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Each day is not equal to a person. Good days run out, bad days come; happyness goes, sorrows come. Sorrows run out one day. This is the life. If sorrows last long and you feel unhappy for long days or unhappiness undermines your personal and everyday life then this condition is not normal. Melancholy attacks you. It attacks your body and mind. In this situation, people introverts himself. Loses work spirit. Feels uneasyness, passes sleepless night which cause severe disorder in life.


unusual unhappiness. People feel out of sorts and unhappy for long time. Things can’t make him cheerful as he was used to feel earlier.

One loses spirit of personal work. Falls in frustration about future life.

Feels hungry too much or never feels hungry.

Some suffer from sleeping problem, some sleep too much.

Feels no strength in body. Normal works become harder.

Feeling tensions in every matter.

Loses temper in silly matters. Feels disturbed talking to other persons.

Nothing is thought clearly by one, always inattentive in anything. Can not make a decision.

Feels prone to suicide or try to suicide.

Sexual eagerness decreases.

Feels guilty own self for nothing.

Feels mentally disordered.



Don’t shut up your mouth. Tell others if anything ails you. Express your feelings to others.

Work, work and work. Find work all the time. Go outside. Take exercise. Walk every day at least half an hour.

Do not let your mind to be grabbed by unhappiness. Keep busy yourself. Read books, listen to songs, watch tv and try to gossip with others. At first these will not be fair to you, but stick on those.

Eat balanced diet. Eat lot of vegetables.

If needed consult with a psychotherapist.

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Dame Scribe profile image

Dame Scribe 7 years ago from Canada

I quite agree. Keep oneself continuously moving, learning and busy to keep the blues @ bay, good info. :)

upal19 profile image

upal19 7 years ago from Dhaka Author

Thanks for commenting.

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 7 years ago from The Ozarks

Upal19, it sounds as if you are describing depression.

In terms of dietary remedies, while vegetables are good sources of water, vitamin and minerals, please don't neglect the importance of fat in the diet. There are some essential fatty acids without which we cannot live. A diet lower in simple carbs can sometimes help elevate mood in the long run. See my hub on serotonin and carbohydrates.

upal19 profile image

upal19 7 years ago from Dhaka Author

You are right. foods with vitamin and minerals as well as fat are so important for a balanced diet.

Luciendasky profile image

Luciendasky 7 years ago from Florence, OR

this is very good with very helpful remedies. Thank you for writing them.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Good hub Upal - remember the fat, like Aya said .... and sunshine, plenty of it to chase those blues away!

ralwus 6 years ago

I think Shalini hit on a good point. Sunshine! When people in the North experience those long short days of winter depression can and does set in for many. Even artificial sunshine can alleviate it some. It's even worse for those who live in the land of the midnight sun.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 6 years ago

A very good topic to write upon, its true we have to fight back to over come this conditions in life.No one can help you ,you have to help yourself indeed.

upal19 profile image

upal19 6 years ago from Dhaka Author

Yes, exactly so. Thanks for evaluation.

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