Mind and Body Interaction and Psychotherapy

The mind and body interaction studies have taken on many directions when it is brought up for research. Through complex interactions between neurological processes and the body, cancer is being scrutinized as proving this interaction exists and can be controlled. It has been proven that there are major differences from people who die from cancer and those who survive. Those who participate in mind and body interventions have a higher success rate than those who do not. Some of these interventions include prayer and mental healing, support groups, therapy through art, dance, and music.

The most recognized approach is psychotherapy. The psychotherapy directly implements methods that deal with the mental and emotional health of the patient. This mental intervention directly influences the physical side of the patient which includes their overall body healing. Through a combination of either talking to the patient or just listening, the psychotherapist can offer behavior and emotional changes for the patient.

If the patient is truly bought in to the therapy, then positive changes begin to occur. This is different from conventional psychotherapy because these healers use the power of suggestion and persuasion along with psychoanalysis. There has been a plethora of research the psychotherapy not only helps people through a medical crisis, but the healing process is actually faster. When the healing is faster, the medical bills are lower. The use of these processes has been proven to bring about a total or encompassing healing process where the emotional and physical is better in the end.

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