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Many Things We Think Are True Are Not

Mental blocks to weight loss are common. In this article, we will discover that blocks we think are impassible are not. Some of these are the creations of advertisers and food industry propaganda, while some are the product of our own imagination.

The key to overcoming mental blocks to weight loss is a sincere desire to root them out. What many people don't realize is that there are serious, life-threatening, medical consequences to being overweight. Small discomforts have a way of growing unnoticed over the years, leading to irreversible catastrophic health events.

The uncertainties surrounding the Obama health care plan -- and possible rationing of services like dialysis -- should give special urgency for all Americans to make healthy weight a priority. (This is true for Europeans also, due to new austerity measures that may affect availability of health care.)

Some examples of mental blocks to weight loss are:

* "Being fat just runs in my family -- it's genetic."

* "Thin people are just lucky -- It is their good genes."

* "Vegetarians are thin because they're undernourished and unhealthy."

* Some women may think, "If I lose weight, men will make unwanted sexual advances."

* Men or women may be thinking, "If I get trim, my spouse may increase their demands for sex."

* "Milk builds strong bones." (Not true, but we act as if it is.)

* "Beef -- It's what's for dinner." (Normal people eat this way, we think.)

Some mental blocks to weight loss have been installed by the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries to keep us unthinkingly loyal to their products. With the power of money behind them, they make sure their lobbyists get appointed to government boards that control the flow of information about their products. They have been especially successful at using the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to promote the idea that making their products a major part of each meal is a healthful practice. This is a primary reason why Americans eat too much of these calorie-dense foods and therefore gain unwanted pounds.

We in the USA have some xenophobia when it comes to noticing that other countries that don't eat so much meat, dairy, and refined carbohydrates are thinner and more energetic than we are. Somehow it doesn't register with the average American that other nations -- many of them highly developed industrialized nations -- don't have the obesity problems we do because they don't eat as we do.

Our Sedentary Lifestyle Plays a Big Part

Admittedly, there are some other factors that help keep other nations at a healthy weight, such as their pedestrian-friendly cities and love of the passeggiata and outdoor sports such as tennis, cycling, and hiking. These activities are incomprehensible to the majority of residents of the United States, living in an auto-centric and vicarious culture. (Example: We rarely play sports, we watch the pro's play.)

Not only do we drive often long distances to work, shop, and visit friends, but we seem to prefer to always interact with a gas-powered vehicle between us and Mother Nature! Floridians have jet skis; New Englanders snowmobiles; and nearly everyone who can afford it has ATVs or motorbikes for the whole family! Yippee!

As a result of our weird ideas on what is a normal diet and lifestyle, we have grown accustomed to gaining weight as we grow older. We can't see that things we eat and do on a daily basis are the cause of our weight gain, so it is extremely difficult to correct what we can't see.

Blinded By the Obvious, We Create Mental Blocks to Explain Our Actions

Asking the average American why they are overweight -- the real reasons -- is like asking a fish to define "water".

So, to further entrench our difficulty with losing unwanted weight, we construct mental blocks to weight loss that justify our weight.

Some examples might be:

* "After a woman has kids, it's very hard to lose that baby-weight."

* "I'm depressed -- eating these bonbons(or whatever) makes me feel better."

* "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned( or "large", "plus-sized", etc.)."

* "All my friends have the same problem, so it must be a normal thing."

* And finally, the King of all excuses, "I'm too far gone!" (Meaning, "I'm embarrassed to go out on the street to exercise looking like this.")

It would take too long to counter each of these mental blocks to weight loss. Perhaps the best way to poke a hole in the American myopia is to consider what typically happens to people from thin, active cultures when they move to the USA and begin to eat and live as we do -- they soon get fat and unhealthy like the majority of native-born Americans.

There are a number of hidden factors such as food additives and medications that also add to our propensity to gain weight. Medical research points out that the widespread fluoridation of U.S. public water supplies is contributing to hypothyroidism, which leads to weight gain and diminished mental function(which might also explain why those with the most weight to lose find it very difficult to motivate themselves to fight this health challenge).

It is a sad situation that is now affecting Americans -- and others who eat "the American way" -- that has one simple cure: Eliminate all processed foods, fluoridated water, sugary sodas as well as artificially-sweetened ones, and adopt a diet of mostly plant-based, whole foods coupled with moderate daily exercise and vitamin/mineral supplements. This has worked for so many, it will work for those who ignore their mental blocks to weight loss and -- in the immortal words of NIKE -- "Just do it!"

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