You Can't Stop Me With Your Anti- Vitamin Scare Stories

Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate

In the past, vitamin C is primarily prescribed to correct scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C, characterized by spongy and bleeding gums, anaemia, bleeding under the skin, and (in infants) malformation of bones and teeth. But early studies conducted even in the early fifties about the power of vitamin C is remarkably fantastic. Clinical tests and reports by orthomolecular physicians suggest that vitamin C can act as antibiotic, antipyretic, antihistamine,analgesic, and perhaps more.

I myself, my whole family, several friends, and some neighbors, experienced the healing effect of therapeutic doses of cheap and common vitamin C. We do not take pharmaceutical drugs anymore for just a mere colds, migraine, fever, especially the children, swelling due to arthritis, and small wounds. Mostly we take vitamin C in sodium ascorbate form because it is alkaline based and not acid based that makes it tummy friendly. It can be taken before or after meals, and can be taken in high dosages as needed. Since sodium ascorbate vitamin C is in crystallized form it dissolves quickly and is absorbed by the body faster. My 86 year-old mother cannot take solid oral medicines anymore nor my sister who fears to choke on tablets and even capsules. It is a good thing that with sodium ascorbate one can open a capsule and just pour it on your favorite beverage. It is true that taking high doses of vitamin C will lessen the severity and duration of illnesses such as severe coughs and colds..

No one can stop me from sharing my/our experiences about the benefits of Vitamin C. It is sad that some people go about bashing supplements, those anti-vitamins scaremongering hope would stop. How many have died from taking vitamins? And how many have died from drug complications? Nutritional therapy is cheap and safe. Why would these people stop us? Scare stories against the use of vitamins will do the public no good.

In a letter of Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III to Dr. Linus Pauling (The Linus Pauling Institute Of Science and Medicine Newsletter) he said that Dr. Fred Klenner of Reidsville, North Carolina, had, during the past thirty years, found that he could detoxify most virus diseases with intravenous doses of Vit. C, which he uses even for carbon monoxide poisoning, barbiturate poisoning, and snake bites. I don't believe these orthomolecular physicians are just playing games.

People who cannot afford going to expensive private clinics and hospitals even for just a mere health check-up are glad for the works of these dedicated people. They are God sent. And we are happy to know that there are now books on orthomolecular medicine, orthomolecular societies, journal of orthomolecular psychiatry, and more physicians who call themselves as orthomolecular physicians. And I am a subscriber of OMN (Orthomolecular News). So You can't fool me.

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