Migraine Sufferers: How To Fall Asleep and Get Rid of Your Pain

Migraine sufferers can often reduce the duration, severity and or prevalence of their condition by enhancing the quality of their sleep. The hormone, Serotonin, recognized as the body’s natural “feel good” chemical, is produced mainly during sleep. Irregular sleep habits can interfere with its production, which, in turn, may cause a migraine.

Improvements can easily be made to sleep quality by eliminating or reducing noise, drugs and stress.

To ensure a good night’s sleep the bedroom should be kept dark and the television off. Leaving the TV on while you sleep could be problematic because your brain will continue to respond subconsciously to sounds emanating from it. If you habitually fall asleep with the television on, try using the timer setting to turn it off automatically after a certain time. Reducing noise will help you to sleep better.

While certain drugs and medications can have detrimental effects on sleep, the most obvious drug that can cause inadequate sleep is caffeine. Your consumption of caffeine during the day and particularly at bedtime should be limited and, as caffeine is also a major contributor to migraine headaches, caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea should not be consumed after dinner, and, if you do experience frequent migraines, you should consider eliminating caffeine from your diet altogether

If you are taking prescription medication you should discuss any side effects and sleep effects they may have with your doctor.

Although you may find it difficult to do, it is very important to reduce the amount of stress you have in your life.

Lowering stress levels by exercising daily is a one of the most sensible ways to improve your quality of sleep, however, try not to exercise no later than sundown as this may have an adverse effect on your sleep later on.


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