Microwave - Adverse Affects


Should You Toss Out Your Microwave?

It’s an understatement when I say millions of people still use microwaves. Microwaves are everywhere. They are in our homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, athletic clubs and so forth. So, it totally makes sense to use a microwave because of our busy lifestyles. Truthfully, they are detrimental to our bodies longevity and overall health.

I tossed my household microwave because my daughter did an experiment that proved microwaved water and microwaved food were not healthy for the body. For you, I gathered some important data on the dangers of microwave usage. Please take a moment and decided if you, too, should toss out your microwave.



Research Proves

Russian forensic groups have researched since 1957 the effects microwave has on food Here are a view of their critical observations:

· Individuals who ingested microwave foods displayed a statistically higher occurrence of stomach and intestinal cancers. Also indicated from the research is ingesting microwaved foods causes a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive and excretory systems.

· Microwave food causes lymphatic malfunctions triggering a decline in the immune system.

· Microwaving significantly reduces the nutritional worth of food, particularly removing vitamins B, C, and E as well as essential minerals.

· Microwaving increases cancer-causing free radicals, and cancerous cells within the blood serum.

· Microwaved meats contain d-nitrosodiethanolamine, a well-known cancer causing substance.

Plant Experiment


How About Using the Microwave to Heat Up Water?

It might be hard for you to image what a microwave can to do a cup of water. Microwaves create a reverse polarity effect on water and come into play when one end of a water molecule is positive while the other end is negative. When you turn on the microwave, the positive end becomes negative while the negative end becomes positive. It continues going back and forth during the whole duration of the microwaving. The end result is molecules being ripped apart and essentially deformed. The cells lose their electrical charge create from our energy fields.

A friend of mine and her son performed a science experiment for his science class. Together they grew three sets of tomatoes. One set was watered with facet water, one with purified water, and the other with microwave water. You know the end of this experiment. The tomatoes watered with microwave water grew into deformed vegetables. I was quite stunned to see how deformed the plants grew. Not a pretty site.

What do you think?

After researching the dangers of microwaves, will you get rid of your microwave?

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Never Microwave Mother’s Milk or Baby Formulas

A mother can’t argue about not microwaving mother’s milk and baby formulas. The microwaving wreaks havoc with our food and electronic fields, causing digestion problems and more.

Stanford University Medical Center discovered that human breast milk only slightly warmed in the microwave had 96% of its liposome activity wipe out. Liposome inhibits bacterial infections.

Not only that, microwaving baby formulas converts the amino acid L-proline to d-isomer, an element poisonous to the nervous system.

Weight Loss

If you are interested in losing weight, like most people in American need to do, shun the microwave. Lipotropics are substances that counteract abnormal accumulation of fat, and microwaving food substantially decreases the lipotropics.


When the microwave is on, don’t stare at it in hopes of nuking your food faster. Get away, at least 3 feet, and stay away for at least 15 minutes after it has been turned off. Radiation emitted from the nuke box adversely affects the entire body – metabolic, nervous, hormonal, circulatory, and digestive systems.

Stop and Think Before You Nuke It

Next time you want to heat up water for tea or pop a frozen meal into the microwave stop and think about your health. At my house, we brought home a toaster oven and even use the cast iron skillet for quick head ups with steamed water.

Truly, once the microwave is gone, you will adjust accordingly and wonder what was so special about nuking your food.

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