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Master Massage Table is the leading massage table brand today, with Oakworks Massage Table and Earthlite Massage Table fighting it out for second place. They have three major lines of massage table - Coronado, Monroe and Skyline. Skyline is their entry-level model while Coronado is their premium model, although you can sometimes buy the Coronado for the same price as the Monroe from online retailers like Amazon when they are running some special discounts.

All three models of Master Massage tables are sturdy enough for general professional use, with no trouble taking the weight of large men weighing in excess of 200 pounds. Unlike some massage tables which are made of steel, Master Massage tables use wood to build their tables. This makes them lighter and more portable than the same-sized massage tables from other brands. All three Master Massage table models also have adjustable height legs, so that the masseuse can give the massage with maximum comfort and minimum lower back strain.

The Skyline model is 25 inches wide, weighs 27 pounds and can hold up to 1200 pounds. If you are running a professional massage practice and make out calls, this is ideal for you, being one of the lightest and most easily transported massage tables around. However, its setup time is a bit longer than that of other models. Also, its foam is thinner than that of the Monroe and Coronado, so it does not provide as much comfort. Unless budget is an issue (it sells for $50 to $100 less than the Monroe), it is not necessarily the best choice for personal use.

The Monroe model is 29 inches wide, weighs 36 pounds and holds up to 1600 pounds. This is not too hefty if you are a large strong man, but can be a bit challenging for a petite woman to carry. Like the Coronado model, there is an armrest for the use of the subject when he is lying face down, and the foam is extra thick for greater comfort. It is a lot hardier than the entry-level Skyline massage table, and can be set up and taken down much more easily. If you are broad-shouldered, you will greatly appreciate the extra 4 inches of width to let you rest your arms comfortably on the table when you lie on your back. Overall, this is a great model for personal use - it is comfortable, and you can easily move it around the house or store it in a closet when not in use.

The Coronado model is 30 inches wide, weight 36 pounds and holds up to 1800 pounds. Overall, there is not much difference in performance compared to the Monroe massage table. On the other hand, its setup and takedown is much faster and easier, and the increased load bearing capacity means it will last longer - all of which could be important considerations for a massage therapist making large numbers of out calls. Its list price of $400 is a bit expensive, although this is still cheaper than many professional models charging $1000 or more. In addition to that, you can sometimes find it sold at a steep discount for as little as $200 at online retailers like Amazon when it becomes a featured special offer.

All three models of Master Massage tables are good choices for both professional use and personal use. They are sturdy, comfortable and priced very competitively, often at just a third of the cost of competing brands of massage tables made only for professional use.

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