Massage Services

You no longer need to travel to the massage therapist to get a massage.  Now the massage can come to you almost anywhere.  Enterprising therapists even go to office buildings for a short, clothes-on sessions designed to release stress, increase workers productivity, and reduce injuries from repetitive motions.

Specialty designed portable massage chairs and massage tables make it easy for the therapist to made house calls.  These therapists bring all their supplies with them.  The customer can enjoy a complete massage in the privacy of their home or whereever they want.

Therapists are trained to use an assortment of touches to bring relief from muscle stiffness, muscle spasms or muscle cramps.  The kneading, stroking and rubbing of the muscles relieve stress, tension and anxiety.  Tests in hospitals show patients heal faster and with less pain when they are touched and comforted.  Therapists stimulate physical and emotional healing by physical therapy on the body and lymphatic system.  The lymphatic systems defends the body against infections and removes the body's waste products.

Some of the most common massages include Swedish, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, and Ancient Thai.  Many treatments include a variation of these.  Swedish is the oldest and most used.  It includes firm kneading of the muscles to relax them.  Acupressure uses fingers pressed on certain points on the skin to break down or stimulate the area.  Ayurveda balances the body's engery to improve digestions, movement and structure.  Shiatsu combines acupressure with stroking techniques.     Ancient Thai uses manipulation of the body to increase body movement and comfort. 

You can have a whole body experience.  You can have your therapist work on only that part of the body that needs attention.  Reflexology relieves pain and tension in the feet and is a nice treat. Often in office settings, the therapist works on the upper back and neck area or gives a hand and arm treatment to relax the tense mucles.

Aromatherapy is often included in the process.  It uses scented plant oils to relax or revitalize.  Sports massage is used to make the muscles you need more limber and responsive.  Deep tissue massage works on the deeper muscles to reduce chronic pain and injury.

It comes as no surprise that there are over 15,000 spas in the United States.  These spas offer a wonderful assortment of treatments from the ordinary to the exotic.  The spa visits can be for an hour, all day, or a week or longer.

Random Facts

  • The term spa brings to mind a place where women go to be kneaded, stroked, rubbed, pampered and catered to.  The surprising thing is that one-third of all spa visits are done by men.
  • Massages reduce stress, improve attention, reduce pain, relax people so they sleep better and tone skin and muscles.   Some insuance plans cover massage visits.  Some physical therapists and hospitals have started to include these techniques in their treatments. 
  • Many people use massages as part of their holistic health plan.  This wonderful treatment feels good and is good for the body.



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