Mornings? Learn to Welcome them with Glory! =)



I used to hate mornings. I don't know why, but I just did. Maybe it was because I didn't want to get out of bed and face the stressful day. Maybe it was because I was just mentally not ready to get up and moving. I have no idea. It was probably a little of both. Day to day stress is an issue no one wants to face, but I have learned (through deliberation and reflection) this one fact: the stress will not go away. It certainly will not disappear if I am sleeping in. Actually, it will return two-fold if I don't face it and deal with it.

Mornings can be conquered and appreciated, and these are the habits I changed to help me. Hopefully, they will help you as well.

  • Get up earlier.

This is HARD to do. But once you do it the first time, see that you have plenty of time to get up and ready, and not be rushed and stressed by the time you even begin work, you will begin to accept this new habit. I now get up, make my coffee, and get online and just relax. My mind slowly wakes up as I read some daily affirmations or something entertaining.

  • Take a deep breath and relax when the alarm goes off.

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When the alarm used to go off, I immediately awoke and felt my heart start to pound. Not anymore, because when my alarm goes off, I hit snooze (HARD...because I still have a small amount of morning dislike), and take deep breaths for a while until the alarm goes off again. It is my way of getting in the mindset of having to get out of bed.

  • Think about the positives of a new day.

Everyone is thankful (or should be!) for the new day. I thank God for giving me another opportunity to "rise and shine." I think about what my day may entail and find something to look forward to. I may look forward to talking to my coworker, spending time with my boys (I look forward to that everyday), or something simple like having a good lunch that day. I am a second grade teacher so little blips of funniness happen throughout the day which is nice.

  • Change the morning routine.

Take a long, hot bath at night so you can just wash your hair in the morning. Or give yourself a facial before bed, so you can wake up refreshed. Extend your hot morning shower five minutes, and use a new bubbly shower gel. It's the little things that may make it easier to enjoy the mornings. Brew another type of morning beverage (coffee or tea) to make mornings a little more special. Some say to exercise in the mornings...but I do not and will not do that. I don't love mornings THAT much, but I admire those that do this each morning (my husband does and I don't know what keeps him motivated.....).

Please keep in mind that this is what has helped me. I know good sleep is the key to good mornings, but that is a whole other issue. Sometimes I don't sleep well at night, but I still have to get up. One thing I have discovered is that no matter what, if I slept well or did not get the rest I needed, I still hated mornings and if I could sleep in I definitely would! I learned to change my attitude about the new day, and that has helped tremendously.

Not that I LOVE mornings or anything, but I have learned to change my mindset and accept them. Hopefully they will keep happening for a LONG time. =)

Are you a morning person? If so, what has made you that way? If not, what do you do to help start your day on the right foot?

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