Medicinal Uses of Neem

An Introduction to Neem

Neem tree is found all over India. It is called the 'villagers dispensary' because of its medicinal value. All parts of neem are known for their medicinal use, from root to the small twigs. The flowers are known to neutralize excess pitha. The neem leaves can help reduce swelling and purify blood. It kills germs and cleanses the atmosphere. The neem fruit strengthens brain. Neem seeds are useful in treating tuberculosis. The root is well known for its action on fevers. The bark of the tree is used in treating most of the skin diseases. The gum of neem tree is a well known aphrodisiac. It helps in rapid healing of wounds.

Dried Neem Flowers

Cleaned and Dried Neem Flowers
Cleaned and Dried Neem Flowers

Neem Flower

Medicinal Uses of Neem Flower

Dishes made of neem flower are well known for their taste as well as medicinal use. The neem tree flowers bloom during the months of April and May. During this period you can find a thin layer of neem flower bed formed below most of the neem trees. To collect flowers, paper or cloth is spread below the tree and the branches are shaken. Once collected, it is cleaned in running water and then dried in shade. The dried leaves can last for years without losing their medicinal value. These flowers are a storehouse of anti-oxidants. It is strange to note that neem flowers have certain medicinal properties that are not found in neem leaves.

Now for some dishes. Neem rasam is the easiest and tastiest of them all. Next is the veppam poo sadam or neem flower rice. Both these dishes are tasty as well as full of nutritive value.

Some simple remedies using neem flowers. Neem flower can be stored in honey. Flowers soaked in honey taken every night is found to boost your immunity.

Soak a handful of neem flowers in 100 ml water for at least 4 hours. Filter out the flowers and take the water 2 ounces four times day. This is found to cure stomach ache due to excessive pitha.

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Madame X 7 years ago

jshaiju - again a great hub. We have used neem oil for various things. You say it can reduce excess pitha - Do you know what can reduce excess vata? We had a tea that was called, obviously enough, "Vata Tea" but we can't find it anymore. Got any ideas? Thanks.

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 7 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Dear Madame X, 'Triphala choornam' is an excellent alternative. 'Hartaki choornam' is best suited for excess vata. The powder can be taken with honey or milk. Thanks very much for visiting.

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rea saha 6 years ago

neem rocks

dhruti 6 years ago

wow whata use of neem i like it

jkkkkkkkkkkkkm  6 years ago

Neem rox :P

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radhakrishnan 5 years ago

its very useful for medical college and science group students

Nikita Sen 5 years ago

Can you help me in my biology project?The topic is medicinal plants. Can you give me more information on other medicinal plants found in India?

Javithkhan 5 years ago

Gr8 answer.neem s use to oil,soap,medical product... etc.

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VINCENT JOSE 5 years ago

can you include more details ,informations,pictures suited for the title we asked to you

drsajeevtt 5 years ago

tell me some important medinal plants

vinishi 5 years ago

can say me some important medicinal plants like neem , ginger, turmeric etc.

aditya verma 5 years ago

i cant count the uses of neem

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rahil 5 years ago

this is very useful

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it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy useful


WONDERFULL ....................................

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very USEFUL!!!!!!!!

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very usefull saved me fro my mom

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zahoor 5 years ago

is any medicine derived from neem

sangamsh 5 years ago

neem is the excellent blood purifier,it cures lot of problems which r related to skin

sharukh 5 years ago


PETER HARRISON 5 years ago

NEEM HAS MANY USES. I had a brain bleed (CA) in 2008 and uses the sprouts and the leaves reguraly. I HAVE NOTICED my BPH is lower.

Kavyaa 5 years ago

neem reall rocks..


Noorjahan 5 years ago

students willing to do projects in medicinal plants

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very very super

shweta 5 years ago

not bad... but requires a bit more did give me a liittle idea about my medicinal plants project....and yeah, neem does rock a lot!!

Chrizel 5 years ago

nemm is really good!and if u brush ur teeth with a branch of the tree ur teeth will be vey strong...

:) :P

pumpkin 4 years ago

can the use of neem help in shrinking a tumor

ARC 4 years ago

Realy very useful

ruchira banerjee 4 years ago

thank you i have got a lot of help from this info about neem you are awesome

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hey dude, your information is awesome.

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its good

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Aftab 4 years ago

Bt u cn reply officaly tat hw we cn use in day to day life u knw

cricket 4 years ago

very useful fr students like me

Matt from Canada 4 years ago

Hello jshaiju, i would like if you could put more details and information about Goond Katira and Char Goond. I have recently met a person in the city that introduced me to these natural remedies. Trees resins that is. I do know that Goond Katira needs to be soaked overnight. But how much of it should i take and for how long? Thanks a lot!

patel 4 years ago

where can i buy neem flowers

Shakthi 4 years ago

Hi friend,

This is very nice post and to know more about use of neem and neem oil

the following link having medicinal uses and benefits of neem oil and neem for skin

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i cannot find any medicinal uses of neem :(

shakshi 4 years ago

i love neem and its medicinal use

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tania sanches 4 years ago

quiero saber como se toma las hojas del neen

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u had still much more information to collect

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tis' helped me lot. THANKS TO HUBPAGES

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hi is it that there is a right way to get the neem flowere?can you send me mail on

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