Medicare, Social Security or what?

I don't claim to be a political genius, but I am a citizen who has paid my taxes and supported my government. This is a mess. And it's time to stop blaming one political side or another, and for our elected officials to get off their butts and do something. As a mom, I say put them in their room, and don't let them come out till it's settled. They all sound so ignorant blaming each other.

I keep hearing about Medicare and Social Security not working. We Americans have paid into these funds, and have watched for years as officials have borrrowed from each of them. I remember the fuss when Reagan did. We have watched while insurance companies, doctors or anyone who could overcharged Medicare to the hilt. Have you ever looked at your hospital bill and saw what you paid for Tylenol, or that little, tiny bar of soap. That is robbery. The people who will hurt and suffer from cutting these program are the aged and the poor.

I have worked since I was 16 years old. I didn't  make wise financial decisions. But through it all I managed to raise a houseful of children who now benefit from what I didn't know. Though I couldn't save at the time, I taught them through not having the value of getting their education, good careers, and savings for their families. My highest salary in raising my children was $27,000. That's not bad and I'm not complaining. I thank the Lord and feel blessed to have raised them in decent housing, put food on the table and clothes on their back - not designer, but good clothes that protected them.

I worked until 2007 and always had health insurance because I was a union employee. Thank you for union pay. It wasn't real high but it was fair, and we made it. But after I retired for physical reasons, I found myself for the first time without insurance. That meant without medications, that meant poor health in many ways. I need an inhaler, but have not been able to afford one for two years. Thank you for friends who shared. It kept me breathing. Wow, was I surprised that coverage for me alone was over $300. per month on an $950. per month salary. Now that I am 65 I am eligible to get medicare, and qualify for an affordable drug prescription plan so I and many millions of people can get the medications we need. And it's not free, I pay monthly out of my Social Security for medical coverage.

What happens if the Republicans get their way and start cutting these programs? There will be terriblly high increases in illnesses, and even deaths. What happens to millions of the elderly if the healthcare program that has been passed is slashed. They talk about privatising insurance - think about it, there is not an insurance company that will cover many of us who have multiple health problems - young or old. We see them now weaseling out of various plans that would cover children with Cancers, or adults who need other necessary surgeries. We hear so often that people are denied because of pre-existing conditions. Though they have coverage, they are  denied life saving opportunities.

I know I'm ranting and venting, but I need to get it out of my system. The only thing we can do is really take the time to find out who it is we are sending to represent us. Elections are coming up again. I vote both ways depending on the person. But I want people in our government who can relate to the needs of all the people. It is stupidity and cowardly for a person to block something just because the party they represent want to flex their political muscles.  I want to see people in office who can think of the long term affect of their decisions; who will it help or hurt? I want to see people who can go past party lines, and cast a vote because it is the right, moral thing to do.  Okay, I'm through for today - night all.

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