The Single Most Effective Way to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

At last there's a way for you gain massive muscle naturally and very quickly. If you're too fat, too skinny, or just plain tired of being average, I want you to get ready for some body, transforming information. I will explain in detail the single most effective method to build muscle mass fast. This way you'll have a world class body quicker and the opposite sex will flock after you.

The most important factor to consider when trying to build muscle mass fast is intensity. For your muscles to grow bigger and stronger your workout must be very intense.

What Is Intensity

The term intensity is difficult to explain, but one thing is for sure: It must not be confused with duration. For example, a workout could be 10 hours in duration, but rate a zero on the intensity scale.

When I talk about intensity I mean giving your all on each rep of each set during your workout. This is no easy task, but when it's done correctly something special happens to your muscles, they scream in shock.

You see, in the weight room your goal is expose your muscles to new trauma each and every time you go. This trauma tears down muscle tissue and your muscles hate this. They would love nothing more than to never experience this pain again. So your muscles do the only thing can do to solve this problem-they grow bigger and get stronger.

How to Measure Intensity

Intensity can't be measured by how long a workout is. Nor can it be measured by how you feel during the workout. The only effective way to truly measure the intensity of your workout is to keep track of everything you do from day to day in the gym. That means keeping a log of poundage, tempo and time between sets.

If you can keep your workouts intense, you'll experience gains in muscle you never thought were possible. So keep the intensity high to build muscle mass fast

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Wahine profile image

Wahine 8 years ago from California

Nice article. Gotta keep your muscles guessing what's next, lol.

Simon 6 years ago

Very helpful, much thanks.

dwelburn profile image

dwelburn 3 years ago from Chesterfield, UK

Your comment on keeping track of poundages etc. is right on. You need to increase your weights and/or reps, or as you say, decrease your rest periods. This is progressive overload and it is this that is the single most important factor to consider when trying to build muscle.

Intensity is important but it can be overdone (for natural trainers at least).

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