Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are scientifically referred to as "oral mucositis". It is associated with short and long term side effects of cancer treatment. Symptoms usually include pain or discomfort in the mouth with the existence of open sores in the mouth. Chemotherapy can sometimes affect the coating of the mouth to become sore causing small ulcers to form. This very soreness is the cause of ulceration of the lining of the mouth. However bad mouth hygiene or a fungal infection (candidiasis) can also cause white patches to form on the tongue and cheek commonly referred to as mouth ulcers that can be easily treated by anti-fungal medicines.

Mouth sores
Mouth sores

Mouth ulcers are caused by several disorders that include:

Oral cancer Canker sores (painful sores in the mouth)

Gingivostomatitis and Herpes simplex (infection from the "herpes simplex virus type 1"

Leukoplakia (a precancerous lesion on the tongue inside of the cheek due to chronic irritation)

Oral lichen planus (disorder of the skin and mucous membrane)

Oral thrush (an infection of yeast fungus called "Candida albicans")

Oral Thrush
Oral Thrush

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Most treatments aim at reducing the severity of mucositis rather than actually preventing it. Severe mouth ulcers can be treated by pharmaceuticals or radiation therapy. However there are several agents that can reduce mouth ulcers. Chinese medicine has long been associated with the treatment of mouth ulcers and has been found to be highly effective. Common house hold treatments include the sucking of "ice cubes" to prevent mucositis. Anti-bacterial Mouthwashes prevents inflammation and ulceration. Protective gels gave been useful in preventing discomfort from mouth ulcers. Sucking ice chips or cubes have been highly preventive in further mucositis and ulceration.

Application of raw honey on canker sores, blisters and mouth ulcers have been scientifically shown to reduce further inflammation. Furthermore massaging the gums with coconut milk and honey several times during the day also helps. Washing mouth with warm water with salt, application of "Bicarbonate of Soda" or alum on the ulcer, drinking beer or cranberry juice and the application of cider vinegar are all homemade remedies for curing and preventing further abscesses of mouth ulcer.

Modern medicine recommends antihistamines, antacids, corticosteroids and other soothing measures on the surface of the ulcer.

Oral Mucosa
Oral Mucosa

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I was suffering from mouth ulcers for the last thirty years. I tried Allopathic,Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic treatment but of no avail.By taking naturopathic treatment I am fully cured in one month . I have cured many persons.To know more pl contact at my emailID:

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