Memory Care in San Diego

Memory loss is progressive.
Memory loss is progressive.

Memory care is the term used to describe the special attention needed by those who suffer from progressive memory loss due dementia and diseases like Alzheimer's. When seeking care options for loved ones suffering from such progressive memory loss in the southern California area, memory care in San Diego offers a variety of options.

Why Memory Care Is Needed

When people suffer from progressive memory loss, eventually it becomes unsafe for them to live unsupervised. Along with supervision, they will also gradually need more assistance with day to day activities. Whether you care for the person yourself, have a professional caregiver come into your home, or choose to find a facility to watch over them, it is important to understand the importance of providing memory care to help the memory-impaired maintain a level of independence while keeping them safe and secure.

Memory Care provided in a professional setting along with medication, can help some Alzheimer's patients hold on to their memories for longer. "This is accomplished in the memory care setting," according to Lory Bright-Long, MD, CMD, with the American Medical Directors Association.

Memory care communities often include special care units (SCUs) which provide residents with support 24/7 and offer activities that ensure quality of life in a safe setting. Schedules offer structure, activities are supervised, and programs are designed to enhance memory. Socialization also occurs in a natural setting at meals, in common areas and during activities.

Where to Find Memory Care in San Diego

There is no shortage of facilities for the elderly in the San Diego area. You can find professionals who come into your home as caregivers, assisted living scenarios from community settings to board and care homes, as well as skilled nursing facilities equipped with an SCU. The work comes in deciding which venue is right for your loved one.

To help you make the right choice, talk with your primary healthcare provider about the level of care your loved one needs and request a professional assessment. Equipped with this information, you'll have a place to start.

If your loved one is in the early stages of memory loss, then it may be possible to care for them in your home. However, during this time, it is important to continue to do your research and get your name on various waiting lists, because as the disease robs your loved one of their cognitive abilities, the level of care and assistance needed will increase.

List of Memory Care in San Diego

This list can help get your search for a memory care facility off the ground:

  • Aacorn Oaks, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Abigail's Place Board & Care for the Elderly: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • ActivCare at Bressi Ranch, Carlsbad: Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care
  • Aegis of Dana Point, Dana Point: Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care
  • Aliso Laguna Villa, Aliso Viejo: Alzheimer's Care
  • Avondale Family Care Home, San Clemente: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Award Manor, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Bay View Senior Accommodations, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Belmont Village at Sabre Springs, San Diego: Assisted Living, Retirement Community, Alzheimer's Care
  • Belmont Village Cardiff by the Sea, Cardiff By The Sea: Assisted Living, Retirement Community, Alzheimer's Care
  • Berland Home Care II, Chula Vista: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Bosworth Gardens RCFE, El Cajon: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Boundless Care for the Elderly, Murrieta: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Butterfly Gardens II, La Jolla: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • By the Sea Inc, Imperial Beach: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Care Plus Mansion RCFE, El Cajon: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Coronado Retirement Village, Coronado: Assisted living and memory care community. Alzheimer's Care
  • Decatur Cottage, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Del Cerro Manor, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Emeritus at Carmel Valley, San Diego: Assisted Living, Retirement Community, Alzheimer's
  • Emeritus at Oceanside, Oceanside: Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care
  • Eternal Sunshine Care, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Harbor View Chateau, Assisted Living, San Diego: Alzheimer's Care
  • Lilac Chateau RCH, Santee: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care
  • Soledad Senior Care, San Diego: Residential Home, Alzheimer's Care

Choosing the right facility for your loved one is an important decision. Knowing they are in capable and caring hands will help you have peace of mind during a difficult transition. Take the time to do your homework so you can make the right choice.

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