psychologically. Like i said it just needs used reverently if one chooses to use it. we have such a thing as herbs on this planet that have blessings to give. cannabis simply has this dangerous aspect which gets involved with peoples mental problems. people need to clear out their "demons" and have emotional and intellectual maturity not to have problems with it. if it gets to be a habit controlling your life, well there's a sign you may need to quit.

i've never had trouble sleeping with or without smoking it. I haven't smoked in about 10 days and have no problems & sleep fine. cigarettes seem OBVIOUSLY way more harmful. Notice how you two have resorted to speaking with this irate tone. what does that tell you??

what does it mean when someone gets pissed and starts speaking violently with insulting language etc? i think it means someone has some emotional problems to deal with. and probably shouldn't get into smoking much cannabis at least until they do some maturing.

like the one called "GO F*** YOURSELF..." you gotta get some balance here. marijuana isn't just "addictive" or "not addictive." there's more to it than that. people have addictions, dude. have some compassion, eh?

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

btw, GO...

to be fair, i want to acknowledge you have good points, but please, you speak so harshly. and you might consider taking some responsibility for your own rights. no "idiot" can "fuck up" your rights.

i have good reasons for quitting smoking but that has nothing to do with letting "governments" roll over my rights. I would never knowingly or willingly allow any statutory authority to tell me what to or what not to put in my body, or have in my bag, etc. the only way to let corporations like "governments" roll over one's rights is to make contracts with them, giving them authority to do so. the supreme courts of America and any country where Law prevails always honor the individual in this way. "governments" are corporations created by contracts in Law. and Law is made by supreme court decisions. statutory "laws" made by these corporations are called by the court "man-made laws," and can't bind anyone who has not made contracts with the corporate body which has made them. to the extent that you come under a statutory authority, you have no real rights, only granted privileges and immunities, commonly called "rights."

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

to wife:

just to offer my own understanding here, i hope it may help. i think he needs your patience and love. i honestly don't think that medicating really helps with psychological and emotional problems. i think it's a way to get around dealing with the issues he's having. i think his marijuana use was just that, and he would probably have less of an attitude if he had dealt with his emotions instead of smoking pot and medicating it.

i know it's hard to come off it and not have issues but getting some of the more toxic kind of dope from "authorized" drug-pushers and continuing to medicate doesn't help in my opinion. what's more, coming off of pharmaceuticals can be very dangerous depending on what one takes. look up Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy's work on the dangers of anti-depressants & other similar drugs. the manufacturers of these drugs know exactly what the drugs do, but the doctors they market them to rarely do much research before prescribing them. different people react differently, and even those who don't end up either dependant & semi-zombified or suicidal/homicidal, have taken toxic poisons which contribute to all kinds of side-effects and disease. he'd be better off smoking more weed.

instead of continuing to medicate, i would suggest transformational breathing, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, and quality counselling. i know it may seem far-fetched that he will just do this for himself and improve but truly i think it will get worse in the long run if he starts taking medical drugs. give him lots of patience and love. notice if you get impatient or have an attitude against his aggression. if you show him a great love and patience i think this can heal him if anything can. Woody Harrelson in a movie said "only love can kill a demon" but i see it more as setting them free.

i've seen it happen. i hope this helps

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

BakedFreshDaily: "Need a fatty?" lol

does anyone know what the oscillating green number at the top of this page stands for?

sorry i'll shut up now

chonic  7 years ago

this blog is getting a bit out of order if u ask me i still have not smoked any weed for over 2 weeks and felling good

DoubleButtch i think the green number at the top of this page is the number of post its on 89 now lets see what it is after i post this

chonic  7 years ago

it changed to 88 ???

chonic  7 years ago

oh its the hubscore whatever that is

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

to DoubleButtch: re wife

You make a good point about some people being better of staying with weed. I have a friend (actually the husband of a coworker) whose physician has told him he would be better of to continue to use THC. This guys lungs are HORRIBLE and he's only in his late 40's. His doctor has prescribed Marinol. THC in a capsule. This might be a viable option for wife's husband.

the english pat 7 years ago

hello wife. i hope things get better soon.

i was VERY ANGRY for a couple of months on withdrawl, and i am an easy going guy. i am glad to say my wife was understanding but stayed firm with me and didn't let me take over. i do not know how your situation is, i would recommend being cool and loving the guy but if he is humiliating or beating you then ditch the dumbass!! the good news is it all gets back to normal eventually, i am nearly 6 months clean now and aok.

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

BakedFreshDaily hope you don't let yourself get to feeling guilty if you get baked, just enjoy it and like you said get right back on course. you know this of course, but just to add some encouragement...

i had the strongest cravings yet last night. every time i let it go, i'd find myself feeling something was missing & then turn to my pipe & want to smoke. i almost decided to several times. i'd resist but this time it didn't make me smile! but i just kept busy with my guitar & finally it passed. felt weird. hardly could focus on anything. i guess you could call this "withdrawal symptoms." i think this page is proving more helpful than i expected.

a buddy came over today to play go with me & he was puffing the whole time, while arguing to me that smoking weed destroys enlightenment and brain cells, etc. I found myself mostly defending the possible healthy use of the herb. quite a funny situation. i was not craving it in the least today, either.

BakedFresh & wife -- you know better than marinol (and usually free) is to just get plain leaves. growers usually throw them away (at least in oregon) and will happily give them to friends. you can boil them and eat them just like spinach, say, on some bread or something. it only takes a few leaves, maybe 5-6 or so, to get quite a strong effect. (that is if you get leaves from a mature harvested bud plant) i feel we humans really need to get out of the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry. if a medicine can save someone's life, like antibiotics can, fine. but pharmey drugs for everything is ridiculous and this industry is run by money gangsters (who also have their allegiances) and has become an enemy to humanity.

anyone know what "hubscore" means yet?

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Thanks DoubleButtch, I was feeling kinda shitty because I thought I was stronger than that. I told my wife (I'm so good at hiding it that she wouldn't have known if I hadn't told her) the next day and she said basically the same thing, except for the "just enjoy it" part. lol. I was a bit cranky the next day but I'm back on the wagon again. I don't know anyone that I could get leaves from but that might be an alternative to smoking, which has raised hell with my lungs. I would like to be able to toke only once or twice a month. That way I would get a good buzz. When I was smoking all day every day, I never even got high anymore. I had to smoke to feel normal. In the last three weeks that I haven't smoked, I've already saved myself $500.

I suggested Marinol to wife because it sounded like she may have been in danger. I don't endorse indiscriminate use of prescription meds either. Why do the pharmaceutical companies keep cranking out new and improved cold medications, allergy medications, etc. etc.? Because the market is frigging HUGE. The potential for profit is frigging HUGE. When I read wife's post, it reminded me of my coworkers husband. Maybe some people simply must have THC. I like to think that at some point, 1-2 times a month will be enough for me. Thanks again for the pep talk, I needed it.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

I have an idea what hubscore might be. I think there are many discussion groups on this site and hubscore refers to this columns standing compared to other topics on this site. The more active this group is the higher our rating as compared to others. The more activity, the lower the number, number 1 being the best. Just a thought.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

as i said before, i smoked weed last thursday and since then i feel terrible, ive got really bad anxiety and i think its getting worse everyday. my doctor gave me beta bockers before and i only took one, recently ive been taking them every day just to get through. most people say they fear death, i fear scitzophrenia but that seems almost as bad to me because that to me is an end. i really want to get better, has anyone else had an almost completely all consuming fear that their anxiety is some other mental illness? im finding this so difficult right now.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

as i said before, i smoked weed last thursday and since then i feel terrible, ive got really bad anxiety and i think its getting worse everyday. my doctor gave me beta bockers before and i only took one, recently ive been taking them every day just to get through. most people say they fear death, i fear scitzophrenia but that seems almost as bad to me because that to me is an end. i really want to get better, has anyone else had an almost completely all consuming fear that their anxiety is some other mental illness? im finding this so difficult right now.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi BigSmoker:

I have. In Feb. 1990, I had a full blown panic attack. I was taken by my parents(thank goodness for them) to our local mental health centre. During this episode, I was absolutely convinced that I irreversably insane. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder type II. I have to take several meds now but I function well. You might have some mental illness, but I think your perspective is a little skewed due to that AND withdrawal from cannabis, which you probably used to self-medicate. Wow, deja vu. There has been some prescription medication bashing on this site but if not for them, I WOULD BE DEAD. I had my demise all planned out. Luckily I was too weak and shaky to carry it out. Maybe you should share your feelings with a psychiatrist, as psychologists can't prescribe medication. There is NO SHAME in seeing a psychiatrist. If you had a broken leg, you wouldn't be ashamed to see a doctor, why so for a broken/damaged mind?

Beta blockers are generally prescribed to lower blood pressure and sometimes for migraines. It sounds like you need something to calm you. You have been living for the last 8-9 days in a near-panic state. Extremely exhausting!!!

DoubleButtch 7 years ago

well i dont see any reason for shame, but they (psychiatrists) may be fairly drug-oriented, and educated by drug industry money. how bout a psychologist? i know as i've said that sometimes drugs can save one's life & can't say anything against that, although i do imagine that sometimes there could, maybe, have been other options? one has to go with what one knows & whats available at the time though. tough topic. i think a lot of herbs (like hypericum) can help with depression & anxiety. also, sometimes something in the diet (like coffee or processed sugar), if eliminated, can do wonders. quitting prescription drugs i know can be dangerous. i think a good priest (scarce, i know) can help a lot (i suppose especially female, if possible [even more scarce of course]). just suggestions, i hope to be helpful.

by the way, i smoked weed night before last. i had gone to go club & hadn't had much sleep, so i broke down & got a dark chocolate bar for caffiene. hadn't eaten but a cookie all day & the whole bar proved too much caffiene & my emotional state got way imbalanced. (could play good go tho) emotionally i felt almost like i was dying or something, everything seemed so fatal. got some food & went & saw my girlfriend & was really having a hard time. she offered me some smoke & so i did & immediately felt much better. i'm still sticking it out for my 2 months no cannabis plan other than that. i'm glad it helped me in the moment but don't want to smoke out of habit. also i had a good experience reminding me of the downside to caffeine.

i can recommend the work of dr. Thomas Szasz for more about the downside of mental illness diagnoses & drug treatment for it. again if it has really helped i can't knock it but i really think this is an important subject to look at both sides of.

BigSmoker, do you get plenty of exercise? perhaps a cleansing diet can help? creative hobbies? wish i could be helpful. i wish you well

mnduke62 7 years ago

I have found this blog to be very helpful. You are always going to have people out there that are going to be negative and harsh. I have gone three weeks now without smoking because I am looking for a job and will probably have to take a drug test. I will smoke again someday. My headaches have stopped and I am really feeling good. I have lost some weight because I am going to bed earlier and don't have the munchies. I am not eating crap at all hours. I wish everyone luck who is quitting and if you still smoke and it works for you, great. Thanks for letting me express myself.


mnduke62 7 years ago

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the dreams are still great that I am having at night. I think that is the best part. It is like going to a movie every night.


BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago


Although I sometimes sound like a pitchman for the pharmaceutical industry, I don't beleive there is a pill for everything. DoubleButtch makes a very good point. Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And it's free. We humans were designed to do a certain amount of physical activity daily. The industrial revolution and now the computer revolution has taken that away. I know how hard it is to pry my fat ass off the couch too. Luckily, I have a great dog that needs to be walked. I take a bottle of COLD water, my smokes(tobacco) and away we go. Try to find something that you enjoy that you can do on a daily basis. (Not that).

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago



BigSmoker 7 years ago

immmmmmm mad i tell u maddddddddddddddddddddddddddd whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


BigSmoker 7 years ago

I didn't write that

BigSmoker 7 years ago

I woke up feeling quite a lot better this morning. I got up and went to church with my dad, my faith helped me get through this last time so i thought it would be a good idea. at church i felt so spaced out, it was horrible, everything just seemed completely wrong. it wasn't a nice experience at all.

As i said i didn't completely recover before but i was nearly there and it became a lot easier to deal with about a week after i stopped. this time its been 11 days and the anxiety is still bad. i went to work last night and for some reason i felt fine while i was there but for most of today I've been really anxious.

By the way, it was my 19th birthday yesterday and I'm leaving for uni on the 18th. However, the way i feel right now i would feel really uncomfortable about leaving home, basically, I've got 12 days to get myself feeling a lot more comfortable with everything.

I'm going to try and see my doctor again in the week, Ive had a really bad cough recently so sleeping is pretty restless which isn't helping at all, i might look into some herbal medicines to relieve anxiety to.

Wish me luck everyone, and has anyone else suffered the anxiety almost relentlessly at its worst for more than a week or two after quitting, i really need to be ready for uni as i will be a long way from home.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

I woke up feeling quite a lot better this morning. I got up and went to church with my dad, my faith helped me get through this last time so i thought it would be a good idea. at church i felt so spaced out, it was horrible, everything just seemed completely wrong. it wasn't a nice experience at all.

As i said i didn't completely recover before but i was nearly there and it became a lot easier to deal with about a week after i stopped. this time its been 11 days and the anxiety is still bad. i went to work last night and for some reason i felt fine while i was there but for most of today I've been really anxious.

By the way, it was my 19th birthday yesterday and I'm leaving for uni on the 18th. However, the way i feel right now i would feel really uncomfortable about leaving home, basically, I've got 12 days to get myself feeling a lot more comfortable with everything.

I'm going to try and see my doctor again in the week, Ive had a really bad cough recently so sleeping is pretty restless which isn't helping at all, i might look into some herbal medicines to relieve anxiety to.

Wish me luck everyone, and has anyone else suffered the anxiety almost relentlessly at its worst for more than a week or two after quitting, i really need to be ready for uni as i will be a long way from home.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

And thanks for sharing that baked fresh, it helps to know other people have recovered from these things. yours sounds as though it was worse than mine has been, i have NEVER considered... you no and it makes me cringe to think about.

i have now shared how i feel with both my parents and they have been very supportive of me however i don't think either would have any idea if i hadn't told them, that's one thing i find odd, I'm quite sure I'm fine on the outside its just in my head that i cant sort out.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

to BigSmoker

No prob Bob. And Happy 19th Birthday. (I have T-shirts older than that lol.)

Trusting and confiding in your parents is a good thing. When I shorted out in 1990, my parents had no idea I was so f----d up but they stepped up to the plate at the drop of a hat. They love us and care about us in a way that can't even be comprehended until we have our own children. I have 3 boys and I would die for anyone of them.

I wonder if maybe you are feeling a lot of pressure due to the looming deadline of going to uni. You don't want to waste this opportunity and you know that if you are still feeling spacey, you won't be in top form. A very valid concern. Look at it this way, you have as much time left as you have been clean. Tomorrow could be the day when you break through and start feeling good. I give you HUGE praise for staying clean this long despite the anxiety you talked about. It can only get better from this point on, right? You said you got up this morning feeling a lot better. That's a positive sign. I've been clean 24 days now, except for one slip, and I feel ok for the most part, but I still have cranky spells. Maybe an hour or two here and there. I try to avoid stressors at these times and just ride it out. They pass, and I'm ok again. Remember that these are temporary.

Hang in there BigSmoker. Some people out there are trying to kick heroin, coke, meth, and ex. If they can do that, we CAN DO this.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

Cheers man

Ive been in for most of today but i feel quite a bit better than yesterday, i find it easier to cast off the anxiety before it really catches hold, maybe because i slept better last night.

the worst thing at the moment is how light headed and spaced out i feel, i sometimes find it hard to get a grasp of everything, especially when I'm around a lot of people like when i was at church yesterday, when i think about this i get scared because i start to think its not gonna go away and all i want is to feel normal again, recently ive felt a lot better when I'm at work which is weird because i work at a burger king and it gets really busy, has anyone else had this light headed feeling I'm talking about?

Cheers and good luck.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

What a refreshing change!! When I was chronic, I declined most, if not all social engagements but today my wife and I and our two teenaged boys were invited to my in-laws cabin at the lake. I went along willingly, albeit with slight reservations. I had a really good time. I played two games of Scrabble with my mother-in-law and three or four games of horseshoes with my father-in-law and sons. We had a very good day and I could hardly wait to get home and tell everyone. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

Ive felt a bit weird when I'm out since i last blazed but today i feel great. i went out earlier and i felt like i was realizing how beautiful the world is for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, like I'm alive again, although I'm not completely back to normal yet.

I'm so glad your starting to feel more comfortable in social situations like this, it gives me hope and i bet a lot of people would say the same.

I myself am feeling better everyday now and I'm even looking forward to leaving for uni now even just 2 feeling really nervous about it. I just hope i carry on improving at the same rate now.

Good luck man

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

It's been 25 days today. The biggest difference I can see has been to my attitude. I too can see beauty in the world, I laugh easily (when something is funny), I can tolerate people and things that used to send me straight to my lab. Thats what I called my furnace room, where I did most of my smoking. I still would enjoy a good spliff, but the difference now is that I would like it, I don't NEED it. I used to feel it was crucial. I couldn't enjoy anything without being loaded. Now there are days that I don't even think about it (much). I do more around the house, my wife likes that. I feel optimistic about the future. I just might have a good shot at staying clean this time.

BigSmoker, I wish I could send you some of my strength. I feel like I have more than enough to go around. Stay with it man, it does get easier.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey BigSmoker. Haven't heard from you in a couple days. How's it going?

I took my dog for a walk last night and found myself at a buddies place. Him, his wife and I smoked a thin one. I only had three small hits and it was gone, but I got kinda buzzed. I'm wondering now if I should continue doing that every couple of weeks. We laughed and had a good time for 30 min. or so, but today I was a little edgy and cranky. I think my answer is NO, at least for the next while anyway. Just when you think you have a handle on things, plans go awry. Apparently, I'm not over it yet.

Has your light-headedness lifted yet? Just wondering how things are with you. Stay strong.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

I woke up at 5 am this morning from a really bad dream, in the dream my anxiety was all back n i felt awful but i thought it was real then when i woke up my heart was racing and i though i was going mad, i managed to get back to sleep and when i woke up it was 7, i had a bit of a hangover cos i had a few drinks last night but apart from that i felt great which is saying something because i normally feel worse than ever when Ive been drinking the night before.

Once the headache went off i felt almost completely normal, i was amazed, its like i'm my old self again. since i started getting the anxiety ive been really ocd about some things but i found myself not even thinking about it today.

i wish i could still smoke every now and then but unfortunately Ive reached the point were i don't feel comfortable when I'm high anymore, partly because i worry about how its going to effect me. maybe in a year or so I'll try again.

From what you've said it doesn't sound like good idea for you to try and go back to occasional use, when you've got a full blown addiction for that long it can be a slippery slope to get back to where you were before. If you do want to use occasionally it might be a good idea to give it a month or so and see how you feel. really evaluate how life feels without it and consider the risks of getting addicted again.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi BigSmoker

You are right about that slippery slope. Three years ago, I quit for 16 weeks. When I started again, I went at it heavier than before. I know intillectually that small cheats can lead to failure. Thank you for calling me on them. When I slip, I'm reminded for the next couple of days why failure is not an option. I fall back into old patterns of behaviour with my family and coworkers. Cranky, antagonistic, and sullen. Maybe I see it as a test to see if I'm not addicted anymore. Once an addict, always an addict. I think I should stop flirting with disaster.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

Its good you can admit that you'll always be an addict, its always easier to quit if part of you knows your just going to go back to it as soon as you've convinced your self your clean.

How are you feeling since you smoked? It made me feel horrible for the next 10-11 days after i slipped.

I really hope you keep with it this time, good luck.

I myself felt really great today, its amazing how much progress Ive made. i actually feel like myself again.

I'm going clubbing tomorrow night tomorrow night and I'm prob gonna get really arseholed so i just hope i don't feel shit again the next morning, drinking has brought it all back before.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Luckily for me, I rarely drink. The day after I smoked, I was cranky and sullen, but only for 1-2 days. I couldn't stand having withdrawal for as long as you do. I seem to snap back fairly quickly now, not like when I first quit. I know that alcoholics say that one drink is too many and a thousand not enough. I hope it's not the same for potheads. I think for now, I'm going to try to stay away from it completely. It is reassuring that my 'hangover' only lasts a couple days, but that could change, so to be on the safe side, I'll try for total abstinence.

I'm really happy for you that you're feeling better. Try to remember how this feels next time you're tempted. How's that for the pot calling the kettle black.

always baked  7 years ago

I am a 19 year old who has been smoking weed everyday for about 3 years. I decided 9 days ago that I was going to quite smoking weed because I have an addiction to it. I lasted 7 days then stress got to me. But today is a new day and why not start all over. So many people over the last few years have told me that you can not get addicted to pot but you can. I have been smoking weed scents I was 14 years old it only got really bad when I turned 16 but I went through school doing it. I have started my life and have a lot going for me right now but I am afraid that this addiction is going to get the best of me I love being stoned I makes everything go away for a little while it makes me numb to the world. But I am ready and today is DAY one here we GO

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Welcome, always baked.

Congrats for trying again. I tried several times before now. Once, I lasted 16 weeks but eventually went back to it heavier than ever. Half an ounce per week. The other times I quit, it was always because someone, usually a family member, would badger me into it. You can not quit for someone else. What needs to happen is an attitude shift, This time I quit because I had a lucid moment (rare) and did the math. If I continued at this rate, I would smoke $72,000 Can. in the next 10 years. Thats a top-of-the-line Mercedes.

When you toke, you feel great for a couple of hours, but the 'hangover' lasts for a few days. The reason for this, is because THC is fat-soluble, not water soluble. Therefore, it takes longer for the contaminants that occur naturally in cannabis, to clear out. They tend to clog up the cell walls, where the neurotransmitters in your brain communicate. This is what causes the 'hangover'.

The obvious solution is to have some more, which makes the 'hangover' a little longer and more intense. Do you see the pattern here? If one can get past the hangover, and is sufficiently motivated, i.e. finances, family pressure, school deadlines, it can be done. I have been clean for a month now, and I feel almost like my old self. I can enjoy things now that used to require a fatty before. I have my old enthusiasm for life back. I am optimistic about the future and have started taking care of some of the things that I let slide before. I basically put my life on hold being stoned for 12 years. The simple act of writing on this post has given me strength I didn't remember having. You have made a significant first step. Read this site daily like I did and you too will find strength. We've all been in your shoes and we understand. Hang in there and write back tomorrow, we look forward to hearing from you!

always baked  7 years ago

Day one is over with have the biggest headache of my life. I was asked to go out after work smoke a fatty with a few people because that’s one of the things we do every night after work or even before work. I can say I didn’t give in but I think it is going to be hard because I think there are maybe 3 people I no that do not smoke weed. I am not being pressured into quitting by anyone this is my choice because I have been living in the moment and no caring about School, Money or work. I am about to start a new journey in my life and I want to stay free from this addiction. I have four months of my course left and my all time dream will be accomplished. So I have goals and determination. I just have a fear of giving into it.

Thanks BakedFreshDaily for your support

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

WOW man, I am impressed. One day in, feeling like shit, open invitation and you didn't give in!! You should feel real GOOD about that!

I smoked before work, at work, and after work. I was of the wake-n-bake variety. If I was awake, I was loaded. (or as loaded as I could get). Eventually, I didn't even get high anymore. I had to smoke just to be normal. I know exactly what you mean by 'living in the moment'. Everything required a fatty or why bother? Strategy games, TV, reading, visiting, eating. Everything I did, I needed to smoke to enjoy it.

I still have to stay away from my smokey friends, but luckily for me, I have many nonsmoking friends as well. You have 2 BIG things in your favor.

1 YOU have made this decision, you haven't been pressured into it.

2 You have goals and a concrete plan on how to achieve them.

Although you probably think that your brain works better on weed (I did), thats just the weed talking. I have been clean for 1 month today, and my brain is doing just fine, thank you, and my mood swings have nearly disappeared. If I was out of smoke, I was miserable. A real bear. Now there are days I don't even think of it. I didn't get the massive headaches some people talk about, but we're all different.

I did slip once and bought 2 j's about 10 days in, but I went right back to not smoking when they were gone. I tell you this not to give you permission to smoke, but to give you permission to be less than perfect. No one is. If you slip, don't be discouraged. Not meaning to trivialize what you're doing, remember that there are people out there who are quitting crack, meth, ex, or heroin. Thank goodness you didn't get into that. Plus, withdrawal from weed doesn't take months in a rehab facility. This can be done in a relatively short time at no financial expense. In fact, you'll find that you have extra money now that you're not feeding the monkey on your back.

Once again, CONGRATS and hang in there. You deserve it.

Bubba Hutch 7 years ago

hey thanks for the tips BakedFresh, about the non-water-soluble oils. that makes sense. cooked fats become unwater-soluble. and smoke ones are extra cooked.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

If you've been reading back you'll know that Ive been getting withdrawal symptoms for days after smoking. i genuinely though i was insane. what you've got to remember is you could always function perfectly before you discovered weed and that will return if you stop smoking now. when you crave remember how badly it effects your life and your personality and force yourself to stay away.

I myself am almost completely better now. i don't feel the anxiety anymore, i can talk to people fine and i can even drink and get really pissed and function perfectly the next day. you have to remember that no matter how you feel, not smoking will eventually have the same effect as smoking in making you feel yourself, and eventually you will feel "high" just because you not high. stopping a drug can be just as exhilarating just stay strong, and remember we're always here to listen when you feel weak.

good luck, one love brother!

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey, BigSmoker.

You're absolutely right about feeling good without being high. I have found that my level of enthusiasm for life has climbed back up to where it was B.C. (before cannabis) I am my old self again, according to my wife. Some of my friends might jokingly say " Jeez, sorry to hear about that". lol.

Like I said in previous posts, I did slip twice, once when I bought 2 j's and once when I had 3 hits with a buddy, but I still claim my original quit date because these were insignificant events, to my way of thinking. When I was chronic, it would have taken that much just to get to work in the morning. Getting high would still be fun, but it's just not worth the 2-3 days of feeling crappy that comes with it. It's a matter of priorities. Just think about all the money that isn't going up in smoke.

always baked, how are you doing?

always baked  7 years ago

So I am not doing to bad except I feel like shit, my head hurts I am hot then cold I am super moody mean to every person that comes into my path have not stopped thinking about a bong rip all day…….cleaned out my closet today gave away my bongs, pipes, and rolling papers, blunts all of it is gone came across a nice bag that I forgot I had gave it away with all the rest of it. Still having trouble with cravings. I am so used to weed all day everyday every hour.. So it is taking some getting used to. So when I tried to quit on September 3th and went till the 10th without it I didn’t feel as bad as I do now I still felt sick but not as bad…I blame it on stress that a gave in because I had a shitty night at work and when I got off I backed in to a transport in the parking lot. SO I think that I can get through the next few days as long as life dose not happen lol weed has been my escape for 3 years now I just need to find a new was to channel stress of everyday life. I spent a lot of time cleaning today but I find I am smoking a lot more cigarettes to replace the joint it will never feel the same but I guess it is something that I am doing with my hands. But it is all good day 2 down.

Thanks BakedFreshDaily

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Deja vu, man. I gave away all my bongs and pipes too. You must be determined, because if I had found some lost smoke on day 2, I would have smoked it, no doubt about it. I smoked weed as a coping mechanism, and when you do that, you forget how to cope any other way. Everything I did required a toke first. When I first quit I had chills, tremors, nausea, and was mean as hell. I wanted to rip everybody's heads off and spit in their necks. For the first few days I kept pretty much to myself. I've told others on this site to "treat yourself GOOD in every way but one".

For anxiety, I used deep breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, then blow it out through your mouth for 7 seconds. Do this for 10 breaths, you should feel more relaxed. You can do this almost anywhere and it really does work. Something else that worked for me was drinking lots of ice cold water.It's refreshing and might help flush the shit out of your cells.

Don't beat yourself up for that little slip on the 10th. No one is perfect. Just get back on the wagon. That buzz probably felt good, but how good did it feel for the 2-3 days?

Hang in there man, it does get better, and sooner than you think.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

always baked

I forgot to mention the best thing. Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself right now. Take your dog for a walk, or offer to walk a neighbors. Take a bottle of COLD water with you and just go wander around.

BigSmoker 7 years ago

That's good advice. i used the same breathing techniques and exercise was the only thing that helped when the anxiety got really bad

mnduke62 7 years ago

Hi all, Just an update on me. It has now been a month of no smoking. I still have some "stuff" put away in my attic and right now have no desire to even touch it. I am feeling great. I go for a 3 mile walk with my dog every day and that feels great. I should mention that I am 47 years old have been smoking since I was 15. I did quit back in December of 08 for about a month but keep thinking in the back of my mind, "I can't wait until I smoke again." This time it is different. I still hang with my friends that I have been friends with for years and they smoke and it does not bother me. (when they smoke, they are considerate and go outside so I will not be exposed to any second hand smoke) Again, the reason I quit is because I was laid off my job of 11 years and am looking for a new one and most employers are drug testing. I know it will be a long time before I smoke again. My head is so clear right now. I have not felt this way since I was a kid. I can remember everything up to age 15 and then it becomes a blur after that. Don't get me wrong, I still remember things but just not all the details like I did when I was a kid. My mind feels so sharp now that I am not sure when I will or if ever smoke again. I sleep great. I still have an appetite but since I am not staying up all night eating I have lost weight. As I have said before, my favorite part of this whole thing is my dreams at night. I feel like I am going to a movie every night. Some are crazy and some are just plain great. I remember them. I know when I was smoking I would dream and not really be able to recall them like I can now. Ok, it is time to take the dog for a walk. Thanks for letting me get this out. For the people who are quitting, it gets easier every day. At least it is for me. For the people who are still smoking, if it is working for you great but if it is screwing you up, stop smoking and get your life back. Have a GREAT DAY!


BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi mnduke62

It's good to hear from you. I've been off weed for a month too. My results are similar to yours although I didn't smoke as long as you. I might smoke again in the future, but not like I did. I smoked half an ounce a week for the last 4-5 years. If, and thats a big IF, I smoke, it would only be on the odd occassion. Now that my thinking is clear, I can see how it changed my mood, attitude, motivation level, and finances. I had to smoke to feel normal. I have my old sense of humour back. I enjoy people and life again. I don't want to jeopardize this state of mind. For those who still smoke, if you can handle the consequences of it, go hard. I abused/missused cannabis to the point where it was taking a toll on everything and everybody that I treasure. This site has made all the difference this time. It was very reassuring to know that my symptoms were normal and that I wasn't crazy. Although I have never met any of you, in fact I don't even know your real names, I feel a kinship with all of you. Being able to bitch and whine anonymously seems to help me to be honest about how things were going.

Thank You All!

mnduke62 7 years ago


Thanks. Again, it helps to have people on here give you support. Way to go for not smoking for a month. I also forgot to mention that I took a home drug test about a week ago and it should I needed to send the sample in to be checked. I took another one just a couple of days ago and it showed negative. I am certain I could pass a test for a job now. That is a big relieve off my shoulders. My wife did not know I was still smoking. It sure is hard to put my all into finding a job when I know I would fail a drug test. Now I have confidence to go out there and find a good job and not worry about a test.

Wishing everyone the best of luck.


mnduke62 7 years ago

But I guess I still need to work on my typing and my spelling.

Ha ha.


BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago


Congrats on testing clean. Now get out there and show your future employer what a valuable asset you will be for their business.

Doesn't it feel good to know that you don't need weed to be competant. I used to feel totally incompetant and psychologically crippled unless I was loaded. The time that I slipped up and bought 2 j's, I didn't feel good. I had some anxiety and even a little paranoia. That wasn't the case when I was chronic. Now that I am clean, my anxiety and nausea in the morning has completely disappeared. Lets hear it for lucidity.

Maybe you shouldn't apply for a position in the secretarial pool. haha

smoke weed everday 7 years ago

hello everyone,i would just like to metion how pleased i am to see people supporting each other as they are here, its great and gives me hope in kicking this nasty habbit. i am currently on day 4, it is now 5am and i cant sleep so here i am to tell my story. i am a 24 year old female professional, i have been smoking since i was 15. i have attempted to quit many times but some how got drawn back in to it, when i look back now i know i wasnt being strong enough to resist the temptation. the withdrawel symptoms are awful and if your not made aware of them your in for a suprise. i know im only on day 4 but this time im 100% determined to quit, and i wont give up. i believe the individual has to feel mentally prepared to stop. you have to really really realy want to stop, you have to have the will power and be prepared, be very prepared as we all know its not easy. rite now in my life iv graduuated from university, dont know how, smoking all the weed i did and want to start my career. smoking weed has affected my memory and ability to concentrate for long periods of time and does not really suit my chosen career. i wish evryone the best of luck and will keep you updated on how im doing

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi smoke weed everyday, and welcome

It sounds like you have the motivation this time. I tried to quit several times with varying degrees of success. This time seems different though. I have a better mindset after reading some of the posts here. Knowing that my withdrawal symptoms were typical, and I wasn't crazy really helped.

The people on this site have been through what I was going through, and that was very reassuring to me. We know little tips and tricks that can really help.

Don't worry too much about your memory and concentration problems. As the contaminants leave your body, this will return to B.C.(before cannabis) level.

Drink lots of ice cold water, it's refreshing and will help flush out the crap that's clogging up your cells. Treat yourself GOOD in every way. (excpt that one)

Deep breathing exercises work well for anxiety. Breath in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, then breath out slowly through your mouth for 7 seconds. Do this 10 times and you'll feel more relaxed. Physical exercise is great for insomnia. Take a walk around your neighborhood, but not right before bedtime. Allow yourself to calm down before you try to go to sleep.

We're open 24 hrs. so post anytime. lol

We've all been there and you can say whatever you need to here.

Again, Welcome. And hang in there, it gets getter everyday.

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StreetScholar 7 years ago

Im 19, and have been smoking pot since i was 13. About a year ago, i managed to gather up the courage and quit smoking weed. It was becoming more and more apparent to me that it was effecting my life in many ways. My motivation was none-exsistent, self-respect deteriorating by the day and was costing a significant amount of money. At the time ihad a job, and was fearful that if i quit the weed, i woulden't beable to sleep, i bought herbal sleeping medicine and all that, not really having much faith i popped about 8 of them the first night, i never wanted to buy or be perscribed any real knock out stuff, because i knew the pills could possibly replace the weed. That night i woke up about 2-3 times sweating, feeling cold, and when i did finally get my head down, i was having wierd dreams, not so much nightmares, like wierd-scary. Knowing it was the weed messing with my head, i persisted, the dreams got worse, reaching their peak at day 4, then slowly faded away. About a week with no weed what so ever, i started feeling hunger like i had never felt it before, i really started enjoying my food again, i don't drink anyway so i was completely sober 24/7, and the days are alot longer when your not high all the time. I lost my job about 2 weeks after getting clean, not wanting to resort to weed, everytime i craved for a joint i would instantly engage my mind in something, anything, walk the dog, clean the house, clean the car, something insignificant but it works. I smoked cigarettes anyway, and that helped alot too, it doesent replace a joint by no means though. It stayed that way for about 3-4 more weeks, when a moment of absolute weakness caused me to relapse, fooling myself that i was on top of things, and that i could smoke weed seldomly if i chose, i got myself some bud. It was seldom,for about 2 weeks, and then it became constant, every single day, again. Back to square 1. Im still in that situation now, and probably do need help, but i will do it myself, for good this time. The way they describe marijuana as a dependancy is correct in many ways, 90% of the time, i don't even need a joint, i just need to know its their if i need it. But in the UK, its illigal, it costs £20 for 1/8 of an ounce, if you buy that much, you will smoke that much, and this was an every day thing. The law in the Netherlands would be extremely helpful if applied here, so that people who do want to cut down or completely stop smoking weed, can know that they can stop gradually or if they want to cut down, its there 24/7 a day, in a quantity of their choosing, at a potentcy of their choosing, and at a price that is affordable. I need 1 joint to get to sleep, i have to buy 4-5, so i smoke 4-5.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi StreetScholar, and welcome

The symptoms you describe sound very much like those that others on this site have had. I had them all, plus tremors in my hands and jaw, especially in the morning. I was of the wake-n-bake variety. Everyday all day. I smoked before work, at work, after work, right up until bedtime. I got to be quite anti-social, not wanting to go anywhere or be seperated from my stash. I eventually carried it with me, even driving stoned.

The first week of not smoking, I was pretty cranky. I avoided people and things that I knew would aggravate me. Now, 5 weeks clean, I hardly even think about it. All that is required is a change in ones mindset. I think my life will be more productive weed-free.

I'd like to be able to toke occasionally at some point, but I too, am concerned about relapse. I lasted 16 weeks a few years ago, but somehow got caught up in it again. If I'm around someone who has some, I am still tempted.

I have found this site to be very encouraging. The people here know exactly what I'm talking about, because they've been there too. Hang in there StreetScholar, It gets easier.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hey thisguy.

If I had a joint for everytime I felt that way.......

Go with your first statement. Think of the money and brain cells you'ld save.

Belacaleb 7 years ago

Wow, After reading this and other comments i realise that these "withdrawal Symptoms" are very true, and im very glad i know this now. I thought at one point i was going anorexic, but now i can see why i have lost like most of my fat.. Now I'm not willing to give up smoking but if i were to put more effort into working out, Do you think its possible to balance out smoking pot??

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Some people can smoke or not smoke, it doesn't really matter. But some can't. It's all or nothing with them.

If I was awake , I'd already had some, wake-n-bake. All day. I've 'slipped' 3 times, about once every 2 weeks. Even that's a big decrease.

irishlad 7 years ago glad i came across this site,ive smoked weed since i was 15 im 22 now and ive kicked my habbit,ive been off it now 11 days,in those 11 days ive had weird dreams,sweaty hands and feet,and loss of sleep,and also found myself eating less,whan i started smoking it soon after i quit sports which i really enjoyed and was quite good at them,also in the last couple of years i was having panic attacks and also hated social situations,which led to not going out as much as i used,since if been off it i feel much better about myself and find myself doing alot more than i used,i have lots of friends and family that smoke it and ive been around them those 11 days and have been tempted to take a smoke,but i resisted if i can do it anyone can

ben 7 years ago

heyy im 15

i am experiencing anxiety evry day for the last week and my head dosnt seem 2 focus on anything

is this withdrawal?

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Yup, if you haven't toked for a few days. It should pass within a week. Your brain cells are wanting more THC. They are experiencing life without being anesthetized. Hang in there, it gets easier.

ben 7 years ago

thank you so much bakedfreshdaily im seriously shitting myself heyy cos ive been feeling like i got a mental problem but now i know its withdrawel i feel alot beter

lucky its holidays now aswel i dont think i could last another day at skool like this.

thanks alot

ben 7 years ago

thank you so much bakedfreshdaily im seriously shitting myself heyy cos ive been feeling like i got a mental problem but now i know its withdrawel i feel alot beter

lucky its holidays now aswel i dont think i could last another day at skool like this.

thanks alot

ben 7 years ago

sorry 2 keep bugging you guys but who long approx until the anxiety and nausia goes away??

ive been clean for a week excatly and are feeling worse


BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

It should start to decrease any time now, but if it lasts a few more days, don't panic. It depends on how much you used, how long, your own metabolism, etc. etc. Hang in there, it gets easier from here.

ben 7 years ago

cheers mate

il let ya know wen im bak 2 normal:P

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

I'm six weeks clean and my anxiety has pretty much disappeared, but I still crave it now and then. Be patient with yourself. Come back and give us a progress report now and then.

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU! for this website it made me understand and feel alot better cause it feels im not ALONE!I been using marijuana for 3 years on none stop everyday! and stopped cause i went on vacay and wasnt able to get my hands on any where I was at but I was drinking on my vacay and I was fine for 3 days BUT when I got back all HELL BROKE LOOSE!I thought I had the swine FLU!=x cause im a healthy person I go to the gym im a big dude 6 ft 4 inch 276 pounds. It was the worse for me I had never felt these things my body was going though the 2-4th day were the worse its now day 6 and I still feel these"withdraws" but not as serious as day 2-4th for me but im still feeling anxiety,nausa,sweats for no reason! so today i went and got me a detox at a local GNC store to get the "THC" outta my body at least some of it. didn't know what was wrong with me cause I thought "Withdraw to weed" didnt excess! I thought I had high blood pressure,Low sugar.....Blah blah blahh till my g.f tells me check if im have withdraws which brings me here to this website. As i was reading I said to myself SHIT thats what I have! so I felt alot better and more RELAXED but still feel it sometimes but mostly at nite cause thats when I would smoke to go to sleep after a serious workout it would relax me ( hey aronld use to smoke a joint after a workout-lol) so at nite is when I would feel my anxiety and sweats at its peak! and let me add this my sleeping isnt to bad cause I drink a nature tea to sleep and I knock in 4 hours of sleep but I wake up at 6am and im done cant go back! well im just gunna wait it out and see what happens

THANK YOU, and keep up the POST!

p.s hope this made some of u feel better as it did for me.

BakedFreshDaily 7 years ago

Hi WTF IS UP, and welcome.

All of your symptoms are very typical of THC withdrawal. When you toke, your brain cells store all the contaminants that occur naturally in weed. You get high for a couple hours, but the contaminants remain. Thats why you feel 'burnt out' after a good night of toking. These contaminants are fat soluble as opposed to water soluble so they take longer to clear out of your cells. They collect at the surface of each cell where your neurotransmitters also make contact, decreasing the effectiveness of those transmissions. The longer/heavier you smoke, the more buildup you have. The more buildup, the more you need to smoke to get the same feeling. The more you get the picture. It takes about a month for your braincells to recover. During that process, you will feel like crap, at least for the first week anyway.

Drink LOTS of ice water. It helps clean your cells and it refreshes your mouth. Use deep breathing exercises to calm yourself when you feel stressed. This is also good for helping your lungs recover. Treat yourself GOOD in every way, but one. Hang in there man, you're probably over the worst of it.

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Anonymous for now 7 years ago

I am on day one of making the commitment to STOP......I am terrified of the unknown to come so any positive words are really welcome

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

HEY, Baked fresh!

Thank you for replying to my post! Well i woke up today got 5 hours of sleep ( alot better then the 1st few days!) I was hungry which I havnt been in about 6 days, so i ate! then i started to feel a bit of anxiety, i wasnt hot at all but sweating and my hands were cold and feet but I relaxed and i feel alot better now got up shaved did a reg daily things i do but today i can say i feel ALOT MORE LIKE MYSELF! wow! wish i knew what was in store for me when I gave up the buddah! keep up the post guys!

-gets better daily hang in!

ben 7 years ago

heyy baked fres daily

me agen

my anxiety is pretty much gone but i stil have crazy nausia and lack of concentration and apetite

how long til i am completely back 2 normal?


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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

Hey BEN im on day 7 and im feeling alottt better and I was having lack of concentration also and felt nausious in the morning but it went away and havnt felt it no more at all but what im noticing now is when im in some public places I get paranoid. My anxiety is also pretty much GONE! thank god i think that was the worse!but dont worry BEN just drink ALOT OF COLD WATER like baked said it does help.

-gets better daily hang in!

ben 7 years ago

thanks sooo much bro

i hope my nausia and concentration goes away in the next few days

means a lot man


ben 7 years ago

thanks sooo much bro

i hope my nausia and concentration goes away in the next few days

means a lot man


nana&rubble 7 years ago

i am a 27year old female i have been smoking the bud for almost 9yrs and ive been clean now 11 days i started smoking bud for pain from chrones and it worked but now i have a son and im tired of smoking but no one told me that i was going to feel like flipping on anyone at any moment yeah i had a headace but luckly it only happened on the second day and now im left with the sleepless problem and the anger its almost like weed covered up dumb ass people and now people really get to me i sure hope this dont last forever cause i might end up in jail now my husband decided if i could do it he could yeah well hes been smoking15years and his headaces so bad he feels like his heads going to pop hes only on his 3rd day he cant sleep hes a total ass and something has to give because the hardest thing ive ever been through is too weed heads quiting at the same time in the same house its like we are tearing each other a part im a bitch hes an ass and we both feel like super man neither is safe fucking with the other why would people want to go through this we think its just easyer to smoke but our son is 7 now and he wants to do things and we want to be a part of them and thats what keeps us going but its really hard just please tell me that this gets better i dont want to ruin our marriage expecially when we are trying to better our lives and the life of our son why is it sooo hard weed needs to come with a warning not thats its illegal no ones scared of that maybe if some one had said once you stop you may lose everything you ever had my husband and i have been together 10years married 5 please help us

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

HEY BEN glad ur feeling a lil better man i felt some axnsity today not to bad tho im tryin to deal with it tho nausa not so bad today either im just guna try and drink alot more water

ben 7 years ago

yeah mate im feeling exactly the same

im now day 10 and al the other symptoms except nausia are gone

im feeling alot better now

keep at it mate


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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

I tried going to the gym today i went was working out no prob then I notice my skin was getting really RED like if my BP was up!! and my eyes! also.

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

I tried going to the gym today i went was working out no prob then I notice my skin was getting really RED like if my BP was up!! and my eyes! also. Kinda feels like STAGES of mind clarity....(Should i go and hit the gym agian ?? )

ben 7 years ago


see how your feeling after 10 days 2 two weeks of being clean before you hit the gym again

soon enough you will have the mind clarity you had before and will be able to get back into the old regime

i am now 11 days clean and am feeling great...all symptoms are gone except for very mild nausia

keep at it mate

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

hey ben thanks for the support man I feel a lot better I went to the gym yest and didn't get red like before it was my axnsity kicking in and now I know that and I relaxed a lot more! Its amazijg how its a mind set and it fucks so bad with u just gotta relax and it will go away...lucky for me I caught it early and realize I don't need this BULLSHIT!(I only smoked for 3 years every nite after the gym only and I can say thank god to that my build up isn't as bad as others here in this site ) what I can say to this people is RELAX and your gettin over the worse of it its just your mind fuckin with u! I want the old me bak and its gettin there! It feels like my brain is saying "hey this is life without weed"

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

hey ben thanks for the support man I feel a lot better I went to the gym yest and didn't get red like before it was my axnsity kicking in and now I know that and I relaxed a lot more! Its amazijg how its a mind set and it fucks so bad with u just gotta relax and it will go away...lucky for me I caught it early and realize I don't need this BULLSHIT!(I only smoked for 3 years every nite after the gym only and I can say thank god to that my build up isn't as bad as others here in this site ) what I can say to this people is RELAX and your gettin over the worse of it its just your mind fuckin with u! I want the old me bak and its gettin there! It feels like my brain is saying "hey this is life without weed"

wow WOW 7 years ago

Started when a kid, smoked until I was 40, it's only been about 9 days and what a 9 days has it been. My life is a roller coaster right now, and I think it's going to be for a while yet. Anxiety, tension, irritable, racing mind, hate, love, livid dreams, sleeping in fits, hot/cold flashes, night sweats, you name it, I've got it. Keep this in mind: Some of used MJ for different reasons, some LOTS of different reasons. The more the reasons, or even the longer use, the more you are going to go through when you quit. When they pass the bowl, hitter, joint, look inside yourself for what we call self control, once you find it, you are home. The advice on excercise is a good one, it breathes life back into you, and helps get your system (body), clean again faster. Take it easy, build your stamina back up, your body will talk to you.

Great posters on this thread, I wish the best of luck in everything to each and everyone.

ben 7 years ago

heyy fellas me again

2day was pretty hard....i have been skating all day as i am in a movie and need footage and my nausia has been constant......i have had no mental clarity for the past few days and its really getting to me

and advice on the nausia people?


jodi 7 years ago

I have been a heavy smoker for almost 30 years!!! I am on day 11 of no smoke - I have been experiencing all of the above withdrawal symptoms but would like to know if anyone else has the very strange dreams every night. I wake up as if they were real. My husband has had to wake me up several times because I am crying in my sleep. Will these dreams stop????

wow WOW 7 years ago

Of course your going to have dreams, go to the library, get a book on dreams and you will find that they will tell you things about your fears, aspirations, guilt, past, all kinds of interesting little things are going on inside our happy little brains that we do not realize. I to was a heavy smoker, for about the same amount of time, and we are both on day 11, I'm having them as well but it's getting better. Give it some time, this is our awakening..

Ben: Do you have a weak stomach, how is your diet?

ben 7 years ago

um well for the first week i couldnt eat... it was a chore

i am now day 13 and am eating all the time but my headspins and nausia wont FUKK OFF

excuse my french


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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

Ben how many years have you smoked for ?

BigSmoker 7 years ago

Hi everyone, i'm home from uni for the weekend and this is the first time ive had internet access since my last post. since being at uni ive been drinking everyday and it seems to have really slowed the recovery process for me.

Before i left i was feeling quite alot better but since ive been living in my new house ive just felt a little bit off. i still dont feel my self i sometimes feel light headed and a bit anxious and my sleep is really odd, no mtter what time i go to bed i wake up between 7.15 and 8.30 without fail and its a real effort trying to get bakc to sleep, one day i got in at 5 am and woke up at 8.28. i really think i need to return to the way of detoxing myself from everything, alcohol included and see how i feel but its been nearly 6 weeks since i last smoked and im still not 100%. its mainly when im on my own that i get teh axiety now because my thoughts wander and i start convincing myself that i'm not getting better and ive become really ocd about certain things, just like odd little tendancies that i never had before.

all this takien into account however i do feel alot better than i did, i just need to get a grip with what is "myself" again which i havnt had for a while and i should feel fine.

good luck everyone, hope it all goes well.

jodi 7 years ago

back again - day 16 with no smoke after 30 years i would have never imagined withdrawal would be so physical/mental dreams are still vivid every night patience level is zero think all my dreams are coming to haunt me because did not care about things in my life when i was high seems that way i can do this!!!

old stoner 7 years ago

I am on my second day of not smoking pot. The only withdrawl symptonm I have got is not hungry, which thats just fine for me! I smoked pot for almost 14 days, and went to a prayer meeting on Sunday, and prayed to god to take this addiction away from me. Well since no cravings, I have been praying and reading the bible, and it is working, I also pray at night to help me sleep, and it works, to all the people who are having problems quitting smoking just pray and believe god will help you, and he will. The power of prayer is astonishing!!!

Adamm 7 years ago

Hi, My names Adam and I smoke dope!

I am 26 and have smoked flat out for 9 years.... With all the new laws about driving high and the effects I KNOW where caused by MJ, Im a bit slower, I now kinda stu studder my wor words! And im now fat coz I ate crap all the time!

Anyways, Quit now and its for the best! Peace out. WE CAN DO IT!!

Kathryn 7 years ago

Day 3 have smoked for the last 20 years and now WOW!!! I have realized life is passing me by. My gram has lung cancer and is going through chemo and that will be me if the buck does not stop here!! Can not sleep or eat, and my boyfriends thinks it is all my head as he lays in bed snoring!! I am up at 4am cleaning my house!!! Feeling so Bored mostly wanting to take my mind off of hitting the pipe. I was a chronic user wake up and go to sleep. But thats it I am done. It's nice to now that everything I am feeling is normal. This will help me overcome this!!! Thanks for all the posts

jodi 7 years ago

day 23 for me. Last nite was a long one. The dreams are just as vivid although I seem to sleep a little longer. Got some herbal sleep capsules but they tend to leave me groggy in the morning. Quit taking them. When I feel anxious I just go somewhere. Fortunately I live by the ocean and can go for a walk. It seems drinking cold cold water helps also. My boyfriend also thinks it is all in my head. Of course, he still hits the pipe daily and also smokes cigarettes. When he decides to quit I am leaving town!! LOL Every day I go through this is another day I know I will never smoke again. Pot is not what is was 25+ years ago when I started smoking. Not to mention the money I will save. Hang in there everyone - I think we have made the right decision.

ben 7 years ago

hey this is to wtf is up

i smoked every day twice a day for one year but i only smoked the good stuff

i am 3 weeks clean now and am almost back to my former self

feeling great and have so much motivation

keep at it evryone ive done it and so can you

one love

ben 7 years ago


i am feeling excatly the same mate but its only been 3 weeks for me

i feel so much better than i did but the nausia stil creeps back when i am in public places but i know it will pass with mental persistance

i am 16 and often felt like i was facing this challenge alone but this site has helped immensly and i will continue to visit long after my recovery to give kind words to those in need as that is what got me through the worst of it

thank you all for the blogs....keep at it

and remeber to keep at it because life after weed is amazing


ben 7 years ago


i am feeling excatly the same mate but its only been 3 weeks for me

i feel so much better than i did but the nausia stil creeps back when i am in public places but i know it will pass with mental persistance

i am 16 and often felt like i was facing this challenge alone but this site has helped immensly and i will continue to visit long after my recovery to give kind words to those in need as that is what got me through the worst of it

thank you all for the blogs....keep at it

and remeber to keep at it because life after weed is amazing


toke smoke n roll 7 years ago

hey, i do not beleive marijuana is addictive in any way. i was smokin very potent weed 3 or 4 times a day for over a month and had to stop cold turkey for ua's i have had no problem since with temptations to smoke or withdrawl simptoms. i am a weed activist and think ua's are wrong and an invasion of privacy. especially if a counselor is giving them to you because the are there to help with your prolems and you shouldnt have to admit to any drug use but if you want to admit about abuse you shouldnt be scared or ashamed too. and if you do use you shouldnt be punished for those actions. Im mainly concerned about marijuana use because i had a friend who took drug tests and had to stop using marijuana because of it. At the time that was the only thing he used. he started getting into other drugs because they do not stay in your system nearly as long. some might say its the weed being gateway but i disagree. if it werent for those uas he would have never have moved on. also the funny thing is that he get them every 3-5 weeks about how long marijuana usually stays in the system. Now there are hundreds of other drugs out ther that he could easily abuse and pass the drug tests fine. all of those other drugs being thousand times worse for you, highly addictive, have intense withdrawls, and can ruin your life...........fuck the government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ben 7 years ago

hii all

i am now on my fourth week clean and have no mind clarity and the nausia is still here

any tips for making it go away faster??

please help meee!!


ben 7 years ago

how long til i get my mind clarity back??

how long did it take all of you??

thaninja profile image

thaninja 7 years ago from America

hey ben,

It takes time, just do one day at a time. The clarity comes gradually. I found that I quit fumbling for stuff, and had a better mental state in about 3 months, with major clarity within 6 months.

ben 7 years ago


man evryone was telling me i would be fine in 1 month

man this sucks i want 2 be back 2 normal

ben 7 years ago

so just 2 clarify THANINJA you are now back to your former self in terms of mind clarity after 6 months??

is there any way 2 speed up the im 16 and i got 2 do skool....its hard

thaninja profile image

thaninja 7 years ago from America

Oh dude, it gets better. It's not a switch, its a gradual process. At 6 months, I felt like I hadn't smoked before mentally. You are going to be feeling good soon. Get Exercise, and eat well...both those help.

thaninja profile image

thaninja 7 years ago from America

Oh dude, it gets better. It's not a switch, its a gradual process. At 6 months, I felt like I hadn't smoked before mentally. You are going to be feeling good soon. Get Exercise, and eat well...both those help.

superspunk 7 years ago

ive been smoking weed almost everyday since i was 13, im now 21! over the last 3 years i have tried many times to quit but always seem to fall back into it again! the longest i quit for was 6 months and recently i went 3 months without any but fell deeper into it again, im on my 2nd day now but i want this to be the last time i quit i dont want to put myself through this again!

superspunk 7 years ago

also i wanted to no if my cannabis abuse was related to my depression? i have recently been signed off work with depression but i have always put it down to my money problems because im thousands in debt! i have always refused to accept that its down to cannabis cos i never experienced depression when i was younger its only come on since i got into debt! can someone reassure me please?

Weedhead 7 years ago

I've smoked daily for 5 years. When I was younger, I smoked a lot of hash without any trouble. Recently, I decided to quit because I was feeling anxious and nervous - thought it was related to pot smoking. The withdrawl symptons made the depression and anxiety MUCH worse. My Dr. prescribed a very mild dose of Xanax to help with the symptoms. If your having trouble quiting, I can tell you this method helped me. But be aware that Xanax can be addictive if you start taking it for the wrong reasons. I take .25mg up to 3 times a day - like I said... a light dose to take the edge off. My worst symptoms were in the middle of the night or very early morning. I don't know if that is typical or not. Good luck to you all!

bob 7 years ago

I started smoking at around 20 yrs old and I am now 52 and I did quit a few times for 6 months and ended up going back because like a alkoholic only one bowl and I was not going to stop. Some people can smoke it a few days a week or whatever and can go days without it, but if that bag was there I would have to do at least one bowl a day. It has been 2 weeks now and I will not smoke again. As far as withdrawl symtoms go my first week was much harder than my second week has been. In the first week I had nausea and chills my sleep pattern has been way off as I can wake up in the middle of the night and have tossing and turning for quite a spell before I can fall back to sleep again. The second week has been much better(slight nausea and chills)but the sleep pattern could be one of the longer things to go back to normal. I do feel more energized and encourage anyone to go for a long walk daily to feel better and probably enable yourself to sleep better. I feel better than I thought I would after 2 weeks so hang in there and like other people said take it day by day and save yourself a lot of money that could be used in so many other beneficial ways. Go luck and keep happy!!!!!!

dan 7 years ago

not looking for quite entirely, but cutting down from smoke everyday to just once or twice a week during the weekends, it's only been 2 days and the withdrawal symptoms already arrived, not so bad that i found this forum to confirm the symptoms, more reassuring then not knowing why im getting headaches or insomnia, dont really crave it at all, just trying to deal with the nauseous feeling right now, it almost feels like a hangover, so im drinking a ton of water, hopefully it'll help.

jodi 7 years ago

It has been 31 days. Just released from the hospital. Thought I was having a heart attack. Straight life is not all it is cracked up to be but I know I will never be a pothead again!!! Was diagnosed with hypertension. I am the one that has written about the crazy dreams every night. Think the dreams have a lot to do with it because I cannot rest. Even while in the hospital, the dreams continue. I can and will get through this. I have made it this far and will continue to be drug free. Was offered a prescription for xanax but declined. I have to do this. SO everyone out there hang in there. I feel I have had the most severe symptoms that anyone could. Like I have said the pot today is not what it was 30 years ago when I began smoking every day. Straight life is a whole new buzz by itself. A lot of soul searching goes on good luck to everyone and PEACE

ben 7 years ago

heloooooooooooo evryoneee

i am day 33 and am feeling great

thanks thaninja

ive been getting back into reguar exersize and it helps soo much

almost feeling completely cured:)


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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

Hey guys just wanted to come bak and say that I'm feeling AWESOME after 29 days! Amazing how this works ....I been doing some reserch and found that MJ is a anti-depressent ( which we all know) now smoking it at a low rate will help u feel Happy now when u smoke a lot everyyyyyday ur brian keeps wanted that thc to make that same flow of seratoine ( that the THC realses) once u stop smoking weed the seratonie levels drop cause ur not feeding it that THC no more so that's why u feel depressed/anxsity good..I was prescared a pill called Paraxodine 10mg about 10 months ago and its a anti depressent which I havnt taking I went thru all the bad withdraws on my own...that pill they gave me is a seratonie re-uptake it will help alottt I know it but I didn't take it to see how it feels sounds crazy but I'm like that lol- hang in there guys it gets better!

noochie 7 years ago

sometimes i get insane headaches after smoking. it doesnt occur every time. today i smoked a couple blunts among 4 people, and 2 more blunts of probably a different strain among 4 people again. my headache is outstanding though the effects have decreased in the meantime.

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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

I dunno whats going on some1 please help and tell me why I go to bed super tired! wake up within 3-4 hours after in sweats!and to go back to sleep is a mission and it feels I wake up with energy! its been 32 days since I last smoked is that maybe my anxsity still?? I smoked for 3 and a half yrs but mostly at nite can some1 please help me ? and tell me wtf is going on this is getting outta controll!

ben 7 years ago

hey wtf is up

i had exactly the same problem man

what i did which helps is an hour workout each night before i went 2 bed

this fatigued me and i slept like a baby until around 7 each morning

try and take your mind off the withdrawel as when i did , i forgot i even had syptoms and felt great

if your mind is constantly on the symptoms then anxiety will creep back and so with lack of apetite etc....

keep at it man

if a 16 yr old pussy can do it than so can you


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WTF IS UPPP!!!??? 7 years ago

Thank you BEN for ur kind words

Miss Canabis 7 years ago

Im 17, been smoking everyday for the past 2 years. I quit for about two weeks. My friends are trying to help me not to get back to it. But im putting all my anger out on them and end up crying about the most random things. I cant sleep and all i think about is smoking weed. Ive started smoking (not letting my friends now) My boyfriend is in rehab and i really want to be clean before he gets out. Physical activities help for about the same time phrame as being high lasts. I find it hard to concentrate and put time on "productive" activitis....

Nero 7 years ago

Been smoking for more than a year, wake and bake. The last months smoked insanely amounts of hash and weed almost every day. Stopped for 2 months now and for all the people having anxiety,insomnia,weird dreams, headache etc I've been through this shit and after 2 months I'm finally feeling my old self again. For all the super heavy users quitting you will feel better but it takes a while. Good luck!

7 years ago

I ve been smoking and wake and baking for 6 years straight. There was not a single day where i wouldn t smoke at least 10 joints. I decided to quit and it s been 3 weeks so far. the first week was horrible, i was depressed and couldn t sleep. After 3 weeks, I don t feel like smoking anymore but i keep waking up every 2 hours and cannot fall into deep sleep!!! but i feel like this condition is improving. It s all mental strenght boys!

7 years ago

I ve been smoking and wake and baking for 6 years straight. There was not a single day where i wouldn t smoke at least 10 joints. I decided to quit and it s been 3 weeks so far. the first week was horrible, i was depressed and couldn t sleep. After 3 weeks, I don t feel like smoking anymore but i keep waking up every 2 hours and cannot fall into deep sleep!!! but i feel like this condition is improving. It s all mental strenght boys!

ben 7 years ago

hi all

i am on week 7 now woooop:P

i stil feel nausia and have anxiety about one day a week

is this normal after this period of time?


ben 7 years ago

hi all

i am on week 7 now woooop:P

i stil feel nausia and have anxiety about one day a week

is this normal after this period of time?


Driving me crazy, 7 years ago

Hey, I'm 16 and I've been smoking since I was about 14. But for the past year or so, Its been every s i n g l e day. I used to only smoke once in a blue moon, and I was on the honor roll and everything. Then, when I started to smoke every day, my grades dropped, i missed so much school, all i wanted to do was smoke.. it was what i looked forward too.. then a few weeks ago, when i was smoking i had a serious panick attack... i told myself i wasn't going to burn anymore and after that i didn't nearly as much but hanging out with a bunch of stoners, made me feel the tempatation to smoke.. and i did, and when i did i got the anxiety again.. its been a few weeks now but i don't smoke at all really... on halloween i did when i was at a party, only because i was drunk out of my mind. but ever since i've stopped i have been having all the withdrawl symptoms mentioned from everyone else... insomnia, BAD anxiety, KILLER headaches... EVERY SINGLE DAY. i'm wondering when all this will stop its driving me crazy.

I stopped smoking so i can change my life around... because I fucked up in school, so i'm now attending adult ed to get my diploma thru there... and these symptoms are making it harder... =/

ben 7 years ago


i am also 16 and started when i was 14. man im in exactly the same situation as you, i had 3 huge panic attacks when i was high and it scared the fuk outs me......thort i was going to die.....and about a day after i decieded to stop, i got the anxiety...nausia...lack of apetite etc..after about 2 weeks my apetite came back and the anxiety held off for a while, but now i am week 7 and a half and stil get anxiety and my head is cloudy as fuck. i have convinced all my stoner mate 2 quit and they have..successfully

but now i am stil goin through this shit and also want to know when it will all stop

please help me anyone?


WTF IS UP!!?? 7 years ago

Hey BEN sup buddy sad to hear ur still having those withdraws ..will its been 7 weeks for me after 4 years of everyday smoking that crap!! and honestly I feel great man only having some troubles staying asleep i wake up every 4 hours and takes about 2 hours to fall back asleep..Thats no biggie i know it will get better soon its no swtich tho thats forsure! but I will tell you this ben what helped me alot is the GYM! im a gym freak and I replaced it 100% with my marijuana addiction and I notice I got my old strenght back and im eatting about the same as I use to and I gained my old weight back alrdy! so i say ben sing up in a gym hit the tread mil and the weights man workout! and eat good!! alot of FISH and ICEE COLD WATER!!!

scheng1 7 years ago

If they suffer physically, their family members would suffer emotionally

Anna 7 years ago

I have smoked weed every day without fail for 8 years. I'm 25 now, and I recently decided to quit because my husband and I would love to start having kids. But.... I feel like crap!!! The mental fuzziness and the anxiety are horrible. I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes, and I'm getting kinda freaked out. When does "normalcy" set back in? How long before I don't freak out anymore? Somebody please help!!!

Jim 7 years ago

I havent finished reading the whole thing but Id like to point out that there has been no link between marijuana and any form of cancer.

Thank You!! 7 years ago

i really needed this info, i was really starting to get brother is suffering from most of these symptoms, im not sure about the apetite part tho. he's smoked for so long every single day and just naturally with age started to smoke less, not by choice tho...the jah ain't cheap!! so yeh he has this cycle where, he'd smoke on the weekend, fri and sat, soon comes monday and his just intolerable!! he sleep 5 to 6 hrs waking up every hour... eventho with his job he should be totally drained. ocassionally he'd had a sesh or 2 mid week with mates and that would calm him dwn, but its the weeks where he doesnt have those sessions that really worry me...

i smoke too but, not enough to go thru wat u guys are going thru. ive only smoked 10 times in 4

however this has really helped me and encouraged me to say NO more often than what i have been.. =)

i just need to know how to break this down to my brother,coz u guys surely have more empathy than me, and let him know that its his second love that's destroying him... and that im not just being a douche and pushing him to quit to make his life miserable...

Yoshi 7 years ago

Hey i just turned 20, quit smoking almost 4 weeks ago. After i quit smoking i started drinking everyday, then i realized i was just transferring my addiction, so i quit drinking a little under a week ago.

I'm in college and having alot of difficulty concentrating. I feel like i was alot smarter when i was back in highschool before i started doing drugs, i've experimented with alot of drugs one or two times but pot was mainly what i did. I smoked heavy, several blunts throughout a day, i used to move pounds of the stuff.

But my inability to concentrate is hurting me in school doe's anyone know how long this will last. I have a 9 paged report due soon, someting i would have been able to fly thorugh in highschool but now it is very difficult for me. Would adderal be a healthy alternative, i don't like to rely on drugs but it's the only thing that makes me feel like the old smart me again.

Kratos The God of War 7 years ago

I quit smoking pot 4 months ago, but I still get unexplained headaches & nausea at times. I was an avid user for 8 hours & I have experimented with several other drugs, although marijuana was my drug of choice. I did consume exorbitant amounts, probably beyond what most people's tolerance could handle. Do all of these factors coincide in the length of my withdrawal period? Or am I just the exception, some sort of pothead anomaly? Something else that I should point out is that the normal side-effects of pot-smoking never seemed to apply to me: I could eat as much as I wanted without killing me high, & the durations of my highs would last much longer than the average pothead. I've also taken a variety of psychiatric drugs, even before I started pot. This all gets very confusing, I would appreciate any kind of clarification.

Kratos The God of War 7 years ago

Ooops, looks like I made a typo... I meant I was an avid user for 8 YEARS.... HA how ridiculous would it seem without the correction LOL.

Kratos The God of War 7 years ago

Ooops, looks like I made a typo... I meant I was an avid user for 8 YEARS.... HA how ridiculous would it seem without the correction LOL.

Yoshi 7 years ago

Hey it's been a little over a month since i quit smoking weed and over a week since i quit drinking and i feel mentally more agile. I still have concentration problems but only in the adhd aspect i don't feel like i have a fog around me anymore.

Yoshi 7 years ago

Hey it's been a little over a month since i quit smoking weed and over a week since i quit drinking and i feel mentally more agile. I still have concentration problems but only in the adhd aspect i don't feel like i have a fog around me anymore.

ste777 7 years ago

Hi people,,, im 42, ive been smoking weed since i was 14 off and on. Because of the high price due to its legal status in uk i started growing. This meant i had as much i wanted. At the same time about 18 months ago my work slowed so this gave me all day to smoke pure three skinners (i quit tobacco 2 years ago) I got up in the morning and couldnt wait to roll my first spliff. Its been 10 days for me now without and i feel good. Nothing made me stop. Im quite a wealthy lad and still have the rooms i used for growing there ready if i want but i dont want,,,,I think its like the mirror of forgetfulness in harry potter, you can spend your life stiring into it , you wont be unhappy but you wont be living either, basicaly its not enough for me ,,, i say there is more to life than 1 plant, theres a whole world out there,,,,,its funny because the goverment will say that its bad for us like they care, whilst at the same time murdering innocent women and children in iraq,,,they obviously dont care for us,,,, so there must be some other reason for its illegality, what is that reason? well when i was growing i didnt spend a penny on it. if it wasnt for the law people would just grow it if they wanted it and not grow when they wanted to stop, it just wouldnt be an issue in our society anymore, no more than someone growing lavender or other medicinal herbs ,,,look at the way its pushed in popular culture through music and film. Do you think dr dre videos would be shown on MTV if the few owners of the networks disagreed with it. There is no working class mr big behind it all ,,,,the law on drugs is just another way for the men in power to cream off you and fuck u up. With masonic pigs always there to enforce there masters laws,,, i just wanted to let you know guys even if youve got an endless supply at your fingertips for free its still no life for you, so dont be fustrated, be strong, cause theres a fight you have to win,,, an for you young ones, it hasnt always been like this. there was a time not too long ago when there were no illegal drugs to speak of on our streets,,, they are pushed to harm and to control,,,weve always known this deep down havent we,,,keep it LOVE

ben 7 years ago


ive taken your advide man and yeh it really seems to work i now have membership 2 craigie gym and its dope.

i still get small episodes of anxiety and nausia but i find that when im skating or just cruzing on my board that all leavs me........weird but it works lol

so you say ice water mate? how offen should i drink it?

pce thnx agen mate

HippieGrl 7 years ago

hey everyone!!! i'm thrilled to have come across this page...i guess i was just lookin to see what the symptoms of quitting weed would be as i'm starting my detox this week as an out-patient at a hospital. i feel like i need to get out of the comfort zone of my couch, bong, and tv, so i'm choosing to do a full 3-week detox program at a hospital where several activities are done throughout the day to learn and understand the detox process with other patients going through the same thing as me...

lookin forward to gettin my sober life back :)) i wish you all the best of luck!!!!!

i dunno, smoking weed from

proud2bastoner 7 years ago

your not a bad person if you smoke weed! your not a bad person if you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes either. we all have our preferences. im sorry if you feel you need to stop smoking, for a job, for a husband/wife, or even just to do it for yourself. but if you do smoke weed you are not going to harm yourself what so ever. Marijuana has been looked down upon since 1937 when henry j anslinger came up with the marijuana tax act. It is the future. 14 states now have MEDICAL marijuana for sale and use! It helps people with their pain when pills cannot! "then for three weeks, researchers injected standard doses of THC into mice that had been implanted with human lung cancer cells and found that tumors reduced in size and weight. about 60% reduction in protien lesions on lungs, and reduction in protein markers associated with cancer progression"- Anju Preet, Ph.D. researcher in the division of experimental medicine. Marijuana cannot be bad for you. It was put into our minds for decades that it was so horrible! Gay marriage was thought of as horrible untill they came out and stood up for themselves! it took years of hard and deticated protesting but it worked! What about slavery? turned from some states making it illegal, to all then to seperate but equal ... now look at us! we need to grow up and look to the future. look at what this plant can do for us! not to us! we need to open our eyes as US citizens and realize that well, most of us are very ignorant, also that weed is helping our fellow citizens through their cancer, pain, insomnia, depression, multiple sclerosis, and so forth! Now, im happy for you if you just want to stop smoking for yourself or a job or just feel like its time to give it up. but dont put down other people for doing what they are doing, because it helps them more than you know it! and if they dont need it and they still do it, it really doesnt affect you either way. =] thank you.

luke 7 years ago

hy peeps i have only tried weed onec and that was over 2 1 year ago i have strugels i do not have cravings and i do not want to smoke it i just feel like i am hi all the time i do not like it i dont no if it is all in my head of if it is my body i really want help and this looks like the site wher every one has been tru somthing so if u can help me i would be happy and u are doing me alot thatnk u

luke  7 years ago

sorry i said 21 years i ment 1 to 2 years thanks

Cat henderson 7 years ago

I have been clean from cannabis for over 2 months now, I have been using to help me with my quest to get clean . So far so good, but now is the time that I MUST not get complacent, I know from experience how easy it is to slip right back to where |I started , this time I am not taking the quit lightly, and I am not planning to get complacent . I'm finding things very hard today , and that's why I landed on this page, while googling around for how long cannabis stays in the system . I did think after 2 months things would be easier, but it's 2 months on friday and they are not !!! Anyone else experienced such painfully long withdrawel symptoms? :-( I did read somewhere it can take a year or longer in worst case scenarios to be properly rid of the drug , how much tuth is there in this statement ? ERGH ! help!

dont like weed  7 years ago

hey i am very new to all this i have never liked weed i have only ever don it 2 times the first time was ok but the second time is wher every thing fucked up. it was a day after school and my mates wher at the park around the corner of mine so i thort i would go and see them so i went and they wher in the bussed in the midel of the park so they told me to come in i did silly me but any way thay told me to have a go thruw a bong and they would give me a small one so did it and it felt like the first timethem my mate said he had to go i went with him ti his place to play xbox i was still feeling like shit so i went home laid on my bed and fell asleep i wake up 5 hours later and feel normal it was bout 11:00 pm and my sis said lets have a game of monopoly so i was like sweet ok i sat down on the flore and i started getting a lil vibratin feeling in my back then it was like a qwick pulse thruw my body and i started shakin and getting really scared so i had a big panic attake after that i went to bed and forced my self to sleep i wake up feel fine then a hour later my body begins to feel like shit no more shakes just like shit like i couldent walk i was week head ake and all that stuff 2 months go by and still the same no different 1 year still the same i am on my second year and recovering still i feell alot better but thru that 2 years was the hardest time of my life and i was allways havving suicidel thorts i am 17 teen now and good but i just wanted to let this all out thanks guys and if any one has any qwestions feel free to ask and allways think befor u do things dont let shit mates bring u down with them

Terry 7 years ago

Been smokin weed for bout 5 years regulary now, im 18 and i basically cant get off this shit. I feel like its changed me but i still cant get off it , i just wished i hada waited til at least high school to get into it and not just sat around in a fort in the woods and smoke blunts for all of junior high. Also anyone who says u dont get withdrawal obviously doesnt experience what im experiencin every night if i havent had a joint.

yoshi 7 years ago

Yeah weed's a drug if you do it alot you will feel some kind of withdrawal it's different for different people. I was bouncing around going nuts but at the same time i couldn't concentrate.

I stayed off weed for more then a month and smoked yesterday. It fucked me up because i didnt get any of my schoolwork done. I think im going to keep my smoking to once a month because i miss that relaxed high feeling it's just nothing can get accomplished when i have that feeling.

sweet sweeets 7 years ago

I have been smoking for about seven years everyday without skipping a beat. Now I'm on my third day without it and the withdrawls are killing me. My head is pounding and I feel like i have to throw up even if I hadn't eaten anything. I also have cold sweats. The nausea makes me want to smoke just to stop the bad feelings. I don't care what anyone says, WEED WITHDRAWLS ARE NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD.

tired of it 7 years ago

my boyfriend was a heavy user, and just recently has been without. i seriously think we might break up over it. his irritation is at an alltime high and he is starting to pick fights over things he thinks i'm thinking! i can't deal anymore. what can i do, short of moving out for two months!!??

sergyo 7 years ago

well i been smoking 8 years i have musele pains all over cant sleep very angry just wondering how long does it least any one tanky too all ya and the site bast off luck to everyone

sergyo 7 years ago

and the thing i want to doctor i dident no whats going on and she did tests and Xr and blood work and she said i am fine but i still have all this pains and quit about 1 half mont ago and than i smoke again and i got worse and now i dont smoke about two weeks and still fill bady pain strange dream dont have apitte but now sticking to plan quiting for sure just wondering how long does it least thanks again

blueyesezwhent2redeyes 7 years ago

omg i been smokeing weed since i was 13 now iam 22 an i been high everyday of my life except the 9 months i was preg. now iam in a custy battle with my son father an i got to quit it has been so hard i been trying to stay clean for the past to weeks last weekend i relapsed but, now i been clean for a week i been haveing a hard time sleeping eating an jus been my self i phen for it bad but i know in my heart i got to stop for the sake of my kid is all this normal?

profile image

Toochewed 7 years ago

I ve read most of the posts here and also have been having bad withdrawal symptoms . I ve been smoking every day for the better part of 20 years . Not alot of grass per day but everyday just the same .About a gram or 2 a week . All the symptoms described here I have had and still have. I quit 9 weeks ago.

I am still muddled and have anxiety attacks, but the pains in my body are starting to subside.

The troubles people seem to have sleeping seem to be anxiety attacks and I also have the same problem. I wake up every night and my heart is racing and have to repeat the lord s prayer untill I fall back asleep . Meditation would also work I figure. The dreams are crazy and quite vivid . I get the impression I m still stoned at times. I have been extremely emotional . Though the emotions are now coming under control more and more .

I also have the impression that I have let life pass me by.

The poster who compared it to the Mirror in Harry Potter hit it right on the head.

I ve been doing what most people here have been doing to combat the withdrawal symptoms. Walks and working out. Reading and keeping oneself busy also helps.

Folks keep up the good work stay off the bongs blunts joints and pipes and experience real life for a change :+)

Ill be checking this thread out daily so if anybody needs support Ill be around . I went through withdrawal alone and it aint no fun . Be strong

quitter 7 years ago

Thank you Toochewed it is good to hear that I am not the only one who is experiencing all the agony . the problem with me is I am going on 2 months now with no weed and I am having all the symptoms every one had and I still have them but they come and go this week has been a little better . The withdrawal symptoms are effecting my work a lot I missed so many days and the days I go to work I wished i didn't go. i wonder if there is any long term effects from smoking daily for 5 years . I still smoke cigarettes . doctor told me its adding to anxiety I should quit that too .

Toochewed 7 years ago

Hey Quitter . Nice to hear I m not alone either . I quit the cigs last january , it will be a year soon . Heres a link to effects of Marijuana use

here is one that links Pot use to testicular cancer YIKES!!

One thing for sure is that you ll be breathing easier . Get rid of the cigs and you ll be running marathons .

Heres a link that might be useful for addiction strategies, anxiety and depression strategies and relapse prevention ...

Keep the faith Quitter

Brandon 7 years ago

Its funny - the friends of mine who like to say that "marijuana is not addictive" are those who spend all day smoking it, and who float by in life while their friends go on to do great things...

I love it that the people who deny the existence of marijuana withdrawal/addiction are those who smoke the most. Ironic. I've always smoked, and have always been around people who smoke.

I used to smoke every day and so when it came time to QUIT, all I could think of was "Fuck My Life What AM I Doing!?!"....Of COURSE it was Painfully HARD(especially the first few days)....OF COURSE there are Withdrawals....OF COURSE it is Physically and Mentally exausting....OF COURSE you will also have Psychosomatic Symptoms which are 'psysical bodily symptoms caused by mental or emotional Disturbance' mainly caused by the phychologic nature of Habit Formation and Classical Conditioning which defenatly have major influencing factors in the Degree and Severity of peoples' withdrawl symptoms......and OF COURSE I was finally able to Conquer my addiction but it Was NOT easy!...It will only happen for YOU if YOU have the WILL POWER to quit and then you truly will be able to be rid of your addiction.

The Best way to get through the withdrawl process is Simple and Easy!: CHANGE Your LifeStyle and keep your Mind and Body BUSY...EXERCISE! When you want to smoke, run! You will find it has the same effect, but after you run you will feel great and after you smoke you will feel guilty. If you are experiencing hot flashes and cold sweats, Take a cool Shower trust me it Helps! Look at withdrawal symptons as your body cleansing itself. Withdrawal is the tradeoff for Clarity!!!

I belive that the phychologic nature of Habit Formation and Classical Conditioning definatly have major influencing factors in the Degree and Severity of peoples' withdrawl symptoms. Therefor depending on the rate and consistancy of how much someone gets high per day will have a profound affect on how severe their withdrawl symptoms will be, for example regular pot smokers who light up a couple times every day or so will encounter much milder withdrawls than that of a Chronic Wake n Bake Toker who has unintentionally formed a strong habit of being ripped up buttercup whenever performing even basic essential day to day activities like eating and sleeping. So therefor when you go to perform these tasks, your body will be confused because you have conditioned yourself to only sleep or eat when paired with the Conditioned STIMULUS of smoking weed. When you start to Break the Habit or Uncondition those paird stimuli your body will become confused to why it is not getting its regular intake of THC and will react accordingly giving you those withdawl symptoms. Remember that your body Wants to Return itself to it's Original State before you were a Dirty Smoker...just give it a several days to adjust to the change and for the first time in a long time youll see that you have that Pep back in yor Step!

Remember what you're working for!: You NEED to set out Important GOALS for Youself and STARTING Today you do Whatever it takes to Accomplish them! Think of Your Addiction as a Dark Tunnel on the road of life and the Light at the End of that Tunnel is the Clarity of Change...

Smoking weed is a subsitute for the happiness you get when you MEET YOUR GOALS in life. Don't Quit to Quit. Quit to Change your life!.......

Toochewed 7 years ago

Well said Brandon . Clear as a bell that was . Amen

wayoflife 7 years ago

I've been smoking pot for 25 years. I've been trying to quit fo 5 years. I get through the week and then on the weekend I relaps. Alcohol is almost always involved. Reading this page, I realize that I've been in a constant state of withdrawl this whole time. When I smoke I get major anxiety.(It used to relax me). This is what reminds me..."oh yaa, This isn't fun anymore!" Then, my work week is filled with; poor sleep, irritability, bummed-out, stressed-out, joint pain (no pun intended) irregular heart beat, headache, sore throat, sinus stuff, tight muscles, and the urge to drink. more. It's clear that I need to lose my friends who don't respect that I am trying to get out of this "Ground hog day" episode.

way of life 7 years ago

This is day 3. Headache isn't as bad, still no appitite, not sleeping too well, not quite as pissy. Now I'm starting to wonder what demons I've been running from all these years. I'm not going to medicate myself anymore. It's time to get real. wish me luck.

terry 7 years ago

Yea i made it about a week before just caving because it seems like there is nothing else to do.

Its like i dont know what else there is to do in life without getting high, all those old things i did when i didnt smoke weed just arent fun anymore so i just end up sitting at home and i just get depressed. Not to mention all my friends do is get high, so do my siblings. My whole perspective of fun now has just been changed, is there anybody who feels this or knows what could help?

Brandon 7 years ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12 REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. SAVE MONEY: Most chronic pot smokers buy in quantity (the smart ones) and probably spend on average about $10–$20 per day depending on availability and which dealer is answering the phone. Think of how much money you would have saved or the sweet things you could have bought with the thousands and thousands of dollars you have forked over to your Sketchy Undiserving dealer

2. INCREASED STAMINA: Smoking is death on your lungs. No question. If you're a chronic, then your lung capacity sucks, and you probably can't run two blocks without feeling like you are going to pass out. Pathetic! This is Not healthy and lack of exercise is the leading cause of serious health problems of every kind.

3. FOR YOUR FAMILY: I promise you. No family member or close friend wants to see you stumble through life in a cloud of pot smoke. My habit was very hard for my family to accept. As a result, my relationships suffered. I will never forgive myself for that. Quit weed for your family. They want the best for you.

4. SLEEP BETTER: It's a well known fact that smoking weed before bed interupts or disrupts your natural sleep cycles. even though you have convinced yourself that you can't sleep without it, you are actually sabotaging your healthy sleep rhythms every night. After you quit weed, you will get better rest, feel less stressed and have more energy throughout the day. Getting the proper amount of sleep is a key factor in staying healthy, reducing stress, and ultimately living longer.

5. ANXIETY DISORDER: It's a fairly well documented fact that long time weed smokers can suffer severe anxiety disorder after quitting smoking weed. Treatment

for anxiety is incredibly difficult and complicated to implement. The longer you wait to quit, the more you increase your chances of becoming an unfortunate statistic.

6. UNCONTROLLABLE MOOD SWINGS: If theres one truth you should admit to yourself, It's that your weed habit has made you a moody prick. When you're high, you're normal. When you're not high, you're much more of an asshole. Get real, you don't want to be that person. I've been that person, and until after I quit weed I couldn't admit it to myself. It's the truth for most pot-heads. I've know enough people like this, and they all think they're fine all the time. No way José, you moody bastards.

7. INACTION AND IMPOTANCE: I'm not talking about sex necessarily, I'm talking about your whole life. When you're high, you come up with all kinds of ideas that are never realized. Why? because when you are High you don't tend to follow through, or even really remember why your idea was good (which it probably wasn't anyway). smoking weed provides the perfect excuse for actually accomplishing anything real because you are in a satisfied state. All of the things you wish would change, seem far less urgent when you're high, and escaping the reality of your situation, whatever that may be. Every time you get high, you pull the rug out from underneath yourself.

8. LEARNING DISABILITY á la MARIJUANA: That's right, you are impairing your ability to learn. There are extensive studies to indicate that things learned in one state, for example when you are high, are not easily remembered when you are sober, and vice versa. Can you say drop-out? Going to class stoned and then taking a test sober just doesnt work. Your education suffer if you continue to smoke weed every day. Guaranteed.

9. DECREASED SEX DRIVE:. Want to suck the romance out of your relationships? Get high all the time, I promise you that the last thing you will feel like doing is to make love. Maybe at first with your new girlfriend/boyfriend it will seem fun, but over time getting high will take precedence over your love life. When you are happily stoned, you won't want to brush your teeth, comb your hair and feel sexy. You will probably watch more bad TV, eat take out more often, exercise less, and spend less time with your friends... Single? Good luck finding someone that will put up with your chronic weed habit. even if you do, you will be continuing to "lock" yourself into a lifestyle you actually hate.

10. SOCIAL RETART or RECLUSE: It happens to just about every chronic, you simply cannot handle social situations without getting high to cope. This inevitably leads to avoidance, which eventually leads to a reclusive lifestyle , where the situations you subject yourself to are controlled by pot friendly places and people, but more often than not you just stay home by yourself. This happened to me for years. I just stayed home and got high and whittled away the hours entertaining myself with video games, TV, music and movies. More often than not, I was alone. social situations became scarier and scarier as I fell out of practice and spent more time being selfish.

11. WASTED TIME: What would you do if you could get back all the wasted time you've spent being baked and accomplishing nothing in your life. Buying weed isn't like going to the corner store and getting yourself a six-pack. It's all about chasing around some seedy distasteful character who has you eating out of the palm of their hand.

12. POT JUST ISNT THAT GOOD MOST OF THE TIME: Admit it. How many times have you smoked really good weed or really good hash. Not that many I'm willing to guess... The truth is, you can't just get what you want, It's what they got... which most of the time is kind of shitty Jewish 'Spedina China' Nipper Bud that is cut with something horrible that you'd rather not know about. I can think of a few times that I smoked really good pot or hash, but most of the time, it was at least moderately disappointing.

Toochewed 7 years ago

Wayoflife and Terry . Don t give up . It gets better . Living life is fun .

It ll be 12 weeks this wednesday that I ve quit . Most of the withdrawal symptoms have passed except for the anxiety . I am wondering though if its just due to my precarious financial situation coupled with the fact there are absolutely no jobs happening out here in this neck of the woods .

Brandon has the goods on reasons to quit . Everything he posts in those twelve reasons list I agree with and have or am going through .

My main reasons for quitting were long term health benefits and social acceptance . I want to be accepted for who I am not what drugs I do . I want to be able to say I am clean . That I am able to live my life without a crutch . To know and realize that I am not missing out on life because of a bag of green . I want to know what normal is and can I fit in . I want to be clear of spirit mind and body . To know I can do it will make me stronger .

I figure that anything that makes me feel this screwed up has no place in my life .

Terry your predicament screams out to me . One thing is certain quitting weed isnt fun . Like any addiction you need reasons to quit . Focus on why you wanted to quit . It will be hard for you seeing as your family memebers smoke . I d get out of there if I could . Quitting weed is about independance . Living life without help , without a crutch .

After 12 weeks 1 thing I can say is that I find most everything a challenge . The challenge being getting the job done straight . I m living life in a whole different way . I spend my time kicking my arse and finding things to do . It isnt easy . I can still spend hours sitting in my favorite chair surfing , vegging , or just feeling sorry for myself . Then when it gets to be too much I gear up and start doing what needs to be done . Once I get my arse in gear I feel better . Accomplisging different tasks straight is my fun now . Eating a good meal is fun . Making a good coffee is fun . Going for a walk and meeting people on the road is fun . Posting a worthwhile blog is fun .

Fixing my van is fun . Changing the oil is fun .

I take pleasures in the little things . The cardinal shooting by in front of my windshield on the highway the other day . The woodpecker I saw in my backyard . Noticing all the things I never noticed before . Let me tell you I realize now how much I hadn t noticed . It may sound weird or uncool but I never used to notice things like that . I guess what I mean is that without weed Life takes on its own color .

What I like most since I ve quit smoking is that women are paying more attention to me because Im paying more attention to them I figure .

I must say though that the single best thing about not smoking is , as Brandon says , The CLARITY of MIND that comes with it . I want my brain back . I want to be in control of me .

Keep it real Peeps .

Happy New Year . God bless . All the best and be well .

Anth81 7 years ago

Hello guys. I am 23. I have smoked weed everyday for a little over a year. I have quit about 3 days ago now. Mostly because I need to do well in school. I am noticing I am having a hard time focusing on one task. ie. studying. Im not quite sure how to relax my mind. I am also a little worried about the possible existence of short term memory loss due to weed. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Brandon 7 years ago

Hey Anth81

I was in the same situation as you (needing to quit to achually achieve sumthing in school) except I smoked Chronically over the span of 3 years every day.

I am now 2 weeks sober and I promise you your head will start to clear up by the end of the 1st week. For the 1st few days you will feel very lethargic, almost like your mind is in a fog, this is just your brain adjusting to the chemical inbalence of not having that daily THC intake it is used to...remember your mind has become Conditioned to thinking and learning while being high...its time to UnCondition that Stimulus! Keep your mind as active and busy as possible durning this cleansing process, it will help to speed up the process.

As for your memory it is a widely known scientific fact that smoking weed impairs your ability to learn. There are extensive studies to indicate that things learned in one state, for example when you are high, are not easily remembered when you are sober, and vice versa. Can you say drop-out? Going to class stoned and then taking a test sober just doesnt work. Your education suffer if you continue to smoke weed every day. Guaranteed.

Good Lucky Man...Remember every day gets Easier and Better!

SirSmokeAlot 7 years ago

alrite. granted paranoia, anxiety, and depression are all side effects from stopping usage. but cannabis also prevents all these things. i have serious anxiety and depression. but pot is the only thing that works for me. i went on rittalon for 2 months. and i got hooked on them ( and look at all the side effects those have). i went through withdrawls a few times. and let me be one to tell you. pill withdrawls are serious withdrawls. unlike pot withdrawls. i just find it funny how a doctor can prescribe you such a highly addictive serious and dangerous drug, yet weed (the most widely used medicinal drug) is still illegal. i just think all these "weed rehabs" are just another way for the government to sqeeze another penny out are a**'s. and i have a question for you. if weed "causes" cancer then why do they prescribe it to cancer patients??

Brandon 7 years ago


Anxiety and Depression are Psychological yes smoking weed will help you forget about the hardships in life because it dumbs you down and puts you in a satisfied state where you forget about your problems or at least makes them seem far less important. But do you really think its helping you solve your problems in life?,,,

,,,Well I really hope Not because all your doing is putting your problemes on the BackBurner and letting them subconsiousily grow in the back of your mind...Cannabis does NOT solve any of your problems like Depression or Anxiety it only covers them up!!!

NO DRUG is gonna help you overcome your depression and anxiety, if anything it will only make it worse. If you want to eliminate this 'Dark Passenger' you must CONFRONT your problems head On!.......If you cant do it alone Go see a Psychiatrist and talk over what is troubling you in life, they will help you find the Root of your depression and anxiety and from there you can Man Up and FIGHT through your hardships....SOBER....

And to answer your stupid question:

Weed is perscribed to Cancer patients that are going through Radiation Therapy like KemoTherapy. This is Because the high levels of radiation they are exposed to Causes Extreme Nautiousness and Vomiting...Marijuana is Nature's best Anti-Nausiant...makes sense eh?... do some research before jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers guy...thats prolly why you got soo many problems in the first place!

timeforchange 7 years ago

i am so glad i found this site mostly because i need the support. i have been a chronic smoker for more than five years with intermittent success at quitting. i know that i will be successful, but the withdrawal is a bitch. i always feel better a few weeks after quitting. the important thing is to not replace the addiction with some other one, like food, tv, internet. i WILL do this. and i will regain my motivation, welf-respect and my life! good luck to all!!

the english patient ROCKS! 7 years ago

howdy all, about 300 posts above^ you will find me agonising about quitting and suffering big withdrawl symptoms such as anger and sleep problems.

update, i got my life back, it has been over 9 months now and today was the day i started my own business!! this is not something i could ever have done under a cloud of hash induced self doubt and apathy. obviously i may FAIL, but if i give it my all i am sure i will look back happily on one of the best decisions of my life.

so good luck to all those trying to quit. just don't give up giving up, it took me 12 years and 4 serious tries before it stuck, well so far ;).

timeforchange 7 years ago

for the posters who INSIST that marijuana is not addictive: can you use it and not become addicted? sure- people drink, pop ecstasy, do blow, etc. socially and and don't necessarily develop addictions. however, some people use drugs like marijuana CHRONICALLY to self-medicate other issues (in my case- depression) and DO develop addictions. and the withdrawal from a severe addiction is real. it's not the same for everyone because no illness or addiction affects individuals the EXACT same way. but it is inaccurate and counter-productive to say that is simply IS NOT addictive. do your research before you make such simple-minded claims:

terry 7 years ago

thanks toochewed

im guna keep all that in mind, and i think ill be able to do it. Every time i fail at this im just guna learn from my mistakes and go at it again. All ive literally done for almost five years when i havent been in school or work has been sit around and just get high and laugh about random shit, so ive definitly had enough of this. I just got my wisdom teeth out and that means i shouldnt smoke for a week or so , so i think that can motivate me to just not start again.

Thanks again and good luck to everybody here, i kno exactly wut your feelin, i feel like smashin my head through a fuckin wall at this moment.

letdown wife 7 years ago

brandon is right about all the reasons to quit. my husband has "set aside" grass many times and almost immediately, he's a grumpy asshole. when that subsides, we start to have a normal sex life again...then he'll start burning again, and he's a bore. think about it: if you're a girl, the last thing you want from a mate is someone who crawls in bed stinking of weed, rolling away from you, curling up with sex not even on the mind. you start to feel like something's wrong with you when you know that the problem is with your weed addicted jackass man friend. i cannot express how painful it is to love someone who burns, but who also is always sexually rejecting you.

right now, my husband is on day 1 of quitting. he's come home acting like a douchebag, picking at every little thing he can possibly wail on. it's awful.

with regard to the controversy over anxiety disorders, i think it's safe to say that people with anxiety disorders often lean on pot to calm them. so, i'm sure it's convenient to tell people to keep smoking, but the truth is that anxiety disorders are well addressed in a medical office environment. i have an awful, hereditary anxiety problem, and i've never smoked pot to keep it at bay. a combination of talk therapy and low dose medicines can be very helpful. the most common cop-out excuse i hear from potheads is that pharmaceuticals are bad--as if marijuana is any better. the difference is mainly that meds are prescribed, managed by a (hopefully) competent doctor, and are dispensed as what they are: controlled substances.

just from the spouse's perspective: don't break your partner's heart over something such as an addiction. we want to be here for you, but we need something to believe in. wishing you all well...

Michelle 7 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 7 months. He is a chronic smoker, he smokes before work, during his breaks, after work and smokes all hours of the day away when hes not working. This website has made me realise that marijuana CAN change a person. I just want to KNOW my boyfriend without Mary-Jane always in the way!! I feel like its hurting our relationship but im not sure if it even crosses his mind!! I need to hear some ex-users advice, how should I approach this subject to him without seeming like I'm "bitching"...or should I let it be. ?

Quitter 7 years ago

I am 42 and this is my second innings into Marijuana. I used to smoke during my college days regularly and the frequency waned off with time after I started working. Whenever I had a chance I smoked. But for 10 years between 30-40 I possibly only smoked 20 times. Never worried about withdrawals or researched into symptoms or rehab.

I knew it is something that I did with all knowledge/responsibility and that the suffering is a part of it. Like hangover after drinking, feeling like fallen Adam after sex or like a bloated balloon after a hearty meal.

Moreover all the symptoms of withdrawal like anxiety, insomnia etc are also demonstrated by every human be it a smoker or not. It is nothing to be proud of or feel ashamed of. I feel worse if anyone sympathizes with it.

This last round was for about 1.5 years and been regular for 6 months before I quit 2 weeks back. One thing for sure the shit we get these days is different. Makes me worried about my kids. I like doing everything till it is within control. It applies to smoking, drinking, having sex or eating chocolates. I feel that I let it roll a little longer this time. I am having most of the symptoms/issues mentioned in this forum. And some of it I would have classified as common day to day problems had I not looked up in the internet.

I have sufficient funds to keep smoking and had no major issues forcing me to quit. Particularly my partner always enjoyed the passion in bed after a joint. But there are consequences to be faced. Fun is much better when it is inherent. I love the state of happiness that we experience after smoking. But I am positive that the same state is attainable without it. Afterall it is a state of my mind even though it was induced by an external agent. My next objective is to simulate a similar state of happiness without smoking.

Having issues during this "withdrawal" phase and good to know I am not alone. But I know good days ahead without it.

Good Luck to all!

terry 7 years ago

Yea third day now and im feelin 10 times as good as yesturday, but im still havin mad mood swings where ill snap over little shit and then be happy a second later. I already feel myself thinkin clearer though, ive only felt like this probably a dozen times in the last 5 years, and i seem to forget how good it feels everytime i get back into weed.

The only thing i dont really like is these fucked up dreams i get EVERY night when i go to sleep sober where i either have a bad shroom trip, gettin arrested or getting the shit kicked outa me and i wake up in a terrible sweat. This has happened to me every night i dont smoke for a few months now. Hopefully this will stop soon or ima go crazy.

nitaya 7 years ago

thanks for this, i didn't kno if it was for sure withdrawal symptoms but now i kno it is. i hate them, anxiety has been so horrible almost intolorable and i keep thinking of bud to calm me down. as sum one elses comment said u gotta be a man about it. this is only the 4th day of my sobriety and i'm hoping the worst of what i will experience will end soon. thrive

Long Time User 7 years ago

The comment above posted by Retard is stupid. He is obviously an idoit and his comment should be removed from this page. Marijuana does have withdrawl symptoms and they really suck.

Long Time User 7 years ago

I am 26 years old been smoking for the past 10 years. I can name the dates of the last 3 times i didn't smoke over those 10 years. Been clean for five days now. These hot flashes suck. I just graduated from school. I am a really hyper person my mind is constatly going from one thought to the next. The weed slows me down to a normal pace. I graduated with honors. I got high to study and before my tests. It helps me concentrate. Some one please tell my why this drug is illegal but people are being killed by drunk drivers everyday. I can't sleep at all. I'm tired but the sleeps not coming. The cravings have decreased but i still wanna do it. Can't hang out with any of my friends cause they all smoke. Life sucks right now. Hope its gonna get better!

Long Time User 7 years ago

I'm in denial. Only quitting to get a new job and have every intention of smoking after the drug test. Am I a bad person? I have a child and take care of her better than any mother of the year. I own my own home and my child never wants for anything.I never do it in front of her only when she is a sleep at night or at day care. I don't ever want her to do it or know that i do it. Am i a bad person?

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