Mindfulness Meditation Techniques | Dissociation and Creative Writing

Combining Mindfulness Meditation Techniques with Creative Writing such as; Stream of Consciousness Writing or Writing In Flow is a magical and powerful combination.

In mindfulness meditation You are practicing just being with yourself in the moment; not trying to change anything or do anything.

Observing things exactly as they are from a non-judgmental state of mind. Think of yourself as an observer or an impartial witness.

Whe practicing mindfulness meditation don't get frustrated, if your mind is continually judging. Changing your attitude and ways of thinking requires a great deal of patience. Remember, gentle, loving, kindness goes a long way.

In beginner's mind  you are taught to maintain your focus by bringing your attention back to your breath.   If you are writing in flow at this time you would bring your attention back to your fingertips on the keyboard or to the pen and paper.

Meditating at the Peace Pagoda
Meditating at the Peace Pagoda | Source

Your sense of awareness is heightened and finely tuned. You enter into a deep state of relaxation also known as, 'being'. In time you will cultivate a sense of calm, inner peace and self acceptance. You are continually waking up to new moments; one right after another.

When meditation is practiced on a daily basis it becomes a form of holistic discipline; a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

Once you get the hang of this try cultivating mindfulness throughout your day. Imagine you are trying to see the world through an uncluttered mind and a fresh set of new eyes with no thought or opinions attached.

When writing in flow, you are deeply engaged. When you write, you write from almost an unconscious state. It is continuous non-stop writing, there is no thought process involved.

Writer's who write in flow, recognize this state of being, as, 'the zone'. When you are in, 'the zone' your writing flows effortlessly. Another name for writing in flow is known as creative dissociation. Creative, meaning, you are not in a total dissociative state. You have the ability to be selective while you maintain awareness.

Having dealt with dissociation through much of my life. I seem to have somewhat of an advantage when it comes to writing in flow. Getting into 'the zone' comes more on a natural basis. Sometimes, the things that we struggle with most, become our allies later on in life. I call these blessings in disguise.

Stream of Consciousness Writing is non-stop, free flowing as well. This is usually the state that one starts off in before entering 'the zone' where writing in flow takes place.

When writing in flow you need to be aware of all of your senses as one is present to the moment in mindfulness meditation.

With the awareness of your senses intact, you write in flow; writing, whatever comes into your mind. There is no thought process or editing, it just flows from hand to paper or finger tips to keyboard.

Like mindfulness meditation, you observe the thoughts that enter your mind with a non-judgmental state of mind. Once you have observed them, you release them and let them go; bringing your focus back to your breath. Or,as in this case, back to the keyboard or pen and paper.

Bring the two together, (mindful meditation and writing in flow) and one compliments the other. Although, you are doing something, (writing or typing) You are doing this from a clear state of mind and a heightened sense of awareness. There is no thought process involved. The writing is automatic. If a thought enters your mind, you become aware of it, release it and let it go.

You are present in the moment, your senses are alive. You are aware of sensations in your body and sounds in your surroundings. You observe them from a non-judgmental state of mind, release them and let them go. You are continually waking up to one moment after another.

Intrinsic Rewards

Like the ebb and flo of high and low tides, so too are the 'intrinsic rewards' of mindfulness meditation and creative writing.

Intrinsic rewards are valuable, rewarding, experiences from inner resources that validate our entire being. These experiences present themselves in many different ways.

The may come as a form of a knowing, an inner conviction or as in this case, revelations through your writing. They are crystal clear and connect on a soul level. There is no denying their presence. They may be answers that you have been searching for, for a very long time.

The concept for writing this article was based on a first hand experience of a revelation born in the moment which I encountered while responding to another hubber's hub.

To read about the hubber's hub which was the source of inspiration for this article and the experience that I encountered please read the continuation of this article titled,

"Discovering Wisdom through Creative Writing and Mindfulness Meditation".

Article(C)2010 Sage Williams. All rights reserved.

The copyright to this article is owned by Sage Williams. Permission to republish this article in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

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katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Great prospective. I meditate daily. Mindfulness in thought is key to a happy and rewarding life. I enjoyed Mindfulness Meditation Techniques and Creative Writing. Thanks :)

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Katiem - Thanks so much. It's great to hear from others who meditate as well and can validate the rewards that one receives.


prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

Writing in Flow -- that's the word. It must be real wonderful when everytime you write you can do these, but it can be done. Meditation is the best for everybody, both for writers and common people, Wonderful Sage, Maita

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

prettydarkhorse - Great to see you. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks so much for stopping by. It would be nice if the flow happened every time I write but that isn't so. What I find with practice it becomes more natural and many times you don't even realize till after you have written something, that there was no conscious thought.


nursegrace profile image

nursegrace 6 years ago

Very nice article! I felt "in the zone" just reading it. Your article has inspired me to write about how to stop the so called "mind chatter". Nice work! :)

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

nursegrace - Thanks so much for your kind words. Mind chatter is difficult at first but the more you practice the more, the chatter takes a back seat.


Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 6 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

...Even more then writing, when one is "in the zone" can do anything what is inspired for - easy and effortless.

Meditation is so helpful, and certainly helps very muchin writing.

I admire your ability to use your dissociation as a door to creativity. Well done Sage! Beautiful and so inspiring Hubs about this topic. Thank you.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Tatjana-Mihaela - You are so right. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. It's so nice to see you.


Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Sage, I have never tried to write the way you described and it sounds fascinating. I love the idea of a natural flow of words. I do meditate but not every day. I need more discipline in that area as my life is better with meditation.

I am way behind in reading hubs as I entered the 60 day challenge and I could not keep up with my normal routine, and I'm so glad you're back and now I'll catch up on your hubs.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Pamela - Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I admire you for taking the 60 day challenge. I can't even imagine doing the 30. This is yet another form of discipline that yet awaits me.


pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

I'm liking this more and more. I've got a portable waterfall that I need to set up in my office ASAP!! Marked awesome, useful and beautiful.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

pmccray - So nice to see you. I love the sound of running water. I used to sit by the brook and write when I was younger. There is something very soothing about hearing water trickling. I am so glad you liked this hub. Thanks for the comment. I hope to make it over to your hubs soon.


nighthag profile image

nighthag 5 years ago from Australia

I loved this, writing in the flow is a wonderful experince that be great if I could create more... thanks for the inspiration

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 5 years ago Author

nightag - Once again, it's nice to see your presence on my hub pages. Thanks for stopping by.


Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

Another excellent hub. Informative and very well-written. Great job.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 5 years ago Author

Phoebe - Please forgive my delay in responding I have been away for sometime and only get to check in periodically. I do hope to return to hub pages someday soon. My heart is just aching to write. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment it is greatly appreciated.


AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 4 years ago from California

A great hub! I know that when I flow, my writing seems to come from a different voice---and writing is so easy then--

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 4 years ago Author


I am really enjoying your poetry. You have incredible flow with a symphonic voice. It's nice to have your presence on my hub pages.

Randy M. profile image

Randy M. 4 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

Interesting technique. I find most of my writing actually goes in starts and stops, but sometimes it does go in a flow and I haven't actually considered it meditation. I have thought it more of participating in the mindstream. Anyway, I just wrote an article on "taming the mind," and am glad that I saw, clicked and read your article.

Voted interesting and useful!

Laura 4 years ago

I stoped smoking after 20 years just by meditation...

Yeah, sounds weird but it helped me. I used e-cigarettes and read books, using other stuff like hypnosis etc and finally I found a help in the meditation, i think that everyone should take look in here. meditation is a science now, we got access to "future techniques" so i think that it's worth to check it out


smfay profile image

smfay 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

In meditation, the being becomes the strainer that validates what is real and unreal, having identified what it is, it unfolds a lot of possibilities that benefits the practitioner.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 4 years ago Author

Randy M -When you write in flow and are familiar with meditation techniques you have an advantage as one will compliment the other when used in unison. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I will definitely stop by and check out your hub.

Laura - Congrats on quitting smoking and using mediation. Meditation as you know has phenomenal results. Thanks so much for taking the time to read, comment and share. I will check out your link.

smfray - I love what you wrote, thanks so much!

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