Miracle Cure ! Oil Pulling ! fights AIDS, cancer and various diseases.

Discover the benefits of oil
Discover the benefits of oil
Reclaim your life
Reclaim your life

Fight back with ancient Indian therepy !

Have you heard of oil pulling? probably not ! its an ancient therepy from India. what exactly is oil pulling and what does it do? you might be wondering as to how something your doctor always asked you to use in moderation can bring about a cure !! If you or a loved one is suffering from bronchitis, head-aches, migrane, thrombosis, eczema,insomnia, tooth pain, ulcers and diseases of the stomach, arthritis, heart, blood , kidney, liver, lungs, kidney, women's diseases etc then please read on this might be what u were searching for.

Oil pulling also cures diseases of the nerves, paralysis and encephalitis. it stops the growth of malignant tumours and heals them ..please read on ...

The results of this simple therepy has evoked astonishments as to how can a simple thing such as oil bring about such miracle cures and astonishing results.This therepy can treat various diseases effectively and harmlessely. in some cases enabling patients to avoid surgery and the harmful effects of medication.The beautiful part of it all is the simple method in which we can use oil to beat various diseases.

All you have to do is buy good quality cold pressed oil sunflower or seasme and take a tablespoon of it and swish it in your mouth on an empty stomach before breakfast (be careful not to swallow) move the oil slowly in your mouth and suck it through your teeth for 5, 10, 15 or 20 min. Dont put a strain on ur jaw, easy does it.swishing activates the enzymes and these enzymes draw out toxins from the blood, I repeat be very careful not to swallow this oil as by now it must have drawn enough toxins, bacterias and viruses out of your system, as you continue the oil gets thinner and whiter mixing with your saliva. if it is still yellow it means u have not pulled it longh enough.please continue with the pulling some more.

If you can pull it for 10 to 15 mintues ..great ! if not keep practicing everyday till you reach your goal. now you got to spit it out and thoroughly rinse your mouth. clean the sink with an antibacterial wash as the spittle contains harmful bacteria, if u were to see it under a microscope u would see microbes in their first stage!!!

oil pulling also whitens gums, fastens loose teeth and stops the bleeding of gums.In terminal diseases like AIDS and CANCER it has known to be very effective. Oil pulling is known to increase lifespan upto approx 150 years!

u can use any other oil if u are allergic to sunflower or sesme oil but these two oils are the most powerful in fighting different diseases.cold press oils are the first choice if not u can use any other good refined oil as well. The only caution is that it should not be swallowed, other than this there is nothing that i should point at .

Diseases strike because the body is invaded by various toxins, bacterias and viruses by Oil pulling we draw and throw them out everyday.You can speed up the healing process by repeating this simple process 3 times a day but always on an empty stomach before meals.

It would be a great joy for me to be of some help to people who search for alternative cures in order to heal themselves or their loved ones I got this information when someone told me about this wonderful therepy and i started researching on it .Please give this simple and easy therepy a chance ,incorporate Oil pulling in your daily routine and you will enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness !!! wishing every one good health and cheer !

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elangovan c 3 years ago

does oil pulling help in cure of tigiminal neuralgia

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thanks Jamie for commenting ! Its wonderful that you feel healthier and look better:) am glad ! please keep posting about your progress!

jamie 6 years ago

i was skeptical , but i tried it anyway. right away i felt calmer and healthier and my skin looks better, but just generally feeling and looking better and younger, its really amazing.. the best oil is sesame oil.. NOT toasted. i used spectrum brand

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you Psychicdog.net! Sunflower and Sesame oil are the most beneficial but you can choose other oils too.Some people like to use coconut or olive oil though!

psychicdog.net profile image

psychicdog.net 7 years ago

Never heard of this thanks CrayonBrains for enlightening me. Can you only use sunflower or sesame. Will other oils work too?

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