What would dad do? That's what I ask myself as I sit here, trying not to have another hit of that awful drug, I gulp down some rum and coke and consider the business of smoking a joint. It's not so warm out there at 3am, I consider considering it later. Fuck it. Okay I'm gonna give in at some point so may aswell give in now and tell you what happens as it happens, stay there...

Whooo.. okay.. my chest feels tight, my head feels spun, my tongue tingles and I have a reassuring chemical taste on my tongue.. now I gotta find one of those joints to come down again. Welcome to the speed wash, up and down and round again until you fly off one end or the other, the art is in keeping the balance and constantly pursing that perfect plateau of equal balance and inner peace. Sadly, I don't think I'll make it there tonight.

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Bambi L'Amour 2 years ago from Brighton, UK Author

.... how this is my top scoring hub I have no idea..

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