Can a Memory Foam Mattress Mitigate Night Terrors?

"The Nightmare," painting by Henry Fuseli.
"The Nightmare," painting by Henry Fuseli.

Are you someone who finds that night terrors are troubling you? Do you simply find that you are frequently woke up just when you thought you were going to get a restful night's sleep? The truth of the matter is that bad dreams are things that can really keep us from getting us the quality rest that we need, and if you are looking for a solution, you may find it in a foam bed! Beds that are made of memory foam have begun to show evidence that they can stave off night terrors, and if so, you will find that they can be just the cure that you might need.

When you are wondering how memory foam can affect the way that you sleep, make sure that learn a little more about night terrors themselves. Night terrors, which are also known as sleep terrors, are a sleep disorder that occurs through extreme terror experienced in your dreams and is often coupled with an inability to regain full consciousness. During your slow wave sleep, you may find yourself waking up and gasping, moaning or evens screaming. During the night terror, it is frequently impossible to wake the person who is having it, and in many cases, the person in question might sink back into a sleep without getting woken up. In many cases, there is no recollection in the morning of disturbing dreams.

It is important to remember that children are the most frequent sufferers of night terrors and this can be quite disturbing for the parents. A child who suffers from this condition may suddenly sit bolt upright in bed and scream, and even if they appear awake, they might be unresponsive to stimuli. The child might thrash around in the bed and they might be unresponsive until they wake up later. They might also experience sweating and harsh breathing and their heart rate might accelerate. This condition seems to be one that strikes at children between the ages of two and six.

What are some of the causes of night terrors? In many cases, stress is the culprit. Some people find that they experience night terrors frequently when there is something large that is about to happen or if they are facing difficult events in their life. However, it is also important to remember that stress is not the only cause. For example, it is also commonly attributed to not being able to get a restful night's sleep and to having issues with your diet.

A memory foam mattress might be one solution that you want to look into when you are thinking about taking care of night terrors. Because they hold you in place, they will likely contribute to a session of sleep that is much more restful. Take some time and consider what your options are going to be and make sure that you think about what you can do when you are thinking about how to get rid of night terrors!

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Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 4 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

Great Information! I have night terrors. Thankfully I haven't had an attack in a while. lOVED THIS HUB!

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