Massage Jobs

No matter what you want to do in massage therapy, there is a job that sounds like it was custom made for you.  Here are some questions that you should ask yourself and determine if getting job about massaging is right for you.

  • Do you see yourself working in an elegant spa, pampering and soothing the stressed businessperson or overworked school teacher or the up and coming young actor? 
  • Do you want to do sports masssage for your favorite football team and help the players get to the next level of professionalism by the deep muscle work you do?  
  • Do you want to relax the tired feet of the mailman at the end of the day?
  • Are you on the corporate payroll taking your skills to the different offices to reduce tension and increase worker productivity by neck and shoulder massages during the work day?
  • Is an office near the medical center your dream, where you give relief and relaxation to patients in pain?
  • Do you believe in alternative medicine and want to join those ranks by offering holistic massages?

Whatever your vision is, there is a place for it and you in massage jobs.  Only about 39 states and the Distric of Columbia require a massage therapist to have a state license.  If the state you live in is one of these states, it is easy to discover what the licensing requirement is.   Most areas do require a business license.  This usually means filling out the correct paperwork and paying a fee.  If you go to work at a spa, your employer will guide you through any process necessary.

There are many schools for massage therapists in the United States and around the world.  If you know what type of therapy you want to specialize in, you can find a school that focuses on that one.  Most schools cover all the basic information.  This starts with the body and how it works.  Then they go into the many different massages, the uses and benefits of each and how to do them.  The schooling generally takes 500 to 1000 hours.  You will receive a license, certification or registration at the successful completion of the school.  These schools can be found by a quick internet search.  Before paying any fees, it is a wise idea to research the school and the training offered.  You want to be sure the time and money you invest will give you the best return.  You want a school that is known for producing trained, knowledgable therapists.

If you have a massage therapist you like, ask how they started their career, which school they attended and what they thought about the education process.  

Once you have your certificate, license or registration, you can look around for a professional group to join.  There are several organizations for massage therapists.  By joining one or more of these organizations, you can keep abreast of new developments in your field, any changes in the law or regulations of your profession and meet other dedicated people.

There are thousands of massage jobs available. More therapists are being needed every day to ease the pains of public.


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